Inter Milan head coach Antonio Conte's future in doubt over transfer dispute with owners

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Antonio Conte's future as Inter Milan head coach remains in question over downsizing being proposed by the club's owners.

The Serie A champions continue to talk with Conte about primarily financial decisions which could end up with him leaving the club a matter of weeks after guiding them to the title.

Chairman Steven Zhang has reportedly asked Conte to cut his wage bill by 15-20 per cent and potentially sell players worth up to £70m this summer.

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100+ komentarze:

Fan Site
Fan Site:
After what he's just achieved for Inter, the owners just need to shut their mouths, open up their ears and listen to whatever Conte says.. But then again, what good can we expect from someone who just turned their classic badge into a Volkswagen badge
sipho banda
sipho banda:
It's not that hard to win titles with Juve??????? The bloke is daft... Conte is the reason for juve's modern dynasty...... put some respect on his name
Conte knew the assignment at inter..and achieved it
Spurs fan here and if he’s leaving inter, because they won’t spend. He’ll fricken hate Spurs. He ain’t coming to us.
"it's not very hard to win titles with Juventus"

The thing is, it kind of was at that time. Juventus weren't winning and they were struggling, Conte created that dynasty that he himself destroyed.
bob stevens
bob stevens:
I would bet a whole Euro he isn't going to be the next Spurs manager.
AFC Cape Town  🇿🇦
AFC Cape Town 🇿🇦:
Zidane is leaving and the Madrid position is open for him
Mark Shrapnel
Mark Shrapnel:
That pause when he said Spurs after saying proven winner 😂
Md Rifat Ur Rahman
Md Rifat Ur Rahman:
This guy knows nothing about Serie A. Those 3 leagues with Juve were tremendous achievement. They won those 3 leagues after being relegated and Milan were powerhouse back then. He went unbeaten one season and 100 points another season.

