Inside Matthew Perry's Tragic Real Life Story

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Matthew Perry was once one of television's most beloved actors. For 10 years, he played the unforgettable and sarcastic Chandler Bing on Friends. But even though his career was unstoppable at the time, Perry was facing some pretty difficult battles in his personal life. Here's what you might not know about Matthew Perry's life away from the cameras…

Accidental addiction | 0:28
Road to rehabilitation | 1:49

Pain in the gut | 2:22
Helping others | 3:52

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100+ komentarze:

Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift:
Did you learn anything shocking about this Friend?
Matthew Perry was my favorite friends character. He was just so relaxed and his jokes ACTUALLY made me laugh...
Kade Kevin
Kade Kevin:
"Hi i'm chandler bing,i make jokes when i'm uncomfortable"
for me,he'll always be chandler
zach chatterley
zach chatterley:
He can't even remember getting together with monica

Dan Floyd
Dan Floyd:
No one told him life was gonna be this way
John Smithee
John Smithee:
Give him back his 3rd nipple...the source of all his powers.
Damn he can't remember seasons 3-6, those were the best seasons of Friends.
Joel Sebastian
Joel Sebastian:
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Matthew Perry who acted so fantastically even when he was facing these problems.😊😊
Evie Tucker
Evie Tucker:
Its weird the seasons he can't remember were his best
mikiti Bowcutt
mikiti Bowcutt:
The music really adds to the tragic feeling of the video
Kelsie Gale
Kelsie Gale:
My heart goes out to him. Addiction is not a joke and is painful. I'm happy that he is in a better place.
Diane Jennings
Diane Jennings:
It's so strange seeing him today. He'll always be a huge talent to me.
ritul sharma
ritul sharma:
He had the greatest wit of all actors in comedy sitcom. Freinds writers admit they included his jokes on show.
Jessica McCarthy
Jessica McCarthy:
Could it BE any more tragic?
He is so dreamy and has great comedic timing :( I feel so bad for what happened to him
Salman Siddiqi
Salman Siddiqi:
King of Sarcasm
Hero in real life.....
What a Irony !... We cannot forget Chandler and Perry cannot remember Chandler!!
Jay V
Jay V:
Sometimes, I wish I could hug Matthew Perry and tell him how amazing he is for being strong. He just seems like such a nice and genuine and humble guy.
Mauricio Martin
Mauricio Martin:
Matthew Perry, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, the best comedy actors but it came with a price.
David Gibson
David Gibson:
That music in background head wrecking
3:40 you didn’t highlight the saddest/realest part. “Please enjoy making fun of me on the worldwide web”
Eliza Ash
Eliza Ash:
He's still a great comedian on the sitcom friends still
shi shi
shi shi:
Chandler was one of my fav characters. So sad to know about this . I am happy he is doing well now. He also seems very sensitive to other recovery addicts. Opening up your malibu mansion to help addicts is a heart warming gesture. I have never battled addiction but my dad was an alchoholic and we have all suffered with him during this bad phases. My heart goes out to anyone suffering from addiction and their families.
