Iron Maiden – The Writing On The Wall (Official Video)

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Written by Smith / Dickinson

Across a painted desert lies a train of vagabonds
All that’s left of what we were it’s what we have become
Once our empires glorious but now the empire’s gone
The dead gave us the time to live and now our time is done

Now we are victorious we’ve become our slaves
A land of hope and glory building graveyards for the brave

Have you seen the writing on the wall
Have you seen that writing
Can you see the riders on the storm
Can you see them riding ~ can you see them riding

Holding on to jury is that all we ever know
Ignorance our judge and jury all we’ve got to show
From Hollywood to Babylon ~ holy war to kingdom come
On a trail of dust and ashes ~ when the burning sky is done
A tide of change is coming and that is what you fear
The earthquake is a coming but you don’t want to hear
You’re just too blind to see

Have you seen the writing on the wall
Have you seen that writing
Can you see the riders on the storm
Can you see them riding
Can you see them riding. . . Riding next to you

#IronMaiden #TheWritingOnTheWall #TWOTW

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This is why Iron Maiden is and always will be my favourite band in the world. They age like fine wine!
Barça for Life ¤
Barça for Life ¤:
I don't care what the haters have to say about Iron Maiden, their music got me through some tough shit in life. Iron Maiden is a blessing
Vaskee 287
Vaskee 287:
I am literally playing this song on repeat for the hole day. I'm not such a fan of heavy metal, but this is a masterpiece.
Tive a honra de ver essa banda tocar ontem em SP, sem dúvidas um verdadeiro espetáculo!!
And justice for all
And justice for all:
It's another masterpiece. One of so many Maiden have written. I first saw this band live in 1982 and have been a fan ever since, seeing them live 6 times. I'm now 57 and still listen to them regularly.
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
Iron Maiden still rocks all these years. I wish they could have bumped up Bruce Dickinson's voice in the mix a tad.
Sandy Bell
Sandy Bell:
I just heard this song for the first time today. Dam, this is a masterpiece of music 🎵. Wow, I was floored. They still rock hard after all these years. Love ❣️
Tony Ratai
Tony Ratai:
Without this band I'd be lost. No one will ever compare. Up the Irons!!!
uma das melhores animaçoes pra um clipe ja feito, simplesmente algo surreal, impecavel.
Gabriel Rodrigues
Gabriel Rodrigues:
Só uma música como essa pra me animar nesse dia difícil
How many bands can drop one of their best ever songs after 46 years together. Absolute legends
Seja feliz  ☺️
Seja feliz ☺️:
Maravilhoso, na minha idade só posso dizer que nem tudo na música está perdido, há uma luz que vem do Rock.
Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique:
Hoje eles tocam aqui em sp e eu vou muito ansioso pra ouvir essa ao vivo 😃
Raniere Feijo
Raniere Feijo:
O melhor dos melhores....
O clip é nota 10....
A animação é nota 1000...
Parabéns a todos os envolvidos...
Willian Souza
Willian Souza:
Nunca vou esquecer daquele 04/09/2022, o dia que pela primeira vez na minha vida fui no show do Iron Maiden, foi espetacular foi surreal um dos maiores sonhos realizado na minha vida, vai ser a primeira de muitas
This is awesome!🤘🏽🔥
Sensacional, simplesmente melhor clipe já feito do Maiden
Dylan Stringer
Dylan Stringer:
I'm a huge maiden fan and within the last year, this has become my favorite song by far, it is perfect, from the build up to the bridge the solo the lyrics everything, and the video just seals the deal, the four horsemen, the four Eddie's putting a violent stop to consumerism 🤟
Dana Martin
Dana Martin:
Me encanta como a través de los años la voz de Bruce ha ido madurando y cambiando. Siento que los discos también marcan esa trayectoria que tiene la banda. Los amo <3
Minecraft Is Love Minecraft Is Life
Minecraft Is Love Minecraft Is Life:
this music video is absolutely stunning! the song is amazing first of all. the animation is phenomenal. the camera swivels and colors are so great. i really enjoyed the story too. it would be great if this story was extended into a series with the same animation style.
Miguel de Lys
Miguel de Lys:
Love it! UP THE IRONS!
Chris Cook
Chris Cook:
Iron Maiden has always been and will always be the heartbeat of metal and hard rock!!
English Raven
English Raven:
Iron maiden fan since the apocalyptic of there best songs... video very apt for the dark times ..
Saw them last week for the first time in my life, in Sofia. Holy shit that was a surreal experience, one of the best concert I've ever been to
Alessandro Guiven
Alessandro Guiven:
Really cool that a music video doesn't necessarily need to show the band playing on it, or people in general. Animation could be as cool or even better than a common music video.
Anth Can
Anth Can:
I agree with Gene Simmons, it is disgusting that Maiden is not in the rock and roll hall of fame
Jimmy knight
Jimmy knight:
Iron Maiden , they keep cranking out one great album after another, since the 1980 self titled debut! . This is one of those rare bands who don't have single bad album in their discography! Up the irons!!!!!
Cara, top demais! A 30 anos apreciando e a cada dia mais eles nos surpreendem!! E além disso são pessoas incríveis!!
Stavros Drakopoulos
Stavros Drakopoulos:
I can't believe it's 1 year since this amazing song was released 😱
I love it still 🤘🤘🤘
Tim Cordileone
Tim Cordileone:
I just love this band. They just do not disappoint live or on record and have been on the soundtrack of my entire life, through good and bad times! I've seen them live at least 7 or 8 times and will again on October 27!
Yavuz SY
Yavuz SY:
I have been fighting cancer for last 7 months and needed morale to overcome this process. Nothing helped as much as this premiere. Hope to hear all the new album soon as well. Thank you Maiden!! 🤘🤘🤘

