Inside Training: Thiago's scissor kick & loads of goals ahead of Norwich.

Watch all the action from the AXA training centre, where Jürgen Klopp's Reds warmed up for the first Premier League game of the season, at Carrow Road..

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This is what a pre-season looks like. They look fit and ready for the season. Let's go Reds!!! YNWA.
Jamil Uddin
Jamil Uddin:
Lads can't wait for the first match, let's hope we get no serious injuries this time round 🙏
Asem Awad
Asem Awad:
Matip: Exists
Virgil: that guy is a legend, he is a machine
Amaan muneeb Dean
Amaan muneeb Dean:
honestly all i can say is that we are looking amazing as a team moving forward, can't wait to see us back in action against norich, bring it on the reds!, lets hope we can get a result, and not to mention we are looking at are sharpest ngl, slick passing and goals as well.
Ong JunWei
Ong JunWei:
Miss that robbo's vibes. But this team seems great.
Feels like Sadio is going to have a monster season ahead. The rest this summer will have done him so real good with al the football he’s played over the last couple years.
Jerri Ehrler
Jerri Ehrler:
these are just the best, love the editing and camera work!
RJ Moon
RJ Moon:
So much positivity around the team. Love the guys, i hope they’ll have a great season
Abidur Rahman
Abidur Rahman:
Feel bad that Robbo can’t start the season for us, but if Tsimikas plays like he did in pre season, there should be no problems.🔴🔴🔴
Mane: "Take that one, and show it to the world"
He never fail to put a smile on this training vids
*This team has what it takes to win the league this season. Come on lads, BIG start Vs Norwich 💪🏽❤️*
Ebo Aboagye
Ebo Aboagye:
United fan here. Just watching your training videos just shows how intense your squad really can get. Even in training y'all play like it's a match. No slowing down. Right after loosing the ball they go again and again. You can hear the players panting a lot just high energy. Gotta love this squad.
We need the squad fit for most part of the season. Excited to see what young lads like Elliott and Owen Beck can bring to the team.
Woodburn also getting fit and match sharp is something to watch.
dahrny afian
dahrny afian:
You guys never fail to put smile on my face! Go lads! YNWA!!!
da JAG
da JAG:
When you see Bobby pressing.
"I won't even bother, just take the ball and put me out of misery." 🤣🤣
God_ YNWA:
Matip is such a complex and entertaining character, he is turning into a legend for both his skills and John Cleese traits 🤣
What a star.
the whole team is just one huge bromance, so full of energy, i can feel the vibes, the lads are taking everything this season
Dale Blanchard
Dale Blanchard:
We have missed a full team of available players like never before; great to see so many fighting fit and looking sharp. Can't wait, only 2 days to go! C'MON REDS!
Andrés da Silveira Stein
Andrés da Silveira Stein:
Bobby is the pressing machine. It's amazing how he gets those touches in the rondo.
Patrik Šurina
Patrik Šurina:
Love all these videos and LFC content! 😍👏 Let’s go Reds!!! 🔴👊
Randy Angel
Randy Angel:
7:27 Thiago’s reaction 😅
The Duck
The Duck:
Great to see players like Virgil, Sadio, and Bobby smiling again and looking sharp after a tough season last year 🔴😍
I love seeing Klopp just surveilling the pitch, like a thoughtful teacher, saying nothing. He did all his managing beforehand. <3
I can't wait to see Hendo, Fab and Thiago together, really hope the combination works out
Lane Williams
Lane Williams:
The team chemistry and bonding looks awesome. This will be the hidden weapon that we have over other teams 😊
Nate Walker
Nate Walker:
I'm so excited for the season, I can feel it this will be a successful one full of a lot of trophies!!!! LETS GO BOYS
Dio Brando
Dio Brando:
What a player,what a goals
Ryan Thomson
Ryan Thomson:
You’ve been brilliant in training… Minamino, Harvey lad, Tsmikas have been my standouts
Jose A. Lucas
Jose A. Lucas:
We're winning that title back lads. Despite Virgils absence and all our injuries, it's crazy to think but if we won those 6 home games that we lost , we actually win the title. Crazy to think that people have Chelsea and United ahead of us. Lmao. We're still the best team in the country when fully healthy
Seeing Mo without the beard feels weird😂The lads are looking in great shape.Hopefully,we can win a lot this season.Good luck for the opening game lads.With you all the way.YNWA❤
Bennett Ray
Bennett Ray:
we need more finishes like this from thiago - he can be a great goal scoring midfielder, just has to shoot more.
