"I'M FINSIHED WITH HIM!"😡 Tottenham Hotspur fan Lee wants Harry Kane GONE

Tottenham Hotspur fan Lee wants Harry Kane GONE

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Rod Ney
Rod Ney:
Daniel Levy is the boss who can't give you a pay rise because "it's been a tough year" ... then after a good year says he can't give you a raise because "the year ahead is looking tough".
Mister Euro
Mister Euro:
Bale at his peak would've been more effective in the couple finals Kane went missing in.
Who the hell advised him to sign an extension without a £100/120m release clause applying after one more year? Billionaires don’t do gentlemen’s agreements when it’s their prized assets.
The caller is the most Londoner I’ve ever heard 🤣
kakashi kan
kakashi kan:
Kane failing to turn up to training camp just like he does in every major football final's he plays in.
I always hear Spurs fans saying that Kane doesn't show up in finals as if it nullifies what he's done for them. Without his goals Tottenham WOULD NOT have been playing regular UCL football, and that's a fact.
There is no such thing as a gentleman’s agreement in the normal world. However in the underworld there is. Kane thinks levys a gangster on a promise. Hes a businessman on a contract more like it
David Burke
David Burke:
Listening to supposed grown men crying over a multi millionaire is hilarious.
Colin Turner
Colin Turner:
What’s gone on behind the scenes is simple he thinks he’s going to get what he wants by doing it all wrong
I agree with Lee 100% but he’s been given so much of a chance cos he’s the England poster child. 🙄
7:20, Agree! Kane needs to go sooner than later, if he really wants to leave. How naive is Kane (and his associates) to bring up the "gentleman's agreement" nonsense in the era of things getting signed electronically even using your finger?!
silver surfer
silver surfer:
Agree with Lee . We always will have great strikers.
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings:
Spurs sold their best players,
Thats why didnt win?
Spurs had all these top players
Yet failed to win?😂
jason Jordan
jason Jordan:
Poor Tottenham
Could've won ucl
Could've won carabao
Could've won fa cup
Could've won Premier league

Kane this is ur opportunity leave 😭
If I was Kane, I would not have signed a 6 year contract lol
James Dixon
James Dixon:
Say what you want about Arsenal, they have won trophies at the Emirates even if it's not the big stuff.
Riece Burns
Riece Burns:
Y Syed
Y Syed:
how was harry kane supposed to know that spurs werent gonna be a top 4 club
Colin Turner
Colin Turner:
Kane should have manned up when we played Liverpool in the CL he was clearly not match fit it cost us
Harry Kane needs to play for a good team simple as that. Tottenham need to realise this and sell him
Matt Garrett
Matt Garrett:
Welsh Jamie Carragher has a point.
ntokozo dube
ntokozo dube:
But harry was dumb asf for signing a 6yr contract😂
Tsepo Letsunyane
Tsepo Letsunyane:
I'm ALWAYS surprised and angry to hear about players wanting to leave my beloved THFC to so called greener pastures. Harry Kane can sod off as far as I'm concerned COYS!!!!😎😎😍😍
NFT Joker
NFT Joker:
one game my guy one game don’t let that get over your head 🤣😂😂
Carefree CFC
Carefree CFC:
Can we rewind back to when Simon said Kane won’t kick up a fuss👀👀
Need to follow Villa looks like they have signed three good players with their money
Wes Jones
Wes Jones:
Things started going wrong when they sold Dembele!🤣
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller:
Harry signed that contract with the thought that within the coming years levy would build a competitive team to help Kane. Kane wanted to leave before the signing but because he loves Tottenham he signed it and agreed to give another couple years. Clearly now Tottenham is in a worse place.
I don’t know why everyone is mad at Kane, he was lied too and at 28 I would do the same. There is no point in staying at a club that’s in a continued rebuild and doesn’t want to buy good players
Crushal 45
Crushal 45:
" Spurs Waiting on Kane while Kane waiting on the right bid an the move away from Spurs "
Hope Kane won't transfer to City, wouldn't mind Grealish moving though. But he deserves a club capable of winning cups.
