Inter 1-1 Juventus | The Derby d’Italia ends in a draw | Serie A 2021/22

Edin Dzeko puts the Nerazzurri in front but Dybala scores the equaliser from the penalty spot in the final stages of the game | Serie A 2021/22

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100+ komentarze:

Kelvin Mamba
Kelvin Mamba:
Dzeko never stop scoring……. Great striker ✊🏿⚽️
Silvio Ippolito
Silvio Ippolito:
2:55 That ball is not going in even after the whistle.
Goalies instinct 💯
Maki Ze
Maki Ze:
Dzeko 9 games 7 goals 1 assist 💪🇧🇦⚜️🔥
KIhairil Amirul Imran
KIhairil Amirul Imran:
12 games 8 goals and 3 assist. Edin Dzeko 💙🖤💙🖤
Gam A
Gam A:
As a Juve supporter I'm happy with the draw but have to admit it was a soft penalty.
That penalty is....astounding and amazing 🤪
Tepat Weji TV
Tepat Weji TV:
Last season : Cuadrado for penalty
This season : Sandro for penalty

great quality of highlights as always
Devil Driver
Devil Driver:
Juve in Italia : we have some close friend here
Juve in Champion League: we are alone there.. 😂
RPG Trident
RPG Trident:
That penalty call was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen but a draw was the result I wanted so all is well that ends well🔴⚫
Batery Voltas
Batery Voltas:
Dzekoo OLD but GOLD 🇧🇦
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich:
As a Milan fan, I am happy with this result and also with Napoli drawing against Roma.
Pawel Pablo
Pawel Pablo:
Mourinho,Spaletti,Inzaghi Coach takes more Red Card on this week like players in Serie A😁
Abbey Road
Abbey Road:
Lucky us, Allegri remember to bring penalty voucher before the match. 🤣🤣
As a neutral AC Milan fan, I think Inter were robbed of a win by that penalty .
Ref: Come on, give me something that I could award you a penalty for!
Ah, I think I saw a slight nudge there!
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava:
Great game for both teams 👏
Bobby Saputra
Bobby Saputra:
Beautiful of serie A. Juve and penalty
That penalty was questionable 😏
3:01 this is why we love chiellini!
Dinssy Bucks
Dinssy Bucks:
Juve is in another level with penalty gift, a shadow player, that's their own football. Unquestion for unfair game
Roulette & Sombrero
Roulette & Sombrero:
its JUVE, its always JUVENALTY
Penalty at injury time and final whistle while inter's barrage 🧐.. no wonder, its juve after all
Andry Yudha Pratama
Andry Yudha Pratama:
i'm Milanisti. but this penalty is..........😂😂😂
Muhammad Afif Harist
Muhammad Afif Harist:
Line Up


S. Handanovic 1 (GK)
M. Skriniar 37
S. de Vrij 6
A. Bastoni 95
M. Darmian 36
N. Barella 23
M. Brozovic 77
H. Calhanoglu 20
I. Perisic 14
E. Dzeko 9
L. Martinez 10


W. Szczesny 1 (GK)
Danilo 6
L. Bonucci 19
G. Chiellini 3
Alex Sandro 12
J. Cuadrado 11
M. Locatelli 27
W. McKennie 14
F. Bernardeschi 20
A. Morata 9
D. Kulusevski 44
Luz Ortiz Ortiz Becerra
Luz Ortiz Ortiz Becerra:
Dybala está recuperando su nivel😎💎
ihsan lubis
ihsan lubis:
No Penalty
No Party
😂 😂
0:29 Bastoni and Chiellini engage in a warm embrace. Italian defending at its finest.
La Joya 🙌🙌
Dr Mr
Dr Mr:
Edin Dzeko 🇧🇦💎
Bung 11
Bung 11:
All haill to Mr. Referee 👏
Irvan Rizal
Irvan Rizal:
Juve and controversial penalty. Classic serie A 😂😂
Goud_Gaming BO3
Goud_Gaming BO3:
forza napoli sempre💙
Dybala, the goat 🔥
Hakan's shot would have ended up in the 15th row lol
Frans Sihombing
Frans Sihombing:
This controversy of penalty given to Juve made Premiere League is more accountable than Seria A. And Seria A lost its viewers thanks to never ending calciogate.
Salah de Italiano
Salah de Italiano:
Even if that's a foul, Sandro was outside the penalty area!!!!!!!!
These referees are dragging Serie A into mud.

