Influencer Dies Of COVID-19 After Telling Followers It "Doesn't Exist"

Fitness influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk has passed away at the age of 33 after suffering from complications related to coronavirus. See his final message to his followers.

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Jonathan Luke
Jonathan Luke:
wear your mask & don’t do steroids as they put a huge strain on your body, your heart, and immune system.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith:
Hard lesson to learn. Why would anyone believe a reality tv person over scientistsand drs. Im baffled by this
keir farnum
keir farnum:
“It only affects old people who aren’t healthy” they say. 🥴
Everybody had enough of these lying trolls who keep downplaying the virus?
Ruth Alon
Ruth Alon:
This guy was on steroids, so he wasn’t really healthy despite what everyone believes.
Eva H
Eva H:
I had this idiot post on my comment (another video)

“where is Covid? Where is it that it’s taking over peoples lives?” And he pretty much called me dumb because he said said I don’t listen to facts and that people survive it... Covid is real! It’s literally a gamble your playing if your not careful or catch it 😔

Stay safe y’all, wear a mask, and be considerate of others🤍
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson:
Don't do drugs kids.
Big muscles small immune system.
I don’t feel sorry one bit for people who still don’t believe in covid
Apparently he had heart problems before due to steroids i heard
Dexter M
Dexter M:
COVID-19+steroids, is a bad combination, sorry for your loss.
Anyone who poses while on oxygen probably doesnt understand the whole humility thing yet.
Aznin Nur Ameran
Aznin Nur Ameran:
And yet almost half of America still thinks it is a hoax. Sad. Human decency is a luxury.
Anthony Coleman
Anthony Coleman:
I swear if everyone that doesn't believe the virus is real died. The U.S would have 150 million people instead of 300 million.
bebe rivera
bebe rivera:
If he started feeling poorly after just 1 day in Turkey, chances are high that he contracted it BEFORE and took it with him to Turkey. Many prayers go out to him and his family bc this is devastating regardless of how he got it.
hard for me to feel sorry, because many people lost someone due to this pandemic, and people like this is spreading lies causing death to others who believed him
John Aubele
John Aubele:
Very sad for his children, but people like him also put many others at grave risk with their irresponsible and ill informed opinions for personal profit.
I can't feel sorry for this guy. It's like watching a train wreck. The info and facts about Covid were out there since January.
I wonder how many people he’s responsible for getting COVID-19!
Heart goes out to the family,we have got to stop being irresponsible.
Conservatives don’t believe it until it hits someone they know, better start wearing a mask Karen!
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
best best
best best:
He must have deceived many people to their death before he joined them.
"When it happens to you, you'll know it's true." - Russian proverb
k k
k k:
Oh well, Continue to be stupid!

He put his whole family in danger including little babies that can't protect themselves, defend themselves nor speak up for themselves.
Andrea Babb
Andrea Babb:
This is a wake up call for everbody.
Frank Beaulieu
Frank Beaulieu:
Having Big muscles dosen't mean you're healthy, even his girlfriend told that he did not take care of his health.... do you still believe everything the mass media says ?
Deepthoughts Herenow
Deepthoughts Herenow:
The anti maskers pushing their stupidities and being oppositional and defiant / leading people astray. I wore a mask and face shield since day one and I’m still here. Didn’t listen to anyone but myself and my own intuition.
la wilder
la wilder:
Complications from steroid use which damaged his heart. He, in truth, was not healthy, even though he looked healthy.
Titoley Tako
Titoley Tako:
Well, first of all I never take advice from a man who drinks steroids as breakfast. He might had great muscle, but not so much brain to think properly.
Is there one famous person who hasn't had it? Why aren't professionals with a different prospective than the mainstream given the opportunity to voice their opinion? Hearing one side of a story doesn't give you a choice.
Lesson learned. Don't let these ignorant people who think they are invincible because they have money, get you killed. STAY SAFE🙏
Jadof Darmati
Jadof Darmati:
When testosterone abuse makes you feel invincible
Helena De Groot
Helena De Groot:
Did I read correctly this man caught it in Turkey then got back on a plane to be treated in the Ukraine? Imagine the people he infected on that plane.
Sheri Townsend
Sheri Townsend:
Yet, still today, there are people fighting for their right not to wear a mask.
I just got over covid a week ago, and thts ntn to play abt , while wearing mask even driving with my family and I still got it
Wema Rama
Wema Rama:
Now he's part of the statistic of a virus he was denying ever existed
Jeff Kelley
Jeff Kelley:
Just remember that you heard from Trump first...."It's their new Hoax", even when he already knew how bad it actually is.

