"Is Alec Baldwin TAUNTING the Sheriff Investigating Him?"

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You said Helena a few times, I guess you mean Hilaria when talking about their social media pages right?
The only thing Alec And his wife should be saying and should have said from the beginning is how tragic and sad this situation is and how their thoughts and prayers go to Halyna and her family.
This whole awful and tragic incident is just an inconvenience to Baldwin, he doesn't care for Helyna, her family or anyone else but himself, if he had been allowed to continue filming you can guarantee, he'd have had another cinematographer on set the next day!
J W:
The man is a narcissist. You expected him to WORK with the Sheriff? No way. He will, with a warrant and 12 lawyers
Sandi Newton
Sandi Newton:
One thing I see over and over from Alec Baldwin’s words and actions, he’s incredibly disrespectful of others
Barry Brindle
Barry Brindle:
The real question is will celebrity status protect someone from a crime where your normal joe would already have been charged. The inescapable fact is that had Baldwin checked the gun when it was handed to him Hilyna would still be here with us. The first thing you are taught when learning to shoot is always check a gun which is handed to you!
Ziggy Pop
Ziggy Pop:
Baldwin is turning this into a circus, he should keep his trap shut and his Instagram off. Talk about adding insult to injury.
Joe Palooka
Joe Palooka:
There's many "Real Questions" on the Rust set: Yes, Number One--- how did the live round get on the set, and into the gun? But also--- why didn't the armorer do her job properly, and insure only dummy rounds were loaded? But also---- why did Alex Baldwin violate all gun safety standards and point the gun directly at Halyna? Why did Alex Baldwin pull the trigger back and release the hammer, which is the only way that kind of gun could have fired under the circumstances? Even if the gun had been loaded with blanks, firing directly at another person can also be dangerous and cause injury. Why did Alex Baldwin fire the gun when that was not in the script at all? Why did Alex Baldwin claim that he never knew Halyna and Joel had been shot "for nearly an hour after"----- when the immediate 911 call was for people "accidentally shot"? Why is Alex Baldwin lying and deliberately manipulating the facts when he publicly claimed "I never pulled the trigger". Many "Real Questions" to be answered!
Alec Baldwin is trying to spin the murder to shift blame away from himself.
Wypke Wypkema
Wypke Wypkema:
This should be called Alec Baldwin how to get away with murder
He is behaving as if he knows something we don't. I'm expecting him to be charged but I won't be surprised if he isn't because he hasn't. So far, this is falling in line with the countrywide effort to allow violent criminals to roam free. Women, children, parents and families are being destroyed. If he is the latest to get away with it, who is going to stop him if we won't stop the others?
Mino Mokwa
Mino Mokwa:
Thank you for your good content. He is 'up shit creek' this is why he distances him from everything & everything and he would love to say: NO I did not hold the gun. It was hovering in the air and then it went off. Distance as much as decently possible. But a charcterful man stands by his deeds & mistakes.
Rhonda Sisco-Cleveland
Rhonda Sisco-Cleveland:
I’ve been praying for him to use this trial to change himself into the man he should be. Everyone should be. This shouldn’t be a meaningless tragedy. “Pray for your enemies.” If He wants us to pray for our enemies, shouldn’t we pray for the lost?
True North
True North:
Alec has made far more publicity wise recently of a Splenda artificial sugar packet that was lost but now found than the life he directly he had in firing a gun (whether he thought it was a cold gun… he never bothered to check. In fact he himself you don’t point a gun at anyone. That is exactly what he did! A husband lost the love of his life and an 8 year old boy will never ever have his mommy hug and kiss him again!
It’s Alec’s biggest acting role yet
Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons:
The real question in my mind is;
“How many corners did the producers of this film cut? And was the team pushed into not being able to perform their duties properly/ safely because of the extra load? Reed should not have been props and armorer in a film that had so many guns in it. Halayna’s camera crew team walking out on her and the film speaks volumes to me
Another solid video that gets the old gears turning! Thanks bro!
The real question for me is: was this actually an accident?
One thing I noticed about the headlines right from the start is that they all said it was an accident. All of them. How could they possibly know that?
Not to be a conspiracy theorist but I really think something else is going on here.

