IRI vs. POL - Highlights Week 5 | Men's VNL 2021

Enjoy the Highlights from the men's match between IRI and POL from Week 5 of the Men's VNL 2021 in Rimini (ITA). #BePartOftheGame #VNL21

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Volleyball World
Volleyball World:
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Muhammad Fasieh
Muhammad Fasieh:
The only 2 teams i support were against each other a great sight to watch❤️❤️❤️
Cleimison Silva
Cleimison Silva:
Incrível,mesmo sem seus principais jogadores a Polônia joga em alto nível.e consegue aplicar um 3 a 0 em um adversário perigoso.
Je-ian Szalpuk
Je-ian Szalpuk:
Poland team have a lot of players with a deadly and amazing services. My goodness
sakthivel sundarasan
sakthivel sundarasan:
Congratulations team Poland 🇵🇱
Srećko Lisinac
Srećko Lisinac:
Although I am a fan of the whole team of Poland, however, I'm also a bit of bias toward Bednorz. I'm so afraid he cannot make it through the final cut for Tokyo.
Paulina Foryś
Paulina Foryś:
Dear Iranian friends, thank you for the game. See you in Tokyo! Love from Poland 💖
I love the Polish team so much! ❤️🇵🇱
pa GH
pa GH:
Congratulations to poland from an Iranian 👏👏👏👏You played much more better👏👏
Bena Patrice
Bena Patrice:
Même sans Leon et Kurek, cette équipe de Pologne est très impressionnante !
t e vvv y
t e vvv y:
I Scream PL
I Scream PL:
I'm impressed by the commentator girl's pronunciation the Polish names! P.S.: well, maybe beside of "Kochanowski", but well done anyway. :D
Sogol Ziaei
Sogol Ziaei:
Even poland couldn’t believe the team that would always give its best and would make it hard for them to win, was playing that bad. Missing those days when iran actually PLAYED against them. When we were one of the most powerful teams. When teams like poland, brazil, france and.. would be scared of playing against us. Hope iran gets in good shape soon.
arnold darda
arnold darda:
Saadat play and approach and landing is like Ivan Zaytsev. ❤️❤️❤️
maria hlavacova
maria hlavacova:
Super Poland 🏐 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💯❤
IMHO, Iran’s main problem in this tournament is the coach, Alekno. I know he’s a big personality and has a great record, but he’s simply not suitable for Iran. He’s not made for weaker teams, and so when the team loses some points and is in serious need of support (timeout, encouragement, etc.), he gets mad and doesn’t care anymore. So instead of healing, I feel that he actually adds to the pressure and anxiety. These young Iranian players badly need someone who provides constant support and careful, measured guidance. That’s just my understanding.
Lorenzo Santana
Lorenzo Santana:
Poland so strong, greetings from Brazil😃
strawberry shortcake
strawberry shortcake:
"Szliwka", nie szalej tak 🤣 ale jebło xd 💓brawo chłopaki 👍
Mac_boonyonsak T
Mac_boonyonsak T:
Ehner Madini
Ehner Madini:
Poland the best... Miss u my idol Kurek❤️❤️❤️
Piotr Hryckiewicz
Piotr Hryckiewicz:
Hkoko Jika
Hkoko Jika:
Can't believe Iran lost easy from Poland....defence is bad... Alekno, why? Iran players is good but any problem with your strategi... go iran, get up
Michael Sajdak
Michael Sajdak:
I love Maciej Muzaj. He is so athletic but not as experienced as Kurek.
Expecto Patronuum
Expecto Patronuum:
Not the best game from both sides tbh. This Iran's coach is so harsh that I felt sorry for his players.
Ma Masi
Ma Masi:
Kubiak Nie płacz!! Iran polska 3-2 haaaha Tokyo 2021
Narodowa Duma
Narodowa Duma:
1:59 crazy!!
R Rajabi
R Rajabi:
I just wanna see faces of people who loved Esfandiar and wanted him to be in matches instead of Milad ! Esfandiar has terrible receives but Milad is one of the best receivers ..
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody:
Niezłą padakę zagraliśmy.
Tohar Kalsel
Tohar Kalsel:
Sorry in Indonesian Languages. Sukses buat tim Poland. Di final nanti akan ketemu Brasil tapi Poland yang menang. Amin.
Giji Abraham
Giji Abraham:
Iran playing too tight.
ali goli
ali goli:
we (iranian )are happy for good play by polish team.but are sad for our weak play by iranian team
My fvrt team Poland & Slovenia 🧡💛
Elay Army
Elay Army:
Iran ❤️
Why Iran why....😔that game.
Wiktor Miksa
Wiktor Miksa:
Fajny film
Tylko Polska
Zbyszek Lupikasza [PL]
Zbyszek Lupikasza [PL]:
If I were Iranians, I would change the coach. He thinks he's dealing with the Russians. Maybe the Russians love to be degraded by the authorities, but the Iranians have their dignity and such rudeness does not work on them. It's too late now, because the Olympics are in a month's time, but it won't bode well with such a "sergeant" leading the team.
