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100+ komentarze:

Meet Kevin
Meet Kevin:
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Clark Lopez
Clark Lopez:
AMC is worth a buy. Honestly, I don’t want movie theaters to go by the wayside. I’m gonna hold as much as I can genuinely to help them recover. When they become profitable, I’m pulling out. That’s just me though.
We need to ENCOURAGE these new buyers, then AFTER THE SQUEEZE we can all brag about our earnings. We’re unintentionally giving the illusion that it’s too late for new buyers to get in, and we haven’t even taken off!!! #Chill #Encourage #Hold
AMC will, AND is changing so many lives. Happy for all the holders out there smiling :)
Just Me
Just Me:
This is not about fundamentals. This is about we the people finally getting our cut. That's the bottom line
The Foraging Peasant
The Foraging Peasant:
I'm a 100% disabled vet yolo'd our little savings slowly since February. Currently up 31k and I AINT FUCKING SELLING!
Sheep Watch
Sheep Watch:
This is not about AMC’s balance sheet’s about the FRAUD that runs this country! HEDGIES vs THE HONEST HARD WORKING “DUMB MONEY”
There will be a movie about this one day 🥲
Jessica Bronner
Jessica Bronner:
My biggest flex is currently sitting on a 525k (430k return ) 8648 shares ❤️🙏 waiting to buy a house and get out of the hood
George jeffrey
George jeffrey:
Investing in crypto currency now should be in every wise individuals list, in 2 to 3 years time, you will be estactic the decision you made today
one day they are going to make a movie about this and I will be watching it at AMC !! Can't wait
That Amateur Gaming Guy
That Amateur Gaming Guy:
Mudrick: " amc is overvalued, we're selling 8 million shares and getting out"
The market: (doubles in price the next day)
Ape army: "big oof there big fella" 😂
Ryan C
Ryan C:
Gotta admit, after GME and AMC’s first squeeze, months ago I never thought it would happen again. CERTAINLY not to past $20-30. Apes, I am so happy to be wrong. Get those MF tendies!
Gustavo Cruz-Velasquez
Gustavo Cruz-Velasquez:
That’s it, just by Kevin talking about AMC the volume will be crazy this week 🚀💎🦍
Parkat Plays
Parkat Plays:
I love how everyone just keeps trying to be technical when it’s proven ineffective in this situation again and again
Richard Arrighi
Richard Arrighi:

Charles Park
Charles Park:
Holding for the MOASS 💎🙌🦍
Pius Precious
Pius Precious:
I will strongly advice you against self trading, it's really dangerous and had
brought so many investors down, you need some one with the knowledge and strategies, someone dedicated to the crypto currency market buisness, and I will strongly recommend expert Mrs Sandra
Mason Shinrock
Mason Shinrock:
Honestly I dont think a big sell off will happen for a long time. These people are a different breed. They’d rather die than sell
Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson:
I want to buy my stepdad a truck. And pay off my moms house. 🙌🏾💎
William Kreth
William Kreth:
Everyone and their mum is talking about AMC it's amazing
Heath Wood
Heath Wood:
APE NATION!! We're not f***in leavin!! This is for my apes! I love you all and will hold until we all are loving our lives.
Baba Booey
Baba Booey:
The LONGER buyers 
HOLD their shares, 
the HIGHER the share price
as Shorts must cover those 
higher prices.
Marlon Sandoval
Marlon Sandoval:
Hey Kev, love the fact that you now say “we are ape nation” Welcome aboard!! And thanks for the exposure, the more the merrier!!
Danielle Goyette
Danielle Goyette:
I bought at 30ish this am when it first opened..I wish I bought more but, at least more then doubled my investment so far
Tyler Carriere
Tyler Carriere:
You see how the whole market started going up after AMC started rallying? I wonder why thats so? Maybe because hedges are liquidating their other shorts... 💁‍♂️
Elise Nicholson
Elise Nicholson:
Bring Trey Trades back on... millennial money didn't do their dd for AMC
Tim McNeill
Tim McNeill:
This whole movement is about apes holding for each other and setting the floor at 100,000 + .
Nick Porter
Nick Porter:
Repeat after me, “I will be more rich than meet Kevin even after taxes.”