Karen Carter
Karen Carter:
He loves the attention he is getting which is way more than from any movie role he ever played
Certain men key
Certain men key:
The ultimate question is: why were safety protocols ignored and unsafe practices allowed to proliferate on the set? After all, this tragedy could have easily been avoided.
Mark Simmons
Mark Simmons:
All the world's a stage, and the Baldwin twins don't have a clue, right from wrong even in a situation as serious as this. HOLLY WEIRD .
Sinclair Reed
Sinclair Reed:
90% of the people following them do it because it's like watching a train wreck,you want to look away,but just can't. They are complete jokes. No one is following them out of respect because their good quality people.
While Alec and Hilarious may have over 3M followers on Instagram, it only means there are that many people curious to see what they post. They are not necessarily supporters or admirers so influecing those 3M is a very, very long shot! I always think back to how he verballly trashed his 11y.o. daughter on that phone call. She says it's in the past and clearly she won't admit it but as a young child having her father say those horrible things to her has to have left emotional scars she will forever carry.
Amanda Negretè
Amanda Negretè:
Nick is extremely detail oriented and often the “devil is in the details”.

I agree with this observation and believe Baldwin has very intentionally been attempting to control the narrative.

I also believe Baldwin has been specifically taunting Matthew Hutchins.

Initially most of us would have described Baldwin’s words and actions as “tone deaf”.

While I certainly think that’s an accurate statement I believe it’s much deeper than that.

Baldwin has widowed a young man. The fact he finds it necessary to profess his love for Hilarious at every opportunity is disturbing.

“The only think that matters is my family” has become Baldwin’s “mantra”.

I am sure Matthew Hutchins felt the same way about his wife and family.

Baldwin knows Mr Hutchins is suffering and IMO he’s intentionally compounding the man’s grief.
Tom Parker
Tom Parker:
You asked what is the real question? Simple. What did AB know? When did he know it?Did he try to hide or change the facts? His strange online behavior suggests that he is not being honest and he is trying to influence public opinion.
Worker Droid
Worker Droid:
You asked what is the main issue here really….I think it is the minutes and moments before the fatal shot was fired. All the noise at the moment is about how did a live round get on set…that’s primarily because now Armourer Reid has filed suit against the gun and ammo supplier. My strong suspicion is that Reid’s fingerprints have already been identified on the case of the fired live round. It’s her best chance to deflect culpability for her loading it into the revolver. But the important evidence has not been disclosed yet by the Santa Fe authorities. Autopsy report, Ballistics examination report on the firearms/ammunition, and the technical examination of the revolver. The phone records may be able to focus on Baldwin’s knowledge prior and after the event. But I’m surprised there is so little focus on AD Halls and Baldwin’s actions immediately prior to the shot. All this talk about industry protocols and how the set was run, it’s really part of the safety requirements for any workplace that involves firearms. Absolute certainty and constant verification of the exact state of the firearms, AT ALL TIMES. Being and actor cannot discharge a duty of care in such a lethal close incident such as a close up of a firearm being pointed or discharged. Baldwin broke protocols for his set, production in two obvious ways that lead to the death and injury. He accepted a firearm from someone NOT the Armourer , and he pointed it directly at another person, a