He's the one who built the base for this Juve's modern dynasty
David Dee
David Dee:
Spurs need to calm down if they think he’s coming to them. If he’s having arguments with the inter owners then levy will make him walk away before the transfer window shuts.
sipho banda
sipho banda:
I'm starting to think Conte does this on purpose..... he leaves every club for the same reason
The owners clearly invested in bitcoin.
He should stay, if he leaves Inter will not be as strong
I guess the right thing to do would be to settle this in a boxing ring to raise some money. An Italian Vs a Chinese. Who wouldn't watch that!
Actu News Sport&Music
Actu News Sport&Music:
Wenger and Ferguson was successful because they stayed long term at their club. Modern football is Like: you won the League, thanks we want someonelse 🤭
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings:
If Conte - want pay rise,big signings
If Zidane - leaving cos Real wont spend
If Spurs - cant spend big
Conte going Real or Spurs - pundits,frauds?😂
Even spurs fan can agree with me he'll never join them
GSP Video
GSP Video:
If he does leave, mourinho would probably think if only he waited a few more weeks, he couldve gone back
A Ma
A Ma:
Not the first time Conte fighting with management and leaving after getting titles, and certainly not the last time
James Winny
James Winny:
Only in Serie A can a coach win the league and be told his salary is being slashed and he has to sell players
The Making De Moi
The Making De Moi:
What is the spurs philosophy; their "way of playing". Not winning?
sonof amun
sonof amun:
conte asked the chinese for N'golo they said no and by the way we selling Lukaku too
So his reason for leaving would basically be lack of spending and selling your best players and spurs think he'd go to them? What drugs is Levy smoking?
Danny Yousif
Danny Yousif:
There is no way he’d go to Spurs hahaha!!!
Inter broke their promises. They gave him guarantees when he signed, but have been struggling financially to back their words. Conte did his job.
The Protagonist
The Protagonist:
I want him to continue at inter inter Milan
Chelsea die hard
Chelsea die hard:
Yaa Conte is a great coach he can leave and join real Madrid
Saurabh Kharbanda
Saurabh Kharbanda:
Wonderful manager! I don't why he is so underated
Dani B.
Dani B.:
No wonder, they have 30 high pay players 😂
Baldino Salvador
Baldino Salvador:
If he leaves Inter, Mourinho will be kicking himself for taking that Roma job so quickly
Amir Hamza
Amir Hamza:
Inter even have a payment worth 43 million plus 3 million bonuses to pay for the purchase of LUKAKU from MAN UTD outstanding
Milan Butch
Milan Butch:
“Not that difficult to win titles at Juventus”?????? Typical English bias nonsense , did he know that juve finished 7th two years in a row before finishing first without major investment in the squad?!?!?!!??
Tarini Prasad Sahoo
Tarini Prasad Sahoo:
If he leaves he is definitely the manager of Real Madrid
arha gamer
arha gamer:
Respect for conte manger should always stand their ground cose they the onec who will get abused ashamed for not winning a game or trophy every single day
Luca De Gabriele
Luca De Gabriele:
Conte is leaving Inter It's Confirmed Official Announcement from Inter will happen shortly
Rob Tyman
Rob Tyman:
Maybe Nuno Espirito will be Inter's next manager?
Peter E
Peter E:
What is with Conte and falling out with clubs over transfers. He left Juve, Chelsea and now Inter because of transfers. Dude needs to chill, unless you work for PSG or Man City, you ain’t gonna get every player you want
Colonel Bagz
Colonel Bagz:
Since this was published, Conte has left the building. Wishing the ex united players good luck for the next season and CL.
I would love to see him at Tottenham
Luca Pierucci
Luca Pierucci:
Conte is a brilliant coach for 2/3 seasons, and then he combusts. I just don't think he would mesh well with this Spurs squad. Imagine him and Dele Alli, for example. I think he stays at Inter
Shane Ali
Shane Ali:
If United want the pl title need to act fast
Shotaro de Niet
Shotaro de Niet:
Why does this guy call Conte Con-tea :')
billy bob
billy bob:
Spurs should try to get both
n a
n a:
please come to barca we need you
Connor Jones
Connor Jones:
If conte goes to spurs Chelsea fans will rip into him everytime spurs and Chelsea play
Proven winner and _EPL-ready._ _Spurs_ could do with a man like him and he would probably relish the chance to kinda stick it to _Abramovich...._ ;-)
Can’t see him working with Levy!
Aar Em Jee
Aar Em Jee:
He's doing it all over again...
Classic Conte
George Bamete Jnr
George Bamete Jnr:
His gonna clash with levi for sure
david c
david c:
This always happens with conte 😂
Zakariah Borenyi
Zakariah Borenyi:
I remember when that ingrate Abramovich had him sacked after winning a trophy and Conte didn’t hold back at all. This is what I wish my team had a manager with balls!
Yash Raj Boodhoo
Yash Raj Boodhoo:
And Arteta still have a job
abdulrahim owino
abdulrahim owino:
If Conte leaves then there is going to be a mass exodus of players, to begin with Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez..
teto madiba
teto madiba:
Nicolas Pepe would thrive under Conte
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings:
Inter have Top Squad
Chelsea had Top Squad
Juve had Top Squad
Didnt need crying out for Big Money Signings.
Come to spurs we need help
E C:
Will take him at Arsenal anyday over arteta
brendan farrell
brendan farrell:
if you think conte will get along with Daniel Levy you're a fool!
who‘s this guy
conte is one of the best coaches in the world and probably the beat league coach in the world
respect him
Sharique Hammad
Sharique Hammad:
lol as a Chelsea fan i only have 2 words here

