Insane Taekwondo Skills

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Lucy Masters
Lucy Masters:
It’s such a shame girls weren’t commonly taught martial arts years ago, our bodies have a natural design to become extremely flexible over a short amount of time, and most of our natural strength is in our legs and hips. Would have been the perfect warriors for martial arts like taekwondo and kick boxing
Just Frame
Just Frame:
Skills taekwondo learners earn

-Cardio muscular endurance
- reaction time
Tendou owns my heart
Tendou owns my heart:
I should stop watching videos like this they just make me depressed lol
Nigel Yap
Nigel Yap:
Imagine. Your kicking a wood but u accidentally kick the arm
open-minded skeptic
open-minded skeptic:
0:16 I've always wanted to know how to defend against someone falling on me from a second story window. Thanks Taekwondo!
Aminah Moustafa
Aminah Moustafa:
I started taekwondo when I was 10, now i am 13 and I LOVE IT. i am now a black belt😁. and for those of u wanting to do taekwondo it’s not to late there was this woman who trained with me, she started when she was 43 and now she’s 46 and a black belt. so it’s never to late. it dosent matter what age u are, if u work hard u can complete anything❤️

Edit: For everyone in the comments saying that my black belt is fake ,it’s not. In fact my black belt came from kukkiwon(headquarters of taekwondo) in korea, and i am a state champion. All schools are different but mostly in taekwondo there is no age minimum to get ur black belt. Atleast for the headquarters at taekwondo that’s how it is. For example kids in korea could get it as young as 5. and as they get older they progress to be rlly rlly good. For example the people in this video i’m guessing probably got their black belts at a young age which is why they are so good now at their age.
sheesh yall rlly gotta just hate on everything.
Bully: messes with an Asian kid

Bully: why do I hear boss music

Edit: Tbh I don't remember writing this comment ;-; btw sorry if I offended anyone I really do apologise for writing such a racial comment.
나는이 코멘트를 쓴 기억이 없다;-; btw 내가 누군가를 불쾌하게했다면 정말 그런 인종적 코멘트를 쓴 것에 대해 사과한다
My dad was a black belt in Taekwondo as a teenager. It's so cool to know he could do all of this
Walter Kovacs
Walter Kovacs:
Anyone else having regrets about how they spent their youth? I know I am right now
I’m starting Soccer AND Taekwondo my dad wants me to do Taekwondo and my mom wants me to do Soccer wish me luck guys
gautam Khurana
gautam Khurana:
Me : Thinking to perform this in front of everyone
Also me: lazily laying on the bed and watching it
Liouba Stoupakova
Liouba Stoupakova:
I’m going for a red-black belt and I feel so much pressure looking at these guys
Scarlet Cheney
Scarlet Cheney:
I regret quitting this when I was younger. It'd be so much better than being forced to continue being on a swim team like I am now. At the time I didn't like doing this after getting punched in the stomach several times but I really want to go back.
Man, when I was little like 6 or 7 I was in Taekwondo. Loved it with all my heart and kept improving despite the bullying from other girls there. Heh, one of them happened to be the one that lost a sparring match to me while I was a white belt. 14 years old now and wanna go back so bad...
I'm watching taekwondo videos after I read "The God of Highschool". It's rad.
I remember watching this video three years ago when I was first starting Taekwondo. Whenever I rewatch this now, I remember the wonder that comes with starting your first martial art and learning something new every class.

Now, things feel quite different. I'm currently at 4th geup, which I achieved just as quarantine regulations were relaxed in my country. I still learn new things, but now it's more about perfecting what you know and developing nerves of steel.
X Alexander
X Alexander:
Glad I decided to do taekwondo I’m a red belt right now.
Taekwondo has discipline that's what I like about it.
who's here from *RENEWAL TAEKWONDO* *triple kick*

*the god of highschool*
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh:
I am happy to see so many girls with great skills! Girls should learn matrial art and take inspiration from them!
Anthony Jhun Oclaret
Anthony Jhun Oclaret:
It's been 5 years, I still love this video.
Yousra El Goundoul
Yousra El Goundoul:
The title should be
'Things i'll never learn'
Ducking English
Ducking English:
I’m learning for the first time in my life, the only thing I did before was years of ballet and swimming which was so helpful. My teacher says I’m doing very well for a beginner I’m so excited 🥺🥲
Cass Vandevoorde
Cass Vandevoorde:
I love the range of stuff they show as impressive, there are some amazing kicks and breaks and stunts in here and then you get a low block in a back stance. All levels are fantastic and all techniques are super important some are just less flashy
Timothy Shin
Timothy Shin:
I watched this back in 2016 the day before I was going to test for my black belt. The nostalgia is literally kicking me in the heart
Taekwondo has the most beautiful kicks
I’m Yoongi’s legal wife
I’m Yoongi’s legal wife:
Who’s here to be more inspired to train harder?
Piotr Sadowski
Piotr Sadowski:
I love tae kwon do, bcs i believe it's the most acrobatic and atractive fighting style. And i think it's more effective than capoeira :)
Robert Marley
Robert Marley:
Well, we were a very different generation. Our parents were more "well, you're born. Guess that's your problem now!"