He's ONLY 48 ,he looks 65 and ready for Social Security.
Renee Nene
Renee Nene:
Good for him cleaning his self up and helping others! Hope he continues to do well.
Maliha Sallahuddin
Maliha Sallahuddin:
All those people who realize their flaws and work on them are the greatest
clikkie xx
clikkie xx:
Chandler Bing is my favorite person ever
Lola S
Lola S:
"I'm not good at advice...
*Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?"*
- Chandler Bing
Tineke Williams
Tineke Williams:
He is a lovely man, hope he can beat the addictions
“The one where chandler tells about his real life”
Bu K
Bu K:
Poor Mathew 😪❤️
Life Of Marie
Life Of Marie:
He is still someone I admire immensely...because of the fact that he overcame these daemons.
Anandi Ganguly
Anandi Ganguly:
It's amazing to know that while he was suffering in real life he made EVERUONE else feel happy and loved and created one of the most favourite memorable loving characters of all time.
lorsange 1
lorsange 1:
'Back in the 90s I was in a very famous TV show!'
chomp chomp
chomp chomp:
Hate how vids like this try to ruin someones image. He just has a normal life because nobody has a perfect life
Jamie Moon
Jamie Moon:
I absolutely love him still. Everyone goes through seriously challenging and life altering things and it's not as easy as you might think, being in the spotlight. I'm so proud of him for choosing better and taking control of previous not so great choices. ❤️ He's still pretty handsome in my opinion too.😘
Muhammed Im Hard Bruce Lee
Muhammed Im Hard Bruce Lee:
Could he BE anymore tragic
June Chua
June Chua:
It sad wat drug n alcohol addiction can do to u! 😢
chyn D
chyn D:
No matter what ill always b a fan of his !! Not just causs he played chandler bing.. but his whole persona.. as a human being.. i admire him and alwwys will.
legie marie pedregosa
legie marie pedregosa:
i love you chandler bing! 😂😂
David Vilhena Flores Horn-Marquez
David Vilhena Flores Horn-Marquez:
He was and will always be the best one out of the group, he was a legend in the show and a legend outside of the show. I got so much respect for the man. God bless him and keep up the great work he does.
Nice story & how he turned his life around , and ended up helping other
Omg my baby 😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
but he perfectly finished all of 10 seasons. Well done💯
Holly Conger
Holly Conger:
Had the pleasure of meeting him. He is down to earth and soft spoken. Nice man.
Eross Van Leer
Eross Van Leer:
yeah it was tragic, imagine being crucified by a mailman
The Truth
The Truth:
So sad one of the nice guys you are always rooting for.
Barbie Liu
Barbie Liu:
Omg! What has happened to him since ending Friends 😮
A R:
Love you Methew
Stay healthy, happyand strong.
You are one of my most favorite actors.
Lewes Shorthose
Lewes Shorthose:
I honestly still love him a lot and he is an amazing guy !
Pha Ten
Pha Ten:
Dear Matthew, I sincerely wish you a Monica.
Ayesha Uzzaman
Ayesha Uzzaman:
"I use humour as a defense mechanism" 🙏💔
fцику мцику
fцику мцику:
"Once one of television's most beloved actors..."