James Sparkes
James Sparkes:
Loved hearing you say “Ape Nation” 🥃
Winston Nguyen
Winston Nguyen:
Olend Crabtree
Olend Crabtree:
When you took donations for buying amc, I’m pretty sure nobody expected you to sell puts. We expected you to buy shares and hodl like the rest of us but... the more you know I guess
Michael Welch
Michael Welch:
Damn. I literally saw it around $15 about 2 weeks ago.
EDM papi
EDM papi:
You know what’s funny, at the exact same time of the first halt on AMC, GME spiked up significantly and AMC dropped significantly. At the exact same moment. Something fishy is going on. Can you kindly explain to me why my portfolio bleeds as hell, cause some investors I read about were able to make $250k from their amc stock within 3 months 🤔
John Young Jr
John Young Jr:
I bought 39 shares of amc back when it was 17 dollars. I now have over 2 thousand dollars. It bout to be amazing.
Shaun Kiernan
Shaun Kiernan:
$70 a share will sound great when it goes to $140
Marc Gyver
Marc Gyver:
Somebody just bought the shit out of it in the last few minutes, got it back up to 68 flat
Guatemalan Dude 69
Guatemalan Dude 69:
For the first time in my life I have made 100k in one single year. Albeit I havent sold a single share in fact I’m buying more as it dips. One of the best days of my life so far. This isn’t over. Just the beginning
AMC will go up to 1k because there is a principle that has to be met. Expect this target to be reached by the beginning of July.
AMC will pass 1K when to squeezes. This is so exciting!
Once again the paper handers will grow, and so will the infinite ammo of my KILLER APES. 420k Minimum. NO LESS
Matts HI-C juicy box
Matts HI-C juicy box:
AMC changed my families life today and we haven't even begun!! LFG!! Join us @ meet Kevin this is the way!!
619 Car Bois
619 Car Bois:
I feel bad for everyone who sold at 20 because Kevin scared them
Paul Cox
Paul Cox:
maybe you should go watch Trey's interview with Adam Aaron and you might realize AMC is a lot more profitable than you think.
Marc Gyver
Marc Gyver:
Sundial $SNDL is over 50% shorted.
And the price is still going up.
Short squeeze imminent.
t twil
t twil:
$420? Gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.
I was literally sitting signing up for an investment platform just watching the price go up,up, up and up. It was torture. Ruined my week
John Torre
John Torre:
As Kevin once said “I’m not Effin leaving!”
Juliet John
Juliet John:
A S:
Once it reaches $100 it will fly!
xx Ana HC xx
xx Ana HC xx:
I bought 60 @62 today! These 🤲 are 💎 💎! Lets do this! HODL, we're stronger together!
It would make me so happy if this hits like $500 or more
Drew Cannon
Drew Cannon:
“Don’t sue me bro, it’s less than 1% of my portfolio.” The apes don’t like the puts and options. I think they want shares🤦‍♂️
Side Hustle Steven
Side Hustle Steven:
This is insane. Where’s my popcorn
I bought a put on Friday at $2.70 premium. I looked at it today. And it was $22. Damn!
The options market hits the market makers. Forcing them to buy shares to cover the options. Highest Call was raised to 120 today.
Mrs Jane
Mrs Jane:
Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Shorting stocks and crypto would not even be allowed.
Matty Jo
Matty Jo:
Should've just bought the straight shares Kev.
Darrell Reese
Darrell Reese:
So one thing I think I missed. You said you would buy AMC and hold it for a year and even show your position during live chats. Love your stuff man. But I dont think buying puts or calls is exactly the same. I may be wrong, but just my thoughts.
Marissa Daubenspeck
Marissa Daubenspeck:
The price is phycological that's all shorts must cover
Jeremiah Priest
Jeremiah Priest:
Another huge day tomorrow 🚀
anti - matter
anti - matter:
When this guy gets on the newest trend in the market, it usually fails the next day 😑
NOla Man
NOla Man:
Robinhood is going to be a tough spot soon. They will be in a same situation like they were in with GME but this time if they shut people out it could mess up their IPO. Hopefully they are securing funding now.
