Inside the NBA Reacts to Lakers vs Rockets - Game 3 | September 8, 2020 NBA Playoffs

Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets - Full Game 3 Highlights | September 8, 2020 NBA Playoffs

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100+ komentarze:

Nail Jones
Nail Jones:
Why are people surprised Rondo is playing good that guy is made for playoff basketball
David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer
David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer:
Rondo is definitely the X factor in this series. And he’s hitting 3’s too. Lakers play like this they’ll win this series in 5 🏀💯
J.R. W
J.R. W:
Imagine if lakers had Bradley. Another defending guard would benefit a crazy amount. I respect his decision I just wish he was there.
Alex The Rican
Alex The Rican:
Lebron at 35 still playing like he just got drafted 👑😂
Rondo has been the x factor. He allows Bron to play off ball, controls tempo, gets easy offense for his teammates and he takes and makes tough shots
Joe its Joe
Joe its Joe:
Having Rondo one of the smartest players ever on the court allows LeBron to play off the ball and rest which in turn he doesn't just rest but he's playing defense
*LeBron from the jump said I’m TAKING OVER this game.*
Imagine getting dropped off by a 40 year rondo that’s tuff 😂 ggs tho rockets
Patrick Archer
Patrick Archer:
Casuals always sleep on Rondo he’s been doing this in the playoffs for more than a decade now
Rondo did well BUT... Danny Green AND Kuz needs to get in double digits regardless of the night.
Morgan Heitt
Morgan Heitt:
I feel like no one remembers the Rondo of 10' with Boston. You wanna leave this dude COMPLETELY open on a 3? Dude gonna hit at least half of them, bro.
The Ghost Writer
The Ghost Writer:
Chuck’s gonna keep picking the Rockets until two minutes left in Game 5.
marioni bruno
marioni bruno:
Jesus is Coming
Reed savage
Reed savage:
What kenny explained at the beginning of the game is why LeBron is the best overall player of all time.
I’m a Houston fan but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Lakers take it all this year. It’d be a good story
Umutcan Ozdarende
Umutcan Ozdarende:
King to the rescue. He put Lakers on his back. Thank you KING
David Delateja
David Delateja:
Fr tho that DJ for inside the nba has been killing it with the 2000’s rap
Raymond Acance
Raymond Acance:
Rondo is the epitome of taking the regular season off for the playoffs 😂
His IQ just transfer well into playoff basketball. Playing the same team 4-7 times in a row just makes it easier to analyze how to be affective.
900IQ players always do well in the playoffs
Talented or not
Lakers still not firing on all cylinders. Definitely missing AB and Danny Green, KCP have been horrribble
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan:
Rondo v pat Bev gonna be HELLA interesting
Asdfg Hjjk
Asdfg Hjjk:
Lebron the best overall player ever played in the NBA.
JaVaughn McGregor
JaVaughn McGregor:
Rondo has been my favorite PG since 08. He's a real PG that knows how to see the floor as a chessboard and his basketball IQ is off the charts. He has a 7'1" wingspan on a short frame that allows him to take chances on defense that other PG's his height can't do because he can play slightly off of his man without committing so much of his body for a blow-by. Because of his brilliance, he usually makes the right play which gives LeBron a break when it comes to orchestrating the offense. If he can continue to shoot 3's like this and not get hurt then this series is already over. Injuries and poor shooting has always been his achilles heel.
Ruboert stallion
Ruboert stallion:
Lakers vs Celtics finna be a classic in the finals
Ruboert stallion
Ruboert stallion:
Lakers bench going crazy no cap
Latasha Edwards
Latasha Edwards:
Rondo won a ring with Doc Rivers so Doc knows
Do you believe this is the result of a person who is almost 36 years old?
Sports Central
Sports Central:
Thank you for saying that about Javelle MCgee, Chuck. 7 feet soft. SMH
LeBron getting hacked and no love from the refs
Show Time
Show Time:
I remember when Kenny said “ kawhi made LEBRON look non athletic” lol the first game of the season. Now look at the king!
Paul Joshua Tamayo
Paul Joshua Tamayo:
Lebron Haters cant handle his achievements. Cry babies. More to come. The only player will have 40000 points 10000 rebounds 10000 assist.
Storm Cloud
Storm Cloud:
Man, Rondo had always been nothing but great in the playoffs. If it wasn't for Rondo, the Celtics big 3 would've never won. And that's just facts.
Rais Tuluka
Rais Tuluka:
The stat Ernie said in the beginning, was "whoever wins the 4th quarter wins the game."

Yes. That tends to be the case in basketball.
Lakers vs Celtics in the finals 🔥🔥
The Rockets are getting Rocked 😂😂😂😂
Thank you, Rondo. Now Lakers has 2 facilitator. You can count on 1 when 1 is off court. Rondo just has to be consistent as Lebron is
Chris Mark
Chris Mark:
"LeBron is guarding the best player" When did he guard Jokic or Murray? Never
Michael Krycek
Michael Krycek:
All the Houston ppl were predicting a sweep in the highlight channels....there's a's the LAKERS... remember that u houston bums😆
Jared Lewis
Jared Lewis:
Lake show💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Rondo was amazing tonight💯💯💯💯
cristian lopez
cristian lopez:
They literally cant stop ad and lbj. The rest of them just have to knock down their open shots.
Commander Soy Sauce
Commander Soy Sauce:
Rondo, wade, and jimmy are made for playoffs. If two weren't injured when they were in chicago they could at least reach conference finals
Kevin Stern
Kevin Stern:
I've loved the Lakers bench all season, from Rondo to Howard to Kuzma, even Caruso. Teams better hope they don't get a big 3 because their big 2 and the bench is nasty.
Dreaming With Dan
Dreaming With Dan:
Imagine avery bradley taking danny green minutes, lockdown defense 24/7
Jai Rey
Jai Rey:
Lebron's amazing you say?? Wait till he hit his prime!! 💪🏻🔥💯😎
Ant T
Ant T:
Think They purposely found a way to keep Daniel house from playing to help Lakers have advantage
Boby Menen
Boby Menen:
Been watching the show for some time now, I never understand Kenny’s points...
Johnny Chang
Johnny Chang:
The funniest shocking thing today was Barkley bought a salad . The girl bought it .
Paulo Aguas
Paulo Aguas:
Lakers vs celtics finals please 🙏 tribute to #24,#8.
Luke Irvin
Luke Irvin:
Playoff Rondo is legit. He led my hometown Bulls to 2 road wins against #1 seed Celtics in 2017.

Unfortunately he got hurt and Celtics won 4 straight. I have no doubts that we could have upset them had he been healthy.

Rondo is like that.
J Florce
J Florce:
Lebron is my hero ✊🏾💜💯
King James
King James:
Playoff paul george vs playoff rondo in the wcf!😂
I think legit if Lebron’s body holds up. He can play at a high level until he is 45
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
Use Tyson Chandler, WTF, keep him around the basket for rebounds when shooting the 3, keep him in there for every quarter until he fouls out, if he does, DAMN!!!
Karl Francis
Karl Francis:
The most impressive thing is they’re matching houston’s small ball and being sooo effective.
I feel like Danny Green is in hibernation mode, charging up for the series against clippers
H town Black
H town Black:
Kenny smith just said why Lebron is the best player ever he does everything
Aivy Gile
Aivy Gile:
Damn! LeBRondo duo. Father Time never gets old.
Rondo just play like bradley did...Love it!!
Glenn Vicencio
Glenn Vicencio:
Got to say it again Rondo shine most at playoff. Respect from this guy.
Playoffs Chris Paul was amazing tonight.
Rooney Vallen
Rooney Vallen:
Westbrook looked like himself this game... so why did the rockets still lose??? Can't use him as an excuse now.... AND you guys didn't live by the 3!!!
I Have No Name
I Have No Name:
i see a gentleman's sweep coming
Jesse james
Jesse james:
Rondo is a real PG always was in my top 5 PG old school
Incase you were wondering, playoff Rondo still exists. Fantastic defense!!! KUZ played great!!!!
Very Bad Youtube Channel
Very Bad Youtube Channel:
I would love to see lakers small ball with bradley
It's still so weird seeing Rondo in a Lakers jersey
Pat Spags
Pat Spags:
you gotta love these guys
0:33 describing The Real MVP!!! LBJ
Maverick Topgun
Maverick Topgun:
Mad respect to Rando, he was the diffrence on the game..He look like the old Rondo from back in Boston.. if he continued to play like that , lakers will win another titile
Lorenzo Perez
Lorenzo Perez:
I feel like they need to play waiters & JR more while rondo on the floor
Manne Feroz
Manne Feroz:
Nice to see KD on the court.... I'm rooting for the calf to heal 100%
Peter S
Peter S:
that Hate it or Love it at the end, though, very nice!
So basically i dont need to turn the game on until the 4th... Good to know.. I will start doing that but not for Game 4 since the NFL game will be on when the 4th quarter starts
150 Subscribers without video challenge
150 Subscribers without video challenge:
I'm trying to post comments on Houston by keeps on getting blocked by Lebron
Conscious Zone
Conscious Zone:
My 3 to 1 Rockets out of the window...
Duan Davis
Duan Davis:
Can we address the elephant in the room... Is it me or does Charles have a black eye? 🤔
Wrong & right
Wrong & right:
Rondo & green need to take that third spot keep that energy up
Orange OwL
Orange OwL:
Kenny on point tonight. The whole crew.. making sense. Wow.solid.
ixavier curry
ixavier curry:
Lakers vs heat in the final??
john ayacko
john ayacko:
im not going to lie but Hugh Hefner of playboy lived a great live.
Shawn Taylor
Shawn Taylor:
Gotta love E.J......
Казах Разбойник
Казах Разбойник:
Playoff mode means the player activates in the hard times. Rondo freshes the game
Angel Murillo
Angel Murillo:
No one better at one on one than James Harden? I know they’re not playing but KD, Kyrie and Curry ?
jaayyy_ 27
jaayyy_ 27:
Playoff Rondo just a different breed!
Tony Oh
Tony Oh:
If Rockets are to win, they need to trade CP3 back for RW
Wesbtrick and Harden and the company still had a great game and their shooting was there
adrian monteclaro
adrian monteclaro:
The reason why kobe having hard time against the celtics during the 2010 finals because of 4 guys. Rondo is one of them.
Buddah Theepoet
Buddah Theepoet:
Honestly if Bradley and Rondo were in the playoffs every game they'll probably pull a Miami right now.
Fabrice Qvo
Fabrice Qvo:
Lakes always 💜💛🤞🏽
Chuckie Miguel Bacolod
Chuckie Miguel Bacolod:
Barkley hasn't slept in days man
froilan anthony
froilan anthony:
lakers starters: AD, Caruso or Cook or Green , Lebron and Rondo
Rockets were introboys
man i wish rondo played when he was in the bulls playoffs they could have reach more going to the ecf
Naz Idoura
Naz Idoura:
Imagine a team with Lebron, Rondo, and Dwight Howard back in 2010.

No one would have thought it would ever happen
Bron been cooking...bullying the small Rockets.
Laying The Foundation
Laying The Foundation:
Imagine Lebron had Kris Middleton in 2007 and got bounced in the Semis by a 5 Seed
After all that we are witnessing, you are daring to compare MJ and Lebron? Just respect tf of their games because they are the NBA. No comparison, only appreciation.
Greatnificent Moe
Greatnificent Moe:
4thQ. you got to make stop ROCKETS👀
Jason Reyes
Jason Reyes:
too bad rondo couldnt hit threes in his prime could have been a historicly great pg
Rondo is so needed, the fact people say he’s old is tuff cuz he’s gonna play, he has been picking up harden full court and playing dawg defense on him trying to harass him, they needed that! Being the facilitator he is, they needed him back
If I'm the rockets GM
I'm trading for Micheal Porter Jr next season