Edit: Some are saying his left foot is breathing the air over the line, so it's a penalty.
If that's the case, why do they count a goal only when the ball crosses the line completely???!!!!
Be realistic people. This shouldn't be a penalty.
Ahmad Faishol
Ahmad Faishol:
Now I want to see if Inter play again in Juventus Stadium and they commit a foul like this, will they get a penalty?🤣🤣
Dzeko on fire now 9 Games 7 Goals 1 Assist💪👍👍👍👍👍Worldclass Striker
Andyhermawan Hermawan
Andyhermawan Hermawan:
Inter is always in my heart, AQ fans from Indonesia
doire aintu
doire aintu:
0:29 Bastoni and Chiellini engage in a warm embrace. Italian defending at its finest.
Charlie Cell
Charlie Cell:
Like as always .not shocking decision again about a penalty. Forza Referee!!
Dafiq Azzubaid
Dafiq Azzubaid:
no pinalty no party
Pboy Udoye
Pboy Udoye:
Funny seeing the entire SERIE A Managers getting red cards 😂😂😂
Dhana's Vlog14
Dhana's Vlog14:
I hope inter can defeat Juve. But the result is draw. Forza Milan ❤️🖤
User Unknown
User Unknown:
Not the same without CR7
Adnan Hajdarpasic
Adnan Hajdarpasic:
Dzeko Legend
Sandeep Bhor
Sandeep Bhor:
How it can be a penalty 🤯🤯
Whatever happened to the "clear and obvious error" by the referee policy on VAR?
Jon Woods
Jon Woods:
I watched it as a neutral, with no passion for either club. But that "penalty" was disgusting refereeing and looked like an obvious, blatant attempt at saving Juve's blushes.
Uchan Uchon
Uchan Uchon:
Sangat sangat berkah gol Juventus..Luar biasa..
James La Rios
James La Rios:
The referee had to level it up somehow, it’s Juventus
Kuriakos Kaltaridis
Kuriakos Kaltaridis:
Very predictable last minute penalty...
orang depok
orang depok:
This highlight didnt clearly show you ref (Maurizio Mariani) already gave signal that the game still play on when that foul happened. Then VAR called and you know what happened. As far as i know, VAR can only be used when there is a clear foul and ref didnt see that. Why suddenly VAR can change ref decision? Edit: my bad, you can see what i am talking about around 1:23 minutes, its get cut so watch carefully
Mas Pay •16h ago
Mas Pay •16h ago:
Penalty??? King Of Calciopoli is back... Poor serie A...
Dybala 🔥🔥
Alem Hidic
Alem Hidic:
Hopefully Dzeko does the same for Bosnia and takes us to the World cup playoffs.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight:
Dzeko is very underrated striker. I feel pity for him ...
Adrián PP
Adrián PP:
Dzeko 🔥!!!
Mardian 1987
Mardian 1987:
La Juventus non può vincere senza un arbitro... La Juventus è figlio di un arbitro 😂😂

Forza Inter ⚫🔵🇲🇨
ARIS Munandar
ARIS Munandar:
What a crossbars from Calhanoglu
That penalty was a reach, smh 🤦🏻
H Atmarsono
H Atmarsono:
I am happy with the result.
Edo Truman
Edo Truman:
Edin Dzeko MVP
The Programming Noob
The Programming Noob:
Another week another ref controversy in Juventus favour.
Ludh Channel
Ludh Channel:
Clive Chama
Clive Chama:
You'd think the introduction of VAR would stop these soft penalties from being awarded.... It's only gone and made it worse
andreas bianconeri
andreas bianconeri:
DYBALA!!! 😎👍
Bobby Diggital
Bobby Diggital:
kako bi Džeko tek davao golove da je zaigro za AC Milan, klub za koji navija 🤪
Er Tian Hock
Er Tian Hock:
Right place, right time for edin..and also, ruin by such last min decision, which coach not angry... that is a v soft penalty to be said....
Nurchalis Abdi
Nurchalis Abdi:
Dzeko 🙌🏻
Best results for AC MILAN 🔴⚫
nice derby, 1 point
David Hadi Hasibuan
David Hadi Hasibuan:
David Parenti
David Parenti:
“Rigore per la Juve!” 😆 😆😆 pazzesco
I was really hoping Juventus would win.
Sci Modeler
Sci Modeler:
I am a Milan fan, but that shouldn't be a penalty. This season's referees were funny.
Dzeko ❤🇧🇦
Rogério Morais Silva
Rogério Morais Silva:
Oque ele deu nesse pênalti?
Ridho raka
Ridho raka:
Bobby Diggital
Bobby Diggital:
za juventus bas vrijedi ono "pomjeraju granice" 😂😂
Bruno Liegibastonliegi
Bruno Liegibastonliegi:
Last week with Roma, today with Inter. Juve is making sure to have referees on their side before every game. That's how they are avoiding relegation this year.
Ahmad Dasuki
Ahmad Dasuki:
Edin Dzeko👍
The Moravian Eagle
The Moravian Eagle:
Very soft penalty!
ofal adrian
ofal adrian:
I almost dissapointed with the referes, i really craving for penalty..
Dybala Awesome
bvb love
bvb love:
George Pokutniy
George Pokutniy:
Forza Milan!!!!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
0:29 Bastoni and Chiellini engage in a warm embrace. Italian defending at its finest.
mmpj twod
mmpj twod:
0:29 Bastoni and Chiellini engage in a warm embrace. Italian defending at its finest.
The GAME is here!
The GAME is here!:
What a game.
Don Deo22
Don Deo22:
Juventus and refree is a best friend 😁😁😁
Sugiyono Ono
Sugiyono Ono:
What can you do without penalty...? 😂
Ultras Inter Milan
Ultras Inter Milan:
Juventus... No pinalty no party 😂😂😂😂
I am subscribing to anyone who subs me
I am subscribing to anyone who subs me:
Both team's number 10 is Argentine🔥
Ya ven..., no jugó Arturo Vidal tampoco Alexis Sánchez Sin ellos pierden o empatan
faid Ali
faid Ali:
Dybala taking a penalty is so beautiful
Ismir Hasic
Ismir Hasic:
Nije sto je nas al je u posljednji deset godina jedan od najboljih napadaca
Da Nilo
Da Nilo:
Sempre Forza Juve⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