Inter Milan vs. Real Madrid reaction: Arturo Vidal's 'STUPID' red card costs Nerazzurri | ESPN FC

Real Madrid beat Inter Milan for the second consecutive time in UEFA Champions League group play as Antonio Conte's men have just two points in their first four matches. ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti, Craig Burley and Jurgen Klinsmann explain where things went wrong for Inter after another "deflating" performance against a Real Madrid side that was without Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema.

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Dinoco Blue
Dinoco Blue:
I swear every time Vidal is confident he just gets slammed like a truck 😂
Vidal is 33 but he acts immature on the pitch and makes a lot of bad decisions 😂😂
Prithwiraj Baidya
Prithwiraj Baidya:
Conte: I can go to war with Vidal..
Vidal: Starts fighting the Referee😆!
tevin stvalle
tevin stvalle:
Real Madrid always destroys Vidal
The Fourth Chairman
The Fourth Chairman:
Moral lesson:
Never say something stupid to the referee who has just yellow-carded you, especially when he has not put that yellow card back into his pocket
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
Vidal always does this. Good riddance.
Atif Saeed
Atif Saeed:
A very compact performance by Madrid considering all the major absentees. Vidal made life easier for Real by sending himself off stupidity. Don't blame the referee for this one Haters
Moreno with his Walmart special mic.
Did this guy think he can actually scare Anthony Taylor into giving him a penalty ? 😂😂😂
Real Madrid
Real Madrid:
Vidal will always be Real madrid pet
Alison Browne
Alison Browne:
I thought real made inter look like school boys today, absolute football! !
RAf S:
People really thought we would stoop down to Europa league levels
محمد خزر
محمد خزر:
Varane with a world class performance without Ramos. Where’s all the haters now? Varane wore the captains armband with pride!
Neptune's Daddy
Neptune's Daddy:
No-one mentioning how Real Madrid closed down Lukaku. Lukaku can't press the ball because of his size.
Here he is again
Here he is again:
Vidal is the kind of guy who goes to war before it even starts
thando mvimbi
thando mvimbi:
I still remember him after kicking the ground at Juventus amd demanded a penalty although he wasn't touched
мя xxx
мя xxx:
conte set up his own downfall at inter from the moment he chose vidal instead of tonali, the moment he picked gagliardini instead of developing sensi and the moment he asked for eriksen and not even using him properly. their midfield is the weak spot, no creativity offensively speaking, nor control with & off the ball and mediocre from the defensive point of view. you need a competent midfield for that kind of formation with 2 forwards up front. it's only a matter of time before conte gets the sack.
Paolo Cirino Pomicino
Paolo Cirino Pomicino:
Can't expect anything else from a guy who's 33 and has that haircut in 2020
A M:
Conte really doesn't know how to manage in the champions league.
Amiruz Fadhlan
Amiruz Fadhlan:
Vidal is probably the dumbest footballer out there at the moment. Everytime he opened his mouth, troubles came with it.
yky 565
yky 565:
I think what zidane has done in madrid is underappreciated. No valverde, casemiro & ramos but still we manage to see off inter with relative ease. Props to odegaard who has shined under the tough circumstances & proved his worth time & again. With new signings to be made i think we will be one of the formidable forces in Europe once again .Hala Madrid!!!!
Fury’s fists Number one
Fury’s fists Number one:
Even before the Vidal red card Inter wasn’t playing well
Tajay Watson
Tajay Watson:
Vidal inna him feelings 😂😂 excellent Madrid performance 🤍
Antonio Conte will be sacked at the end of the season.
He is just like a stupid kid who asks for everything.
Unique Javii
Unique Javii:
Real Madrid's best performance so far this season and they could've won about 5-0
Haris Asif
Haris Asif:
Inter have the talents like Sensi, Erikson on the bench at yet Conte decides to make silly selection, no real threat in midfield and no creativity
Amen Boughanmi
Amen Boughanmi:
It was simple Real Madrid started better from the beginning and having an aggressive moron like vidal in the team won't help you either even without the red card real has more shots more created chances, completely dominated possession and Inter was hanging on an individual play by lukaku or lutaro which didn't happen.
J walk
J walk:
Vidal always getting humiliated
Im surprised Moreno didnt blame inter loosing on Antoine Griezmann
Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma:
Varane was outstanding, deserved the captain armband
Thomas H.
Thomas H.:
As a Bayern-Fan I know how much of a liabilty Aturo Vidal can be for the team. Sometimes he acts just to emotional and immature, so that he costs his team a good result.
Brad Leiyman
Brad Leiyman:
We showed once again that we are the best team in the world, can’t wait to win out 14th ucl 🥰
I was waiting for Madrid to play a formation like this!! I think it better fits our current squad 👍🏾.
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed:
Inter should be performing better I mean for the money they've spent and the fact that conte is the highest paid coach in series A they've been disappointing
Ali Babar
Ali Babar:
Hazard was great today.
Thegreatyt 101
Thegreatyt 101:
I swear vidal is always diving against real Madrid remember 2017 😂
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar:
Classic vidal 😂
Senate Shakya
Senate Shakya:
Vidal then: Beast
Vidal today: Liability with a mohawk.