deja vu
Madhurjya Das
Madhurjya Das:
Idk why but I feel he could end up at Spurs. I don’t think he would care much about the London rivalry or fan pressure considering he left Chelsea on a bad note anyways.
Usman Ibrahim
Usman Ibrahim:
The title should be conte future is brighter in madrid
Conte just want to go to Juventus
Leprechauns helper obrien
Leprechauns helper obrien:
Spurs will struggle to get any manager let alone conte!
American Toff
American Toff:
Inter mIlan: "you need to shave $70mil off your budget"
Spurs: "you need to shave $700mil off your budget"
Connor Jones
Connor Jones:
Conte best bet to return to premier league is with wolves
Billy Boy Boxing
Billy Boy Boxing:
Spurs need someone like conte! He brings stardom to the club he brings some players from inter first of all!
Spaceli 88
Spaceli 88:
conte to arsenal pls kroenke
This Kaveh chap is like the Michael Owen of 'reporters'. Like listening to a text-to-speech of everything you've already read or seen regarding a football story 🤣
102-Vaibhav Sharma
102-Vaibhav Sharma:
Man utd should go for him, we need him
something better
something better:
Conte arsenal🙏
Jem McCaffrey
Jem McCaffrey:
He won't be going to Spurs. 🤣
I have never showered since
I have never showered since:
Welcome to Wolves
Pls don’t come to Tottenham
yoloswag420 911wasaninsidejob
yoloswag420 911wasaninsidejob:
I say, City swap strikers, and pay an amount for Lukaku, send Gabriel Jesus, and maybe some others. But I think Gabriel Jesus could benefit by being in the Serie A
The Four Fats
The Four Fats:
Romello Lucarkoo
Never trust China...
Henry Lazo
Henry Lazo:
Conté to Madrid
Markson Williams
Markson Williams:
Despite the current state of crypto currency I still made £15,000, I think investing now is major thing everybody should do now.
Spurs Savage
Spurs Savage:
no way hes coming to spurs, both hands will be tied behind his back...daniel levi?...not a chance
Vikramjeet Saran
Vikramjeet Saran:
Konte going to Juventus? Spuds wouldn't happen...
Ak Knight
Ak Knight:
He will be good for Barca they Cleary lack counterattacking skills.
What’s up with this guy winning a title & then being gone?
Yosep Ryan Agusta
Yosep Ryan Agusta:
See? Same story between him and Chelsea.
It doesn’t matter What your name is
It doesn’t matter What your name is:
Conte is ambitious. He wants to strength his team and go on and push on in the cl....
Billy Dolton
Billy Dolton:
@Sky Sports News - according to METRO Conte is being linked with the job at spurs ???
warren atherton
warren atherton:
Come to spurs get a payout bring erickson back 😂
Byrne Z
Byrne Z:
Just goes to show... when you get in the game of paying BIG wages... you need BIG investors. When you invite big investors into the sporting mix... they only look at it as an investment first and not a sport first. Especially when you invite investors from the US, China or middle-eastern "sports investment" world. Mark my words.... investors like this will be (if not already has been) the ruination of sports as we/fans know them.
J G:
Inter Milan’s owners are a disgrace to the club
Bimun Diengdoh
Bimun Diengdoh:
Conte to Arsenal
JohnyBe Cool
JohnyBe Cool:
He is going to Real. He told me that. Will be official in 3 weeks.
Tesla Porn
Tesla Porn:
I’m all for running a profitable business, but not for closing down the business
Timmy Nguyen
Timmy Nguyen:
I don’t know what’s worse for the owner of Inter Milan: letting go off Conte or dissolving Jiangsu FC, who was last years Chinese Super League champion.
Mixed Race 1980s
Mixed Race 1980s:
Mabe Conte to Spurs or United
Tshepang Ntshala
Tshepang Ntshala:
I honestly see him at Real Madrid 🤷‍♂️...I mean Zidane is leaving(I think).
Kaveh obviously haven't seen Juventus under Del Neri. Conte is the one responsible for starting Juve dynasty and ending it.
Rey Saturn
Rey Saturn:
I feel like he'll go to Barca if he leaves
Sahil Basera
Sahil Basera:
It's Conte not Conti dude.
Don Ole
Don Ole:
Hope he stays at inter
Callum Kent
Callum Kent:
He should come to Spurs since Levy has already said he wants to buy players this window like 2 cbs and a creative midfielder.