Injustice: Gods Among Us The Movie/Story Mode/All Cutscenes (2013)

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Carson Chiu
Carson Chiu:
we do all realize that superman killed a little kid right lol
Corey Virag
Corey Virag:
who agrees that the injustice story line would make a better batman v superman movie
Blue Aero
Blue Aero:
Shazam saves Superman only to be killed by him later. What a betrayal.
al Mamlūk
al Mamlūk:
"All those lives lost because I held back, when I should have used all my power"

"For what? To control? To oppress?"

"I could have prevented Metropolis, saved my family"

"Crime took my family too Clarke"

God that line sends shudders through my spine. All this time, we expect Superman to be the better man, but Batman... after all he's lost, after all he's witnesses, all he's suffered, all he's sacrificed, he stays true to his principles. He stays true to what he believes his right. Whether you agree with Batman's no kill rule or not, you have to admire his resolve.
It's so weird that this game has the better story and all but...MAN these graphics didn't age well
Jared Kuzma
Jared Kuzma:
It's pretty cool how Cyborg has the same voice here as he did in the Teen Titans cartoon.
Lautaro Gomez
Lautaro Gomez:
I love the part when Batman says: "You stopped being my son when you killed Dick Grayson. He was my son" NIGHTWIIIIING
Who else came here just to be ready for Injustice 2?
B.M Phyrose
B.M Phyrose:
I've read the comics, there were many more innocent victims of the regime than Shazam and Lex Luthor

Superman pummeled Green Arrow to death.

Superman burnt Martian Manhunter.

Superman and Wonderwoman crippled a boy(who was a fan) who was protesting their their acts in the beginning. He wore a tech combat armour and represented the public in protest, Superman and Wonder Woman crippled the poor teenager for protesting.

Superman and allies went on a war with the Green Lantern Corp., He teamed with Sinestro killed more than half of the GL Corp.

Sinestro killed John Stewart and manipulated Hal Jordon to believe that Guy Gardener killed him, without listening to anything Hal Jordon chopped off Guy's arm with the ring in mid-air and Guy fall to the ground and died.

Superman killed Black Canary(Black Canary was later saved by Dr. Fate who took her to a parallel Earth where Green Arrow was alive)

Superman(as a yellow lantern) beat & pushed Ganthet and Mogo(a living planet GL) to the sun and killed them.

Wonder killed Huntress by breaking her neck with her lasso.

Superman killed Hercules even after he surrendered to Shazam as an act of non-mercy.

Superman burnt 220+ protestants in a gathering who just named themselves after the Joker.

Superman ordered assassination of Alfred who refused to tell the whereabouts of Batman to Superman.

Superman killed Hawkman.

Superman had the Titans(Red Robin-Tim Drake, Superboy, Starfire and Wonder girl) enslaved in the phantom zone.

You know the rest of the story of Injustice movie
Kanaan Blackburn
Kanaan Blackburn:
Injustice: The Movie.
Where Super heroes Win battle not by fighting, but by their sick comebacks.
Theodore Jesson
Theodore Jesson:
09:09 'What was That?"

"The none of yo damn business alarm"
Michael Nation
Michael Nation:
After the credits...

Superman: Hmm, you know I have always wondered what it would be like to conquer Earth.
Batman: !?!?!?
Superman: Relax Bruce, I'm kidding.
Batman: Not funny Clark.
Hunter JK
Hunter JK:
1:13:00 Yellow Lantern creates an anti-aircraft cannon and fires it at Green Lantern. So what does Green Lantern do? Of course! He creates an airplane.
Dakota Davis
Dakota Davis:
If i was a hero and i saw supes kill shazam in front of my eyes id be the one freaking out lol
alex yi
alex yi:
lex luther looks like bruce willis
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin:
Super man killed a kid he is mega crazy in the altered universe
Legendary SSGSS MUI Sage Mode Hollowfied Yamcha
Legendary SSGSS MUI Sage Mode Hollowfied Yamcha:
froze his mouth then laser beamed his brain slowly...superman is brutal 😱
Nathan drake
Nathan drake:
37:45 why does she hates pancakes
In all seriousness, they modeled Wonder Woman after Lisa Ann
MotoMoto Sensei
MotoMoto Sensei:
54:25 "well I'm still turned on" lmao
Robert Blue
Robert Blue:
This game really calls into question the idea of "keeping villains alive". The good heroes do seem pretty ridiculous a lot of the time.
Kido the Koala
Kido the Koala:
This was better than the new DC movies.
Vince Manda
Vince Manda:
Cyborg vs. Regime Cyborg.
Nerd Battle
they should make animated movie like this which it is awesome.
Ameen Ahmed
Ameen Ahmed:
"Humpty Dumpty fell on a truck. Humpty Dumpty's suit is all fu--"
Potato Patato
Potato Patato:
Hee hee hee! Listen!
Wonder Woman: "You bewitched my mother once, war god, but I won't tolerate your lies!"
Ares: "Awwww."
Santos G
Santos G:
Did anyone else notice the other Doomsday in the background at 1:39:20?
Jonathan Masilela
Jonathan Masilela:
"If something ever happens, and you do lose it? I'm coming for you."

