In Bed with Alia Shawkat: Broadly Meets

Alia Shawkat won Best Actress at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival for her role in “Duck Butter". This film is very personal to Alia, as she co-wrote it with its director Miguel Arteta. In it she plays an anxiety-ridden actress who has trouble getting close to anyone and is pushed out of her comfort zone when she falls for a free-spirited artist.

The two women decide to bypass the getting to know each other stage of a relationship by spending 24 hours having sex and trying to be radically honest with one another. In this episode of Broadly Meets, we climb in bed with Alia to talk about women’s sexuality and how her personal experiences informed the writing of Duck Butter.

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100+ komentarze:

naz salabarria
naz salabarria:
Man she is so beautiful, her style ,presence, and smile.
Joseph Manning
Joseph Manning:
Wait this movie also stars Ann/Egg. Damn I wonder what George Michael would think watching​ this.
That hair brush scene is my life
offbeat kiki
offbeat kiki:
Can't wait to see her play Maeby again in the new season of Arrested Development.
Kae G.
Kae G.:
Honestly, I thought Duck Butter wouldn't be worth my time because of how the trailer made the movie out to be. But hearing Alia talk about it makes me want to see it now, especially since I have issues of being intimate & completely open with people I'm interested in.
Lisa Rodjer
Lisa Rodjer:
holy shit shes awesome! i love her
Ross Fulton
Ross Fulton:
Alia is such a wonderfully open and honest individual. I wish even 2% more of Hollywood took her tack on things; We'd be in a better world of media.
quiche lorraine
quiche lorraine:
Is she Pash from Whip It?
Rachel Gillett
Rachel Gillett:
I couldn't have enjoyed this interview more... hell yeah.
Nyanna Ross
Nyanna Ross:
When she brushed her hair and yelled at the brush. Me combing my hair. XD
Mathilde Escusetoi
Mathilde Escusetoi:
Love her in Search Party even though her character is a pain in the ass 😂 Can't wait for season 3 !
Amy Somerville
Amy Somerville:
Love this girl, she seems like such a deep thinker and her mesmerizing quirkiness makes all her work so interesting! From what I know of Duck Butter it sounds like its going to be another hit for her and LGBTQI.
Caramelo Produções
Caramelo Produções:
1:56 her?
Corryn Hoen
Corryn Hoen:
Mae Whitman and Alia Shawkat film reunion whoop!
I love her golf le fleurs
Bridget B
Bridget B:
this video is deep af and v important but i just gotta say....alia's eyebrows are NUTS!! SO good!!!!
Añes Yamin
Añes Yamin:
alia needs to make something about the arab-mixed identity
Raven Kent
Raven Kent:
Alia was one of the people at the forefront of my sexual awakening when I realized how gay I am. I love her so much.
sounds great for lesbians. would have loved to hear more about her experiences with being a lesbian arab whose parents ran a strip club.
Annabelle Hansen
Annabelle Hansen:
this interviewer killed it such great questions and vibezzz!
they got shoes on on the bed
Alexis Abercrombie
Alexis Abercrombie:
Lord have mercy, is EVERYTHING on the table these days
Dipped In Indigo
Dipped In Indigo:
I love her so much!!!!
I swear we are twins spiritually.
And yes honesty and truth within yourself. And vulnerability in that way is the much attractive turn on to me. And this movie seems so awesome and normalizing sex and female sexuality outside of the gaze of heterosexual males, and or ideas/ideals is AWESOME. I can't want to see this movie.
Nina Nicole
Nina Nicole:
Baby ilauna glazer
javacryptid _
javacryptid _:
Alia wearing Tyler The Creater's converse 👏👏

