Iga Swiatek vs. Sloane Stephens | 2022 Cincinnati Round 2 | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Iga Swiatek vs. Sloane Stephens at the 2022 Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati.

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100+ komentarze:

Luca Salvarani
Luca Salvarani:
Iga is still far from her level but it's good to see her on the court and winning again. Jazda!
I knew this would be a tough match. Stephens has been playing well and Iga has been off the last couple tourneys. Iga still not 100% of what she was this year, but this is a good confidence-building win. Her next round won't be easy either. Iga the first to win 50 matches in a season since Barty did it in 2019.
Xxxx Xxxx
Xxxx Xxxx:
The fact Iga made one of the worst her matches of the season but still won shows her immense talent. But even when she looses, she looses in 3 sets with drama till the end. It's obviously she lost form but her talent and passion to the tennis didn't dissapear. Exactly that makes me feel optimistic she will come back to the champion mood soon. The form is temporary, the class is permanent! Jazda!
Richard Stingray
Richard Stingray:
I love Sloane, always a smile to the oponent, win or lose
Man, great play from Sloane. She's in some great form rn. And another stellar result from Iga. What else can you say. Definitely still deserves the #1 spot.
Paris Milan
Paris Milan:
Sloane played very well but didn’t capitalize on the big points. Great matchup nonetheless. Congrats to, Iga👍🏾.
Eryk Bąkowski
Eryk Bąkowski:
Brawo dla Igi. Nie było łatwo, ale dała radę. Powodzenia w kolejnej rundzie Iguniu.
Maria Bednarz
Maria Bednarz:
So many unforced errors by Iga, but still she won the game. Sloane has shown how good defender she is.
Ivan Caires
Ivan Caires:
Congratulation IGA! Returning to the special way of playing tennis. Great game and Stephens played well and valued his victory. Keep it up!
Qasim Arshad
Qasim Arshad:
Sloane may have lost but she been playing super well since Francisco was in the box. Hope she continues like this
Jerzy Feliks
Jerzy Feliks:
I think something people ignore is that she tries new stuff. She knows that if she has only one play mode people will find her out. This was actually her problem for a while, that she didn't have plan B if plan A didn't work. She is now in the process of developing her game and practicing new stuff so that she is a well rounded player. And there is no point of practicing it in your training and never testing it in a competitive game. We know she has to work on her serve because it has been her Achilles heel for a while but there is a wisdom in developing your game in order to be more complete rather than playing your only game A and winning minor tournaments. As the commentators said, her trainer is focusing on long term goals rather that winning some small tournaments.
Roman Dobczansky
Roman Dobczansky:
Andre Agassi said a champion knows how to win on their worst day. And Iga knows how to do this now. I also appreciate her still wearing the Ukrainian flag pin on her hat. I hope she wins and drapes herself in the Polish and Ukrainian Flag I wonder if that would violate the Cincinnati organizers poor little sensibilities. Sloane has a great smile I wish her the best in the US open swing. I'll be there. Can't Waite.
Swiatek's serves have too much top spins and her strokes are powerful, she's one of the best right now, almost unstoppable.
Ewa Wisniewska
Ewa Wisniewska:
Brawo congrstulation Iga both grils played very well ❤️🇵🇱♥️🏆🌺
Brawo Iga ♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰🥰
Kaaun Hall
Kaaun Hall:
2 great champions. Sloane played Iga well... I think it would have been more of a match if it was worth it. It's only the 2nd round so def not worth it but it was a great match
patrick clohessy
patrick clohessy:
Excellent win. Their first time meeting too. This will give the confidence again for Iga to continue winning as she's beating another grand slams champion.
Note that no player can win every title. Players sometimes have bad days. Not good to start bashing a player if their game goes down. When a player is injured they will take time to come back to form. Rome was not built in a day.
Yakziv Z
Yakziv Z:
Don't hold your head down Sloane- this was a tough matchup for her.
Keith Lauder Jr
Keith Lauder Jr:
1GA!! Even flat she gets it done vs. a very good player w class and dignity. Sloan is one of my faves, cool as the other side of the pillow .
Barbara Kostiuk
Barbara Kostiuk:
Brawo Iga. Ale Jazda. Trzymam kciuki za dalszą piękną grę.
Christopher King
Christopher King:
As we used to say in high school... "I played him tough...." Great effort from Slaone against a Premier Player.
Ari Kurniadi
Ari Kurniadi:
Iga played good tho, what do you guys expect the score against Sloane would be? A 6-0 6-0? Sloane been stellar on her first round match , she was looking forward to this match against No 1 player, and Iga was reaching out to her best again, we will see how is her level on her next round match.