Kevin Carrick
Kevin Carrick:
Does this situation from the England and Tottenham Captain reek of a spot child. I can understand why he wants to leave but come on
Romelle King
Romelle King:
I do find it funny how quickly they have all turned on him 😂
Sansani B.N.
Sansani B.N.:
Let him go and rebuild the team with the money. He will not be the same player after this mess.
Adam Watson
Adam Watson:
Nice to see Dean back 👍🏻
Natalie Sawyer is unreal ❤️❤️❤️
Half them players Saunders mentioned where at the either the end of there carers or not good enough. I thought we was talking about players in there prime?
Paula Hume
Paula Hume:
For me kane been an excellent player for spurs however if he is unhappy let him go nothing worse than a bad apple in the squad . I also think the team play better football without him spurs should of sold him to city and bought grealish . To say this is new news is poor he said end of last season he wants a club that wins trophies .
Imagine telling Daniel levy to go and get in debt hahaha
B Hew
B Hew:
spurs should cash in. Kanes had chances to win stuff and failed, again in the summer.
William Wood
William Wood:
Won nothing with Kane let him go won’t be top dog at city what Tottenham have done for him shows us fans no respect
Herbert Chapman AFC
Herbert Chapman AFC:
wow if spurs had kept all the best players they would have won the CL
Jj L
Jj L:
I’m not sure kane didn’t turn up, he needs service and he was living off scraps in those games.
Steve Martin
Steve Martin:
it's obvious what Levy is doing, he will hang out until the last minute then he can say we didn't have time to sign a replacement. and it's all Harry's fault. two points why isn't there a buy out clause, poor work by his agent, why hasn't he put in an official transfer request ? seems two things that should have beeen done.
Aaron C
Aaron C:
How is it the media careers of ex-footballers who break the law just continue as normal after they’ve served their sentences. I don’t get it
K M:
I hear Soldado is on his way back as a replacement.
Rob Coyne
Rob Coyne:
I'm with Lee sonny's our main man captain for me could of been harry but not now
David Leonard
David Leonard:
Spurs haven't won anything of note for decades so to act like they're entitled to success is ridiculous
Mick Chris
Mick Chris:
He has signed a 3 year contract, put him in the reserves. For the 3 years contract.
Anthony KImani
Anthony KImani:
Levy's hard stance doesnt matter in history all players who have missed training and gone AWOL have left their clubs.
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson:
Remember the players mental health, and the stress Kane is under with Levy playing silly games. Take the 100 million but from United and not City
Y B:
I'm still waiting for the caller to say the word Finsihed...
MM mcfc93
MM mcfc93:
He was rushed back from injury for the champions league final so no surprise he wasn’t at his best, in the carabao cup this season Spurs couldn’t get out of their own half so again, it can’t be pinned on him. Kane has carried that team for years now, stop putting him down and appreciate his loyalty to your potless club.
Ike Official
Ike Official:
No one cares if you're finished with him, stop treating him like he's not human. sometimes you have go out of character to get what you want, he's earned it and deserves it. i feel like he's a soft guy and that's why the club has been feeding off that.
