Jose Mourinho spoke to Spurs TV following Tottenham Hotspur's 1-0 Premier League defeat against Everton.

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Ao 2
Ao 2:
No pressing,no passion just pointless at this point 😑
The Punchable Face
The Punchable Face:
It was so dull, the AI crowd got up and left in the 75th minute.
Dier hasn’t proved himself to be in the starting 11 and why is dele getting subbed off at half time?
We were Terrible but to be honest Everton played a great game
Devian Shin
Devian Shin:
Dier has been shite since he was back last season and obviously doesn't deserve a position in the starting 11.
nikolai moeller
nikolai moeller:
I understand why Eriksen left, his shoulders must've hurt from all that carrying
This match shows how dependent we are on Lo Celso's creativity. Midfield always passing sideways and backwards until Ndombelé got on the pitch and made a few forward passes.
Get well soon Gio, we need you badly!
I look forward to Mourinho's second year.
Oscar W
Oscar W:
I personally think that TOT has turned from the most entertaining team to the most boring team of the league.
A A:
No pressure, no creativity, no determination
Brian Anthony
Brian Anthony:
When they refused to score, in the 1st half .. I knew what was coming 🤬
Jacob Sibcy
Jacob Sibcy:
Nice to see more people on here with sense than twitter. The players have let Mourinho down the last 9 months the same way they let Poch Down for around a year. Can’t always be the managers fault, we’ve got half a dozen players who shouldn’t be near our starting 11 in the 18.
Dough Boy
Dough Boy:
What do you expect? We buy mediocre players. When you have Arsenal Chelsea and everyone else around buying quality. You are going to struggle
Swarnangshu Ghosh
Swarnangshu Ghosh:
Mourinho never lost an opening Premier league game
Everton never beat Spurs in 7 years

2020: Hold my beer🍻🍺🤣
jase h
jase h:
Bet poch is pissin himself. Absolutely is dier at cb when Jan left on a free .unreal mr levy .gone back 10 years
Jeremy J
Jeremy J:
"That goal sort of clinched the win for Everton.. It was a decisive moment in the game really ". Saying this after a 1-0 win.. Well done, captain obvious!
Eric Dier can never be used... a defender who doesn't have too much speed. It cannot keep up with the opponent's attacker's speed.⚽️ ⏩🚀
Micheal Jackson
Micheal Jackson:
No creativity no passion slow tempo not the right tactics it was a disgusting performance but one we will learn from
Alan Koh
Alan Koh:
Dele Alli singing:”Sack in the morning “
Your dad
Your dad:
He’s magic you knowwwww Mauricio Pochettinoooooo
biniam mersha
biniam mersha:
Its time for Jose to retire from club management and may be take a național team job with less pressure....hes ideas are outdated
Hate trollers
Hate trollers:
When u have 4 defenders and 2 CDM , how many more players do u need at the back to defend? Son, Deli Ali and Lucas moura’s stamina was finished within the1st 30. Mins with all the tracking back and pressing and counterattacks. He has single handedly taken away all of son’s attacking threat . And Winks should Have been subbed way early. Shitty can’t play one forward pass the whole game.
Subbing Dele was a TERRIBLE idea and Stevie should have started at 1st half, Spurs schedule is very busy this month Jesus we need a miracle please for Tottenham
Tiago Ventura
Tiago Ventura:
To be honest that was a correct analysis. After the goal, Spurs where really lost in the game. None of the 3 changes made an impact. I think Jose sub Alli for Sissoko at half time for having Doherty attack more and have more freedom in playing, because he knows that Sissoko will cover up is attacking play and Doherty really was one of the best Spurs players in the first half. At the same time Lucas in the center of the midfield makes the attacking transition more unpredictable. Then it was really bad. Bergwjin didnt put velocity in attack, and the transitions whore off. Ndombele came very late at the game to make a difference. That goal really shows that Dier as a lot of work to do if he wants to be a great center back. Bad communication with his team mates and then he doenst win that ball, that allows that goal to happen. I think the only positives to take out of this game for Spurs was the nice right back that Doherty really is and the fact that Spurs made an 2 our 3 really nice quick transitions.
Shreyas Shetty
Shreyas Shetty:
You guys don't have a creative midfielder to create chances.
