Inside the NBA REACTS to Lakers vs Rockets - Game 4 | September 10, 2020 | 2020 NBA Playoffs

Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets - Full Game 4 Highlights | September 10, 2020 NBA Playoffs

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Lakers are a different dangerous team with Rondo running the point
Jason Sexton
Jason Sexton:
Caruso is so underrated to the point it’s insulting. He’s the best hustle player on the lakers.
Nemar Resultan
Nemar Resultan:
Mike Breen: Alex Caruso for three, bang!
Skip Bayless: Caruso just saved Lebron's legacy!
Andrew I.
Andrew I.:
feel like this teams energy has changed since rondos return
Marcus Housley
Marcus Housley:
lebron can chill sometimes in the playoffs it’s over playoff rondo real
Eugene Ng
Eugene Ng:
harden with 2 fgs and 21 pts.....
majedul hayat
majedul hayat:
RIP small-ball.
Chris Haney
Chris Haney:
Harden has shot more FTs than the entire other team combined MULTIPLE TIMES. This is ridiculous. That should NEVER happen, but somehow the referees fall for him pushing his hands into the defender and flailing like a fish. The most overrated player of all time.
LeVelle Coley
LeVelle Coley:
Skip Bayless: “The playoffs start now for your lakers, They have the 3pt numbers. This isn’t your trailblazers you’re dealing with. I got the lakers in 7 games.” Okay skip 😂😂😂
Lakers will finish off Houston Sat nite
sholove Sholove
sholove Sholove:
Im old enough to remember waaaay back, 1 week ago when EVERYBODY said the Rockets will sweep the Lakers...... AFTER JUST ONE GAME! Wow look how fast these times have gone
Reina Consejo
Reina Consejo:
that rondo layup with no one anywhere near 6 ft on him was all you need to see about the rockets defense
Eden Perez
Eden Perez:
I bet the rockets feel confident after this game, they been saying that after each game so far.
John Pestano
John Pestano:
Rockets going home small ball lineup does not win titles ugly game for Harden.
Cornell Cannon
Cornell Cannon:
I'm so tired of the anti-Lakers bias. Before each series began, the media labeled POR/HOU real threats to upset the Lakers. But the media flipped to trashing both teams after the Lakers went up 3-1 in the series. Instead of trashing the teams they hyped up, the media should give the Lakers their due credit as a genuine championship favorite.
Ninth Symphony
Ninth Symphony:
James "Free-Throws" Harden
Jose Saavedra
Jose Saavedra:
Shot 40 FTs and harden shot more FTs more than the Lakers as a team and still lost lmao get em outta here coach
Caruso scores 81pt game
shaq: I've seen it before
BrandonDetroitfan Michaels
BrandonDetroitfan Michaels:
"The Lakers are desperate."
Remember When The Rockets Beat The Lakers In Game 1 And They Said The Rockets Is Not The Blazers But Look😂😂 And One More Thing Where You Rockets Fans At I thought It Was Gonna Be A Sweep
Love how harden had 20 free throw attempts and 21 points....
Shmurda Hat
Shmurda Hat:
Lakers vs Clippers coming soon. Can't wait for that. We need it in times like this 😔
Vivek Vishwanath
Vivek Vishwanath:
Harden will never win a ring.
"CoNfIdEnCe Is SkYrOcKetInG"

EL-Nino Spanish Raging Bull
EL-Nino Spanish Raging Bull:
LBJ, Rondo and AD out-rebounded the whole Houston team?!
Lamar Scrotum
Lamar Scrotum:
Remember end of game 1 all that screaming and hollering Westbrook was doing? Dude was MAD confident then. But how about now after losing 3 in a row? 😂
Wow, this must be the first time since his Heat days that LeBron can only score 16 points but his team still wins in the playoffs. The cavs-trash would have been blown out
jfly kick
jfly kick:
I like how lebron doesnt care about stats. He just wants to win! If it was westbrook and he needed one more assist he would give up an open layup to pass the ball to get the assist.
¡El Electrico Dgr81!
¡El Electrico Dgr81!:
Lake show all the way
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen:
just hitting free throws won't win you any game...what an off day for Harden..
Manne Feroz
Manne Feroz:
The Lakers small ball line up still look like giants to the Rockets...good job coach Vogel, the D on James Harden is tight.
Prosper & Gamble P&G
Prosper & Gamble P&G:
Chuck slurring his words again lol “MONTEZ HARRL”
Steve Steve
Steve Steve:
Harden always goes missing. The least feared post season Superstar
Vangthy Memes
Vangthy Memes:
We already knew the Lakers and Clippers were gonna face against each other since the start of the season 😂
Damn, the rockets gonna lose their jobs
Skip tomorrow: "Caruso, my pizza delivery guy, saved lebron's career"
Tyrannosaurus Thunder
Tyrannosaurus Thunder:
Battle of LA in the Western Conference Finals, dawgs.
el stupido
el stupido:
How James harden got more free throw attempts than the entire lakers roster combined beats me.
16 Freethrows damn , Refs must chill
In a few years, we should have a 30/30 documentary about D’Antoni’s small ball legacy in Houston.
Luto Abe
Luto Abe:
Somebody notify me when the playoffs commence for this Laker team😴😴😴..cant be this easy😴
XHUNTERX 2.0 Channel
XHUNTERX 2.0 Channel:
Lebron James Deserves To Be The Season Mvp For Me He’s The Real Goat 🐐 For Me
Mr. Empty Pants
Mr. Empty Pants:
Mike "No D" Antoni epitomizes Rockets' debacle tonight. It's hard to win "small ball" with D. Imagine without?!
Lakers & Clippers are on a collision course and I’m just here impatiently waiting.
Laying The Foundation
Laying The Foundation:
James Harden 16 FT next level flopping and flailing around
BerZ3rker 360
BerZ3rker 360:
Without Harden's FTs, they lose by 30. That's the last adjustment the Lakers need to do (limit his FT attempts) and they will blow them out in the close out game
moes Gaudin
moes Gaudin:
😂😂pj getting beat on everynite
Johnathan Meeks
Johnathan Meeks:
Harden acts like he's never seen a double team before
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:
Bron and Bald mamba: 34 pts combined

