Jose Mourinho reacts to Tottenham Hotspur coming from 2-0 down to beat Olympiacos 4-2 and thus secure qualification to the UEFA Champions League last 16.

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JustAdreamer Forgood
JustAdreamer Forgood:
Many more people watching Spurs now just because of Joseeeeeee
Fadel Adam
Fadel Adam:
Mourinho strengthen tottenham's mentality and that's good
Tottenham Player at half time: Looks like we will lose sir
Mourinho : We don't do that here, anymore
This man's got me watching tottenham games like I'm a fan or something. 👍
Pochettino: "You noe, I am so appy wit my player."

Mourinho: "I want better!"
Warrior mentality, this is exactly what we needed #COYS!
Fiiqow Chanel Official
Fiiqow Chanel Official:
If you like Jose Mourinho 👍
Subbing Eric Dier after 30 mins was genius!
09Malik _
09Malik _:
You can tell he's changed his ways... I'm here for it. COYSSS
Moroccan Gamer
Moroccan Gamer:
Who else is watching spurs because of jose
The best manager with the best team.
Mou is one of those who can come up with Plan B or even C when time needs it 👌
Jose will break through at Tottenham like
Porto,inter milan.
Because the current tottenham's players have passion,faith,obey,serious attitude.
They're totally different with the current Manchester United Players.
Gabe V.
Gabe V.:
Spurs just grew a bigger set of balls with José’s presence.
The PidgeNet
The PidgeNet:
I have to admit I was annoyed after we went 2-0 down but at least we did it in the end 👍🏽
i watch everything about Tottenham the team i neve cared about because Of Jose, the Special one.
Kwasi Williams
Kwasi Williams:
Love the new tactics in the second half and good results..good job
Design layer
Design layer:
I'm a Manchester United fan from 2003! When aurier scored the 3rd goal, I somehow ended up celebrating!

Jose ♥️♥️♥️
lucas yu
lucas yu:
The special one
coys! My from south korea come on you spurs!
Spurs fan has increase lately because of you..THE SPECIAL ONE JOSEEE
fm One
fm One:
reporter: whether defeat in the Champions League final last season affected Tottenham's performance this season

Jose: I don't know, because I have never lost a Champions League final

Wherever Jose has gone he gave trophies. He has changed the entire mentality of spurs its like a lion mentality over there now and even if they lose it doesn't matter that kind of attitude.
This is what makes him The Special One. He is still far better in game reading and tactics than many others bcoz end of the day result matters.
Love from Die Hard Chelsea fan
Mirah 0894
Mirah 0894:
Mentality changed, tactics changed, that was amazing, may you have more winnings Spurs, may God bless you Byeol-Son and the rest of the team 😇😇😇😇
ali alasadi
ali alasadi:
Simply.. he put Tottenham on the map and made us supporting them. Love u Jose
Sports Info
Sports Info:
the league is already gone
hope we win ucl
like if u agree
Didi Setyawan
Didi Setyawan:
The diference between 1st half and 2nd half is amazing, pure tactic. 2 goal left behind and cameback with 4 goal. What a classs.
H A:
Mourinho will get Spurs 1 million subs
Lawak TV
Lawak TV:
Good job Jose Mourinho!!!
Supa Copper
Supa Copper:
The good thing about Mourinho is that he usually have different plan and tactic for different matches. Even though it might not working all the time, but to have alternative is better than stucked with one idea that is not working.
I need to hire the same mental coach as Jose.
Emmanuel Hernandez
Emmanuel Hernandez:
Someone give him something for his throat 😂 jk congrats on the win my fellow Spura and great job form Mourinho and the team and that BALL BOY don’t forget him
Omar SON
Omar SON:
SON was everywhere
Everywhere was SON
love you boy ❤️ 🙏💪
Andy Jang
Andy Jang:
Special thanks to special one
Vandal Cleaver
Vandal Cleaver:
Rooting for Spurs in their matches to soften the pain I feel for the state Man United is in. The positivity in Spurs is brilliant. If only things would change for my own club.
Anemone Star
Anemone Star:
Now im a fans of spurs since jose become the manager 😁
Fiiqow Chanel Official
Fiiqow Chanel Official:
Jose Mourinho
Angry Emu
Angry Emu:
Truly the special one <3
Tahmid Saleh Tennis Forum
Tahmid Saleh Tennis Forum:
Jose has me refreshing the Tottenham channel even though I don't support them! Special One ❤️
Ryan Karl
Ryan Karl:
What a Crazy Game! Mourinho's Magic happened again.
Lk Kim
Lk Kim:
Mourinho is a great manager
sharon terry
sharon terry:
Its so good to see a happy passionate mourinho. Love it. Totten were a different team 2nd half.
Jax Carter
Jax Carter:
Before Jose came: 719k subs