"You'll have to get in line."
Artemis TL
Artemis TL:
They should've just released this in theaters and call it The Dawn of Justice movie
I loved this. It's like watching another Justice League movie! (DCAU, not this really bad live action stuff they've been doing lately.)
I would recommend reading the comics if you guys want some backstory into the corrupt supes world.
Lawless Phantom
Lawless Phantom:
At 1:35:27 i love how they thought THAT would kill superman lol
Generic Name
Generic Name:
I hope they continue the injustice comics and re-adapt this story.
Suffyan Saiyed
Suffyan Saiyed:
Anyone else just came here to be prepared for Injustice 2
Green arrow: you've gotta think fast to be fat.
Bit trip Tovar
Bit trip Tovar:
“I Gave You Peace!”

“Your peace... your peace is a joke”

Superman: *joker flashbacks*
T'Corian Peterson
T'Corian Peterson:
When superman told hal (yellow lantern) to do what was right and hal handed him his ring I died laughing cuz all I could think about was "gimme yo ring" 😂😂
Gustavo Avila
Gustavo Avila:
who else came here because batman v superman may follow injustice story line a bit
Blanchboy RayRay
Blanchboy RayRay:
Joker always wins making heroes past there limits and making thm kill thts why batman is the perfect hero
Amrou BenSaad
Amrou BenSaad:
" Humpty Dumpty fell on a truck.... Humpty Dumpty's suit is all fu......."
Ladies & gentlemen the joker for you.
The only thing that could've made this story better was if Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, and the other DLC characters (except for Scorpion) were in it!
Eric Hui Athletics
Eric Hui Athletics:
dam its a 2 hour movie... respect
Christian Bedoya
Christian Bedoya:
Wow, this was just like watching a movie, Excellent!
Lex looks like Bruce Willis :)
Outside Dog
Outside Dog:
Where is Spider-Man? He is my favorite Star Trek villain.
Why is this better than BvS :( lol
Jorge Millan
Jorge Millan:
superman is crazy in this game
i love how everyone is just getting chicken winged. especially the joker.
If Superman was upset about Lois' death, why didn't he do that thing where he rotates the Earth the other way round and pretend all of it didn't happen? (This was meant to be a joke)

Anyways, thanks for uploading this though! I love all the cut scenes! :)
who is the voice for deathstroke? sounds so familiar
Who’s else is watching this in 2019
Archie AC
Archie AC:
Why did I found Harley super adorable when she arrested Joker and she was also escorting him out in the end? 😂
WhiteStar Armada
WhiteStar Armada:
never thought id see Slades actual face. lol this game seems awsome.
Illyana Rasputin
Illyana Rasputin:
Oh Harley Quinn is so cute from her first scene why joker hit her?? :'(
Haha name go br
Haha name go br:
The Joker is the most smartest villain. His plan is to always to make the best hero failed.
Like in The Dark Knight (2008) he makes Harvey turn into Two face.
Daniel Wareham
Daniel Wareham:
I think nether realm can make a second injustice with the imprisoned Superman making a deal with Darkseid to invade the other dimension to get revenge against the Justice League.