Brian M
Brian M :
I agree I don't want him with the Spurs now, we want players that want to play for us, I agree that Harry has a right to leave but he is under contract, whatever ever our feelings are towards Levy he has the right to say no to offers , it's business, £130 million I would do the deal, I have seen great players in my lifetime, Harry is a great player but he is not on the level of Ronaldo or Messi no way, Harry is a poacher he is a player that needs that service , time for Harry to go, but I feel for those boys and girls with Harry Kane posters, shirts etc, kids that looked up to him, now they see this, whoever is Harry's handlers they are doing wonders for his image,
Adam Petros
Adam Petros:
He signed a 6 year deal because he is super injury prone
Fyar Lynx
Fyar Lynx:
Kanes a disgrace!!! Any player who refuses to turn up to their club and goes on strike is a low life! Kane just put himself amongst the low life collective
Good on kane 👍 he deserves 🏆's
Colin Hughes
Colin Hughes:
Kane ,Will Join Man City
After Spurs Play Man City
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson:
They should fine hi he’s still there player at moment,if I just didn’t turn up for work I would not get payed ,he’s not professional throwing is dummy out of the pram , he ain’t that good anyway ,world class hahaha
philip wilkinson
philip wilkinson:
Do City need to spend 100 mill on Grealish and maybe over that on Kane to win the league again with the squad they've already got Dont think so..Of the 2 I'd have thought Kane is more needed as Aguero has gone and they are very strong any way in midfield.
*One rule for English players and one rule for foreign players. If Pogba had done this, the right wing media and public would have been in meltdown. For the record, Kane should have left when Poch was sacked rather than waste years at a club going nowhere*
chorne hanstrong
chorne hanstrong:
The difference between spurs and arsenal, is that arsenal actually won smth
If a player wants to leave then let him leave simple as that you can't force a player to stay is heart ain't going to be in it if he stays this season
Talksports always bringing in Arsenal to every debate they having
carl watts
carl watts:
It’d be very poor business move if levy drags it on then sells a week before the end of the window because he then has a week to buy a quality replacement and 1/2 class players with the extra money.
Kane has never been in an environment where he can excel at what he does. Spurs play negative football with poor players and poor systems to support Kane in major games and finals. Harry Kane has had 0 chances created for him in major finals. Harry Kane can't do anything without the ball and Tottenham in finals usually have under 30% possession! Kane usually have little to no touches in the opponent's box! That's Spurs fault for not properly setting up and support their main goal scorer. If he had chances and missed that would be a different case, but he had no chances! It's the same with England in the Euro final! Harry Kane was the best player on the pitch in the first half dropping deep and bringing the team upfield. Even then he wasn't serviced properly which is why he dropped deep. Second half he was a passenger in a broken bus. No ball to him. When he dropped deep and passed, they played it back to the defenders! Kane needs to be in teams that play great football and can play to his strengths. Comments like that saying Kane doesn't turn up in finals will be the nail in the coffin and makes him even more eager to leave considering he's not been serviced properly. Without the ball a Striker can do much!
Andy Kyriakides
Andy Kyriakides:
Kane is already gone , we just don't know it yet .
Alistair Verdin
Alistair Verdin:
Spurs had money to rebuild when they sold Bale..but they bought shite with it!
Rohan Singh
Rohan Singh:
Didnt harry kane think of it first 🤣
Imran Zaidi
Imran Zaidi:
He was never your own he never your own harry kane was never your own 😂
Lil Monkey
Lil Monkey:
Harry Kane wants to win titles. Leave him alone 😂
James Palmer
James Palmer:
If I were Levy I’d make an example of Kane and wrestle back player power. He’s under contract, no train no pay and stick him in the reserves for a year and make him lose a year of his career, who cares!
Robert Randall
Robert Randall:
Kane signed an extension to his contract for increased wages. He was paid what was agreed, and therefore he should honor his side of the bargain. He should knuckle down and focus on being part of a newly invigorated winning team. If he wants to win silverware he should try even harder with Tottenham.
J M:
Should have said its like having a 70k car but not being able to drive it
Dean Cox
Dean Cox:
Spurs will never win or progress while enic are at the club, penny pinching levy is what holds them back they could of signed bruno fenandes , Ruben dias, grealish, skrinair, dybala the list goes on instead of paying for quality he always goes for the cheaper option and it doesn't work and doesn't learn from mistakes.