Edit: Blood brothers, I will go into surgery on November 8th. I believe I will defeat this and end this hell on earth with the prayers and best wishes of yours. I love you all. Up the Irons!! 🤘
Adrian Smith’s music writing is amazing.
Colin Gilman
Colin Gilman:
Those who think this is not true Maiden have not taken the time to seriously think about the underlying theme of their music and of course, their album mascot legend, Eddie. At it's deepest most level, Iron Maiden is for the very few who have the bravery and the brains to rebel against human nature. Just look at Eddie! It doesn't matter what time it is, death is always around the corner. Human nature will never change, no matter HOW MUCH TECHNOLOGY YOU THROW AT US.
Michael Schenck
Michael Schenck:
I feel that with so many languages represented in these comments, Iron Maiden connects universally. I am from the American South and enjoy the Southern vibe. What other band writes about history? Thank you Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson.
محمد سعيد الغامدي
محمد سعيد الغامدي:
One of the greatest solos I have ever heard
0:05 — Reference to Back Cover of 'The Number of the Beast' Album
0:09 — 'World Slavery' Tour Shirt 0:23 — 'Belshazzar’s Feast' Flyer
0:30 — 'Piece of Mind' Ring on Hooded Figure’s Hand
0:48 — Cart and Horses Pub, ‘Aces High’ Store
0:53 — 'Book of Souls' Ed Force One Airplane Wreckage
1:02 — Eddie Posters, "The Trooper" Union Jack Flag, Clockface Reads "2 Minutes to Midnight"
1:03 — Eddie on Toxic Waste Barrel + 'Twilight Zone' Eddie Beside Scorpion's Tail
1:08 — 17 Tally Marks on Motorcycle, Album No. 17 Approaching
1:22 — “Eddie Lives” on Barrel, 'Eddie’s Archive' Box Set Buried in the Ground
1:37 — 'No Prayer for the Dying' Tombstone, 'The Final Frontier' Space Helmet + Skull, 'Aces High' Goggles + Dog Tags
1:49 — Trooper Beer Cans, R101 Airship Wreck From “Empire of the Clouds” + ‘Sooty’ Bear
4:09 — Part of Cyborg Eddie From ‘Somewhere in Time’ Cover
4:23 — Samurai Eddie from Trooper Beer Sun and Steel
4:55 — Hatchet from ‘Killers’ Album Cover 4:57 — 'Dance of Death' Eddie
5:00 — Eddie With Scythe on ‘From Fear to Eternity/Dance of death?"
5:02 — Cyborg Eddie Again, From 'Somewhere in Time' Cover
5:09 — 'Powerslave' Eddie on Motorcycle 5:15 — 'The Book of Souls' Eddie
5:44 — 666 in Roman Numerals 6:05 — Mushroom Cloud From “2 Minutes to Midnight” Single Art