Get up iran, just GET UP👊👊
Dariyush 35
Dariyush 35:
saeed skafild
saeed skafild:
Reza Yaghoobi
Reza Yaghoobi:
همه بچه های ما عالی هستند
از عملکرد اونها راضی هستیم فقط میلاد عبادی تو تور نقطه ضعف ما بود.
به امید روزی که ایران در لیگ جهانی اول بشه
Jean Tau
Jean Tau:
Is Leon wounded ? I don't see him so much in that tournament. If some one knows, thanks for answering !
Kubiak to lubi z nimi grać :)
t e vvv y
t e vvv y:
POLAND SLOVENIA RUSSIA BRAZIL are just Soooo Fasstttt🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀in Their ATTACKS!!!!!😲😲😲😲😲......😊😊
@5:47 say everything about this match
Archi Dembol
Archi Dembol:
We Remember Iran brother 4 live Poland
Kansas Arkansas
Kansas Arkansas:
coraz słabsze te mecze, widać, że to tylko trening przed Tokio, ciekawe czy chociaż w final 4 bardziej sie postarają
Cyrus The Persian
Cyrus The Persian:
Poland played with their 2nd team (without players like Leon or Kubiak) and still defeated us (Iran) decisively with ease. The volleyball federation is using the "We are preparing the team for the Olympics" line too often these days. That excuse does not justify the poor performance of Iran in the VNL. Alekno doesn't know our team well and his ideas and arrangement don't work for us. Unless he surprises us at the Olympics, he's been by far the worst coach we have had in over 12 years.
Mike Master
Mike Master:
PLEASE AND PLEASE do not bring this team and coach next year. Iran can do much better, This year with these players and coaches they were a disaster.
Arshia Ap
Arshia Ap:
Słaby mecz obu stron, ale wygrana jest - to najważniejsze.
Janusz Wilicki
Janusz Wilicki:
Coś to za łatwo poszło.
Sri Kumar P
Sri Kumar P:
Diego Moraes
Diego Moraes:
Alguém sabe o nome dessa narradora?
we need a new coach!! end of story..
Neelam senthil
Neelam senthil:
my favourite commentator is back.. 😀😀😀
Was it Iran? 🙄
Adolf Kitller
Adolf Kitller:
Probably Polish reserves cheered too loudly. The referee should not be allowed to judge matches.
Gomes R.
Gomes R.:
E não deu briga?
t e vvv y
t e vvv y:
I waNna✈✈✈✈Eastern Europa !!!😊😊😊😃😃😄😄👍👍👍💞
Cool &Calm
Cool &Calm:
Iran's defense and speed are so bad...
Monster Kubiak wrrr hańba i wstyd Polski! Do pionu dziada postawić! Albo jego kiedyś ustawią.
Sepehr Marani
Sepehr Marani:
Pobreng Hamugaway
Pobreng Hamugaway:
i ❤❤❤ iranian so handsome
Norman A
Norman A:
what happened at 6:10?
Jacek Purat
Jacek Purat:
I wish you would alternate the commentator, perhaps with some more diverse language skills
Just wondering, why is Leon not playing?
Rasoul Ghorbani
Rasoul Ghorbani:
Idom Name
Idom Name:
What happened Iran?
Barbara Jasek
Barbara Jasek:
hossein azarjam
hossein azarjam:
The alecno is the wrost coach in the world.we almost loosed. All the matchs.he can't prepare iranian team for olympic.he even is worser kooach.he knows nothing about vollyball
محمد نصیری
محمد نصیری:
بازیکنان والیبال مایع ننگ ایران وایرانی بودند .
recep akbalik
recep akbalik:
İran should shake themselves if not so this is not the way that should be according to the last year
arif yanar
arif yanar:
Kaczmarek, Semeniuk, Sliwka ı love Zaksa players. They are very strong players. And Leon 😅 Go Poland I sincerely believe that we will be champions. Your biggest competitor is Brazil. I support you from Turkey. Lots of love and greetings from Turkey! ♥️🇹🇷🇵🇱
Ben Sahar
Ben Sahar:
what a terrible game
senja de jurney
senja de jurney:
jojo 32
jojo 32:
Ora imbang blaassss
Chubby Manoj
Chubby Manoj:
Without Cuba men's team at Vnl 2021,personally it's embarrassing me,Cuba has devastating athletes than other nation has
NavidReza Bagheri
NavidReza Bagheri:
اسهالی گوجه ای
Muzaj i Bednorz out z kadry, tego się nie dało oglądać, oczy mi krwawiły....
Fun Videos
Fun Videos:
Poland is the second best volleyball team in the world. Iran is the 12th best volleyball team in the world.
Just a few days ago, Iran defeated the US which was the 4th best volleyball team in the world and caused a lot of Iranians to brag against Americans who found themselves defend-less and so blamed it for volleyball not being an American sport, otherwise they would have not got defeated against Iran. So Poland entered this game already knowing it has to help the West to gain its pride against Iran otherwise Iranians would mercilessly pick up on all the West afterwards…
Pedro Fonseca
Pedro Fonseca:
WALLACE IS THE FATHER OF POLAND. Poland can't win of Brazil. Poles have nightmares with Wallace.🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