Said about every fucking actor, ever.
Candice Perry
Candice Perry:
Mathew Perry could be in any movie
He shaped my personality so much. Love him <3
He's like one of my all time favorite characters.
cezar caruntu
cezar caruntu:
It's amazing how easily "tragic" gets used these days.
jolesa macka
jolesa macka:
He Was Benny From Fallout New Vegas!
Rita Mendes
Rita Mendes:
when the narrator says "chandler bing", it reminds me of Janice xD
ro huisman
ro huisman:
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year.
He's really charming and has suffered through a lot. It takes real character to look back and acknowledge your past demons, and help others overcome them. Bless him <3
Montu shah
Montu shah:
15 Yemen Road, Yemen!
francisco prazzio
francisco prazzio:
He maybe the age as Paul Rudd but he looks he could be his dad Paul Rudd looks like he could be Matthew Perry's son how is it possible since they were born the same year.
That explains it... i was so confused when at the end of season 6 he had gained some weight but when i watched season 7 he look a lot more slimmer.
I feel like he had a stroke at some point?
Luisa Saint
Luisa Saint:
He’s better now and that’s the important thing
Kickin' Game Sports
Kickin' Game Sports:
See no1s told you life was gonna be this way!!
Would have been nice to hear something about that TV show he was staring in not that long ago
Valley Bear
Valley Bear:
And all of those “Friends” were, and still are, there for him ♥
Tari Tarr
Tari Tarr:
He’s always gonna be my favorite.
MaxMoos 86
MaxMoos 86:
I've watched all the seasons 3 times during quarantine
Oh the Joy's of lockdown 🤣🤣
shweta singh
shweta singh:
Mathew perry is and always will be my favourite character in Friends. It is so sad that such things happened to him. He looked so charming as Chandler Bing but now he looks so old and odd. Glad he got clean and his helping others like him
The Atlantis
The Atlantis:
I wish I could tell him personally or through a letter that how much people love him .its been 15 years since the show ended but still people consume FRIENDS as a therapy, as an escape from hard truths of life. Chandler was the soul of the show,i feel really bad for him as he was making us laugh but dealing with such stuff in personal life.
Chandler will still always be my favorite character on any show ever❤️
Celeste Gaydos
Celeste Gaydos:
He was my fave male “Friend”. Loved Chandler Bing
Shanda Burnside
Shanda Burnside:
Watching one of my favorite movies, FOOL'S RUSH IN and thought of Mathew.
Elizabeth Leninski
Elizabeth Leninski:
Vermont would be nice Mathew!?!
JJ Lynn
JJ Lynn:
Poor guy!!! He's fought the good fight!!! WTG!!
Ilhaney 95
Ilhaney 95:
I'll always have deep love for him. He's still my favorite character. I will always laugh at his jokes💚
Snow White
Snow White:
What do you expect from "Benny"? He murdered the Courier and stole the Platinum Chip!
shrek's jizz
shrek's jizz:
wtf i started watching friends and this happens
Steffy Alment
Steffy Alment:
He was my fav friend...and the cutest. Hope he's still doing well nowadays
Aww I will always support Matthew and I hope he is okay now❤️💙
Still one of my favorite actors 👆🏼
Serena Strand
Serena Strand:
Tragic, please. Self induced "accidental" adiction.
Minnie Rose-Lee
Minnie Rose-Lee:
I've always loved Matthew Perry + in friends he was my fav! I loved his sarcasm it cracked me up.x
From Chandler to addict to heping others.. love him
EL Cheapo
EL Cheapo:
He looked more like an addict *after* quitting.
The Natural Health Blogger
The Natural Health Blogger:
Chandler: Honey, it's 2:00 on a Wednesday and I'm watching Road Rules, how stressed do you think I am?
Norma Bates
Norma Bates:
I love this actor Matthew Perry. I would love to see him in more movies.
K G:
Addiction is an ongoing battle in a disease and even though someone is clean sober and in recovery it does not mean that they are cured or immune because there is no cure!!! And 1 addict cannot recover on their own!!! It takes a lot of hard work and being around other positive addicts in recovery who are serious about changing the ways they cope with life on life's terms and not self-medicating!!! Some people think that the geographic relocation is running away from your problems but wherever you go, you take yourself with you - which many people seem to be unaware of!!! So congrats Matthew Perry cuz you deserve an award from the White House because addiction takes your life before it actually physically does!!! I'm really glad you never tried heroin because it has taken the lives of so many people I love - from best friends to favorite celebrities - and it even tried to take my life 8 times!!! Even though it wasn't my decision cuz I actually came back to life after all medical means we're exhausted, people actually hate on me about being alive after od'ing and dying so many times!!! I know that was God, and I tell those hateful people to take it up with Him!!! So happy for you and totally proud of you cuz like any disease, it doesn't care who you are and doesn't discriminate in any way, and the disease of addiction does not stop until it takes your life - and I pray that it never does!!!
Nidhi Neelesh
Nidhi Neelesh:
He was my favorite character ❤️❤️❤️
Stu D
Stu D:
The background music fits his backstory perfectly.
diana j
diana j:
Oh man
I cant believe!
I watch friends whenever im down but damm!He's like the deperessed clown that make everybody laugh except himself.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach:
I love Matthew !!!
Safaa shalabie
Safaa shalabie:
“Tragic”!! I call it Victorious! ☺️💛
I’m so happy he sought out help and got clean & sober ❤️
Fabio De Santis
Fabio De Santis:
“Accidental addiction”... right...
He changed my personality but himself went through so much. Love u
WOW! I love him even more!