crew member. That is confirmed by Alec himself. He did not check the gun, nor did he pause at the absence of the Armourer on set. The tech report on the gun will establish any malfunction as claimed by Baldwin. Lastly he broke the unbreakable gun safety rules that exist on every range in every place, but I think most people are just making this film set out to be something special and unique, outside of mainstream firearms businesses. It is NO different. Film sets are like gun ranges that move, and pop up wherever the film needs it. The laws pertaining to conduct with firearms still apply, perhaps with Hollywood industry standards, if they actually enhance the safety. This set sounds like a very sloppy place. But, despite all the static, the reason for the death and injury are bracketed in the minutes prior to the fatal shot. Halls told Baldwin the gun was safe, and Baldwin let that be enough, AND THEN he shot two people. It’s pretty straightforward if you stop obsessing about Baldwin being a film actor.
Gray Jappe
Gray Jappe:
Certainly, he’s playing with them and trying to cloud and dissipate the real aspects and what he’s hiding. I think he’s trying seed doubt and confusion, but for me, it appears he’s hiding a few things. That’s evident on his reactions, like not handling in his phone, and the way he’s using social media.
Louise P
Louise P:
Baldwin is taking the attention away from the real question of why did this happen. Could someone have mixed up the ammo accidentally or messed with the gun.
Mark N
Mark N:
Is he taunting the police? Probably. Some of these posts illustrate a lack of remorse. Like the hand written sign ""Oh God, I'm dying....". What kind of sick person does that? This is playing out like a Columbo episode where the arrogant criminal believes they are smarter than the investigators.
What's the true question? It is bigger than just how did a live bullet get on set. I believe the question is what are the industry safety protocols and how did the Rust protocols differ from them along with why were breaking ANY protocols tolerated by the producers, and directors who have a moral responsibility to provide a safe environment for everyone working on the film. This needs to be prosecuted as gross negligence with a wilful disregard for firearm safety.
Noelle McGrath DePaula
Noelle McGrath DePaula:
Why are so many people interested in this case?
Why the proliferation of Alec Baldwin/RUST channels?
It's because the public wants to know the facts and wants to see if he will face justice, as they would in this circumstance, or not.
Yes, he is taunting the authorities.
And it's an outrage.
Thanks for keeping us so well informed.
Francine bw
Francine bw:
Wow for those old enough to remember it's like the guy in the Preppy murder case in NYC in the 80s holding up the barbie doll and choking it and imitating her voice, while his friend filmed it when he claimed he accidently killed his girlfriend , the sign Alec is holding up saying "iam dying" could have been Halyna's last words, it's absolutely chilling , edit to add: I don't think Alec did it intentionally just that this behavior from the wife and him is cold, selfish and bordering on sociopathic
There are several real questions, yes how on earth did live ammo get mixed up with dummy rounds ??? But also why was a real firearm used on set when replica blank firing firearms do the very same job ???
Sevi Regis
Sevi Regis:
Personally, I think he’s contemplating suicide. He didn’t think people would figure out that he shot her deliberately. The public is much smarter than he gambled on.
P Willy
P Willy:
One thing to notice in many of the aftermath photos is Alec on the phone but standing in front of & near deputy sheriffs who like flys on the wall are wearing “body worn cameras” & assuming they’re on, are recording everything.

