Inside The NBA Crew Remembers Mark Eaton 🙏

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100+ komentarze:

Nik Zer0
Nik Zer0:
Mark Eaton happened to be on a flight with my family back in the 1980s, my brother had cancer and had a shaved head, Mark came over to him and introduced himself to our family. He signed some stuff for my brother and was super nice, he later sent a signed basketball with everyone from the 86' Jazz.
Jay Belafonte
Jay Belafonte:
Big Facts Chuck, they haven’t mentioned much about Shawn Bradley.
KL Frost Media LLC
KL Frost Media LLC:
I’m so sorry to hear about Mark Eaton. Too young. I used to work at the “University of Utah” basketball camps when I was in college and after the day was over some of the Jazz players would come down and play. Eaton, Thurl Bailey, and some others would play and I was able to get in one game. He was very nice to me and one time after the game had ended and said I was a good player….he asked my name and one time (I was a bouncer at a restaurant/bar in Trolley Square in Salt Lake City)he came in and met some Jazz guys and Ute coaches…when he came in he said: “Hi Lewis”. I never forgot that. He seemed to be a really good guy. I am really sorry to hear about this. 😢😢😢😢
Adela Noriega
Adela Noriega:
I remember when he blocked someone without even jumping or swatting the 🏀. RIP Mark.
Nathan Benson
Nathan Benson:
It’s awful to see all these nba legends die. Rip to the big guy
Samuel Fowler
Samuel Fowler:
RIP to a real one
Joel Torre
Joel Torre:
Only center who gave the Dream fits during his early years.
Bon Aoitab
Bon Aoitab:
My fond memories of him was his battle with Kareem.. our condolences to his family.
Cam Dukes
Cam Dukes:
I will never forget when I was about 10 years old I went on a family cruise and they had a dance floor on the ship and I saw the biggest human being I had ever seen in my life out there dancing with this tiny woman 😂, being a kid I went up to him and said hi and it turned out to be Mark Eaton!!! RIP 🙏🏾
Andrzej Zborowski
Andrzej Zborowski:
Love Charles for what he said about Shawn Bradley.
mookie knuckles
mookie knuckles:
Rip to the “ Mountain man”
Skittle Luke
Skittle Luke:
He was a legend
R.I.P !!! its crazy how many greats we are losing
If Stockton and Malone had a prime Mark Eaton when they went to the finals, I believe they could have won atleast 1.
All-time record holder of 456 blocks (5.6 per game) in 1985.
Robert George Yokoyama
Robert George Yokoyama:
Mark Eaton seemed like a smart man off the court and a great defensive player on the court.
Dan Zupan
Dan Zupan:
One of my best memories as a fan was seeing Mark hit a three pointer.
Jayden Moon
Jayden Moon:
First Shawn gets injured badly - now Mark Eaton - let's please keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers
David Stevens
David Stevens:
The first person I witnessed blocking everybody’s shot
Hey Mark give Kobe a hug for us will ya. RIP Mark Eaton
Starlord Gaming
Starlord Gaming:
Mark Eaton you will be remembered and the nba will never forget you
Frank Layden said it best - "I cant teach height" but, he taught a 7'4" man to be a all-star and defensive player of the years 5 times. RIP Mark
I think there’s a story where Eaton met Wilt and helped him with learning how to block shots
John Irving
John Irving:
Thank you for this, Inside. From the bottom of a Utah Jazz fan’s heart. I had the privilege of speaking to him so many times at meet and greets ever since I was 4 or 5 years old. When I first met him, I didn’t even stand as tall as his knees, but he always made me feel 10 feet tall with his kindness. Gentle giant off the court, game changing defender on the court. RIP Jazz legend!
The Reil Neid
The Reil Neid:
Thoughts and prayers to the Eaton family. Very surprised & saddened at his passing. Always heard good things about Mark on & off the court. Sure could guard the paint. R.I.P.