But these days, I think people are more motivated and are getting their children interested and involved in life :)
B. Yungshin
B. Yungshin:
It’s a beautiful thing to see that Koreans are continually keeping their cultures alive and well! Well done!
Marilyn Mondragon
Marilyn Mondragon:
I love taekwondo plus their movement gives me goosebumps ❤❤❤
42julian baseball
42julian baseball:
that's easy. I do that when I see a spider on the wall.
It's been a while since I've gone to tournaments and practiced. I honestly feel like practicing when watching these videos.
Jonbow 🅥
Jonbow 🅥:
One of the few fighting styles that actually is effective
aman deep
aman deep:
I would love to master it one day
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez:
Cmon guys it’s never to late to start something great that makes you happy. Believe in yourself guys.💪
Ya boi
Ya boi:
90% of comments telling how much they love taekwondo
9.99% of comments telling what age and belt they are

0.01% spelling taekwondo right
Monody is such a perfect song for this video. It flows so well.
I hope I can be like them someday! I've been practicing since I was three years old, but my classes got halted because of the pandemic. I really hope I live long enough to attend them again.
I studied taekwondo for many years and I forgot how much I loved the art until I got back into it recently
Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt:
This moment when you realised that training TKD in Korea is much more intresting than training it in Europe or in the states😂
They pulled it off so easily. But the fact that they took years of practice and determination just to get that far inspires me so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭
Alambusha Shukla
Alambusha Shukla:
Frick the amount of nostalgia these TKD vids bring. It's a lot different when you are in a class and practice demo/fights etc, Vs when you do it all alone at home.
Sangrok Martial Art
Sangrok Martial Art:
Thank you guys for an other great video. Your videos is really educative and inspiring. It has actually inspired a lot of my own videos. Great work Keep it up!
Mekhi reru Ray MADMikazuki
Mekhi reru Ray MADMikazuki:
That's incredible stuff. I wish I could do this
Simple Man
Simple Man:
This reminds me of my one friend who knew this fighting style and straight up kicked me in the face but in the end we just laughed it off
Nice skills! Fantastic flexibility and jumping!
this is the reason I love Korea
Michael Dolapo
Michael Dolapo:
Even though Taekwondo 🥋 is a martial art and people and stuff are meant to get hurt , it feels like the most beautiful form of artistry I have ever seen 😢.
Grim Reputation
Grim Reputation:
0:24, I want to learn how to do that. Also, these people must be amazing runners with that amount of leg strength.
Edit: Just started Taekwondo, and I'm hooked just from the first day.
Anderson Machado
Anderson Machado:
Parabéns 🥋👊🏼
Piotr P
Piotr P:
Great acrobats! Really talented and skilled. You can see a lot of work put to it, to look it really cool. Would buy ticket for their circus!
lovely raj
lovely raj:
This art is so amazing
spicy blue
spicy blue:
HOLY SH*T THIS IS AMAZING! it's about time I get some lessons
Korean World
Korean World:
If only my family supports me, I crazily want to learn it
Soni  Pandey
Soni Pandey:
As a taekwondo student I can proudly say that these are the basics of taekwondo...😎😎
I'm 13, I just started Taekwondo 1 week ago I'm a white belt and I'm mad that I didn't start Taekwondo when I was a kid.
[GD] xDrewww
[GD] xDrewww:
Honestly there is no need to feel jealous of these people. I grew up doing Taekwondo for my entire childhood, and what I've learnt is that getting kicked by a 560-degree-triple-reverse-spinning-side-back-hook-kick feels the same as getting kicked by a regular kick. It's all a show to intimidate the enemy, which surprisingly works really well.
Taekwondo is a very beautiful sport! <3
Keep doing it!
I will do next year taekwondo.. I know, its not easy.. But I'll just try it!
And I will NOT quit! NEVER!
The Kentucky Patriot
The Kentucky Patriot:
Absolutely incredible!!!!!!!
That's such a cool and motivational video!
Absolutely amazing skills love it 👌🔥🔥🔥
Morgana Ortsac
Morgana Ortsac:
Rida Rashid
Rida Rashid:
When I first started, and had my white belt. I couldnt even remember anything when it was time for my promotion to move onto my yellow belt. Almost everybody cried on the plank, because where I go, you do it for 5 minutes. And after my first promotion, I felt like an idiot. And I wanted to quit. But after 7 years of training and my promotions. I got to help other beginners. And I got to be a camp counselor. And I felt good about it. When I got my black belt. I was proud that I had trained, and used my time to do what I could to get better, and improve. I'm an 18 year old btw. And my older sister has been in taekwondo about her whole life. And we enjoy being at taekwondo. For those beginners out there, don't give up, just keep trying. And soon enough, you'll have what you've been waiting for. You are amazing.💙💎☺️ *NO HATE PLS, AND THANK YOU FOR DROPPING BY*
Belle_isa 06
Belle_isa 06:
Eu queria fazer Taekwondo mas sinto que no primeiro dia irei me quebrar inteira e tbm infelizmente tenho vergonha 😭😭♥️
atirador Ghost
atirador Ghost:
Top essa música Parabéns por colocar
Really Awesome, Taekwondo is a amazing sport! :)
This is sooo cool but I'll keep doing judo it's my favorite martial art
Natália Podolinská
Natália Podolinská:
Just perfect!
Alicia Razuri Wallin
Alicia Razuri Wallin:
I just turned fifteen and I’ve wanted to do taekwando for a while but I felt like it was to late since most people start when they are very young but I decided that it was better late than never so I’ll start after summer break is over. I also started practicing nunchucks which is really fun. Just wanted to say that if you want to do taekwando of any other kind of martial art do it and don’t hesitate just because you feel like it’s too late. :)
Lovely kicks ... got reminded of my practice days
Sotos 555
Sotos 555:
Damn , i was learning tarkwondo as a child for around 4 years but i quit, but watching this after 7 years i wanna get back into it!
Levi Santiago
Levi Santiago:
Black belters: *doing amazing stuff*
White belt me: *cant even remember the first Poomsae*
Rachel Ong
Rachel Ong:
I've always wanted to learn those flips but I'm already 18 and I keep having that constant fear that I'll mess up and break my neck
Eily Bergin
Eily Bergin:
They are all very short. I guess it's much easier to stay balanced when your body's center of gravity is quite low.
John Rooney
John Rooney:
Once had a high level master confirm what I already knew in a closed door meeting, forms are a waste. Taught my little bro three months before coming to the school and he was sparring well with a blackbelt kid; teacher was not pleased.
everyone watching this for some important reason when i literally clicked in this bc it was mentioned in a fanfic and i didn’t know what it was 😭
that video made me decide to learn taekwondo and I'm 25 years old now :)
Sora the Firmaphantom
Sora the Firmaphantom:
Just a question:
Is taekwondo the perfect counter for fist-using fighters?
Samantha Sands
Samantha Sands:
makes me miss my demo team so much :(
Akshay S
Akshay S:
Extraordinary things are done by extraordinary people, very interesting guys👍👍👍🙂
I want to go to my first taekwondo lesson ever tmr and I'm kinda scared :')
I envy girls being so flexible naturally. 😭
Floofy T
Floofy T:
Taekwondo seems to be an awesome martial art I realy want to learn it
Estilo foda.
I simp for Anime boys
I simp for Anime boys:
Kinda regretting not taking Taekwondo. Now when I see these videos,I definitely missed the opportunity to take taekwondo. What a shame lol
霞, 花澄Thunder Beast
霞, 花澄Thunder Beast:
im pretty clumsy with my taekwondo, i always end up hitting someone in the balls ^_^
hearing monody is so nostalgic
Rafaela fsy
Rafaela fsy:
Damn I want to go to my taekwondo coach and ask her if I can practice some more-
Baby dragon begins first class today. Thanks for bringing the hype. Shes psyched.
Anbu Kritikka
Anbu Kritikka:
Taekwondo is one of those martial arts where you can’t exactly use in a real fight. It’s hard to kick like that or even land your kicks or lift up your leg when someone is very close to you. Since Taekwondo doesn’t focus on punching a lot, learning different martial art would be better for self defense
Totsuke Shiro
Totsuke Shiro:
This video totally inspired me to try harder... I want to be as good as them too..
Kevin Nochwas
Kevin Nochwas:
Learned this in a few hours in my mcdojo
Kyo Sa Nim Vinicius Estima Taekwondista
Kyo Sa Nim Vinicius Estima Taekwondista:
amo meu taekwondo mais que tudo eu sem ele não sou nada
rlalko l
rlalko l:
One of my favorites to watch.
I hear Voices
I hear Voices:
These are fancy moves, wouldn't necessarily work in a real deadly fight!
Sylvanus Joseph
Sylvanus Joseph:
I will be even more impress if they can still do this at 65 years and over.
Reuben Singh Dhillon
Reuben Singh Dhillon:
Bro I love Kung fu but even I admit, this is incredible
Света Светова
Света Светова:
Таеквондо такое классное и красивое, хотела бы заниматься, но мой поезд давно ушёл
rEn ReN
rEn ReN:
I always wanted to be a taekwondo girl but my parents didn't accept that...
Watching these videos make me happy and sad at the same time 😭💔