It’s likely investigators will review that footage to hear Alec’s side of the conversation.

My contribution to the whatever it’s worth file!
The RealButcher (Peter from Holland)
The RealButcher (Peter from Holland):
Not calling her name is some kind of ignoring that person. I think he did have some kind of hatred towards her, just before this shooting. Maybe he was in a sort of angry-fit against her, because she was telling HIM (against HIM..oh no... ) what to do.
If he wants to make a distance between him and her, he would call her "she" or "her, lying on the ground" or even "that".. Not naming her by her name.
BTW, never heard that word "obfuscate"... I'll look it up. Yep, exactly.
Shoe Shoe
Shoe Shoe:
Why wouldn't Alec run to aid those two that fell and were bleeding? why would he walk out of the church? It's human nature to render aid is it not? Why would he just leave the building without checking on them?
Peggy Molloy
Peggy Molloy:
I am glad this is being taken seriously, thank you.
Fred Bear
Fred Bear:
The real question is when is Alec Baldwin going to be arrested?
Debra Rossi
Debra Rossi:
Alec and his brother Billy think they're above it all. They're both extremely angry people. I've seen there tweets. Someone passed away of lung cancer that they didn't like because of there politics. Alec and Billy were thrilled that he died a slow death. Alec doesn't have empathy, he's a bully.
Barry B
Barry B:
For me, there are currently 2 questions:
1) is it normal for an actor to hold onto a gun and not let the armorer examine it? I take it AB was wearing an ammo belt.
2) given the large number of rounds and gun fights, who decided that the armorer job could be done part-time? If they were getting other people to help load the guns, surely this would indicate that the armorer job needed to be full-time.
Leisa Stokes
Leisa Stokes:
Thank you Nick! The real question isn't how, it is why. Anyone can put a real bullet in their pocket. Real bullets are there because they have been target practicing and firing live rounds. That Colt .45 is not to blame, the man holding the smoking gun is! I think something sinister is happening, the Baldwin's attitudes about this tragedy is appalling! In a year, after the mourning is over, I hope Halayna's family can get some closure and satisfaction. 👍🤝👍
Conrad Brewer
Conrad Brewer:
We are seeing Alec Baldwin having a nervous breakdown in real time,no sympathy for the devil 👹👺
Water Dreamer
Water Dreamer:
I think that the real question is “what series of events led to Halyna’s death?” Where did the safety processes break down? I don’t think this is only about the live round.
Lisa Marie Ashby
Lisa Marie Ashby:
After hearing the episode regarding the T-shirts that showed up on the set, that belittled the crew, I am starting to believe that the main players in power, are just F**king assholes who should not be allowed in the business at all. AB, Dave Halls, and the other "directors, producers" are utterly to blame. And because of the inexperience of those handling the guns, they should never have been hired. Those who walked off were the fortunate ones! I have always said that "any disaster or tragedy that occurs in life does NOT CHANGE ANYONE!" "IT JUST SHOWS UP WHO THEY REALLY ARE!"
r2 pi
r2 pi:
“oh, god. please help me. i’m dying”
-- "no no, i didn't pull the trigger..."
Linda Garcia
Linda Garcia:
Bothers me that it seems like he was expecting the recoil when the gun fired. If his finger had not been on the trigger, I would have thought it would be hard to hang onto if not expecting it.
Go Jo
Go Jo:
Was there a motive for anyone to kill Halyna accidentally?
Sunny Exposure
Sunny Exposure:
I think Baldwin pointing the gun at Halyna was a kind of veiled unspoken message & threat: "Don't you dare think about leaving this film set and joining your friends who have just walked off in protest", and then to his shock and horror, the gun did go off and he killed her.
Went the Sheriffs first made a statement I believe they said there were over 500 live rounds on the set. Could you do a play back of their statement?
Ziggy Pop
Ziggy Pop:
its a pity the FBI can't put a freeze on Baldwin's travel. Tell him 'it's the Phone or Paris, you choose'.
Emma Evans
Emma Evans:
Compare the Balwins' response to tragedy with the Laundrie's. Is there a middle road that should be followed with respect to communication with the public and authorities? Stonewalling and hiding may have been the legal advice to the Laundrie parents. On the other extreme, telling his story in an attempt to sway public opinion is the approach that Baldwin is taking. This strategy worked in a recent case of the truck driver who lost control of his truck and was convicted of multiple counts of manslaughter resulting in a hundred plus year prison sentence. Because of the public outcry, the governor commuted the sentence to a decade.
Yes, the question is: How did a live round get on set?!
the real question is "why were deliberate protocols for safety ignored? - safety lessons/meetings ONLY armorer handing off gun... alec admitted it was the FIRST time he didn't take a gun from Reed... too rushed 2 follow protocol? seems priorities&values were money money money not life, limb & safety. life(Halyna)limb(Souza) safety = DEATH OF A MAGNIFICENT LIGHT OF A SOUL AMONG US- wife & mother _ talented cinemetographer "this is not good this is not good at all" Halyna Hutchins last words RING TRUE #GodBlessHalyna
Dan Runnheim
Dan Runnheim:
Baldwin's goin down. Instant end of career. He's been Trumped!

Great videos.
Michele Jashinsky
Michele Jashinsky:
Very much enjoy ur posts well researched thank you. I always learn something
Ziggy Pop
Ziggy Pop:
Baldwin is starting to emit a Don Wells vibe and mentality.
Astrin Ymris
Astrin Ymris:
I don't think Alec Baldwin is obligated to incriminate himself, or help law enforcement build a case against him. And it's pretty obvious that's where they're leaning. We may not like it, but that's the U. S. constitution.

