In full: Climate activist Greta Thunberg rebukes world leaders | A New Climate

The teenager reprimanded those who she accused of ignoring science and being too slow in their approach to tackle climate change.

Watch her statement in full.

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I litteraly clicked on this video to read the comment section.
Loose One
Loose One:
“I should be in school”
*drops out of school*
The hell!?!?
She is *whispering* and *shouting* at the same time
'I shouldn't be here. I should be back at school...' exactly
Brandon Barker
Brandon Barker:
I love how she says our generation like we're a different species
“m’am this is a mcdonald’s drive thru”
everybody is smart with a script written for them.
Why does she talk like a pirate
Ignacio Rodríguez Diaz
Ignacio Rodríguez Diaz:
10 year olds when their parents tell them santa claus doesnt exist
Epicvirgin 69
Epicvirgin 69:
People in Syria and war torn counties: try to survive
Girl with normal life: 😭😭
Grant Drake
Grant Drake:
“I should be in school”

*Everyone agreed*
why she looks 15 and 56 years old at the same time
Marc W. Chiasson
Marc W. Chiasson:
Greta..."global warming is killing people right now!!!!!!!"
COVID19...... "Hold my beer".......
Winner Winner
Winner Winner:
I was really just reading a meme and couldn't figure out who she was.
Tom S
Tom S:
She’s the type of girl to remind the teacher to check the homework
Bran Ndon
Bran Ndon:
It’s like she’s a dad trying to do a really bad Russian impression
Michel VJ
Michel VJ:
She is straight out of her parents home drama school.
tom cool
tom cool:
She just sacrifice herself to the world to become a meme
Dawn Duck
Dawn Duck:
Greta: I should be at school!
Everyone: *interrupts her and starts clapping*
yes, that would be extremely funny. steal my idea, won't cha?
Joel Carrero
Joel Carrero:
Can’t wait for her to be in a South Park episode
Yi Han
Yi Han:

Just go to school bro, don't blame others of your own decision to drop out of school smh
Kurt Wagner
Kurt Wagner:
Well her 15 minutes are up. Nobody's talking about her anymore.
Mostly Everything
Mostly Everything:
She acting or what, why she reading and having facial expressions
Mai Le
Mai Le:
I’m just gonna pretend that I didn’t search this up every day...
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast:
I haven’t found a single positive comment LMFAO!! 😂😂
Swarnava Chatterjee
Swarnava Chatterjee:
She may considered as to give next Oscar great acting
Lol she is a walking meme.

They stole her script in one episode n she was blank 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Then go back to school... we don’t come to young people for hope. Go back and learn your lessons.
Pratyay Saikia
Pratyay Saikia:
I searched "Young angry girl screaming" and I got this.

I wasn't looking for this
Grabbed You By The Pussy
Grabbed You By The Pussy:
And after her speech, the audience clapped, and they all drove home in their fossil fuel using, carbon emitting vehicles.
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou:
She's just a puppet and doesnt even realise it herself.
Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper:
She is the best hypocrite in the world
Send BASS:
00:00 every step sis video ever made
Esme Grant
Esme Grant:
Why does she sound like my 90-year-old great grandma?
M K:
Why does she look like she’s having a mini stroke while reading lmfao
Melaney mckay
Melaney mckay:
People in iraq: *dying in war*

Greta in the happiest country:😭😭😭
LDH Productions
LDH Productions:
In fifteen years she’ll have a great career in the dinner theater circuit.
LJ Marzula
LJ Marzula:
Coming soon 6 year old Manuel gives his electrifying speech to the WHO.
Comrade Kacar
Comrade Kacar:
How is she yelling and whispering at the same time
Shayan Maleki
Shayan Maleki:
She should sue her parents, they really have stolen her childhood with empty words😂😂
For Russian standard only she is a good actress
nizakat iqbal
nizakat iqbal:
Why does she always make that ridiculous face
She said 8 and a half years well plenty of time to shut up.
Don’t worry guys, we don’t like her either
DEUS Productions
DEUS Productions:
How dare u get a bad actor like her when theres enough talent floating around??
0:15 when my mom sends me to school
Ga3 dislikes mn wlad lbac 😂 hania wlah tahania
Thebigskoop TagD
Thebigskoop TagD:
0:15 that never gets old
She’s the type of girl to ask the teacher if we have homework this week
Jabby Lim
Jabby Lim:
What she has done for nature & ecosystem ???? Doesn't she use ac , refrigerator even i have seen her photographys in private jet too and she is asking questions wtf 🤣🤣🤣
6 year old me after watching 10 minutes of the Lorax:
gregg peck
gregg peck:
She would be a great actor... oh wait... shes doing it right now
Dege Nerate
Dege Nerate:
Me: mom can we have McDonald's
Mom: why? We have food at home
Me: 0:15
PD _732
PD _732:
Me(while watching this video):Is she whispering loudly or screaming quietly???
She’s the type of person that whispers at max volume
Kunal Pujari
Kunal Pujari:
Proved that she's an actors daughter. However, she can't act too well. It all seemed a bit too fake
shinichiro U
shinichiro U:
Britain said
“Japan is dangerous do the olympics in London”
As if they don’t have any people with corona virus
Pip Pipster
Pip Pipster:
‘I shouldn’t be up here.’