Anaheim Resident
Anaheim Resident:
I didn't understand any of the substitute decisions Conte made today. I bet Eriksson wishes he stayed at Spurs....
4:37 lmao gab is so funny XDD
I was surprised Eriksen was not started, quality player specially if they didn’t make much opportunity to score
lou velandia
lou velandia:
Loving that VinoTinto Jersey Alejandro Moreno has in the background 🇻🇪🇻🇪
paco ramon
paco ramon:
Another masterclass by Lord Lucas Vázquez.
Ivan_707 •
Ivan_707 •:
Conte needs to go has so much talent in that squad and they’re struggling
Wishva krish
Wishva krish:
Poor Vidal, he don’t know that conte planned to lose the game
Sosa110 Luis
Sosa110 Luis:
Madrid played some of the best football and hazard played good in the first half. Even though inter had a red you can’t say Madrid played bad or got lucky with with the red card.
Lukaku’s face summed up the signing vidal. smh
Little J.J.
Little J.J.:
Thank you Madrid you helped the 🎪 to make us laugh
fenton barriteau
fenton barriteau:
Conte should now be fired he's ill treated Ericsson to bring in the unruly Vidal ...... it was a very silly yellow card not to mention the red
Crossbreed Advance
Crossbreed Advance:
Zidane show conte how to use a sub teen to score🤣🤣🤣should have never use that line up
Milan contacting Citeh FFP lawyers as we speak🤣
3:55 “I’ll go to war with Vidal” ... war music soundtrack plays in the back ground, while “battle formation” is on the screen 🤣
Mr B0nk
Mr B0nk:
Maybe Vidal thought he still plays for Barca
Sherwyn Andrew Haqq
Sherwyn Andrew Haqq:
Liverpool though 😃
If im Conte i would never put vidal in my starter team ever again and kick him from klub
Sam Thelemarck
Sam Thelemarck:
Gotta love that Chilean !
didn’t he do this during barca v napoli last season too?
Mehrab Hasan
Mehrab Hasan:
Prashan Mathavan
Prashan Mathavan:
What a game from Real!
Don Quixote Jr.
Don Quixote Jr.:
Where's Nicol?
Kicks the ground yet again :D bahaha
Mainudo Movie Trailers
Mainudo Movie Trailers:
hala madrid glad for the win 🙏🙏🙏
Kenneth Shame
Kenneth Shame:
Yes!!! We are back boys, that’s what I’m talking about Real Madrid, we won 2-0, we are now second in the group stage table, come on let’s keep this going until the end Real, and Hazard finally scores in the Champions League for the first time, Great to see him score again, if we keep this going we’re gonna finish top of the group, come on let’s keep it going Real Madrid, Hala Madrid forever!!!!
Simoko James Phiri
Simoko James Phiri:
So glad Arturo Vidal is no longer a Barca player 😂
Udith Pandian
Udith Pandian:
Thank god barca released him😂😂
tavian mason
tavian mason:
J Solo
J Solo:
Vidal should go have another drink
Vasquez was brilliant I hope he keeps this level
liton rahman
liton rahman:
Vidal: once a juventino, always a juventino
Kevin Yusuf
Kevin Yusuf:
Well done Vidal; well done.. 👟😡
qasim sajjad
qasim sajjad:
Rodrygo’s goals was counted as a own goal form hakimi. What?
Smh Vidal was very unprofessional
Akash Mandal
Akash Mandal:
Vidal knows how to loose ur own team 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cedrick Narsiso
Cedrick Narsiso:
That's what happens when they call you "King" you think you are, and then reality hits.
Julio Diëgo
Julio Diëgo:
Vidal really needs to calm down. Anger management would do him some good. One day some big buff dude will knock him out. Him and Diego Costa need to chill.
Jose Lico Matozo
Jose Lico Matozo:
Joselico ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🔥🔥🔥🔥🌍👑🎥💪🏻
If inter wants to save the season they've to kick out Conte in January. That's all
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
173th comment hala madrid
The Kamal's
The Kamal's:
Lord "ULTRAMAN" 😂😂
1:55 q bella esa camisa venezolana😍🇻🇪 viva venezuela
Mono Singh
Mono Singh:
Vidal after his retirement may get to know that he gets more red cards than MOTM.
devil king maker
devil king maker:
Inter never the old inter
Inter always have a problem playing with urgency until its too late, so annoying.
Jayanth Sai
Jayanth Sai:
Vidal whatta joke 😂😂💩
Bryson Frank
Bryson Frank:
Ale Moreno with that can and string mic.
luka luka
luka luka:
5 red cards yesterday
Siddharth Vaz
Siddharth Vaz:
Conté once again prices incapable of doing even the bare minimum in Europe. He can't continue.
Mahin Adnan
Mahin Adnan:
In case you're wondering, Real would have beaten Inter easily with or without Vidal. It was a full control
I have never showered since
I have never showered since:
Inter seems to welcome all the problematic or rejected players lol
It's like I've said before. Long live Conte the Fraud!

Pushing Inter into further mediocrity with the huge contract for himself and his oldies! Can't wait for him to bad mouth the board again for not supporting him enough in the transfer market! 😂😂
Pandu Mahesh
Pandu Mahesh:
Barca DNA 😂
Glad to see after a LONG time real winning with autopilot mode in the second half. Agreed it was 11vs10 but still... something we haven’t seen real do lately.
Obi KWAB Kenobi
Obi KWAB Kenobi:
Ale with the Black Friday mic settings
thank god he left barca
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud:
Honestly after Mourinho finishes with spurs hopefully with some trophies he should come back to Inter cause Conte did well before...not now tho especially in UCL
Joe P
Joe P:
Conte is mostly to blame in the end. He brought Vidal to Inter who has been their worst player!
DJ Magz
DJ Magz:
Inter had 0.21 expected goals? Thats got to be wrong, they were favorites?
Andrés Felipee
Andrés Felipee:
Real Madrid is a joke!! 🤫🤫
crossXlines media pro
crossXlines media pro:
all the way inter regret buying Arturo