VOTE TODAY FOR AMERICA, or vote for trump.
Armin S
Armin S:
A few years back, I ended up getting myocarditis from the flu. Thankfully my heart recovered 100% in a few months. Must be worse if it's COVID that attacks your heart. If he did steriods that could be the reason as well.
Jet Park
Jet Park:
I would laugh at his arrogance and stupidity. But I’m praying for the family who now have to face the world without him. 🙏🏾
Roque Guardado
Roque Guardado:
He was warned, he ignored it. I could care less about his death. What ever.
dan parish
dan parish:
Abusing steroids gives you heart problems and COVID messes with your heart.
Very sad outcome. My condolences to his wife, children, family and friends. I wouldn't wish this virus on anyone, not even the non-believers. I lost my precious Mom to this virus. May he rest in peace.
His symptoms appeared on his 2nd day in Turkey , He must have been infected at least 10 days prior to his trip.
Barry Crook
Barry Crook:
Save us from "INFLUENCERS" that discuss and promote life styles that they know nothing about. How many other poor soles lives has he help destroy with his ideas on a subject he obviously knew nothing about. It must be awful to know that you have contributed to other peoples painful deaths by making claims on subject you knew nothing about.
nobody atall
nobody atall:
Idc who you are. Wear a mask. Save a life, it's getting rough
This is one of the reasons why I have decided to leave my own house and stay distant away from my family. My family just doesn't mind about the virus anymore and it's hard to argue to their beliefs. The cases are increasing in our locality and some of the family members keep on going around and I am freaking tired of reminding them that this virus really kills.
Ruthless Cookie
Ruthless Cookie:
You never know what kind of strain you get from covid. The one that sleeps or the one that attacks. Different people, different results. Lord Heal these lands 🙏
James Maralyn
James Maralyn:
This the reason they shut a world down, if people had bothered to read medical report s from pre covid times and not from the media and social media they would have realized that a few strains of coronavirus are deadly. Unfortunately the average IQ and education of world is deteriorating due to narrow minded thinking.
They nearly shut the world down last time bird and swine flu appeared but people could trust governments back then and it was dealt with promptly.
Coronavirus is nothing new and there will be another one, 7 strains are known to exist, 4 types are really harsh. Sad people only learn by deaths when it affects them.
Raulmitoteles RodriguezChavez
Raulmitoteles RodriguezChavez:
i spent 5 days connected to a respirator, the doctor asked for my consent to be placed on a ventilator i refused to sign because i did no see God in El Paso texas UMC hospital, I really tought that i was to die, 7 days later, October 25 20, I'm here being grateful to God. Sometimes science is not so accurate and only God knows your fate.
Ray L
Ray L:
Let this be a lesson for those who still have doubts.
Host Mo Berry
Host Mo Berry:
He looks like he may have done steroids. RIP
Geoffery B
Geoffery B:
He probably was spreading the virus when he travelled to Turkey. The symptoms don't necessarily come on that quickly after being exposed.
Gnostic Truth
Gnostic Truth:
Shocked the comment section isn't filled with "duh....he was 33...Masonic hoax!".
Jacqueline Payne
Jacqueline Payne:
And young people think they can not contract COVID-19. It's a shame that this lie is still being spread fastest than the disease. This winter will be brutal.
Cailin Price
Cailin Price:
This should be a red flag to all the TikTok influencers who thong COVID ain’t a thing too
Big muscles at the wrong places.
Tracy Kilpela
Tracy Kilpela:
So sad. My heart goes out to his family. COVID can be very dangerous to some and then extremely mild for someone else and I don't think anyone knows why.☹
Derrick Burgess
Derrick Burgess:
My question, did anyone in his family get sick in that house? It's scary when I think of sick children going through hell with this virus.
Shaz and Jazz
Shaz and Jazz:
When I had the virus, my heart was beating very fast for 2 days straight. I don't mean to sound nasty but it doesn't take a scientist to work out he was using steriods. Take one look at him. Steriods weaken the heart. Friend of mine died at the age of 30 (heart attack) due to steriods.
Daniella Hamilton
Daniella Hamilton:
I’m just so sad for this young man and the for the pain suffered by his family. I’m so sad for everyone hurt by Covid 19.
Steroids weaken your heat and mess around with your metabolism, COVID seems to find a way to attach itself to weakness in the body
Donald Moody
Donald Moody:
Rip to this guy if he died from covid-19 and bless his family with love
merry hunt
merry hunt:
In some Covid cases, the immune system goes crazy, attacking the victim's organs. (Genetics may play a part in this.) This may be what happened here, where a young and fit person dies so fast.
Fraser McF
Fraser McF:
He contracted the virus on a trip to Turkey, yet felt sick on the second day of the trip? That kicked off quickly.
Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell:
" thinning of the herd " wagon has lost one. Many more to come!
If this guy lived in the US he would most likely have been from either Texas or Florida (or at least south of the Mason/Dixon line)
People who Deny Covid are equal to Flat Earthers
"Social media star." Yeah, because that's a real job.
It's annoying he was so young 😫It might be partially for weak immune system due to steroid.RIP💐
Salty Jo
Salty Jo:
True instagrammer, even with an oxygen mask on, will pose for photo
Jason Low
Jason Low:
He is gone, RIP. Let's hope that his media followers take time to digest this news and take all the necessary precautions as advised by the health authorities. Stay safe and healthy.
isi nark
isi nark:
Even on his death bed, he wanted to show off his body.
Adam Randles
Adam Randles:
Top covid tip: don’t go on any of these so called breathing apparatus. Avoid steroids.
Susi S
Susi S:
I bet he was on Roids... hence the "Cardiovascular' problem.
Chai tea
Chai tea:
Taking glamour selfies while wearing an oxygen mask. Gross.
Look there folks , a healthy in shape person dying from Covid.
Walkin' Tall
Walkin' Tall:
Im a nurse. Ive watched ppl die from covid. And its f'ing crazy and blows my mind how someone with bad health can beat it, and healthy ppl die from it.
Seriously, theres no rhyme or reason who it picks.
As a nurse its a serious mindf**k and scary as hell.
Piano ťõķõďõd
Piano ťõķõďõd:
I have no concern of him serve him right, he wasted the nurses and doctors time trying to save his live because of his ignorants
Mari Dew
Mari Dew:
Literally anyone could be the next victim, hard to say now who is the most vulnerable....just do your part, stay healthy (not artificially) make peace with everyone and everything, live every day like it’s the last cause you never know. My wish for long life to everyone out there. Sorry for the losses. We are living a nightmare.
Johnny Golightly
Johnny Golightly:
Died of a virus that does not exist. Amazing!
He literally posed flexing his bicep shirtless while wearing an oxygen mask on his death bed.
He's hot. But he's very dumb.
How can you believe that there is no coronavirus when millions of people around the globe are dying of covid including people in your own country? You only believe it when it happens to you??? The level of narcissism in the world is appalling! It's hard to feel any sympathy for such people, when they themselves were completely lacking in compassion for anyone else. I aso wonder how many other people he spread it to on his trip back from Turkey ... since up to that point, he did not believe it was real, he was probably not wearing a mask to protect others. And did he apologize to his thousands of fans for spreading misinformation about the dangers of the virus? NOPE! How many of them died because they listened to his bad advice that the virus was a hoax?