Spurs have one of the best stadiums in the world, world class training facilities with a team that doesn't cut it on the pitch, from an investor's point of view they will be a very attractive purchase and all they would need is investment in the players and you have a world class outfit .... when enic leave spurs will become a super club and will win but not before
Philip Murphy
Philip Murphy:
Great to hear deano back on ts
Jack Dominiak
Jack Dominiak:
Spurs should snatch City's hand of for 120 mil as well as Villa 100 mil for Grealish, neither is worth half that and if City get both, I have a feeling that will be the beginning of the end for City 😂
Big No. 8
Big No. 8:
What's Saunders on about, Arsenal have won a few trophies at the Emirates 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Warren Lovell
Warren Lovell:
Hes been badly advised by agent/ brother. Why weren't there any release clauses in the contract and to sign a 6 year deal at 25 is madness when he could of got twice his wages somewhere else. Sorry Harry I know this is all about trophies for you but you been incredibly naive.
Adam Ilham
Adam Ilham:
What a naive guy, even though Spurs have tried to keep him, and instead he says "I'm done with him", "I don't care about him", what a naive fan. Man, If I was a Spurs fan, I would understand why Kane struggled so much to leave Spurs, it's natural that he wants to leave Spurs, he wants to win trophies man, he wants to go to the next steps, that's why he wants to leave, as a fan you have to respect his decision man. Such a shame.
Spurs/Levy need to look in the mirror and take the blame as well. After that almost title race in 2016, a CL final in 2018, Levy should have seen the potential and gone for robust reinforcements. Harry Kane along with a couple of others are generational talents. Levy's lack of ambition is why players don't see a long term future at Spurs. He is also stupid to think any club itw would cough out 150-200m for a 28-year old, injury prone Harry Kane. Levy will fold, sooner or later because his best player no longer wants to stay.
Phumelela lekhoathi
Phumelela lekhoathi:
The second caller 👍👏🏿
ntokozo dube
ntokozo dube:
He wants to be gone too buddy!😂
Gaz N Amy
Gaz N Amy:
I’m with Harry on this, he’s been a great servant and has told the club in ample time he wants go.. they’re keeping him against his will
Andy Kyriakides
Andy Kyriakides:
Yeah Levy could have got Grealish for £20 mil , he was haggling for weeks to get him for £15 mil , because he knew Villa were in financial straits , then they were bought by Billionaires who told Levy where to stick his £15 mil .
Clearly levy knew Kane wanted to leave. Kane went public with Neville and he wants to be taken seriously. Well it’s serious now isn’t it, every Spurs fan wants him out. Not professional but it’s the way to get things done
Wilton McDonald
Wilton McDonald:
Totally agree with Lee! Get rid and reset.
Migmar Pelkong
Migmar Pelkong:
That's exactly what Kane wants. Gone.
james barry
james barry:
Spurs just need to accept their place in the world
Our club 🤣🤣
In hearing Harry Kane is the USA on holiday 😳👀
David Vaughan
David Vaughan:
Roy Keanu knew how soft Spurs were years back; “come on lads it’s only spurs!” 😂
Paul K
Paul K:
is everyone jumping to conclusions here thete are still alot of England players from the euros who haven't featured in preaseason friendlies still resting im a united fan none of our ones have played yet so relax spurs fans
Why is this presenter shitting on Arsenal?! At least we’ve been winning FA cups, a respected trophy
Kelvin Hunter
Kelvin Hunter:
If that was paul pogba all hell would of broken loose on social media.
Joe Kiddy Shaw
Joe Kiddy Shaw:
Spot on Lee !
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman:
Is it just me or is Kane getting just as much stick as Rooney was during his playing days? Cause every time England failed to win a tournament, Rooney was always being made the scapegoat, and now it is all because of Kane to those people.
Colin Hughes
Colin Hughes:
reky sang
reky sang:
I don't understand why spurs don't sell him instead of loosing him on a free transfer. Spurs could get in two three players by selling him. Spurs should understand you don't win or compete for things without a proper team.
Easy drop him to the reserve s and fine him a weeks wages each week..watch him come running back then..and tell him you signed a contract and you’re going nowhere until 2024..owners need to have some balls and say you signed the contract so tough