Also I love this interviewer
Wow I just watched it after this. Beautiful beautiful film. I wish lesbian movies would always end on the perfect note though :( I hate feeling mixed emotions after the end of them lol. Not tryna give away too much here
Robin B.
Robin B.:
Alia Shakat is my favorite person in the world. I've loved her since watching her on State of Grace and it's so amazing to watch her grow as a young woman with a fabulous mind and a great talent. Can't wait to check out this movie!!
I’m attracted to her 😪
i like the symmetry of this interview...from the setting to their poses
The Confusing Channel
The Confusing Channel:
So she is a a lesbian and dating brad pitt?!
ughhhh She's so beautiful.
Such a great interview!!! Thanks for posting! Can't wait to check out the movie. Alia Shawkat is so talented (and so beautiful)!
As an Iraqi-Canadian, Im sooo proud of her. She embraces every aspect of herself 💓
Ruder Art
Ruder Art:
I love her so much omfg
T Mystery
T Mystery:
Where can I watch this movie??
Sam Kinney
Sam Kinney:
what a lovely interview, thank u!!
Jack DeHart
Jack DeHart:
She’s wearing the golfs I have I love this woman
I only Know her as Robin in The Runaways 🤣🤣❤️❤️
Anna Baldree
Anna Baldree:
thought this was hobo johnson from the thumbnail lol
Michelle Macco
Michelle Macco:
💕💕💕 State Of Grace 💕💕💕💕
Ashanti Maluleke
Ashanti Maluleke:
Love this. Im so keen to watch.
Laura Jazz
Laura Jazz:
James Kelvin
James Kelvin:
The interviewer is great. Calm, direct, an avid listener.
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee:
i love this interview but the beginning lil slideshow w the voiceover reminded me of something i would do for a high school presentation about the civil war or something and it made me laugh
Mike Salmon
Mike Salmon:
Mary Barajas
Mary Barajas:
Yassss I love her shoes!
Loved this interview
Alia has the most beautiful mouth, lip line in the world
Who remembers Alia from State of Grace?
amy d
amy d:
At 1:56 is that egg?
Great interview
Arya Boomer
Arya Boomer:
man i love her voice
Christina Cardenas
Christina Cardenas:
Wait, wait.... is that Ann (Her?) at 1:55?
I don't know who they are but that was a great interview. 👍
Wendy Sgobbo
Wendy Sgobbo:
I just finished watching the last season of Transparent and she was amazing! 😍
I would have loved to hear more about the story in the openning
a b
a b:
She's wearing Golf LeFleur OMG
إِبنة عليّ.
إِبنة عليّ.:
المذيعه كيفها 😂😂
"Nudity that's not sexualized"

Jasmine Houston-Burns
Jasmine Houston-Burns:
What awesome questions
Olivia K Mani
Olivia K Mani:
It definitely is a movie worth watching. I thought it was very intense 👍👍
Talha Syed
Talha Syed:
Title of the video: Pretty much Brad Pitt right now
go bot
go bot:
Is the host a dude or trans? I really am just curious
Liv C
Liv C:
im gonna CRY
Definitely said that it was dope af
She is so awesome
Gotta see this!
Julia Paige
Julia Paige:
This is a great interview but why isn't the interviewer in focus? Alia is in HD while the interviewer looks like she was filmed on a Razor phone
San Dan
San Dan:
She is so weird and wonderful and funny. She's my aspirational celebrity BFF.
Diark Lusts
Diark Lusts:
huge crush omg
Jera Sky
Jera Sky:
really good interview, really thoughtful and interesting!
Coyote McBean
Coyote McBean:
Literal saaaaaainnnt
gemini #45
gemini #45:
i love alia
America Marie
America Marie:
I learn something new every single day and sometimes every minute. xoxoxo
Rosetta Williams
Rosetta Williams:
A genuine ass chick!
Travels with Auntie Ann
Travels with Auntie Ann:
She’s so cool and beautiful x
Lindsey Lee
Lindsey Lee:
Thank you for talking about the realities & humanity of women working in strip clubs. Strippers Unite! Poltical rights for strip club & sex workers.
Edward Fleming
Edward Fleming:
and men like her too...
Zeinab Ali
Zeinab Ali:
Rᴏʙᴇʀᴛ D
Rᴏʙᴇʀᴛ D:
Basic Pee tests can't tell how much of a drug you're taking. It's either positive or negative.
It can be sent to a lab. But the way she said that she did another test, suggested these were on the spot tests.
Sibel A
Sibel A:
alia is beautiful, this project is beautiful, the le fleurs are beautiful, life is good
Kaitlyn R
Kaitlyn R:
What do you guys think of Duck Butter? I might see this but idk I'm debating...
Maybe and Egg
O hai bby
Nella Muñoz
Nella Muñoz:
This ended too quickly.
I have a crush on maeby
Ryan C
Ryan C:
Why is the camera that's on you so shit compared to the other two? Like c'mon, keep it consistent?
It's like you used two pro grade cameras + cellphone from 2015.
Doc Brown
Doc Brown:
She has a 90s vibe
ploymanee samountry
ploymanee samountry:
Jameson Mazhandu
Jameson Mazhandu:
20gayteen 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Giveaway G0D
Giveaway G0D:
wait is this a man?
Mahmood Moosa
Mahmood Moosa:
حطب جهنم
There are so many people who run when things get real. It's always a good topic for a movie. I'd much rather watch movies like this than all the overly blown out superhero flicks that I can't imagine any real human relating to.
poke poke
Shaun Macredie
Shaun Macredie:
Now I'm confused, the media saying she's hooked up with Brad Pitt? But she's into chics...