Skip: mm hmm
Eden Perez
Eden Perez:
Come on shaq dont disrespect my man caruso like that.
O .nizzo
O .nizzo:
It's over for Houston
Houstons fire got sent to OKC for Westbrick.
Sandrea Smith
Sandrea Smith:
Pj is getting killed every night 🤔👀👀
Well, Lakers vs Clippers is definitely happening !
Maurice Hill
Maurice Hill:
Lakers vs Clippers 🍿 Let's go Lakers!
"PJ has gotten beat to death every night." - LMAO poor tucker..
Maurice B.
Maurice B.:
D’Antoni has been out coached again smh. Lakers made the necessary adjustments to shut them down. Houston’s bench needs overhauled starting with Austin Rivers.
Rahman Khan
Rahman Khan:
Coach D’Antoni needs to go, he’ll never make the finals with his style of play
david lambert
david lambert:
I nearly had a heart attack in the 4tg Qtr when i Lakers blew their lead and Rockets start catching up!
Jan Villa
Jan Villa:
“The Battle of L.A” coming soon..
Go Lakers
Zion Waaka
Zion Waaka:
“MOnTez” LOL
Tai Weaver
Tai Weaver:
“Montezz Harrell” 😂
The Lightning Thief
The Lightning Thief:
Live by the three...die by the three.
Guys I have one doubt? Is NBA rigging western conference for lal vs lac at western finals
Luis Tabares
Luis Tabares:
I’m happy Rondos playing phenomenal but when is Kuzma gonna assert himself as solid third option. I say trade him for a better spot up shooter or perimeter defender in the off season

We're really close to an EPIC Western Conference Finals matchup 🏆
C Bennett
C Bennett:
Lebron reminds me a lot of Floyd mayweather the way they both operate in their sport he always takes a game to figure them out just like mayweather takes a few rounds to figure his opponent out then when they have it figured out it’s all over
Imagine making the playoffs 8 years in a row yet never reaching the finals. Rockets have been choking for almost a decade
Jose Luiz
Jose Luiz:
I thought the Lakers were desperate, lmao 😂
Chuck 😂 “kaWHHHYYY”
Kai Liu Visual
Kai Liu Visual:
Damn lakers vs clipper will a be hot series.
Jiggly Juice
Jiggly Juice:
Im done being a rockets fan.
Im switching to the Mavs . Luka is not a playoff choker
Gym Leader Peasy
Gym Leader Peasy:
They keep disrespecting Caruso. Keep proving them wrong big guy
almighty carrio
almighty carrio:
Charles called pj a kid u know chuck old😭🤣🤣🤣
Mr. Fluffles
Mr. Fluffles:
When we gonna talk about Harden playing subpar this game
Keith Newland
Keith Newland:
When James Harden ain't winning he's selling
Alieu Camara
Alieu Camara:
Lakers on the way yeah baby 🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯💯💯💯
Kelvinator X
Kelvinator X:
Harden the MVP taking all the basket on the Free Throw line cos he's a brick boy again as usual.
Manuel F
Manuel F:
Chuck said what I've been saying about D'Antoni's system since Phoenix Suns' days. It won't work in playoffs.
Alexander Alcantara
Alexander Alcantara:
I love my rockets being from h-town and shit,but to keep it a buck the lakers are better at our own game.
sebastian z
sebastian z:
When Alex curso was scoring with ease in the first quarter I knew it was over, they miss house jr
It’s Always Showtime!!! 💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛
Son509 of God
Son509 of God:
Bye bye rocket 🚀 💨💨💨🌕LK3-1 it's a wrap 🤷🏾‍♂️🤫
Loseton Chokets
Ernie calling for Houston's fishing boat!!! LMAO!!!
The BIG 3 of TNT! (Ok, Shaq made them 4). Man, the day they‘ll have their last show is going to be very tough.
When my lakers beat the flippers in 6 they are automatically the world champs 🏆 no doubt no team in east beating us😤
General Guilt
General Guilt:
Welp, I guess D'antoni needs to tell his team to play with a sense of desperation now.
I like how EVERYBODY kept saying Lakers going have two game 7’s against Portland and Rockets 😂😂😂 and Look at you’ll now.
Chuck called PJ Tucker a "kid" when he's 35 years old lmfao
Nelson Belingheri
Nelson Belingheri:
james cold chest Harden and overrated Russell Westbrick, the "no" dynamic duo.
100 Dollar
100 Dollar:
Remember when the rockets had a chance? Me neither. How many times have we seen this movie w/ the rockets/dantoni?
Silver Bells
Silver Bells:
Charles...who is Montez Hawell?
Ernie’s laugh is a national treasure
Clifford Martin
Clifford Martin:
Rondo is KILLING! 🏀 🔥
Keion Garnett
Keion Garnett:
When watching the Rockets I really wonder if they have a head coach these guys literally attack the paint to only throw it out to someone on the perimeter for 3 what nonsense is that it is so predictable
Why Doesitmatter
Why Doesitmatter:
Charles Barkley explained it perfect
Jimmy Joaquin
Jimmy Joaquin:
We already know what James Harden do at the real moments
Grace's Life
Grace's Life:
I love LeBron James!,!!!