Ru405dy N/A
Ru405dy N/A:
Holding 921 shares... saw a big number I have never seen and still held! This is peanuts compared to what's to come 🚀🚀🦍🦍
Finanzas En Familia
Finanzas En Familia:
Even if amc got my vote
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly:
Imma wait till it hits 420, then I'll dive in!
FUD Packer
FUD Packer:
I think you just earned my vote! Good stuff!!!
Snickle Fritz
Snickle Fritz:
Uh, Meet Kevin, you can only call yourself an Ape if you own AMC. Don’t be a poser, bro.
A S:
We’re hodling till $100k it’s simple, even in market manipulation don’t get scared. None of us are selling! Hodl!
Sadia Ben
Sadia Ben:
I just made $15,000 last week Nice video by the way.
Brendan McCann
Brendan McCann:
*8 million shares were sold yesterday, not dollars – the dollar amount was closer to $250M.
Jeriah Eager Music
Jeriah Eager Music:
AMC has been the play for months and we Apes have been trying to tell all of you!! Glad some people are finally joining in the movement! 🦍🚀🦍🚀
Michael Rossi
Michael Rossi:
“Far more money has been lost by investors preparing for corrections, or trying to anticipate corrections, than has been lost in corrections themselves.” – Peter Lynch
Andyseous Odyssey
Andyseous Odyssey:
This stock options sounds like a damn Yugioh duel. Not so fast hedgies you sell I’ll buy , you buy I’ll sell.
Димитър Вутов
Димитър Вутов:
Love the transparency and all stats from your portfolio <3 Go apes!
David Sullivan
David Sullivan:
Love this guy already and I've only just came across him
Gary Briant
Gary Briant:
This guy is FOMO on so many levels, AMC gets him views.
@Meet Kevin, I’ve seen many videos to teach options and they were never as clear as your explanation in this video, thanks! Go vote for Meet Kevin!!
Da Jiang
Da Jiang:
Thanks Kevin for the heads up. Diamond hand here :) ape to the moon :) still love u and got ur hints . Also, I be voting for u ! U better win :) I’m following u for many years . Sorry , didn’t know how to donate but I find out soon enough .
Justin C
Justin C:
Bought my first shares in May 6th. It was probably the best timing of my life.
Howard Xu
Howard Xu:
“I’m investing Half a percent of 1 percent of my portfolio” isn’t that still half a percent? 😂
Kevin Lubben
Kevin Lubben:
From one Kevin to another, I want to vote for you but I don't live in your state. Apes strong together!
Remember dips are opportunists to BUY
Be prepared for some massive dips today!!!
Chris H
Chris H:
Thanks Kevin, your the best bro. Love the down to earth talk! I'm gonna hold strong!
Jamie mc
Jamie mc:
So your saying buy deep OTM Amc calls, gotcha :')
Mike Delisle
Mike Delisle:
I bought 1 6/4 73c option for $123 yesterday, sold it today for $1260, just over 10x, but boy the swings were wild this morning
Michael Coccia
Michael Coccia:
Whenever I get in, it’s always at the top. I may sit it out and be sad when it 1000x
Ghetto Badger
Ghetto Badger:
When an actual good company named Palantir doesn’t get the same attention as a meme stock
Victor Reyes
Victor Reyes:
Bought some amc during the game stop craze and it didnt do much so i sold it recently at 12 because it had gone down and finally made some profit so i cashed out. Needless to say im still kicking myself over it.
Who Me?
Who Me?:
Hedge funds buys “news” to be published also. Don’t forget that when you see those news articles.
So happy to see you finally using short puts. 😊
donna pham
donna pham:
Thanks for sharing your analysis…..
Cortez Harris
Cortez Harris:
Just started my channel Kevin I watch yours all the time I really appreciate your content made me stop playing and get it going I’m finally getting views I’m amazed 😁
MissUnicorn Tv!
MissUnicorn Tv!:
RH screwed me i couldn’t buy when it’s $30, so I had to buy @ $65 and waiting for a dip to buy more. Basically I get free popcorn from AMC
Short squeeze hasn't began yet! Love your work and talk about shorts.

. holding 11k from January and not selling for penny's. This will squeeze. Let's talk facts and data. APE from Sydney
As a true ape once said, "it's either retirement on a yacht or food stamps!"