Alisher Rahimov
Alisher Rahimov:
This is the beginning of the end ;)
Dave Eastcott
Dave Eastcott:
It doesn't matter what players we buy. In this tactical system, under this fool, we can turn diamonds straight back into coal!
thought we looked acceptable before their goal. nothing amazing but certainly looking like doing something going forwards (gotta wonder why on earth son didn't pass to kane on that counterattack, awful decision really). but then it was the same old tottenham, soft underbelly, lost all tenacity at the first setback. we have lacked a winning mentality probably since the days of bill nich. poch built somewhat built that, but this match shows that the same old problems are there. it's time to grow up as a footbal club and play with backbone
barry sheg
barry sheg:
Mourinho always has the same problem gives no direction to his players but asks them to be tuff and hard
Kapilan S
Kapilan S:
United fan. I feel sorry for Jose, he was a top class manager but he’s declining. His personality and character is great. He’s a funny man too.
Bryan El
Bryan El:
Even Jose can't save them🤣🤣
noy dr
noy dr:
MOURINHO is failing in all his responsibilities as a Coach .
kcin kcin
kcin kcin:
Oh man,it's like man utd comments a year ago,resigned players ,no passion at all
Life of Big Worm
Life of Big Worm:
Looked scared and tired in the second half honestly
"All or nothing" I guess you'll have nothing then 🤣 you have nothing to say José ? 😆
Product Therapy
Product Therapy:
Jose, comeback to sky please.. we need your analysis :(
Scott P
Scott P:
I just think we didn’t look fit, we all no Kane takes few games to get going but bloody hell they all looked poor today, can only improve tho
But I think he’s losing deli alli how cud u take him off
Apt Map
Apt Map:
Can we just pay Mourinho 2/9 of his multi-million salary? His reactive tactics dictates his team would not play positive until after the 70th minute or fallen a goal down, and it is not getting us anywhere. Everton led us in possession, had double the shots and shots on goal before scoring that powerful header from a nice looking cross.
Petros Fernandes
Petros Fernandes:
Dier should not be in the first 11..and it is football it happens we learn from our mistakes..Ndombele should be in the first 11 keep on the good work mates.
dong inchon
dong inchon:
jose jose jose Mr. excuse !!! . When they win because jose!!! jose jose jose !!!
Only MC
Only MC:
Fair play to Everton ... but don't improve & fast we are in for another very long season.
unknown Unknown
unknown Unknown:
Everton was fantastic today
Red Molaric
Red Molaric:
Lmaoo maybe spend less time making documentaries and more time training xD London is Red!!
Crazy Diamond
Crazy Diamond:
Mou has lost his magic touch...
Cuma Ali Ucar
Cuma Ali Ucar:
I believe Jose is right, the players are not committing themselves to the cause. He lost the players' faith in their eyes. Winks, Kane, Dele all playing very dire.
Ao 2
Ao 2:
Done out here 🤦🏼‍♂️
I wanted to see aggressive and powerful football but just bus again
Mckillop Media
Mckillop Media:
Our new signings didn’t work the first match, we keep giving the ball away 😡
Rob Walker
Rob Walker:
Here we go again, same old same old.☹
Berkay Tüzel
Berkay Tüzel:
Honestly don't get how Dier is a professional football player, he seems like a random bloke just passing the ball around. The lack of composure is clearly still here, when Kane and Son aren't playing out of their goddamn minds, I can't see how we can even beat a mid-table team.
전술이 올드해요 감독님
It's your job to get the players fit in time for the first game mate! Did Everton have that problem as well?
Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best
Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best:
Only one thing to do...

Rakib Hassan
Rakib Hassan:
I just hope they will learn from the horrible performance
Edwin Osborne
Edwin Osborne:
Stay forever Jose! We have a new specialist 😂🤣😭
B34ST 420
B34ST 420:
Embarrassing game just embarrassing stuff we need a new center back and left back even a striker come on this losing culture needs to gtfo we need to do big things
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar:
Everton did good signings. Tottenham is waiting for relegation to sign good players. Sorry to say...This team will not win anything...
ski ski
ski ski:
골키퍼가 다 망쳤다
Deepan raj
Deepan raj:
First game of the season and Mourinho looks frustrated 🙄
Might be a hard season for him and spurs
George Partridge
George Partridge:
We need a miracle this season
Get Real
Get Real:
Final standing at the end of season 6 or 7 😆😆😆
Andrew Perry
Andrew Perry:
Can’t smile without them 🤗
Davies was awful. Almost all he did is lost the ball and back passed. Need to change him for someone better.