Mind you, from the POV of not incriminating himself, the smartest thing Alec could do is shut the eff up and just refuse to comment publicly on the case on the grounds that there's an active investigation going on, and let his lawyers do their jobs. If he'd maintained that position, the story wouldn't still be at the top of the news cycle. If Alec goes down for this, it'll be because he couldn't stop trying to do perception management.
America The Beautiful
America The Beautiful:
I like your channel but saying someone should cooperate with a police investigation is bad advice.
A lot of innocent people who go to prison are there because they were innocent and tried to cooperate.
Colleen Belote
Colleen Belote:
Absolutely taunting the sheriff and The family of the slain Cinematographer. Aweful people those idiots the Alec and Hillary Baldwin. Sociopathic behavior from both.
Kirk Boswell
Kirk Boswell:
How live ammo got onto the set is certainly an important question, and it MUST be answered. HOWEVER, that's a distraction right now. Right now, we need to find out what charges Baldwin is going to face (and he had BETTER be charged). At the very, very least, he is guilty of manslaughter. But when we add the lead cameraman quitting and leaving the night before citing failure to follow safety protocols, and several crew members walking off set that morning citing failure to follow safety protocols, we have to think "felony manslaughter". If these conditions (failure to follow safety protocols), are shown to be accurate and ongoing, then we are looking at second degree murder. My vote is second degree.
I'm starting to suspect, though, that Baldwin had one of his well known rage spells because of the crew members walking off set that morning, and loaded what he thought was a blank. This would explain his otherwise incomprehensible comment that "he thought she fainted". Instead of the "click" that he SHOULD have expected, he got ear ringing noise and arm moving recoil. Where's the surprise? He thought she fainted...... because of the unexpected noise on HER part?
Baldwin is guilty. Period. Charge him.
Jon Hammer
Jon Hammer:
Well one way or another this heartless ego driven ..legend in his own minds.. day of reckoning is coming .
Is “who put in the live rounds” the only question to be answered? No. But I do think it’s the most important question, and that person should bear the most responsibility.
yes he "made a deal" & then tossed deal out window at his own whim. selfish selfish selfish
Heather Whatever
Heather Whatever:
It’s a sad circumstance and sadly one of the people involved can’t help but reveal his heart in the midst of this. I’m sure not saying he is a deeply caring individual.
Shoe Shoe
Shoe Shoe:
I read through Hannah's lawsuit last night, total word salad, experts in the field say it's frivolous and will be thrown out.
William Whittington
William Whittington:
Yes you are on target. It is a great snow job, and the DA needs to act.
Brenda Taylor
Brenda Taylor:
Alec Baldwin is trying to dismiss that he accidentally killed Haylena Hutchinson and wounded the other director.
I feel that Alec should give up his phone to authorities, so that they can settle this investigation 🔎.
But instead, Alec Baldwin is making it worse by running away from this tragedy.
They need to settle how the live round got into the gun and who put it in the chamber.
Allie Reesor
Allie Reesor:
I wince every time you call "Hilaria" "Helena" by mistake
Don Thursby
Don Thursby:
All my movies with Baldwin in them have been boxed with the OJ Simpson movies and moved to the garage. The box is labeled murderous actors.
Arrest the murderer. There are witnesses, evidence and a dead person. Do your job.
..Alec Baldwin drawing cartoons IS trying to make a mockery of the investigation. NOT surprising he was also sarcastic with making the T-Shirts about his own RUST crew too ! If I was an actor or director I would NOT want to work with Alec Baldwin ! Thanks for the upload.
My brain heard: "Hilarious" Instagram.
Now playing: "Roger, Roger. What's your vector, Victor?"
Mark Fuller
Mark Fuller:
At the end, you ask for input about "what is the real question?" I don't think it can be distilled down to one. There are many open questions:

1. What is considered standard practice on mid-budget, low-budget films? In what specific way did Rust fall below what's considered standard?

From what I can tell, there is no standard practice. There's SAG and "west coast filmmaker union" bulletins. But, my impression so far is that those ideals, not in practice (at least not at mid- to low-budget levels). Clooney & Gage have criticized Rust/Baldwin, but it was more from "this is how I do it." They didn't really say "article b, second 28 clearly states..." It still sounds like "protocols" are optional. Halyna's acceptance of what she witnessed supports this, right? (It sounds insensitive, blaming the victim. But, I'm saying it can't be overlooked as a clue about what's considered normal. Hollywood's overall silence is also a clue to me.

2. "Where did the live round come from?" A prior episode analyzed "call sheets" which showed live ammo was called for on half the days guns were called for.

I think there is a crucial question about what does "live ammo" mean in this context. Someone stated that it means "blanks" (so crew can bring ear plugs?). But, there is a video of an armorer saying live ammo isn't unusual on sets.[1] So, if blanks are called "live ammo" on call sheets, then what's live ammo called? :) Was live ammo really called for on half the filming days guns were? (Everything about Rust was about time constraints, "time is money." If the call sheets refer to real live ammo as often as they do, I think that coincides with "we don't have time/money for special effects. Just shoot the window out, get it on film, we're done!"). If the industry uses "live ammo" interchangeably for blanks, that would lead to mistakes. ("Oh, I thought you were talking about live, live ammo. Not just live ammo. Nor dummy ammo which looks like live, live ammo, but as harmless as live ammo, sometimes called blanks." You'd think someone would have realized a long time ago this doesn't work.).