Bartek Show
Bartek Show:
I cross the fingers for Iga ❤️
Gaston Conejera
Gaston Conejera:
Gran victoria de iga swistek vamos que se puede 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🎾🎾🎾🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱de chile un fuerte abrazo
Carole Monahan
Carole Monahan:
Love them both👏🏻
Luu Sapphire
Luu Sapphire:
All hail Iga Swiatek!!! ❤️
Ric Hernando
Ric Hernando:
1GA was a bit tentative in this match. She could barely hold her serves. With mental focus and winning mind set, she was able to make the necessary adjustments after suffering three devastating losses in previous tournaments. The pressure of being number one is embedded in her mind not to disappoint her fans. Sloane is a tough cookie to handle but 1GA crept in for the finish. A good match for 1GA to fine tune her strokes. Next is Madison who just beat Ostapenko who can easily beat 1GA. GOOD LUCK 1GA NEXT ROUND. STAY FOCUSED!
f r
f r:
Swiatek is a smart player. She keeps moving her opponent side to side nonstop. Every now and then she unleashes some stored power in her shot. She reminds me a lot of older time strategy players who used to hit constantly from side to side regardless of whether you have to run to the ball. They do it fast enough to swing so it goes away from opponent almost always. This usually wins them the point without too much energy expenditure. This is why Swiatek is such a winning player. Hope she is not a fruitcake like Osaka and Barty
Daniel Kowalczyk
Daniel Kowalczyk:
Skończyło się łatwe wygrywanie meczów przez Igę. Każda jej przeciwniczka walczy, bo liczy na to, że może Igę pokonać.. Iga jest na pierwszym miejscu w rankingu, ale sporo z niżej notowanych zawodniczek ma potencjał aby ją pokonywać.
I hope this is a start of a great rivalry since I love them both
Munchy Monk
Munchy Monk:
What an amazing match!
Agus Young
Agus Young:
Too bad, the video does not show how Sloane fights on the second set. Down 2:5, but managed to get 3 games is worth showing. Congrats to Iga though. Hope she wins this tournament.
Andrew Mark
Andrew Mark:
Some of these rallies are absolutely sublime.
Vlad l'empaleur
Vlad l'empaleur:
Iga is amazing !
d Tal
d Tal:
I love how sloane stephens always looks so relaxed.❤
Chuck Deless
Chuck Deless:
Highlights showed a couple points where Iga stayed back when she has Sloane on run. Iga needs to take over the point at every opportunity.
Iga dominate as always, but gotta give huge credit for Sloane especially that set 2 thriller.
She's after all a GS champ and will come back stronger 💪🏻 🇺🇸
Mark Bielak
Mark Bielak:
Iga has made a lot of unforced errors as by her standards and I think it is due to the fact she didn't play as many regular matches since Wimbledon as she did in 1H22. She has also been involved with all these humanitarian events for Ukraine and alike, so she lost a bit of her focus and sharpness. Nevertheless one has to recognize that Sloane has been playing very well and had her chances. At the end, Iga has pulled through another tough encounter and hopefully will find form for the next match with Maddie Keys
Leao Torre do vale
Leao Torre do vale:
Não interessa o que estas a passar agora.Tu és muito boa Tenista .Das melhores que já apareceram no planeta.trabalha,trabalha.As vitórias virão🏃🏃🏃🏃❤️
K. Alvarado
K. Alvarado:
Sloane needed this match.
Good practice before the US open
What I enjoy about Iga's mental game is, she knows that she's not invincible. She knows she can be winning and winning and also know that she will lose and she accepts that.
Jeff Criswell
Jeff Criswell:
Love this Polish champion- she's all class and talent. Are we lucky enough to see her play Radacanu? Emma, all of the sudden, looking a lot better.
Olek P
Olek P:
probably Iga will return to her level on USOpen
Steve Cox
Steve Cox:
IGA!!!! 👑🎾🔥👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Iga!👏Hope in Toronto there was only accident.
Menchie Edwards
Menchie Edwards:
Well done 👏👏👏
What happened to the variety of Iga’s game? I’ve just watched her RG 2020 game and there were so many beautiful dropshots, her game was so clear and smart, not only powerful. What about serve? She used to serve so good
ana marie solas
ana marie solas:
Go IGa😍👏💪🙏
Michał Wu
Michał Wu:
Sloane played well, 1GA🇵🇱 won! How come?
Marcin Cześć
Marcin Cześć:
Brawo 1GA
abdullah ghaznavi
abdullah ghaznavi:
Waaooo Both Played Awsome
Wojtek Mika
Wojtek Mika:
Iga musi grać bardziej agresywnie i przejąć inicjatywę! Bo inaczej, nie ma szans wygrania turnieju. Pozdrawiam Wojtek
Robert Congdon
Robert Congdon:
What's going on with these less than 5 minute highlight reels from the WTA? They used to give us around an 8 minute reel.
Duangchai chirand
Duangchai chirand:
both play like a champion tought match good luck to all
Romeo Asuncion
Romeo Asuncion:
Unlucky draw for Sloan having to play the #1 seed in the second round. Still good game tho
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Iga looking good, focused and looks like she means business out there. Good win.
Florence Alexander
Florence Alexander:
That was very quick win wow
Jason Englisbe
Jason Englisbe:
How does this jump from Swiatek up 5-2 in the 2nd set to Swiatek at match point at 6-5? Did nothing of note happen for 4+ games?
