Iga Światek vs Rebecca Peterson - Round 2 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021

Iga Światek vs Rebecca Peterson - Round 2 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021
Watch the best moments of the match between Iga Światekand and Rebecca Peterson in the second round of #RolandGarros 2021. Iga Światek won 6/1 6/1.
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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

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100+ komentarze:

At the end referee told Iga she should have more mercy for her opponents 😁
Rafa and Iga have the same father. His name is Clay.
Avinash Anand
Avinash Anand:
Plot Twist: Someone stole Rafa's DNA and created Iga.
Maximillian Jens
Maximillian Jens:
Swiatek is playing like she's got nothing to lose and it's beautiful.
Juma Nji
Juma Nji:
Forget scoring a set against Iga, even scoring a single game seems extremely difficult. What a player she it !!!
Chris Nagle
Chris Nagle:
I really hope Iga win this tournament. Good luck young lady!
Sartaz Aziz
Sartaz Aziz:
This happens when Rafa plays in skirt.
Soumya Chakraborty
Soumya Chakraborty:
Finally a player who is as aggressive and with an equally aesthetically beautiful playstyle as Justine Henin on clay !! Many more RGs for Iga (y)
Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard:
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your two-time Roland Gaross Ladies Singles Champion 🎾🏆
ashley guriah
ashley guriah:
This woman is amaaaazing....the making of a legend !! She might be the successor to the greatest female tennis player of them all...Margaret
Ben Faulkner
Ben Faulkner:
Her dropshot is NAAASTY
Даниил Степанов
Даниил Степанов:
She's going to defend the title, no doubt about that
paul vera
paul vera:
She will dominate WTA,no question about it.Such a talent,OMG..We all very very proud in Poland
Imagine if she had 2 Grand Slams at 20 years of age..
Erian Maxčič
Erian Maxčič:
Hopefully she will win it all!
Low Roar
Low Roar:
She's incredible. Can't get enough of her
Sergio Simbula
Sergio Simbula:
Iga is such a delight to watch! So versatile and determined.
Some really close and long games but Iga proved that tennis is about winning the most important points and the score looks like that. Iga didn't have to show her highest form in that match but I like about her that she played so carefree and without the pression. I think Peterson wasn't a player who could even fought against Iga and made it more competetive today. Next match against Kontaveit will tell us much about Świątek. It will be first real challenge for defending champion.
R K:
Iga learning at the Djokovic school of backhand drop shots.
Iga gave her opponent a workout. She was hanging on for dear life. The scary part is the deeper goes in the tournament, the better she gets.
Tennis Sir
Tennis Sir:
She has monster confidence on clay. She could become the female Nadal.
Jason Chigaazira
Jason Chigaazira:
Mostly we just talk of her power and ability to dominate her opponents, but her tennis IQ is out of this world! She just knows when to use those drop shots
Hart K
Hart K:
She will be the next Justine Henin who can defend her RG title 😁
Justin Lue
Justin Lue:
It’s gonna be a saying now, “You just got Swiatek’d”
Justyna Kozak
Justyna Kozak:
Brawo Iga!!! To była prawdziwa dominacja 🙂
snippets of life
snippets of life:
Światek still playing in GOD MODE
Peter W
Peter W:
Her two-handed backhand drop shot is just ombeliebable
kuya sam
kuya sam:
Iga is looking formidable! She plays like a programmed machine! Maybe she is bionic !
Moishe Moishele
Moishe Moishele:
Looks like we have a new female Nadal. :)
Ed Dames
Ed Dames:
Iga is playing like a confident champ. Comfortable win. Who's the next victim?
This is not tennis. This is annihilation
Nathan Roman
Nathan Roman:
Some of those angles were just brutal.... I think she’s gotta be the favorite for the title
Kaaun Hall
Kaaun Hall:
Iga is a beast on clay‼‼‼
Sel Os
Sel Os:
She still hasn’t dropped more than 5 games in a RG match 😂
Bradley Walton
Bradley Walton:
Swiatek Is absolute class 👏💯
Mark Jayson Babad
Mark Jayson Babad:
Iga is so exceptional. Your win made my day. Continue playing like this and for sure you can defend your title. Congrats Iga. 5 matches to go💪💪💪
Ryo Sushuke
Ryo Sushuke:
What a dominant performance by defending champion Iga Swiatek. Go for title defend Iga. 👍✌️💪
Ian Bristow
Ian Bristow:
Think Iga can win her second French title,looking very sharp.
Derek S
Derek S:
She's a beast
Viet Tran
Viet Tran:
I'm scared!!! She's going to win again.
andrzej kaczorowski
andrzej kaczorowski:
I am so proud of her. SHe´s like thinking, smart Serena, same power but more dropshots and nicer game.
G L:
She's good.
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer:
Those drop shots are killer!
she got tired of bagels so she wanted breadsticks today
She just needs to improve that serve game... Her first serve isnt there yet
Minh Vu
Minh Vu:
Iga makes it look easy!!
loana 0007
loana 0007:
Brawo 👏
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Iga drop shots was crazy!
Those drop shots are lethal.
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
Iga looking like she is the genuine article. Would love to see her and Rafa repeat last year's stellar performance 👸🤴
Libertarian ASS FUCK
Libertarian ASS FUCK:
Forrrzzzaaaaa Iggggggaaaaaaaa !!!!!!
3,2,1 ACTION
3,2,1 ACTION:
RG highlights: 8 pionts the whole video for 14 games, almost 1 point per 2 games , great job !!😅😅😅😅
Excellent drop shots.
Alan Costa
Alan Costa:
Swiatek already won RG
betungura william
betungura william:
IgA Is blazing 🔥
David Short
David Short:
Swiatek is so much fun to watch.
She got that ATP style forehand, I like it.
Joel Chicano
Joel Chicano:
This should be just called Iga Swiatek Round 2 highlights tbh, it's unbelievably intimidating and she hasn't finished yet
Adam Slowik
Adam Slowik:
Will Konteveit be an equal opponent in the 3rd round?
Good luck 🍀 Iga.... till 12/13th June
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
She took care of business today. Dominating as always. If she wins this year, then I'm gonna call her Nadal's heir apparent.
Erkan Agar
Erkan Agar:
you can clearly see swiatek trained with nadal,contester for winning grand slam here.
Chris Andersen
Chris Andersen:
Ohh myyy, tell me all you doubters, again, how I’m dumb togo for Iga. Yup, I’ll wait.