*_What's missing?_*
Diego M.B
Diego M.B:
I'm 19 years old and I've been listening to them since I was 8 years old simply iron maiden the best heavy metal band
Duh Tk
Duh Tk:
Man....this video, THISSS VIDEO IS PERFECT!!!! Perfect animation! Perfect music! Perfect Iron Maiden!!! Thank you guys for existing in our lives.
Ethan Alexander
Ethan Alexander:
Music like this from the Legends Iron Maiden make me glad metal can never die.
Олег Лаптев
Олег Лаптев:
Amazing! it's one of the best damn songs. It took me a while to get it, but now I'm just a fan of it! And of course, this post-apocalyptic clip is beyond praise. Eddie in samurai armor, killing baphomet, is incredibly cool) God save Iron Maiden!
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden:
We hope you enjoyed the Feast! #TheWritingOnTheWall
Joel T. Castro
Joel T. Castro:
Iron Maiden por siempre. Excelente canción.
Virgil Elliott
Virgil Elliott:
I love the animation!! I also love the song too but the animation is amazing and I give a lot of respect and love for the person/people who animated it
Banns Production
Banns Production:
Iron Maiden is forever young, they are the best in the Planet since i was hardly 12 yrs old till this moment and i am 39 now and they still rock every single beat.
Happy Birthday to this beautiful song. Thank you, Iron Maiden.
Mariana Parente
Mariana Parente:
É um privilégio existir nesse mundo na mesma época que o Iron Maiden. Só dá pra agradecer mesmo. ♥
I heard this song for the first time last week when they played in Budapest. The whole concert was amazing and Bruce sounded awesome!
I just love how they’re still capable of creating masterpieces after 47 years of the bands foundation as some other metal bands lose their “performance” over the years.
jose silva
jose silva:
02/09/2022, o melhor dia da minha vida... obrigado iron maiden - ROCK IN RIO 2022
The Hobo Sapiens
The Hobo Sapiens:
I love this band from Afraid To Shoot Strangers! But the quality of the fans is amazing! Keep your heads up brothers and sisters!
Níkolas Navarro
Níkolas Navarro:
I don't think these guys will ever have the slightest idea of how immesurably huge their impact has been on the lives of so many people. Thank you, Maiden! You are, and will always be, the be(a)st!
Atomic GrandPrix
Atomic GrandPrix:
simply the best metal band, from ever, forever
Maitesita XD
Maitesita XD:
Desde pequeña escucho Iron Maiden con mi tío, crecí hasta los 7 años yendo a verlo tocar en su banda estas canciones y en la casa igual, jamás dejaré esta música, realmente es una etapa muy importante y linda para mí del presente y la de mi infancia, Ya 12 años que la conozco y la adoro.
Wolf 627
Wolf 627:
This is what music videos need to be I hope there more to come
I love Iron Maiden and I’m not even 16 yet. Thanks Iron Maiden for making such good music!
Brian Hamilton
Brian Hamilton:
Bruce is a warrior!!!
Still singing even after throat cancer!
Still sounds better than 95% of music today! 👍🙏 🤘
Very good!!! Just an incredibly cool clip. Standing ovation. Хочется ещё!!!
Jack Smith
Jack Smith:
This video was the best blending of traditional and CG animation I've seen in a long time! Absolutely outstanding
Rogério Paulo Tenreiro
Rogério Paulo Tenreiro:
For me, another masterpiece of Maiden. Great song and album. Rock on 🤘🤘🤘🤘
SuperRed 444
SuperRed 444:
The guitar solos on this song are by far two of the best guitar solos ever written
Iron Maiden - Patrimônio cultural do Heavy Metal mundial
J C:
This has grown on me and the band are absolute gentlemen. I remember I used to save my pocket money so I could buy maiden albums 😊 forever legends.
axl styxcustoms
axl styxcustoms:
Iron Maiden will remain for me one of the greatest bands, I love this new album, with each new album you know how to renew yourself and offer the best. Respect...... Up the irons! 😉🤘
Peter Martens
Peter Martens:
Adrians solo in this song is one of the finest of his career
Christopher Woodward
Christopher Woodward:
Lots of bands make amazing guitar solos, but Iron Maiden are the masters. Easily the best guitar solo of 2021. Still going strong💪 after all these years boys. 💯👌👍👍
Panky MeVil
Panky MeVil:
Very powerful message for this idiotic world that we're living. Well done Iron Maiden.
BRABO DEMAIS, melhor clipe deles
By far the sickest music video I have seen in years. I LOVE IT! Whoever designed the Reaper at the end, absolutely stunning!
Lhaay Motta
Lhaay Motta:
Esse som é magnífico ♥️
Esse videoclipe deve ser sempre revisitado. Um clássico do Maiden. Up The Irons.
Bruce Dickinson is the epitome of a living legend.
The instrumental interlude is among the best music they have ever written...can't wait to listen to it live.
Mil Glauber
Mil Glauber:
Um clip com a magia resgatando o divino das mãos dos poderosos controladores... simplesmente sensacional! Up the Irons Forever!!! .\,,/
Pingu Camarada
Pingu Camarada:
Mesmo no dia de suas partidas seus nomes serão eternizados na História Do Rock 🤟🤘
CrisSkyTube :
When this came out I was like wow, this is a solid song with a great video! Now I’m like this isn’t solid, it’s absolutely amazing!
Isac Ferreira
Isac Ferreira:
Que presente magnífico em plena pandemia. Iron Maiden é um espetáculo
Pray Unceasingly
Pray Unceasingly:
This song is in my opinion prophetically applicable for our time, right now.
D. S
D. S:
whenever I listen to Iron Maiden I feel like i'm home
Deli Sánchez
Deli Sánchez:
Inspirador, me hace sentir tan poderosa, la amo...
Marcelo Belgradi
Marcelo Belgradi:
Que más decir de maiden... INCREÍBLE 🤘🏼💪🏼
Eisher Cherigo
Eisher Cherigo:
The world needs Iron Maiden in times likes these!
Rodrigo sousa
Rodrigo sousa:
top essa banda, lembro de ter começado a gostar de guitarra por causa dessa banda rs daquele álbum Rock in Rio
My Way Guanabara
My Way Guanabara:
Clipe espetacular.. Iron Maiden top
Li F
Li F:
Essa banda é foda!!✌
O arranjo de guitarra desse som é muito bom e que solo, clipe então nem se fala
This song will get better as u hear it more. Forty years later and they’re still better than the current bands of today.
Rita max
Rita max:
Great album thank you Iron Maiden for still making great music and not crap like everyone else
Łukasz Krawczyk
Łukasz Krawczyk:
Iron Maiden nigdy nie zginie 🖤🖤🖤🤘🤘🤘
mr. KАН
mr. KАН:
Классный мульт)),и неотразимая классика звучания настоящего рока от Iron Maiden с неподражаемым голосом Брюса Дикенсона!Супер!🤘🔥👍
tl fearofthedarkhun
tl fearofthedarkhun:
Iron maiden songs have helped me get through real tough times of my life. Currently facing a heartbreak kind of thing, and Iron Maiden is one of the treatments. Those "love" or "get over" songs actually make it worse for me lol - This is only band out of many that looks to be helping me get through. Many Maiden songs alleviate depression or depressing like feelings, bad mood, always cheer one up :) Thank you for creating such music.
Lila Litvin
Lila Litvin:
I can't believe that 40 years have passed and these guys keep on surpassing themselves. GO MAIDEN!
Tiago Henrique Gomes Machado
Tiago Henrique Gomes Machado:
Cara a melhor banda de rock de todos os seculos.
How can a band make me feel like I’m 19 again, even though I’m in my 50s! Maiden 4 life.
Bonfim Capoeira
Bonfim Capoeira:
Hoje 30/ 08 /2022 Iron Maiden está aqui em Ribeirão Preto SP Brasil não estou acreditando.
Helder Raphael
Helder Raphael:
Muito Foda !!!
Can't stop listening to this song on repeat. What an absolute masterpiece.
I first got into rock music after listening to Iron Maiden! And they kick ass! \m/
Maykel Filipe
Maykel Filipe:
A mensagem dessa música , me fez lembrar de um filme da década de 80 , tendo por título ELES VIVEM , inclusive o filme se inicia com essa mensagem em um muro ( parede ) .🇧🇷
Jamie Slack
Jamie Slack:
Up the Irons!!!!!!!! Greatest metal band of all time
Lucas Harris
Lucas Harris:
Thank you so much Iron Maiden. You have always been there for me, and show no signs of letting up. Peace on planet earth, friends!