Antoine Wyss
Antoine Wyss:
Great team spirit. I believe they can win the EPL. Lots of pressure on the other "big" teams with their huge transfers and spending.
Mitch Walters
Mitch Walters:
omg i love the positive energy with this team! Wish Robbo was there but love seeing Virgil! Can't wait for Saturday!
Jaymin Bhatt
Jaymin Bhatt:
Love the team spirit , let everyone underestimate us ❤️❤️❤️
Jason Thrune
Jason Thrune:
Little glimpse of Klopp coaching Fab 🔥🔥 unfortunate we can’t see how he talks tactics with the players, would be mesmerizing
mothusi mashigo
mothusi mashigo:
I love this club with all my heart ♥ 😭 YNWA 🙌🏿
Seán G
Seán G:
man I love this squad!! we've never had a stronger one at the club ever!! 🔴
Dylansport 10
Dylansport 10:
Joel Matip is a LFC legend ⚽
Nathan Rodriguez
Nathan Rodriguez:
That scissor kick was disgusting 😳 🔥💪👏
Юлиян Първанов
Юлиян Първанов:
What was Sadio thinking 🤔😅
The boys showed great energy in this training 💪👊
Hamdanz Zainuddin
Hamdanz Zainuddin:
Love to see Salah if he can come back.. like his seconds seasons with Liverpool. With instinct and finishing'.. and the trios will be good'.
John Clark
John Clark:
Got to say it’s been great seeing these behind the scenes videos!
Hopefully Thiago can show us his magic tricks on the pitch this season 🎩
Thanesh Rao
Thanesh Rao:
The players look sharp and hopefully this season the best one again !! YNWA 🙌🏽
Andrew Gowing
Andrew Gowing:
It's a thing of beauty, seeing our three CB's fit and happy.
I’m super pumped to see the lads back. YNWA❤️
Anirban Paul
Anirban Paul:
the boys seem to be in the mood. looking forward to the opening game!
Andrés Irigoyen
Andrés Irigoyen:
6:22 class. Let's see it in a match 🔥
Berdine Jacobs
Berdine Jacobs:
Nice to see the team training hope they top this coming season
Mitch Kwo
Mitch Kwo:
3:20 matip always cracks me up
Love the way these videos are shot, it’s almost like you are there. Top stuff and looking sharp 👍🏼
K Dot
K Dot:
Good to see us practicing headers we get so many crosses into the box I think this will pay off
Del 75
Del 75:
It's great to see the boys training so sharply 👏🏾👏🏾 just dont show them to much shhhh 😁
Idopise Akpanudo
Idopise Akpanudo:
They all look so happy even when some know they wont have a chance to play much.. goodluck for the season.
Vamos por una nueva temporada ♥️🤘🏼 LETS GO REDS
R N:
With Allisson, VVD, Matip, Konate, Gomez and Fabinho we have some serious colossal figures at the back. Robbo and Trent will be crucial as always with their runs and assists. Hendo, Thiago, Naby, and Ox are all very good options in midfield, not to mention a big season ahead for young Elliot. Mane and Salah's importance goes without saying, and hopefully Bobby will go back to his best. Milly, Jota, Jones, etc are all decent options coming on to make an impact and for cover. Hopefully one or two more big additions, and we can fucking go for it all again. Everyone doubts Liverpool, but people forget the machine that Klopp has built and how bad the injuries were last season. Lets go boys.
The saves from the keepers were great and also RIP to the camera at the end
Abdinasir Mohamed
Abdinasir Mohamed:
I love the boss saying "we can not play outside all the time" that is why we are nowadyas predictable and vulberable to average clubs!

Sending balls to the wings throughout the 90minutes!!!!
Yonnel X
Yonnel X:
Mané took it personal at the end🤣
Holy Jebus
Holy Jebus:
They look ready now, buzzing for the weekend! Good luck lads!
Mate just cracks me up I hope he stays fit love the guy. Boss seeing Virgil back too I think the double Is in the bag
:Nnamdi-igwebike :maduka.