Alok Dsouza
Alok Dsouza:
She's a good actor I'll give her that
Juul Lol
Juul Lol:
Me when I am on my piriod and my mom say that I am eating to much
Haonan Huang
Haonan Huang:
Embarrassing performance. She definitely can’t be an actor
Hibou-53 X
Hibou-53 X:
we should pursue her own parent for not leading a normal life, there is more aggressiveness than a good moment of life that emerges from his face.

obviously I emphasize his strong determination ... but she past beside of the most beautiful moment of his life ... LIVE peacefully.
Who laying in bed scrolling just to see this comment? 😂😂😂
Abdo Mansour
Abdo Mansour:
شكون هنا لي مور لواطاني 😂😂
captain stars
captain stars:
0:15 when my mom stole me phone
Constantin Jouravski
Constantin Jouravski:
Who is writing to her? She can’t read properly. Go to school
John West
John West:
Yes I agree , should be back in school. More acting lessons and new script writer please
Miles Bandy
Miles Bandy:
That one girl who the teacher puts in charge while gone
bruce manners
bruce manners:
This is so loaded , it's clearly someone else's weapon been fired
PinkScorpion GD
PinkScorpion GD:
I literally searched up annoyiong girl interview and this was the 3rd one...
Peach -
Peach -:
The way her eye twitches has me rolling 💀
صحاب باك 2020 أين أنتم 😂
low key
low key:
I feel like I'm watching Harry Potter.
The Doctor
The Doctor:
1:37-2:30 me talking to my brother about his gas problem
Resident Reveler
Resident Reveler:
She sounds like Amicia from A Plague Tale: Innocence
Wag wan
Wag wan:
She can’t say much where did that paper come from ???
That1BoyJesse 101
That1BoyJesse 101:
Who all looks at this just to laugh
I clicked on this video, paused it and went right to the comments.
I get the need to be swift about climate change but like chill! 😂
stefanie 01
stefanie 01:
Lol we litteraly just had a final exam about her speech😂
Seriously? Bruh
Seriously? Bruh:
She talks like she’s auditioning a role in Mary Poppins
I shouldn’t laugh but it’s been 2 years
Weird Edits
Weird Edits:
Why does she look 12 and 56 at the same time?
Oh and it funny how she after or before she tells Donald Trump off that's messed up. Skips school goes and tells of MP's off my 6 year old cousin can do that. I'm not hating but I just wanted to say.
Zihan Chu
Zihan Chu:
are this girl form russian or what? and?

i was just been dumb ?
Frank B
Frank B:
Wow, what an amazing load of crap. Bashes everybody for not caring for the planet, provides no answer, just some more bashing...
Joon Park 박상준
Joon Park 박상준:
Its funny how she gets funds from chinese company and gets on the first class seat while China is the major source for the global warming lol 😂😂😂
Ivan C
Ivan C:
She sounds like she’s doing an intense, emotional reading of a passage from a famous book during school assembly
Galaxa_Wolf YT
Galaxa_Wolf YT:
Greta: I should be in school
Also Greta: *we don’t need education*
Mark Bruno
Mark Bruno:
I wish Steve Buscemi’s character from Big Daddy was in this audience. “ Stop yelling at me, whaaaaaaaaaa!”
King Royal
King Royal:
We can sense extreme level of maturity over here.....
Ryan Gordon
Ryan Gordon:
How are we supposed to believe she's even remotely genuine when she keeps looking down at her script when she's "crying" and supposedly getting emotional.
Her acting is more melodramatic than a Mexican drama.
Opstichting - PVZP
Opstichting - PVZP:
*i love how i bumped my head and im standing there lol*
Mobile Player
Mobile Player:
0:00 when I turn my Math test in
Nicko The Greek
Nicko The Greek:
World leaders be like: 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Trixie Butterfly
Trixie Butterfly:
Nothing makes sence 'cause we're all gonna die of coronavirus.
69,420 Subscribers without videos
69,420 Subscribers without videos:
‘I shouldn’t be here.’
‘I should be at school.’

The only two things I agreed on.
Robert Clayton
Robert Clayton:
Who is this puppet?? Lmao