And, she’s only gonna get better!!! I think.
Francis Ng
Francis Ng:
2 down, 5 to go !!!
Impressive win, IGA !!!
nir S
nir S:
Swiatek tennis very good nice win!
jj b
jj b:
perfect iga. 5 matches to go. jaaaaazda.
Jerzy Feliks
Jerzy Feliks:
I'll go out on a limb here and say I'm disappointed...her games are just too short! You go grab a cup of coffee - you missed two sets. You go to take a leak - you just missed another two. It's ridiculous. And she could have easily won both sets 6-0, especially the second one. They could make women play to 3 sets win but that would just be cruel.
James Atkins
James Atkins:
When Swiatek highlights start at 2-0 30-0 and last 2 mins... I think I know what's coming
Krzysztof Bodzianowski
Krzysztof Bodzianowski:
Super Iga- your drop shots are killers 👏👏👏
Iga has the controlled whistle/breathing as another fine player, Justine Henin.
Mehmet Doğa Güvendi
Mehmet Doğa Güvendi:
Literally competing with self-confidence in RG as it smoothly happened from the last year without dropping a set against the arduous rivals
Very good Iga.......focus on the next ......is a pleasure watching you play .💜🔥
Forehand and curving backhand are wicked, but the drop shots are sublime.
Pawel Jakobs
Pawel Jakobs:
Pure class
Slapping of the Swede.
She really has a stronger chance now to defend her title. I would like to see her and serena play ;)
jim stam
jim stam:
She is Amazing
Eunice Suero
Eunice Suero:
Liga mi tenista bella💕👏 hasta la final 😘bendiciones de salud y de exitos❤❤❤🇩🇴
Even at 3-0 she only considered the match to be the pre-warm up and had to get a base layer
Esther Yee
Esther Yee:
Iga played a near flawless game whilst Peterson's defence was equally impressive.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Come on swiatek let win the tiltle RG
Kai S Peters
Kai S Peters:
Absolutely glorious player
The breadstick stats gave me the biggest garlic bread craving, OMG, I need to make some. Nyom nyomz.
Love it when they use drop shots. It's a foreign territory for most at the net.
Damian Bielewski
Damian Bielewski:
Mercy Iga!!! Mercy!!!
Let's go Iga❤️
Teresa J
Teresa J:
Iga is playing like someone stole her trophy 🏆! Ruthless efficiency ‼️
Ezra Kiiza
Ezra Kiiza:
I think she is so good on clay, now I would like to see what she does on Hard and grass Corts, c'mon Iga. I love this girl
Just waiting for another Iga- Coco match up. Or even Bad to the Bone Sloane.
peter bedford
peter bedford:
Baseline drop shots
Dan Fernando
Dan Fernando:
Nice one Iga!👍🎾
Jason Paul Jones
Jason Paul Jones:
She made short work of that hey 👏
Nil Sensei
Nil Sensei:
Wow! What a performance 👏👏👏💪💪💪❤❤❤
Swiatek my queen.
Kyle Lee
Kyle Lee:
Swiatek will be WTA NO.1
Will Sani
Will Sani:
for being up 5-0 in first, Swiatek sure likes to change shirts a lot! All kidding aside, she looks like a hell of a shot maker on clay. Good luck to the rest of the draw...that kind of variety will help her a ton if she has an off day.
OMG a girl who’s strategy isn’t to hit hard right at her opponent and hope she misses
van Trinh nguyen
van Trinh nguyen:
Kto by mogla powstrzymac Ige ???
Fortress Fortresson
Fortress Fortresson:
Too easy for Iga
I'm loving me some Iga!!!!
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz: