Inside Forest | Chris Hughton's first training session

The iFollow Forest cameras were at the Nigel Doughty Academy to capture new Nottingham Forest manager Chris Hughton's first training session as Reds boss.

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Looks like a man who knows what he's doing👍
lw 21
lw 21:
Anybody acc excited for football again now 😂
Jonathan Tyler
Jonathan Tyler:
One thing stuck out there " first touch forward if we can and early pass through " 👍🏻
Please get a deadcat cover for the mic
bad BOi88
bad BOi88:
COYR positivity and attack minded football ❤️🔥
Good luck Chris! I used to knock doors for a double glazing firm back in the 90's and unkowingly knocked on his door one day. I remember him being very polite! COYR!
4:14 Talking about the “one touch and early pass” proper indicates good, positive, attacking football. Can’t wait.
David Andrews
David Andrews:
Just heard the new gaffer on talksport and watching this vid he went and shook Cafus hand cause its his 1st day as well this is it ladies and gents it's in the tea leaves I have the utmost respect for this man as an ex player in that fab 80s spurs team great attacking defender a good all round guy not to mention the bigotry and nastiness he has had to endure welcome to Nottingham Forest Chris Hughton you have my full support and 1000s of others too good luck to you from David Andrews red since 1977
1865 Clough
1865 Clough:
He gives a smile to the players and a smile on my face!
David Marchant
David Marchant:
Gotta good feeling about this
TheForest Ranger
TheForest Ranger:
Lookin good boys, nice attacking football! I'd forgotten what it looked like. COYR🔴⚪
Astral Cowboy
Astral Cowboy:
Brought his shopping list to work too...milk, bread, sugar, mercurial winger, butter, CAM cover, baked beans
Joee Bloggs
Joee Bloggs:
He’s gone really grey in the last year.
Matt Middleton
Matt Middleton:
1:31 I feel like he wanted to do some mad skills but got camera shy
Jon Hobley
Jon Hobley:
Filling me with confidence.
Stephen Handley
Stephen Handley:
First training session and nails exactly what the players need to do more of - touch and early pass forward. That alone will be transform us because our midfield are too slow at playing forward.
George Mills Davies
George Mills Davies:
The way his training sessions are run seems like a quicker style of play that we need to get some form back I'm excited for the first match I'm sure he will have made a positive difference
Jonathan Clegg
Jonathan Clegg:
Through ball Hughton, the signs are good
alan charles stephens
alan charles stephens:
Homegrown organic, unadulterated goodness! Welcome to NFFC Chris, al the very best😁👏🥂
Joee Bloggs
Joee Bloggs:
He’ll get you promoted within 3 years.
Relegation ✅
Kathy McBride
Kathy McBride:
it ll take time to actimatize good luck spurs x
BrayPlays 7
BrayPlays 7:
The assistant manager looks very vocal
steve clews
steve clews:
Hope hes successful.but starting the season 15 pts adrift.theres always the county cup I spose hahaha uuuuuuuurrrreeeeeedddddddssssssss.........losers
Lee ludlow Art
Lee ludlow Art:
Forest have the best team in the league on paper. Let’s now show it. #coyr
Uuuu reds hope he plays attacking football we got a good squad
Peter Garrett
Peter Garrett:
Good luck Chris come on you reds
Let's hope it's not too late!
Ant Adam
Ant Adam:
Haven't seen Bong for ages, Hughton signed him at Brighton so will know him well. Will he get his chance?
BrayPlays 7
BrayPlays 7:
Please play Yuri
Sam Cresswell
Sam Cresswell:
Steven Paul
Steven Paul:
I’ve got a good feeling about this man I think he’ll take us up in his first season
Let us prey
Father Damien Karras
Father Damien Karras:
The first 2 seconds of the video and he already looks more capable than Sabri the clown. Good luck Chris.
Couldn't believe a club like forest hired the last bloke. He had done nothing in football.
Andrew Hyde
Andrew Hyde:
Hope he points out there are two nets: one we need to put the ball into, the other we need to keep the ball from entering.
James Hatfield
James Hatfield:
What's the point, we'll only sack him within 18 months...
Dexter Duckworth
Dexter Duckworth:
C'mon Chris take them down u rams
Craig P7
Craig P7:
Let’s hope he gets his best 11 quickly and colback’s no where near it