Iga Swiatek vs. Karolina Pliskova | 2021 Rome Final | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Iga Swiatek vs. Karolina Pliskova at the 2021 Internazionali BNL d'Italia.

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FLAWLESS 😱 Swiatek claims her first WTA 1000 title and is the newest member of the Top 10! How impressed were you with her run in Rome this week?
Lor Mon
Lor Mon:
Shoutout to Wta for getting an 8 minutes highlights reel out of this match😂😂😂
This is not the highlits. This is full match.
Paul Elverstone
Paul Elverstone:
Jesus! The only thing Pliskova won was the coin toss!...
Gayatri N
Gayatri N:
Have to give props to Pliskova for not faking a medical injury to avoid the embarrassment. Heard she was already sick. We can poke fun but it takes great character to give the opponent a proper victory match.
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez:
First highlights ever to last longer than the actual match.
I was tempted to say that Iga will win today but I didnt expect her to murder Pilskova
Iga is a lethal weapon. She made poor Karolina look like an unranked junior.
This wasn't Tennis, it was murder
Gary Miller
Gary Miller:
Are you kidding me? 6-0, 6-0. Wow. She is definitely becoming even more of a force in tennis, and could definitely repeat as champion at Roland Garros in a couple weeks. Iga just moves so well on clay, and truly knows how to construct a point.
I was blown away watching this match - Iga played almost a perfect match, she barely made any errors
I knew iga would win easily but damn.... She destroyed her.......
Christian E
Christian E:
Watching someone get double bageled gives me anxiety.
Daniel Nowak
Daniel Nowak:
This match looks like Brazil vs Germany in 2014.
Alice Evans
Alice Evans:
In all seriousness, Plisokova may have not played that great but Iga was just amazing. Highly impressed her this week and feeling more confident about her chances of defending her title
Venkata Reddy
Venkata Reddy:
Can't believe a masters 1000 final match was finished in just 45 minutes. Pure domination from Iga.
Roger Alves Galvão
Roger Alves Galvão:
Swiatek is a new sensation of WTA. It's wonderful how she plays! Congrats!!!
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
A teenager double bagels an experienced top player in a big final. I never thought I'd see the day. Iga is a force of nature. Poland must be so proud.
Roz Roson
Roz Roson:
Swiatek literally won by knockout
manasvii X
manasvii X:
absolute queen, hope she defends RG title too
Francis Ng
Francis Ng:
Wonder girl of WTA....simply phenomenon!!!
Cała Polska jest dumna z Ciebie Iga
Daniel K
Daniel K:
To win 6-0, 6-0 is incredible at any point of a tournament, let alone a final. Well done Iga!
Damn, our girl is just simply outstanding. Now it's Rafa's turn.
i couldnt believe that was the score....but a big congrats to Pliskova for finishing up the match because some drama queens could have fake injury seeing this kind of results.....Keep it up👏👏 Iga
i always wondered how Pliskova can play tennis with soo liittle effort and movement, standing never bending ......now its obvious this does not work all the time
anas bendaoud
anas bendaoud:
I’ve never witnessed a final with a 6-0 6-0 congratulations IGA you just made history 👏🏻👏🏻🏆
Tom Koz
Tom Koz:
1. Best footwork seen in a long time.
2. Damn, that's some talent at the ball, that touch!
3. Good net player, plays doubles a lot.
4. Rafa-Techniques
5. S T A M I N A
6. Ability to focus on here & now, self control - ok, not always yet, but hey, she's still learning...

If not yedi, then carate-kid ...
A R:
Now I think we should start calling her the queen of clay.
Sergio Simbula
Sergio Simbula:
I can see her dominating the WTA for a long time. Exceptional player. Like at Roland Garros last year she again seemed totally in the zone.
I kadek Sudirta
I kadek Sudirta:
i can see swiatek will be future number one player. love swiatek, osaka, halep and barty
Miguel angel Fernández martinez
Miguel angel Fernández martinez:
Rafaela Swiatek: GIRL on a Mission.
She’s got a magnet to the baseline.
Paris is awaiting to crown you again.
And there will come a lot in next future.
New Steffi Graf?
Simon Brady
Simon Brady:
Ooohhh this girl is gonna go places.
Dimitris Doulias
Dimitris Doulias:
Most astonishing appearance ever watched.. Great fan from Greece.. Congratulations Iga!!!
