iPhone 12 Pro & AirTags Final Designs Leak, Apple Watch 6/SE & Touch ID iPad Air 4!

Last minute leaks before Apple's Time Flies event! iPhone 12 Pro hands on with real chassis, AirTags final design, 120Hz final decision, smaller notch on 5.4-in, Apple Watch 6, SE & iPad Air 4 to get Touch ID in power button!

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Final iPhone 12 Pro Max Leaks. https://youtu.be/aVyx51a1yCI

iPhone 12 Clone Unboxing.

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M a u r i c e
M a u r i c e:
If I payed attention in college like I did to his every word on here I’d be president
Shoaib Tantray
Shoaib Tantray:
Apple: "Here's iPhone 12"
Everything ApplePro: "Here are iPhone 13 leaks"
I'm gonna grab it to film my new YouTube vids, should be cool!
X Yodda
X Yodda:
Who else is tuning in to the event tomorrow 🙋🏻‍♂️
Danggggg they didn’t Announce the new IPhone 😢 whos here right after the live???
Cambo Fixing
Cambo Fixing:
see u soon for restoration iPhone 12
Help me get 1000 Subs with no videos
Help me get 1000 Subs with no videos:
For the 1% of y'all who see this have a blessed day and never lose hope
Austin Galvez
Austin Galvez:
My brain: iphone
My heart: samsung

My wallet: nokia
Israel Galivjan
Israel Galivjan:
The phone isn’t even released yet and we're already talking about it's restoration 😂
doliio volay
doliio volay:
I feel like samsung takes the risks and then apple perfects them lmao.
Who else is excited to see Apple prove all the leakers wrong as usual!?
1000 Subscribers With no Videos?
1000 Subscribers With no Videos?:
People in 2019: Stay away from people who are negative.
People in 2020: Stay awqy from people who are positive.
Fra Man
Fra Man:
Every other flagship “we have 90-120hz display”
Apple: “We dont do that here”
This is real dissapointment apple didnt have to make it 120hz, 90 is good too.
btw I wonder how comes no ones talking about how every influencer is using northfy to grow on yt and ig
After a whole month of saving money...I finally will be getting an iphone.

Goodbye Galaxy A20.
Asa Low 2023
Asa Low 2023:
Apple: “No iPhone this year guys”
You: 👁👄👁
These Eyes See Darkness Clearly
These Eyes See Darkness Clearly:
This is the third "final design leak" video you've done in a row
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
I feel like samsung takes the risks and then apple perfects them lmao.
Danny Boy
Danny Boy:
I feel like samsung takes the risks and then apple perfects them lmao.
Tanmay Ghodmare
Tanmay Ghodmare:
Let's hope that apple surprises everyone with a 'one more thing'
Revanth R
Revanth R:
I can't even afford to buy an iPhone 7 at it's latest price but still i clicked here.........
Eben Gollan
Eben Gollan:
YouTube is getting real comfortable with these double unskippable ads
John Peñaloza
John Peñaloza:
I wish the sides were matte brushed aluminum. Shiny metal easily shows scratches 😔
Russell Jennings
Russell Jennings:
Not happening till next year. YOU SAID THAT LAST YEAR AND THE YEAR BEFORE
Isaac Maldonado
Isaac Maldonado:
The real innovation this year's keynote was the absence of the iPhone itself
When you're trending on YT before Apple themselves
Y X:
Every year after iPhone event: Next iPhone is going to be crazy that has everything....

Gradually: A is dropped, B is delayed, C didn't make into production....

These leaks just hype everyone up and then disappoint everyone. iPhone was way better when there was no leaks....
Litch Lubke
Litch Lubke:
Just imagine the noise these apple tarts will make wen/if they finally lose the notch nd then for the next 5yrs they will work on under screen 📸 folding phones
Brad Morrison
Brad Morrison:
If I upgrade from my XS Max it’ll have to be to android. Cause upgrading to the 11 or even 12 won’t give me anything new 🤷🏻‍♂️
Diah winters
Diah winters:
“Giveaway” no one ever wins.
I'm interested when a new iphone gets released because you'll want to know the camera quality.
I already know i won’t be able to afford it lmao 😭
Ben Ryan
Ben Ryan:
Oh damn a whole extra number! It's almost like when you have a birthday and your age goes up but you're still the same person, but because you went up by one, you think you're different or special compared to yourself yesterday.
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Looks like my iPhone 11 pro
Camilo Angel
Camilo Angel:
Transparent display: “unclear how this may be useful” TOTALLY AGREE
John Havens
John Havens:
Apple event was the equivalent of adding a new color to the line up and calling it Series 6.
Aishwarya Bhardwaj
Aishwarya Bhardwaj:
for the “new” iPhone 12, Apple just said iPhone 11 Pro cameras and iPhone 5 body 👁👄👁
One Hit
One Hit:
can they even make a better design?!?! that sucks!!!
This dude gon leak the IPhone 13 when the IPhone 12 is just brand new 😂😂
There’s literally no point calling it “pro” if it won’t have 120hz pro motion. I really hope I’m wrong come tomorrow.
Such milquetoast pathetic "innovation" from a $2T company...
Donald Dew
Donald Dew:
See you after the event, it’ll be called the iPhone 11S
Yahya Hussein
Yahya Hussein:
Haven’t watched an actual apple event since I discovered you a few years back. Thanks for saving me so many hours.
Katelyn Hanson
Katelyn Hanson:
No 120hz... well I guess there is no light at the end of the 2020 tunnel...
*It’s all fun and games until Apple pulls a Lorax and starts selling Air*
I’ll be the first to review it 📱
BoW Skittlez
BoW Skittlez:
Watching this after the event and seeing all what was correctly predicted
Lil Drum
Lil Drum:
We’re literally being scammed every year 😑
Texas Made Born N Raised
Texas Made Born N Raised:
Third final leak video
Leaked videos: “this isn’t even my final form”
Ronan Cleary
Ronan Cleary:
I love watching these things knowing I can’t afford it
Ahmed M Hassan
Ahmed M Hassan:
Guys help!! i just woke up now, are we in 2019 or 2020? I didn't see a bit change
Payton Alan
Payton Alan:
Remember a time when you could watch YouTube without ads
Bell Icon: 1
Me: :o
Video FROM 5 DAYS AGO!!!
Youtube XDDDD whhhyyyy lmfao
kalem rhodriguez
kalem rhodriguez:
They sale the same phone with a different number at the end of it every year
john spina
john spina:
really REALLY hoping that they talk about the iphones tomorrow
Han Guangwen
Han Guangwen:
I remember the “leak” on iPhone 11 last year, and the final look is nothing like what’s “leaked”. N here we are watching the “leaks” for iPhone 12. LOL. Peace.
I hope everyone reading this will afford themselves an iPhone Someday :D
01 V
01 V:
That’s a sweet looking shirt I loved that album
Yessir 🔥
Arun Raj
Arun Raj:
Apple: ...and here’s the iPhone 12
Everythingapplepro: what’s up guys so surprisingly apple released iPhone 12
I spent 1h+ on watching the event no Iphone 12 bruhhhh the iphone 12 was the main reason why people was watching 😒😩
Basel AlTaweel
Basel AlTaweel:
To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine 🎵💨 My dream is to hit 6K I am struggling to get there 🥰💞...
Lina Massage
Lina Massage:
That random person,,,,""who liked my comments ♥️ I pray ♥️ may you and your parents live more than 💯 years
This event felt so short, and I miss hearing people’s applause, laugh, and cheer in the background
Day after iPhone 12 release: “Hey Guys!, New iPhone 13 leak!”

iPhone 12 Owners: 😑
Vincenzo Antonelli
Vincenzo Antonelli:
Didn’t know you were a G-Eazy fan 👌
Loving this wider video resolution!
For real who is leaking this information from Apple because they are dead on most time
Atul Nair
Atul Nair:
When the f*** will the iphone 12 come!
Shoot, that was my last quarter.
Shoot, that was my last quarter.:
I just got an iPhone 8+ today and I thought I was up to date 😭
Oscar Lopez
Oscar Lopez:
So basically it's just an iphone 11?. With a square case?
u now got the implications of naming ur YT channel.
Niven Bruster
Niven Bruster:
That licht blue mock up tho😍🔥
Darvyn M
Darvyn M:
Who else is tuning in to the event tomorrow 🙋🏻‍♂️
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink:
Anyone remember the iPhone having a 3.5” display
Arctic Velocity
Arctic Velocity:
the wallpaper though I need it
Aditya Nilangekar
Aditya Nilangekar:
Here after the Apple Event & the leaks were so damn accurate!
Benjamin Alvarado
Benjamin Alvarado:
Sushant Timilsina
Sushant Timilsina:
Let's hope that apple surprises everyone by announcing iphone 12.
Josiah Rose
Josiah Rose:
My iPhone XR has started recognizing my face with a mask on
Great G-eazy tee, loving it
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
Apple event was the equivalent of adding a new color to the line up and calling it Series 6.
jason torres
jason torres:
Great info am so excited for what’s coming
I'm more excited for the price drop when the 12 comes out 😂
Owee Go
Owee Go:
Many iPhones later...I still use a second hand iPhone 6splus 😂
Steph M
Steph M:
0:38 it’s really similar design principles than the iPhone 5, an aluminium chassis with glass glued on top of the back of it.
Ryan Melville
Ryan Melville:
Apple Event 🥰👊🏼
zig jack
zig jack:
waiting for it.so excited to see this beast
Me: _wants to watch apple event_
Schoolwork: *NO.*
It’s a big iPhone 4s 😂
I could care less about gen 2, when are you going to make cases for android?
I’m getting an IPhone 12 for my birthday.... hopefully it comes out....
Giovanni Torres
Giovanni Torres:
I need to upgrade I am currently on iPhone 7 😔😔
How many years of “buy next year, that’s where the features are gonna be” are we going to get?
Mastr Ji
Mastr Ji:
Thank god I bought the 11. It looks nearly the same
So there will be no pro feature in pro models 😂🤦🏼
watching a video on apple , and seeing ads of samsung in between ....and that too 3 times....blahh
its gonna be 3k and with 8 cameras im calling it before i watch
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez:
So like if I got my iPhone 11 with the upgrade thing in may I won’t be able to upgrade right? I got at&t
taedium vitae
taedium vitae:
Azmal Ahamed
Azmal Ahamed:
Love from manjeshwar,,, Kerala 😘 💋