Richard Ryan
Richard Ryan:
I watched him play basketball, in Pauley Pavilion, when we were students at UCLA. Was so happy to see him develop into an NBA star. RIP Mark Eaton.
First Shawn Bradley and now Mark Eaton. RIP Mark Eaton and get well soon Shawn Bradley
Alexander Reynolds
Alexander Reynolds:
Just heard the news RIP to Mark Eaton
Alexander Winkins
Alexander Winkins:
Eaton seems like a great, nice man. Frankly, his interviews on You Tube are some of my the best ones I've heard.
The Borg
The Borg:
Mark Eaton and Kevin McCale were the only two players i ever saw "guard" Hakeem Olajuwon. Think about that.
LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals
LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals:
Calling joe Crawford great would make Tim Duncan laugh
vanessa vinod myers
vanessa vinod myers:
we love you mark and will never forget you.
Gaz Man
Gaz Man:
Watched him growing up. Sad day. RIP Sir
rip to a legend
Thanks to all of you for the kind words to us Jazz Fans and NBA fans. Thanks Charles for mentioning Shawn, love watching all three of you play. Love your takes. So great to see all of us being good to each other. Thanks for your examples
What they said at hall of fame ceremony is so true, this show is about so much more than basketball, it's about life, that's why i love watching it.
RIP Mark Eaton. You will be remembered.
The grey ghost
The grey ghost:
Rip mark Eaton all time defensive great
Fierce 2k
Fierce 2k:
Dang, Mark Eaton was an amazing person! 😔
Black Sheep
Black Sheep:
If the jazz had Eaton in 97 or 98 they might have been able to take Mike to gm 7
Clan leader Predator
Clan leader Predator:
All time great centers of the 70s, 80s & 90s.
Cooking Edibles Dragon
Cooking Edibles Dragon:
The 80s and 90s Jazz were my TEAM!! Saw him speak when I was a kid in salt lake. R.I.P to a big figure into my fanaticism of Basketball💔
How Kenny bald and have a hairline at the same time
Malik Samari jones
Malik Samari jones:
Ernie: "no foul play expected in mark eaton's death while on a bike."

As if anyone would try to mug a 7 ft 4 300 pounder on a bicycle 🤷🏿‍♂️😳
Gods speed Mr. Eaton. Gods speed.
Gene Whitman
Gene Whitman:
Man, this caused me to tear up. May Mark Eaton's memory always be a blessing to all who knew and loved him.
RIP Utah legend
Legends live forever
Michael Marshall
Michael Marshall:
Class Act !!!
Ernest Jeter
Ernest Jeter:
Rip to an all time great 🙏
Miguel Joaquin
Miguel Joaquin:
R.I.P to the Big Man, Mark Eaton 🙏🕊️❤️
PgPro 86
PgPro 86:
This crew does the best tributes. Love these guys rip Eaton
Prime Mark Eaton woulda stuffed Shaq at the rim EZPZ
Ree Boutit
Ree Boutit:
Rest without stress good guy!🙏🏽
Tony A.
Tony A.:
The best NBA player to come out of Westminster High!
Nuradin Alas
Nuradin Alas:
Rip legend🙏🏾
four twenty
four twenty:
You can tell Ernie is struggling not to cry. Rip Mark
Henry R.
Henry R.:
Shout out from one MonStar to another, good on you Chuck.
Juelz Caleb
Juelz Caleb:
Rest In Peace. What a shame.
Dam I used him all the time on 2k RIP
Malik Samari jones
Malik Samari jones:
The master of the no jump tomahawk dunk AND block.
Youknow Who
Youknow Who:
He was a mechanic in 1977 and was seen by an assistant coach and the rest is history.
patrick y
patrick y:
R.I.P" Mount" Eaton 🙏🏿
J God
J God:
Rip mark Eaton one of Utah's greats and a legend of the game defended that rim everytime he played that man was serious
Phil Lam X
Phil Lam X:
A product of Westminster CA and alumni of Westminster High School. Rest in peace
Kentaro Story
Kentaro Story:
🙏🙏🙏🙏My condolences to Mark and all of his friends and family.
Joel Castaneda
Joel Castaneda:
Growing up we'd love to see him battle Hakeem Olajuwon he was one of the only centers that could go toe-to-toe with him and we love to hate him but much respect was there
RIP to the Legendary Mark Eaton, God Bless 👑🙏🏽🕊
donald new jr.
donald new jr.:
Finally my man Eaton get his respect on Defense... Dude was a beast... Holds the record for most blocks in a season... Rip my guy
Akira S
Akira S:
What?! I just was watching old Jazz highlights last night and looking up his stats page!

Oh man...Big Mark seemed like such a nice guy too.
Drippin Sauce
Drippin Sauce:
R.i.p Mark i Remember him being a defensive beast made alot of players eat that roundball leather.
Art Edmonson
Art Edmonson:
Wow. Prayers out to the Eaton family. Prayers out to the Bradley family.
Tristan Hargrove
Tristan Hargrove:
My favorite center man
R.I.P to the legendary shot-blocker.
J.I.D Fan
J.I.D Fan:
All payers go to his family and friends🙏🏼🙏🏼. As a rockets fan, that man gave us problems, but all my respect is all to him. R.I.P Mark Eaton.
RIP to the former defensive player of the year and all star
The Fun -_- Guy
The Fun -_- Guy:
May he Rest In Peace what a great man he has gone to young
Tristan 27
Tristan 27:
R.I.P. Legend
Ernie hurt...Charles looks really saddened
RIP, i remember going to my friends house and i was the jazz, mark had 15 blocks and 40 points. My friend was so mad. RIp to a legend
Thanks to the crew for their kind words about an NBA legend. May you rest in peace, Mark Eaton.
The Renaissance Man
The Renaissance Man:
I want to live such that people will speak of me this way when I'm gone.
R.I.P. Mark Eaton.
Shawn Musicjourney
Shawn Musicjourney:
I was listening to an interview and was watching highlights of him like 2 weeks ago. R.I.P. Mark.
Gustavo Benvenutti
Gustavo Benvenutti:
Nicest man, just cant believe it, rest in peace
Rip big man. I still have one of his fleer cards too
RIP Mark. Sad to hear
LA Confidential
LA Confidential:
RIP Mr. Eaton, great shot blocker and a gentle giant.
Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez:
Rip legend
J styles
J styles:
What's really sad he should of been enshrined a long time ago in HOF
Summanus 369
Summanus 369:
Gentle Giant!
JL Glover
JL Glover:
First time I saw Mark he was in a Saab 900 driving on the freeway. I saw him sitting where the back seat would normally be. I heard he had it modified to fit him. Then, I met Mark at work. Our boss was 5'6", I'm 5'11". I shook Mark's hand and it literally covered my hand...and about half my forearm! Dude was huge but his heart was bigger. Such a nice man. RIP from a life-long Jazz fan.
Spencer Daniel
Spencer Daniel:
rest in peace Mark Eaton ✝️
J M:
I just saw this now & it really hit me. He really was a gentle giant, one of the good guys in life regardless if he played basketball or not.
RIP Mark
L.J. de Paepe
L.J. de Paepe:
Really nice of you Charles, to shout out to Bradley. That's really really nice of you.
Kwasi A
Kwasi A:
His name gave me great memories. Sad to hear this
Bob Sig81
Bob Sig81:
I remember meeting him once. Nice man. God bless his family. 🙏🙏
Chris Ohrugo
Chris Ohrugo:
One of my favorite centers on nba2k legend mode
Bradley Bertram
Bradley Bertram:
Thank you Charles Barkley. Shawn Bradley was a legend. Mark Eaton was too
Uchawi Beatz
Uchawi Beatz:
RIP Mark, dang 🙏