EiJi Lee
EiJi Lee:
After Dele got subbed off, the game slowed down like crazy! 1 goal down.. you bring on Sissoko?!? Attacker for defence?! At least bring on another attacker!
Gun BF
Gun BF:
Vaibhav RK
Vaibhav RK:
Tanganja we need you weedman ✌️
Zerox Gimang
Zerox Gimang:
Well Ledley king Will be Our manager At the end of the season
Billy Feraldy
Billy Feraldy:
Its happened again its happened again 🎶
Shanib S
Shanib S:
Absolutely correct. Players were awful today. P:S In my opinion, I think Everton had a better squad.
Mr V
Mr V:
End the season now 🤬
아픈주사는 빨리 맜는게 좋다! 첫경기니까 실망하지말고 토트넘 화이팅!
Paul Watts
Paul Watts:
We will never get anywhere with him we have gone backwards he is on the same level as jol ramos avb everything is backwards u can see it in the new defender we got coming from wolves to now going backwards he has got to go or he will be gone by Oct as we are a laughing stock and this not the gan8today the only think that kept in a job last season was no crowd's who would have let him know
Jay cee
Jay cee:
Mourinho out! Soon as we lost to Watford in pre season I knew this season was gonna be awful and son is fully wasted on the left, hes our best attackin threat in terms of pace and can play up top. Id rather see kane play behind son because in the first half the only player makin threatenin runs, was son plus if gio isnt goin to ndombele! Only player to pass forward because winks n hjolberg are basically the same player, dreadful performance topped up by terrible substitutions !
why so zoomed in lol?
ofc Pickford Turns into prime Lev Yashin
since eriksen has left we've been shit if you think about it
Nikhil Varghese
Nikhil Varghese:
We need SERIOUS investment in squad
This game was so shit to watch. Midway I resorted to watching tarot videos on YouTube out of sheer boredom...
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ:
Specialist in failure!😎
A Poison
A Poison:
Put Bergwijn in the starting 11
a show loving director
Joe Slipper
Joe Slipper:
why dier?
They would know who was the best players and boss. Too old strategy and insistency made the boys bind up into his trap.
Max Cookesup
Max Cookesup:
sign a couple of centre backs ffs
Stephen Adeniyi
Stephen Adeniyi:
It's becoming more apparent that Mr Mourinho is becoming very disillusioned!!!!
He was busy chasing Chelsea's shadows instead of concentrating on his team!!!
Henry H McAuley
Henry H McAuley:
No attacking .. where was the passion?
Corky Sortie
Corky Sortie:
Psg lost 1-0 to Marseille. Pick yourselves up, carry on.
#GoodbyeMourinho #MourinhoOUT 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋
Dick Truesay
Dick Truesay:
🤡 fc
Thet Htoo Naing
Thet Htoo Naing:
I believe in you Tottenham!
Don Lee
Don Lee:
Same shit different season! How we are still without a second striker and a Creative midfielder who can orchestrate and pass is beyond apprehension! I cringed each time I see Winsky doing a side or backwards pass! Time to move some players on!
Sl!lH- rOll
Sl!lH- rOll:
No creativity from midfielders buy some good midfielders
Anas Ali
Anas Ali:
joe asong
joe asong:
When you have a team that 3 years ago was at their peak with the likes of my cousin From Kenya Victor Wanyama (the power house), my friend from Belgium Mousa Dembele (the magician) and my Danish brother Erickson (the vision) all doing great and you try to replace them with the likes of Sissoko (the horse) and Eric Dier (adventurer), Harry winks and others, you are making a mistake that will take you years to overcome. A solid rebuild is evident. To succeed, spurs need solid and consistent players, hopefully Horberg can be one of those powerhouses. Tottenham midfield is shaky which does not do any job of helping the defense or attack. No link at all. You need a key in the midfield to unlock or win you games
Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur:
I hope Amazon buys us
sadettin kopek
sadettin kopek:
spurs done out here no passion no fight
Jo Boo
Jo Boo: