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W, or the Memory of Childhood
W. Andersen
W. Browning
W. D. Workman, Jr.
W. G. E. Luddington
W. G. G. Duncan Smith
W. George Bowdon, Jr.
W. H. Murray
W. Jason Morgan
W. L. Rambo
W. M. W. Fowler
W. Marvin Watson
W. N. T. Beckett
W. Somerset Maugham
W. Stanley Moss
W. T. Attrill
W. W. Behrens, Jr.
Władysław Ślebodziński
Władysław Anders
Władysław Bartoszewski
Władysław Bortnowski
Władysław Dobrzaniecki
Władysław Dworaczek
Władysław Filipkowski
Władysław Galica
Władysław Gnyś
Władysław Grydziuszko
Władysław Langner
Władysław Ogrodziński
Władysław Sikorski
Władysław Tempka
Włodzimierz Arlamowski
Włodzimierz Dąbrowski
Włodzimierz Kryszewski
Włodzimierz Stożek
Wöbbelin concentration camp
Wacław Krzeptowski
Wacław Przeździecki
Wacław Sierpiński
Waco CG-15
Waco CG-3
Waco CG-4
Waddy Young
Wade H. Haislip
Wade H. McCree
Waffen-SS divisions
Waffenamt codes
Waggoner Carr
Wagner-Rogers Bill
Wagram (Paris Métro)
Wah Kau Kong
Waichirō Sonobe
Wait for me (poem)
Wakako Yamauchi
Wake Island (1942 film)
Wake Island Device
Wake Island
Wake Me When the War Is Over
Wal Handley
Waldemar Hoven
Waldemar Kaminski
Waldemar Kophamel
Waldemar Levy Cardoso
Waldemar Steffen
Waldemar Tietgens
Waldemar von Gazen
Walden L. Ainsworth
Walerian Czuma
Walker Army Airfield (Kansas)
Wall of the Farmers-General
Wallace fountain
Wallace McIntosh
Wallace O'Connor
Wallace William Wade
Wallgrove Aerodrome
Wallgrove Army Base
Wally Dunn
Wally Floody
Wally Judnich
Wally Kinnan
Wally Millies
Wally Phillips
Wally Schirra
Wally Shaner
Wally Wood
Walnut Ridge Regional Airport
Walsh-Kaiser Co., Inc.
Walt Barnes
Walt Disney's World War II propaganda production
Walt Disney Studios Park
Walt Masterson
Walt Whitman Rostow
Walter Arndt
Walter Audisio
Walter Bradel
Walter Bricht
Walter Bromley-Davenport
Walter Buch
Walter Buckmaster
Walter C. Dornez
Walter C. Langer
Walter C. Wetzel
Walter Carl Wann, Jr.
Walter Cowan
Walter Cramer
Walter D. Ehlers
Walter David Alexander Lentaigne
Walter de Coventre
Walter Demel
Walter Dietrich
Walter Dornberger
Walter Drumheller
Walter E. Hussman, Sr.
Walter E. Truemper
Walter Ernest Brown
Walter Frank
Walter Frentz
Walter Fries
Walter G. Roman
Walter Gerlach
Walter Gorn
Walter Graf
Walter Gross (politician)
Walter Guinness, 1st Baron Moyne
Walter H. Thompson
Walter Harold Mosley
Walter Hartmann
Walter Harzer
Walter Henry Zinn
Walter Huddleston
Walter HWK 109-509
Walter J. Will
Walter Jakob Gehring
Walter Jenkins
Walter John Raymond
Walter Katzenstein
Walter Kaufmann (philosopher)
Walter Kauzmann
Walter Klingenbeck
Walter Krüger (SS officer)
Walter Krueger
Walter Krupinski
Walter Laqueur
Walter Leigh
Walter Long, 2nd Viscount Long
Walter Lord
Walter Luttrell
Walter M. Miller, Jr.
Walter Matthau
Walter Mervyn St George Kirke
Walter Middelberg
Walter Model
Walter Nowotny
Walter Oesau
Walter Poppe
Walter Rangeley
Walter Rauff
Walter Reder
Walter Schellenberg
Walter Schimana
Walter Schreiber
Walter Schroder
Walter Schuck
Walter Serner
Walter Short
Walter Spies
Walter Stauffer McIlhenny
Walter Stokes
Walter Stratton Anderson
Walter T. Kerwin, Jr.
Walter Taieb
Walter Taylor
Walter Tewksbury
Walter Thijssen
Walter von Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt
Walter W. Coolbaugh
Walter Wagner (notary)
Walter Walker (British Army officer)
Walter Wardlaw
Walter Warlimont
Walter Weiß
Walter Wolfrum
Walter X. Young
Walterina Markova
Walther Dahl
Walther Forstmann
Walther Funk
Walther Hewel
Walther Nehring
Walther P38
Walther PP
Walther Schwieger
Walther von Brauchitsch
Walther von Reichenau
Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach
Walther Wenck
Walther Wever (general)
Walther Wever
Walton Walker
Wan Fulin
Wan Rong
Wanda Gertz
Wanda Jakubo ...