Anyone agree?
Faizal Ali
Faizal Ali:
anyone else think keeping supes alive to think about what he's done even more cruel than ending his misery?
Emma Frost
Emma Frost:
i don't understand why young justice legacy has to look like a ps1 game.
R.I.P Lex Luthor
nitin menon
nitin menon:
Lex - Aah it's beautiful, isn't it?
Slade Wilson - Moon? Or the light shining off your bald head?
Milk -
Milk -:
"It's the none of your damn business alarm."
best line hands down...
Damn Batman. Nice attack. Relationship destroyer ultra attack: YOUR DEAD TO ME! ( 1:04:10 )
G Huncho
G Huncho:
So we gonna ignore the fact that superman killed a kid
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz:
Catwoman: Let’s see if I can find your “off” button.

Cyborg: Well...I’m still turned on.
tang roro
tang roro:
1:33:30 "......What Does The "S" Stand For?""On my world, It means hope"
SpyFreak AR-15
SpyFreak AR-15:
none of this would've happened if that version of superman just spun the earth to turn back time.
Little Kevin20
Little Kevin20:
Two Batmans! excuse me, I have to go change my pants.
52:25 Cyborg had no way of knowing what that universe's Cyborg looks like.
Youtube 4Life
Youtube 4Life:
I laughed so hard when superman ripped out the jokers guts
Junior Salazar
Junior Salazar:
They all got 🍑🍑🍑
Ray Hernandez
Ray Hernandez:
The way superman killed shazam, spat on his mouth then friend his brain.. goddamn, so un-superman-like...
49:14 - That's was she said!
Catwoman: "Let me see if i can find your off button"
Cyborg: "Well, I'm still turned on"
just finished comics explained injustice run now i need to watch this to prepare
Amaya Nahmii
Amaya Nahmii:
Who’s here in 2019 ??😲
Mert Ata
Mert Ata:
NOOOOO SHAZAM! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I watch this like a movie sometimes, great storyline IMO
R awr Hunter
R awr Hunter:
This is just pure good
8:29 you can see Martian man hunter in the background
Everyone watching: Why can't they show without the fight gameplay.
Everyone watching this: Why can't they show with the gameplay.
Pritiranjan Pusti
Pritiranjan Pusti:
"It's the none of your damn business alarm."
The random playlist guy
The random playlist guy:
Lex took the pills so he doesn't die how did his neck snap ????
Soulkey sbr
Soulkey sbr:
What I hated about Injustice is how incompetent everyone is, if it's not their chapter.
Hopefully the writing gets better for the sequel.
Tomy Lim
Tomy Lim:
I came from Injustice 2
Evan Moore
Evan Moore:
Aquaman is So B.A. in this game.
i really loved this injustice gods among us movie. it was awesome and even though the storyline and the characters at times were confusing i still find it great. i hope live action JL could take some elements from this because there are some great story or character elements that could be adapted into DCCU! costumes look amazing
Nathaniel DarDar
Nathaniel DarDar:
Deathstroke is awesome.
Edward1871 Wolf
Edward1871 Wolf:
I Wach the whole thing
Opinions Are fun
Opinions Are fun:
37:12 anyone get that reference
Jeffery Meredith
Jeffery Meredith:
Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So freaking epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like Hawkgirl was really unnoticed and underrated
Came back to rewatch this before I watch injustice 2 and the graphical difference is mad
Jevan Cruz
Jevan Cruz:
Cyborg: im still turned on

What type of turned on😂😂😂😂
Bear YT
Bear YT:
Joker: anyone up for pancakes 🥞?
Wonder Woman: JOKER*grabs him*
Joker: ow why does she hate pancakes
Aqua man: Where's batman ?
Joker: There's batman right there !!😂
Fav video game story, fantastic.
Crazy thing is Joker won his whole thing. He had the last laugh..
Dr. Dark knight
Dr. Dark knight:
I hope they do a remastered version of this one. That would be awesome!
Killer Ghost X
Killer Ghost X:
Nevee thought i'd see the day that I agree with Lex Luther's objections towards Superman
R.I.P Lex Luther of the Injustice Universe
Hi Sisters
Hi Sisters:
Literally I went from watching Shane Dawson to the Dolan twins to unnus annus and then asmr to kpop to mukbangs and then do this . It’s literally quarantined where I live because of the Coronavirus and I got hella. Bored doing nothing and now I am watching this great . lol. But this is really good tho