Mark Phifer-Houseman
Mark Phifer-Houseman:
Stephens has such talent but her tactics are such a problem. On big points she played into Swiatek’s strengths. She is behind the baseline, reacting to Iga’s aggression. You can’t beat her this way. Swiatek’s controlled aggression is too much for counterpunching technique. It seems like Stephens is not willing to attack and close points at the net, which the top women all do now. The era of simply hitting big from the back is over for the top 25 on WTA
Little wobbly but a win is a win
Victor Hassan Wirawan
Victor Hassan Wirawan:
Iga makes so many errors lately.
Patchie? Sloane is totally unpredictable
poetries by avinish pathak
poetries by avinish pathak:
Keep it up iga
Ruby Ruby
Ruby Ruby:
Sloanes has a big weapon the forehead but doesn't use more often, she need to be more aggressive , she was penetrating so easy and hitting winners.
Teresa Kapusta
Teresa Kapusta:
Paweł Jankowski
Paweł Jankowski:
Beautiful tenis ❤️❤️
Murat Batyrbekov
Murat Batyrbekov:
Мына Свиатек деген қызымызға ризамын-жеңіл және әдемі ойнайдыекен
David Price
David Price:
Sloane has the motivation of a sloth ...same game better players
Виталий Десятериков
Виталий Десятериков:
Иге самой понравилось играть, не так уж и легко
Subhasish Chatterjee
Subhasish Chatterjee:
Iga is suffering from her 2nd service problem. And this will eliminate her by 3rd or 4th round. I do not found any improvement. Same game plan and same struggling.
volodumur vasuluk
volodumur vasuluk:
IGA,Brawo!Блискавичні і швидкі відповіді принесли перемогу.Дякую .
Bernardo Bento
Bernardo Bento:
Please WTA, upload these highlights in 1080p. The quality is really bad for 2022
Go Queen! 🇵🇱🏆🔥💪
K Rob
K Rob:
Great match from iga
Rolando Reyes
Rolando Reyes:
Mady made a quickie of Iga's sweaty!
nhia lee
nhia lee:
Wow she’s good!!!!!
Tom Doe
Tom Doe:
I like Iga much, but unfortunately, he won't get far with such playing. She seems distracted on the court, sends too long balls, has a poor first serve (again, why?) and lacks combo play. Where are drop shots? Apart from that she is cute and has one of the best legs on the WTA tour.
Pompo Lini
Pompo Lini:
Nice she wonbut she is far from her best
Виталий Десятериков
Виталий Десятериков:
Швентек красивая девушка 💔
Raphael Villard
Raphael Villard:
Iga is my favorite to win the us open.
To hold serve is something special in womens tennis nowadays 🤔
I don't get this trend of a clinched fist after you win a point. Every point. Even the WTA can't help themselves now without putting pictures up with fists. What happened to just winning a point and moving onto the next one?
Iga Swiatek Tennis
Iga Swiatek Tennis:
Groundstroke is everything in woman tennis and my girl has best in woman tennis history
Ali Edinç
Ali Edinç:
1:09 isn`t that just out?
Rayshawn Ellis
Rayshawn Ellis:
sloane is not aslo at hr highest level in my humble opinion shes the better player. Tennis is all about confidence thats all shes much stronger.
Stan Pikulski
Stan Pikulski:
BATKO BANDERA - bedzie ogloszony swietym tym razem POMOGL a UPAinskie szmatki robia wrazenie NONO dalej tak SLAVA SLAVA UKRAINU SLAVA BANDERU batko naszym
Michał Wu
Michał Wu:
Światek - Keys in R16
Henry Tolbert
Henry Tolbert:
Iga still isn’t looking to hot for us open…
Iga looks very erratic in her game, that's why the bad performances in the last tournaments that she has played, today she beats Stephens but also with many mistakes on her part, if she continues to play in such an erratic way it is obvious that she is not going to win this tournament
Victor Santos
Victor Santos:
A Iga se le da mejor la tierra.
Tomasz Dobkowski
Tomasz Dobkowski:
Wszystkie inne mecze tenisa były na odkodowany c jak tylko zagrała swiotek zaraz ta chciwa banda przeniósł mecz na kodowany jak wam niewstyd z ludzi frajerów robią
Jose senoran
Jose senoran:
Halep win us open 2022 .....
Dean Corso
Dean Corso:
Swiatek is playing poor tenis now Anybody can beat her
I am a big fan but she seems like the weakest nr 1 in history
Mr Pat
Mr Pat:
They played well. being world #1 will up your confidence i'll say that. sloane should have won this match.
Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina:
Sloan actually played well. Am shocked
Brendan Calton
Brendan Calton:
These WTA edits are so bad. Sloane seemed to have made a decent comeback that second set but they jumped from 2-5 games? Like huh?
Ikot Tagemtem
Ikot Tagemtem:
What's wrong with Iga's play. She has lost her magic. What's her coach doing? Just watch her lose and lose on early rounds. Fire your coach Iga in doing so you will have changes in your play. I'm your biggest fan but watching you play now, I'm sorry you need new coach.
Movie Clips Kingdom
Movie Clips Kingdom:
Why is the world number 1 having this much empty seats in her game?
quentin crisp
quentin crisp:
I dunno about Iga. Something isn't quite right. She's not at the level she was three months ago - maybe opponents are figuring her out!