Inside the Kardashian Family's Decision to END Keeping Up With the Kardashians

A source tells ET that the Kardashian’s decision to quit ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ after 14 years was a ‘mutual decision.’ The show first premiered in 2007 and followed the lives of Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner, Scott Disick and more. On Tuesday, Kim announced that they are closing out the show with season 20 in early 2021.

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Mike Tank Brown ll
Mike Tank Brown ll:
They'll probably be back when their kids get older or in a few years. Kris aint done pimping. She just taking a break.
Mariya Johny
Mariya Johny:
Kourtney’s answer to everything: I just wanna focus on being a mom
melissa totino
melissa totino:
Oh please it's bc of kayne west putting all their dirty laundry out there lol
Rosemary Ngugi
Rosemary Ngugi:
They are already set for life. I don't think they need the show anymore.
Julia Damato
Julia Damato:
so are you telling me i’m not gonna get to see an episode where kourtney and scott finally get back together!? the one i’ve been waiting YEARS for!??
Francesca Deyo
Francesca Deyo:
Still kind of think this has to do with the kanye stuff
Elora Michelle
Elora Michelle:
I know the reason for this "mutual decision" to stop filming.
Khloe is back with her cheating baby daddy, so she dont want to have to share to the world why she thinks he's now a changed man, but couldn't remain decent while she carried his child.

Kim dont want to talk about Ye wanting to divorce her for many years.

Kylie and Kendall had some scandal where they were under paying their workers.

KRIS Jon un says it all.. if thats you how its even spelt. Lol.