Iga really woke up and chose violence today
Oh Jesus...🙆 Iga has just nailed it..👊🏻 I didn't see such a clean & deep hitter of balls on clay from women's tour in a long long time. Beating a big big Server like Pliskova love & love isn't a cake walk at all...🤔
Huge huge talent, I must say. She has a bright career prospects...✍🏼 Best of luck Iga for your title defence at Roland Garros in next couple of weeks...👍🏻
Iga’s top spin went too deep that forcing Pliskova had to back up way behind the baseline to take those shots. That made her in the position of more space to defend and harder to return those shots.
Also she has no plan B, her serve was off today, and she couldn’t use top spin/slice/drop shots/net game to mix up, because her lack of movement. So once she went behind the baseline for every shots, she was no longer the aggressive one, that’s exactly how she lost the 2nd set yesterday.
Edvin Hallgren
Edvin Hallgren:
As far as I know this score has has only ever happened in two finals during WTA history prior to this match, when Aga Radwanska won against Cibulkova in the Sydney final 2013 and when Steffi Graaf won against Zvereva in the French open final in 1988.
Elizabeth Garcia
Elizabeth Garcia:
What a perfect game for Iga Swatek.
Angelika B.
Angelika B.:
Iga played phenomenally today! This final will go down in history, something amazing! Polish pride <3
Great week for Iga! Losing 1/4 against Riske in 1st round, then 3/5 0-40 in 2nd round against Keys and finally saving 2 match points in 3rd round against Krejcikova. She really showed her mental strenght there. Thank you for all the stunning emotions. 😍 Well-deserved win, good luck in a French Open
Deeply, deeply impressive. Technical execution was almost flawless, and tactics were next level.
Artur Grabowski
Artur Grabowski:
I'm really sad that Karolina lost the match like that. It happens ... Take care ... Good luck from Poland.
Unbelievable. She is something special.
That was a ruthless display of power, precision, and confidence in a 46min masterclass. She and Barty are definitely the 2 biggest favorites for RG!
Iga: Polish bagels ?
Karolina: I'll have 2
M L:
Two days, three matches won....wonder girl 💪❤️🇵🇱!!!
Stefania Harper
Stefania Harper:
🎾♕🎾 JAZDA !!! 🎾♕🎾
6:0 6:0 - in Poland we call it a bicycle. But in a WTA 1000 final against 9th racket in the WTA ranking???
Man... Iga, what have you done???!!!
A R:
When was the last time a player managed to win JUST 13 points in the WHOLE match? Swiatek is clearly reaching Rafael Nadal levels on clay (by WTA standards).
Ilan Plazola
Ilan Plazola:
Best clay wta player since Henin
Kristyna Imlaufova
Kristyna Imlaufova:
Wow, a few days ago Iga wasn’t that convincing and now she shows this????? She should make sure to learn how to get into the zone on every match and she’ll be unbeatable! Congrats to Iga, respect to Karol 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Krzysztof Zubryk
Krzysztof Zubryk:
Veni, vidi, vici - Iga Swiatek
I was embarrassed for Pliskova, well done Iga!
Holy shit, what just happened? Swiatek is incredible
Iga in this match is a playing perfection !!! JAZDA!!!!
Mentrail Turman
Mentrail Turman:
Swiatek is one to watch. She'll be #1. soon.
It always make me happy to see a surprise first time Slam winner back that up with another big result.
Iga is so cool.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller:
No time for formalities... "WHAT YOU WANT, HEADS OR TAILS!"
Devanand GangiReddy
Devanand GangiReddy:
2 Bagels in a final😱That's too much hospitality from Swiatek 🙏🏽
john ward
john ward:
This is what it looks like when you can hit either corner at will.
Emilia Soja
Emilia Soja:
What a match!! Iga, you are awesome 🇵🇱❤
iqbal wahyu perdana
iqbal wahyu perdana:
Damn that was so easy. Queen Iga really took a big step to be a Queen of clay, just like his idol, Rafa. Hope she will keep this form at RG and defend her title.
Damn, Iga! You deserved your TIRAMISU big time. Get the best one in town! :D
John W Hogan
John W Hogan:
I am not sure “What happened?” was the kindest opening question to Pliskova post-match! However she maintained her dignity and recognised the work of her opponent and team. What can you say? I wasn’t injured, I wasn’t sick, my family was not kidnapped by a betting syndicate.
Andrés Álvarez
Andrés Álvarez:
Iga played amazing but I can’t get over the fact that Pliskova won only 13 points!!, yes 13 points in the whole match, this has to be one of the worst or the worst performance in a final ever.
Negis M
Negis M:
This looked more like a first round match🤦‍♀️
jj b
jj b:
"Everyone has a plan until they get hit." by Mike Tyson. Their plans are useless when facing Iga.
berkay ali
berkay ali:
Just speechless performonce from Iga, I love her game, she is like female version of nadal I hope she will win RG this year again🤩Way to go Iga!
Tired after two matches on Saturday, Iga wanted to just have it over as soon as possible 😂😂 poor Karolina, was like - wtf just happened??
Alice Evans
Alice Evans:
Oh it's only highlights? I thought with nearly 10 minutes you could show the whole match 😂
Karlo Bubnjar
Karlo Bubnjar:
What a ruthless performance. Pliskobot got destroyed🤣
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Congrats to Iga🏆Spare a moment for Karolina, imagine what that must have felt like to be double bageld in a Masters 1000 final while the world is watching. 💛💫
Pliskova should call Halep and ask her for the tips to recover after the beating from Iga’s racket ;)
Antek W
Antek W:
Iga in the highest form, Osaka, Barty and Muguruza. Can’t wait for Roland Garros. Iga you can do it again 🤞🏻
Kat x
Kat x:
im proud of her so so so much she keeps proving that she is not only one slam Wonder
Rick Lee
Rick Lee:
Iga has found her Mojo. Good signs for Roland Garros!
James Stephan
James Stephan:
I am an Osaka fan and looks like the only other player i would love to support is this polish lady she got swag skill and she has a lovely game . Oh i waited so long to see womens players who would be as entrttaining as Henin , now there is IGA and Barty😌. And ofc Osaka is my bias❤️
I can't believe, This girl is 19 years old. IGA was just spectacular, I was watching so many times, and I don't believe 6-0, 6-0. Congratulation IGA
Iga stepped on the court with absolutely no doubt that she was going home with the trophy. But I'll bet she never imagined it will end that quickly and with that scoreline. This girl is on 🔥.
Mia and Reggie
Mia and Reggie:
Karolina is too good a sport to show she wasn't feeling good.
I hope Pliskova likes bagels because she got served 2 big dry ones with no toppings whatsoever. LOL! That was pure magnificence. WTA, dare I say that you not only have a great young talent on your hands when it comes to Iga, but a bonafide future superstar if she keeps playing like this. She's in total beast mode right now. #QueenIga #BeastMode
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy:
Man do I love this girl. I have been a fan of hers from the beginning, but it just keeps getting better.
Michał Skrzypczak
Michał Skrzypczak:
OK guys serious question. On a scale from 10 to 10, how impressed by Iga were you today?
She’s ready to win another French Open! She’s just too much for Pliskova, just a better version of Pliskova with a lot more variety in her game.
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
Good to see Iga playing to her potential again. The last thing the WTA needs to see is another 'one hit wonder'.
Props to her sports psychologist - " When you have your opponent under your thumb - keep pressing" 😋
Wow, just listen to Swiatek's footwork on the clay!!
Jan Pakulski
Jan Pakulski:
“Leć Adam leć!”
Ace Tennis
Ace Tennis:
I have a feeling Iga will be this generation’s Justine Henin on clay. She actually has an advantage than the latter because of the height difference
Osaka, Swiatek and Barty havebeen on tour for like five years now. And they've been great. I don't think Bianca and Sophia are really part of that group.
This makes me accept coco gauffs loss more. Swiatek is in incredible shape
Holy mackerel. I guess beating two good players in one day will set you up to absolutely dominate the next day. Can't remember the last time I saw a double bagel in a final. I thought the score was an error when I viewed it online this morning.
Coach Adrian
Coach Adrian:
Iga’s movement is just phenomenal! It’s her biggest weapon
Aga M
Aga M:
Karo missed the bus this morning, she joined the match during trophy ceremony. Well done Iga, truly you’re one of a heck player! 👏
Jeez that's gonna hurt for Pliskova. A double bagel is something no-one forgets in a hurry! Swiatek is definitely something a bit extra special. She generates so much power from her relatively small frame and is also really smart. She's almost like a combination of Henin and Hingis but with more power...that's a pretty lethal combination when you think about it!
Carl-Hampus Karnell
Carl-Hampus Karnell:
Insane, go swiatek 🤩🤩
Joyce W.
Joyce W.:
Ka Pliskova should do a Natasha Zvereva .......when asked about that match, she should say, " I don't remember"
Neeka Bubbles
Neeka Bubbles:
Ok. Swiatek is upgrading the women's game in real time. 😳 The top women's players aren't used to this much action on the ball.
One word: WOW.