After Jose signed for spurs: 822k subs

This shows how Mourinho is a enormous boost for spurs
Mou magic! Respect 🙏 COYS!
Peter Dickinson
Peter Dickinson:
Our defence is as hard as a pair of fluffy pillows!!
Bagus Rizky
Bagus Rizky:
He's praising his players A LOT more than on his previous team
Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin
Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin:
It has been a good week and let's hope it continues. It feels so good to get that winning feeling back and everyone in high spirits again.
Last 16 of the Champions League - let the rollercoaster start again. I love this club 💙⚽️👏 #COYS #THFC #ChampionsLeague #JoseMourinho
Baca - Ck
Baca - Ck:
Am here for the first time because of Jose
Kendy Japri
Kendy Japri:
with team like this mou will win champions league, team with spirit and would die for him.
Rob Nti
Rob Nti:
Mourinho Magic @30min (sub) and players wake up... COYS 💪🏽...
Kudos to the Chairman.

We love Poch, but he made the right decision.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith:
If Jose treats his players and staff with respect he will do very well at Spurs
Mercurial Empire
Mercurial Empire:
This is the most exciting move I’ve seen this year I’ll be watching mourinho from tx! Greatest coach I’ve seen
Shawn Daluz
Shawn Daluz:
Jose! Great hire. I love Tottenham now!
N Michael
N Michael:
im a united fan and i'm here to tell you guys that your lucky having mourinho. man u messed up letting him go and now i'm stuck supporting united while watching tottenham games. More grease to your elbow Jose Mourinho
raynold bua
raynold bua:
since he got sacked from MU.. i lost passion watching PL.. now he is back.. bcome totentahm fanz by sudden 😅
偉案 prototype
偉案 prototype:
Through tactical stubbornness and odd team selection, we may have lost this game under Pochettino. I love Poch, and was saddened by his departure, but this positivity is a hint of what may come under Mourinho.. As surprising as it was, I think the correct decision was made to hire him.
Okay, this is amazing. I thought it was going to be a close game like last game but this, does put a smile on me.
herc2 Herc
herc2 Herc:
'Like' if you dont want the honeymoon to end....coys
Halef Helinay
Halef Helinay:
Dele alli 💪🔥💥⭐
deejay Peekay
deejay Peekay:
He obviously trains the ball boy as well!
El કામિલ
El કામિલ:
I feel somewhat he had too much pressure to cope with when he was at United. He was thrown in to a sinking ship. I sink he will do well at Spurs!
Armando Vazquez
Armando Vazquez:
I feel like mourinho has what Tottenham needed to be in the elite of soccer.
Avnish 57
Avnish 57:
Mourinho seems more relaxed at spurs than United
tamir adnani
tamir adnani:
The club strong and coach genius.
Augustine Teye
Augustine Teye:
I have become a great fan of Tottenham since the day José M took charge.
Wishing Tottenham well ♥️💞
Number one Jose mourinho
Obi_Wan Shinobi.34
Obi_Wan Shinobi.34:
Shut up Suraj
It's improving ever since Jose came but really really need to work on that defence...
Simpson Jessica
Simpson Jessica:
Congratulations on your incredible come back keep going and take care of
Our player Son kane and others
Aleksandar Nesic
Aleksandar Nesic:
Bravissimo Jose 🔥🔥🔥💪👌🏻🙌
Jose Fragozo
Jose Fragozo:
It feels so good to get that winning feeling back. Thank you Jose
Markan 93
Markan 93:
After seeing this video how many of you reading comments 😀 put one 👍
I KNOW it's early days but I really like this relaxed Jose. I think part of this might be that he is not in a pressure cooker environment, like he was in Chelsea V2.0 and at United: spotlight on his every move, all sorts micro examining his every move. The pressures's off for now, he has time to mould a pretty young team into what he wants, I liked very much Spurs legend Glenn Hoddle's comments in the post match analysis elsewhere in that the tactics have already changed, the ball being played up much more quickly to our best players. I stopped watching Spurs the last 3 seasons or so, their slowly slowly style really bored the pants off of me. I've been a fan since 1962, but I'll be watching again from now on: Jose has plan B and C and tries to make things happen.
Fine Boyofficial
Fine Boyofficial:
True.thses days am nolonger watching even my team spurs now..please morihnio prove them that you special one🤗🤗🤗
põpïtõ mïmösö
põpïtõ mïmösö:
Grande Mourinho força 💪
DG Jei
DG Jei:
Not perfect, but really good game.
Ronya Pondit
Ronya Pondit:
Tactical genius
Such a great manager!
Vascuuu 88
Vascuuu 88:
Grande Special One 😍! Daje Mister 😍, io credo in lei per la risalita del mio Tottenham!
is nothing
is nothing:
JOSE = trophy welcome back to the successful history of world football
Brenax Quiny
Brenax Quiny:
It's never over with Mourinho 💪💪
Canny Joe
Canny Joe:
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪 Jose
Polish Person
Polish Person:
Good words sir
I'm not a fan but I really like his media releases, good luck Special One
The Olymp
The Olymp:
We won the second half 3:0. What does that mean 3:0 but also 3 titles all the other managers 0. Respect respect
Tanveer Ahmed
Tanveer Ahmed:
I am watching Tottenham match ..
Just bcoz of Jose , but I am a barca fan but i also think that Jose is one of 5 best coaches in the world . Lucky spurs and Don't underrate Jose mourinho , if you lose him you won't get him back and you r Lucky you have Jose mourinho, not every club have mourinho and the big clubs are struggling now barca Real Psg Milan but you have the Jose .
Always remember that and respect the coach, he will respect the club . Hope Jose will come to barca one day but It's not easy bcoz of barca Board ❤💙
O A:
He’s changed so far I hope he won’t snap
Moroccan Gamer
Moroccan Gamer:
Tottenham needs a special one, here he is
Nadeem Mohammed
Nadeem Mohammed:
Pure class no matter how many times u knock him down always fights back an he is a winner lfc supporter but I hope he wins league title with spurs they deserve it
Fullmetal Alkami
Fullmetal Alkami:
1-0 I wasnt worried, 2-0 I was seriously concerned with the way we were playing I was Getting flashbacks of Bayern
I love spurs
Soy el primero en decir que el Tottenham ba a hacer un gran cambio con Mourinho 🤔🤔🤔
Zamizo Zamy
Zamizo Zamy:
Wherever jose goes i go😀
Lector Apia Antica
Lector Apia Antica:
Well done. It was an amazing match. Jose & the team deserve the victory.
redsnow angel
redsnow angel:
Son is good too
Lucas is also really good
Kane is above evaluation
Aurier did it well
Eliel Villa
Eliel Villa:
legendas in Portuguese ? No ?
Иисус Мануэль
Иисус Мануэль:
The best Dt 🔥