:Nnamdi-igwebike :maduka.:
I must say a very very intense session lol; almost ott however love the clear venom the shooters were showing to Karius ;)
Harry Witherspoon
Harry Witherspoon:
Matip: “hey why you laughing” man is a treasure 😂
Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger:
Insights like these make you proud to support Liverpool FC❤
Peter Hastings
Peter Hastings:
Fingers crossed for fewer injuries this season. The squad still has the talent and togetherness for great things. YNWA!
John Connick
John Connick:
This is a massive family and one I have supported for 50 years now. My gut tells me we will win the Premier League Title that is my opinion and with a full Anfield to roar us on is absolutely brilliant to have the 12th man back. YNWA
Chiko Moto
Chiko Moto:
Love my club ❤️
O.B.1 Slam
O.B.1 Slam:
This is the kind of content I love to see.
Mex Mexes
Mex Mexes:
These boys trained and play so hard, now we know why there are so many injuries.
Im so excited abt this season and I hope that Elliot gets some game tike in PL and UCL group stages🙏
Adam Otoole
Adam Otoole:
Hopefully they’re going to win this season
bergstrom oliver
bergstrom oliver:
WE ARE LIVERPOOL. WE WANT MORE. Liverpool FC, Never Give Up!
Looks like they are well rested and enjoying themselves it’s going to be a good season
Dogo Johny
Dogo Johny:
This season we hope the Liverpool players show other clubs what they are capable of, be it in the league or the Champions League. the funs are counting on you to bring the cup home
Vignesh Sathyamoorthy
Vignesh Sathyamoorthy:
Bobby keep won the ball twice, and the team is in great shape. Least concerned about the transfers after seeing the team had good pre season and in great shape
Reuben Rodrigues 07
Reuben Rodrigues 07:
Go reds
Let's start the season strongly.... 💯
Petar Munjiza
Petar Munjiza:
Be always positive like that,work hard,stay strong,be a team,and success will come,even if that's not a case,we will always love you.YNWA
Thiago season 2021/22 can't wait 🔥
They seem like they grew up together and lived in the the same house since they were young... VIBES
Noel Ong
Noel Ong:
4:28 is the reason why Bobby is the perfect false 9.
Rajkumar Rajkumar
Rajkumar Rajkumar:
Ending scene the coach kicking the balls... Wow😃❤️
Jordan Delurey
Jordan Delurey:
Sadio full of mischief like usual was not himself last season and there was none of this going on you can see he is ready and in good spirits ❤️👀
Like si te gustaria q pusieran subtitulos para la gente latina🥺
RHG Drive
RHG Drive:
the boys are all fired up 🔥, did i missed Adrian or he just not in the training? because AB,Celleher and karius is there
B M:
This season the come back will shock the world. 👑
Priyanka Aninditya
Priyanka Aninditya:
Team looks very sharp...we are ready for a new season
snatch muk
snatch muk:
All I'm watching are the Champions elect right there.
Cement there place as a great Liverpool team.
Anish Karki
Anish Karki:
Cant wait to see Thiago passes♥️♥️
Matthew Lawless
Matthew Lawless:
Seeing Bobby smile makes me smile 😁
Alishaan Soogun
Alishaan Soogun:
S. O
S. O:
The Premier league is back 🔥🔥
i cant help but smile everytime i see Mo smile.. its contagious lmaoo 3:16
Getting to see these behind the scenes makes me so happy
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid:
Love you lads. Let's wish for a better entertaining season.
John Odande
John Odande:
Naby Lad seems so ready for this season. Midfielder of the Season 2021/22. I called it first.
Even the trainers are ballers!
Joseph Bossman
Joseph Bossman:
The team is looking sharp!!! We win it all this season. 4 cups. You saw it here first!!!
Giovanni Fotis
Giovanni Fotis:
Seriously I would start with Minamino on the left he and Tsimakis were lethal together last game absolutely brilliant....I would give Virgil another break and start with Gomez and Konate at CB and midfield Fabinho Thiago and Chamberlain who ho put up an outstanding performance against Osasuna ..
My Side against Norwich
Jeff Zhang
Jeff Zhang:
5:39 Kelleher is a god
Mister Rools
Mister Rools:
Matip is class. He should be given his own TV show when he retires from football.