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pppbhPGXuYE
Found in Florida
Found in Florida:
Excellent post! Spot on about AB’s behavior after shooting. Fewer people behave civilly these days. He should have given his phone to authorities, same as the other, equally important people (all) upon LE requests and “Social Influencing” pages taken down until after investigation. Maybe this unbelievable waste of a lovely, talented, smart, successful cinematographer, along with TCRS analysis, will set new precedents for safety & social media.
baldwins been in damage control since day one. hes just making himself look worse with every tweet.
Michael Langston
Michael Langston:
Now he will try to declare he cant get a fair trial because everybody knows about it because of social media
Shoe Shoe
Shoe Shoe:
I'm going with Serges version, he was there in the church and he's not motivated to lie.
Happy face
Happy face:
Lol. Give precedence to the investigation. Like how all that millions spent and they couldn't find Brian Laundry. No disrespect intended.
Jesse Whitt
Jesse Whitt:
He need a couple years in prison to get clean and sober and all the drugs out of his system.
Miss Salty Nuts
Miss Salty Nuts:
The Hollywood fixers must have covid. 🤪
Jesse Whitt
Jesse Whitt:
The real question is how do you shoot two people, kill one at work, and not get drug tested? The police officer on the scene should be terminated for incompetence.
William Gunnarsson
William Gunnarsson:
Everything points to Baldwin having murdered her intentionally. Someone remarked that he might be contemplating suicide. That would probably be the better choice for him. Halyna's father has received " permission " to travel from the the Ukraine to the the United States. So if our authorities don't deliver justice for Halyna, quite possibly family revenge or vigilante justice may be on it's way. From all that I've heard about such things emanating from Eastern Europe, he would be better off ending his own life, than enduring what could be a torturously slow and excruciatingly painful demise.
SBS man
SBS man:
Real question ~ who opened loading gate of Colt Replica holding live round in their grubby fingers placing inside cylinder closing loading gate then rotating bullet around to align with barrel when cocked ~ who??
the real question is why were on set protocols and most importantly firearms safety rules not followed on this set?
Zach Braxton
Zach Braxton:
The real question is did Alec know what he was doing
Katie P
Katie P:
You all got to know he’s crapping his pants… look at the wear on his face as of late. A thousand words.
Jon Mantooth
Jon Mantooth:
I bet he will never get a movie roll again he is done as an actor
Den Van
Den Van:
Alec Baldwin is not cooperating with the police so I guess it is, for him, back to normal life.
David Soderquist
David Soderquist:
Screen Actors Guild 65 page manual on safety says the following. “Treat all weapons as though they are loaded and/or ready to use. Do not point one at anyone, including yourself”………. This extremely sad event can be traced back to the non adherence of ONE very important rule. Alec said in his interview “ I would never point the gun at anyone and pull the trigger”. THAT is NOT the rule.
Chris Pyves
Chris Pyves:
Alec Baldwin is just demonstrating why members of his profession should stick to their scripts and not let their egos get the better of them.
𝕿𝖍𝖔𝖚𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝕮𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖑
𝕿𝖍𝖔𝖚𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝕮𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖑:
Holy Jesus. I SWEAR I thought this was just a meme going around twitter last night until this vid. lol
T Zero
T Zero:
You keep saying Helyna. But I'm sure you mean Hilaria. Helyna hasn't made any statements, obviously.
Colleen Kennedy
Colleen Kennedy:
They should stay off of social media it will backfire on him big time and he was worried about turning over his phone because he took 3 weeks to do it what u hiding baldwin
SBS man
SBS man:
Spiritual advice ~ hopefully he channels dead cinematographer telling him what for!
Wookie Step Brother
Wookie Step Brother:
If Hillary Clinton doesn't bail him out he's getting at least 5 years
Baldwin may have been making passes at haylena only to be rejected by haylena ! Maybe that was on his phone and maybe that is why he has been over board with all his remarks on how much he loves his wife . also it took two warrants to get his phone concerning a possible murder he is afraid if something!
Debra Kimbrough
Debra Kimbrough:
Well done.
Mark Knutson
Mark Knutson:
You spit on the sidewalk you wind up in jail unless you're Alex Baldwin
Timothy Drumm
Timothy Drumm:
Alec Baldwin is a natural to act/play the Frankenstein monster. Possibly he is writing the screenplay now, and scouting for filming locations.
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson:
My guess is he's gonna walk like Bill Cosby. Guilty but unpunished due to a technicality.
Sherman Kearns
Sherman Kearns:
He surrendered his phone to the Suffolk County NY Sherriffs department where I live .