I think that sums it up.
This got something to do with the mess with Kanye... on top of no one is interested in watching them anymore...
Aagya Phuyal
Aagya Phuyal:
Literally nobody:
Kourtney: I just want to focus myself as a mom to every questions
daniela A
daniela A:
This is good news! Media has over played Kar/jenners we need a break from them
Omg the world has bigger problems than these clones
Raging Zim
Raging Zim:
It’s cancelled so no one checks if Kim became a lawyer :P
Sally May
Sally May:
The curse of the Kardashian women is that they will always have money, but never find true committed love.
Khloe needs to return the millions of dollars in taxpayer money she received in the bailout from the CARES Act. People can’t feed their kids or pay their bills.
Salma Sami
Salma Sami:
“That they all have kids now” what? Since when did Kendall have kids?!
Miranda G
Miranda G:
I am disappointed to hear that I love watching their show but All good things just come to an end eventually I wish them good luck with their future endeavours in life .
nike more
nike more:
It’s time . Kourtney has left anyway all of them have more than enough money I think they can let go now .
Tim Kruse
Tim Kruse:
The show's hype died, the story lines got stale
Chanel H
Chanel H:
lol they stopped because its getting too red hot with kylies tax fraud, kanyes meltdowns, the kids getting older like kourtneys son saying on social media sayinh truths exposing them and Rob kardashian problems and black China court case. and more. they are cutting there losses. good riddens.
they ain’t ending. kris is not done selling her children.
This is probably the only good news of 2020.
Alex Dobler
Alex Dobler:
Retire ? She hasn’t worked a day in her life
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith:
Well this is the best thing that's happened this week good bye!
Ric NoLastNameGiven
Ric NoLastNameGiven:
Never watched a single minute of the show. Hopefully the air time will be filled with worthwhile programming that has something to contribute.
Ivan Correa
Ivan Correa:
Finally they are getting cancelled, a family that has made so much money 💵 for doing absolutely nothing, a bunch of carpet baggers who are famous for being famous. Goodbye 👋🏼
Ms Minaj
Ms Minaj:
I’m laughing “ending” chile it’ll be back within a few years
Fiana Heidari
Fiana Heidari:
We need a break from them too, the crazy fans excluded.
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police -:
Does Tristan ever end up playing daddy to his son?
Truth Inspector
Truth Inspector:
Chelsea Ne'Kole
Chelsea Ne'Kole:
When the second gen get's into there pre teen/ young adult years they'll be back with a spin off kinda like the Duggars did with "Counting On" on TLC.... I'll give it til Mason gets like 17 or 18 😅 I'll miss the show though that's been my Sunday routine since I was 13 & I'm 27 now 😭
Tucker May
Tucker May:
out of everything they do the show probably pays them the least, so what's the point
Just so everyone knows. No more “keeping up with the Kardashians” doesn’t mean no more Kardashians/Jenners. Sadly they will still be very popular because of social media and will still be finding ways to make their money.
Larose Murphy
Larose Murphy:
Kim can't stand for all her business is out their..and Kanye is coming with a big mouth 👄
Katie Aures
Katie Aures:
Taking a break bc Kanye is way too much of a liability...
jj malone
jj malone:
All terrible things must come to an end. Anyone who loves this show should feel embarrassed
Amala Kaiel
Amala Kaiel:
Thanks to Kanye. This is all on him.
Annette Carrillo
Annette Carrillo:
The best decision ever
Thank You God.. Thank you for answering my prayers.. I'm sick of these fakes...
Damien Garbutt
Damien Garbutt:
Yes! Let's hope this is the end of ALL reality shows.
Llama Del Fid
Llama Del Fid:
Fun fact: I never watched any episode of kuwtk
1:38 when one of Kim’s previous noses moved when she spoke.. 😂😂
Timeless Hope
Timeless Hope:
Staged a robbery so their series wouldnt end. Now they are ending it anyways lol🤦
Pee Tak
Pee Tak:
Yes good bye just leave Kourtney behind for us she’s very Natural
It's about time...
Zeekly614 M
Zeekly614 M:
Good, they don’t need more money, give some poor struggling actors a chance at fame instead! They barely give to charities!
It looks like Kourtney and Kendall cant stand other family members anymore. Kylie is too rich to bother. Khlo too desperate to get serial cheater back. Boring lifes.
Finally something positive happening in 2020🤗
Kris be like real house wives of Beverly hills group chat desperate for a feature
Guadalupe Arellano
Guadalupe Arellano:
“Spent more time as a mom” TF 😂 her kids are so spoiled & misbehaved how is she being a mom 🤦🏻‍♀️
Destiny King
Destiny King:
I honestly just watched YouTube clips of their fights that’s why I liked it 💀💀 i watch reality tv for the drama, don’t come at me please
Anti Mullet
Anti Mullet:
I enjoyed them suffering than entertainment. You got to see them before and after their plastic surgeries.. nobody will miss them.... also I heard they wanted more money for the show and were
Best news in 2020!!!
Covid 19 will be here for a while... makes sense that they would decide to quit the show.
Bxbxb 1_
Bxbxb 1_:
Kourtney left so they stopped it.
Cheryl Trusas
Cheryl Trusas:
Thank god...they are so into themselves and tired of all their bs.good riddens
localbaddie x
localbaddie x:
Finally!! It's time because they getting old.
L Mad
L Mad:
Best thing to happen in 2020. Not that the bar was set high but some good news
[email protected]:
"Difficult decision" ?!?
WHAT difficult decision?
E does not want to pay them what they want to be paid.
No surprise there
Host Mo Berry
Host Mo Berry:
Once North turns 18.....they'll be back 🤦🏾‍♀️
Amy Lopez
Amy Lopez:
2021 looking good already. This helps with the 2020 year being such a bad year.
Ruth Nunez
Ruth Nunez:
Yeaaaaa, that won’t last...their media hores.
Garfield Harrison
Garfield Harrison:
Follow them through their surgeries.
panchos world
panchos world:
Thank god, it was about time. They bring nothing to humanity.
ícҽís թհօҽղíx
ícҽís թհօҽղíx:
0:03 you can see where Kim's " real hair" over her extensions. Not pretty.n
Ana Espola
Ana Espola:
Yessssssssss thank god!!!!!!!!!! Ohh Lawwwddd... Yes the reason is that no one watches is it anymore!!!trash
Zuko Teto
Zuko Teto:
I think they'll still find ways to be on TV coz seems to me they like the limelight
Play Kole
Play Kole:
About time..Humm is Kwest the reason..
they become billionaire's and then they quit...
Earthling Alien
Earthling Alien:
I lowkey thought the end of the Kardashians was gonna be when Kim's robbery had happened.
Roger Thornhill
Roger Thornhill:
14 years of watching paint dry .
Løkis Queen
Løkis Queen:
“They all have kids”
Kendal: 👁 👁
Carol Bostick
Carol Bostick:
Mary Jane
Mary Jane:
We will definitely still see them in one way or another, either on YouTube or something 👍👍
lc c
lc c:
Abdulhaadi Wise
Abdulhaadi Wise:
Kourtney been spending time as a mom for year and so has Kim and Kim is a mother of four and is still able to film
Nod Pmurt
Nod Pmurt:
they finally came to their senses
DJ Baby
DJ Baby:
Food Delivery On Bike
Food Delivery On Bike:
Bunch of wannabe. Not rich enough and not pretty enough
Peca 24
Peca 24:
We need Simple Life again!
Finally.... When kourtney made a decision they got so mad, now finally they made a real decision ....they are all grown up and hv kids and hv to focus on their kids...
kika neves
kika neves:
the older Kim's daughter was very silly and naughty, if Kenye West ended this he did very well.
Tanya Jansen
Tanya Jansen:
Goodbye goodbye .thank the lord.we haven't hurd the last of them unfortunately.
Auradr California
Auradr California:
Never gave them a second thought.
Finally make some other family who deserves recognition who have lives with substance please
best news of 2020. No more Keeping Up With the Kardashians!!
Mare Elo
Mare Elo:
Just imagine their comeback season 🔥 🔥 🔥
sam I am
sam I am:
I didn’t know this show was still on?
Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly:
She was crying in the car in Wyoming.. he gave her an ultimatum..
M Wre
M Wre:
Although I stopped watching the show years ago, glad it's finally ending. Always thought kuwtk, all the spin-offs, products, all their relationship dramas, was too much.
Petesa Tinae
Petesa Tinae:
I love this show..They all beautiful n love each other..
Ioana Ioana
Ioana Ioana:
Abe Lincoln
Abe Lincoln:
Kardashians who? Thought their show was canceled 20 years ago. Everything Trump touches dies. ☠️
Elijah Dane
Elijah Dane:
Kim fixing to divorce ye’, don’t want it to play out on camera
Marquita Montgomery
Marquita Montgomery:
Love their show, but they’ve had a long run and it was great😁
William Hills
William Hills:
Wow, who cares? Did anyone even watch that dumb show? I saw one of them and never again... People will watch any trashy thing..
Jenny Newton
Jenny Newton:
Bye Felicia! Won’t miss this show or this family.
David Lytch
David Lytch:
You know for sure all their kids will be saying "why did everyone think you were a joke mom and grandma"
Whitney Siobhan
Whitney Siobhan:
I feel like once the kids are older & decide they don't mind being filmed or want to do a show...KUWTK will come back but focused on the kids as teens or something.
bebe bebe
bebe bebe:
Because they ask for a raise production said no thats the reason
Who else never watched a single episode of their show?