But I will give him credit for warning people that the coronavirus is indeed real AFTER IT AFFECTED HIM ... though maybe it was too little too late. I pray for his kids as they must now grow up without a father!
john Youtube
john Youtube:
Dmitriy: covid doesn't exist
Corona: we'll see
zyx n
zyx n:
Goes to show though it's sad that it has to end this way, a warning to all of us stupid goes as stupid does with a sad ending.
Bruce Schexnaydre
Bruce Schexnaydre:
To all those people who still don't think this is serious or is really a hoax , it's not, please wear a mask and try to keep safe!!
This breaks my heart. I feel so sad for his kid :(
I had my aunt and uncle pass away from covid in less than 2 days same week it was very deviststing and sad to say the least
Nicole Eller
Nicole Eller:
He must have had more issues than Covid. Good job E for your scare tactics along with MSM. The flu kills 2.
I assume the steroids reduced his chance to live. Bare geezas take steroids these days. Just eat heavy and lift heavy man...dam
Cleto Cortez
Cleto Cortez:
Looks like he was on the roids, heart must have been strained, just my observation, very sad
Karen A
Karen A:
I didn’t even watch the video, I just saw the title in my recommendations and wanted to comment, “LOL “
Abyssinian Style
Abyssinian Style:
Who ever reading this - I pray for you and your family's good health.
B B:
Covid: “am I a joke to you?”
janet ginger
janet ginger:
Our death is set when we enter the mother's womb.Sant Kirpal Singh , "The mystery of death".
Patreon Sage
Patreon Sage:
This is sad. I know several men in the same age range with similarly arrogant attitudes being cavalier and not at concerned about the ones who love THEM.
"it can happen to anyone" - lol, especially if you pretend it doesn't exist!!
Yay! I've been praying for this, people betraying me all my life. Bags of shiet, exiting stage left. Can't wait to watch more.
Jonathan Agulhas
Jonathan Agulhas:
It is what it IS"DWAGG! YOU DEAD👽
lentruthbtold riv
lentruthbtold riv:
Soooooo, you reap what you sow. I'll stay ANTISOCIAL until it's all over.
S Alharthy
S Alharthy:
The pic of him with HIGH constration mask shows less o2 given in the bag supose to be 15 L
lexie chan
lexie chan:
that happens when people don't take this situation seriously. I do feel sorry for his kids, losing their dad must be awful.