LS is on vacation but you already know, patch notes don't sleep. And again, this is NOT the Worlds 2021 patch! The next one is. Check out LS' Patch Notes Rundown for 11.17!

0:00 Intro
0:34 Akshan
1:46 Amumu

4:26 Ekko
5:19 Evelynn
6:16 Gangplank
9:05 Graves
10:16 Irelia
10:39 Kayn
11:26 Leona
11:29 Lissandra
12:03 Lucian
13:45 Nami
13:54 Senna
14:51 Teemo
15:10 Viego
16:22 Xayah
16:56 Zed
17:36 Divine Sunderer
17:40 Hullbreaker
19:03 Serpant’s Fang
19:39 Wit’s End
20:03 Youmuu’s Ghostblade
20:22 Fleet Footwork
20:57 Clash
21:16 Skins
24:18 Outro

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100+ komentarze:

Rafa Bellini
Rafa Bellini:
"RP in Brazil, Latin America, Russia and Turkey will see INCREASED PRICES"

LS - That's obviously very good
Fleet is a nerf on many champs. Especially on Meeles who struggle early against range. Because this time you need to need to hit somone, to make the rune most efficent rather than minion. Like Sylas, Akali, Yone, Zed, Kassadin. I could see this defently be used on Cait, Ashe, mby even mages like cass and syndra

I think they should just nerfed the healing on minion. Bad change in my opinion.
Đăng Phạm
Đăng Phạm:
I remember first abusing mid viego with crit build way before league of sunderer, and viego was actually engaging with much more counterplay. His crit build has higher damage but is so squishy that I find that teamfighting with him is quite hard because if you get locked down you just die. Sunderer with Sterak makes him way too tanky with so much healing till the point he's kinda braindead. Great seeing crit viego back
Cedric Wong
Cedric Wong:
Even on vacation LS stays on that grindset.
Philip Lopresti
Philip Lopresti:
I have absolutely no idea how the fleet footwork changes are a buff to melee an 80% reduction to healing vs minions means kassadin cannot take this rune as he will have literally 0 sustain without D shield. Yone may be better in some situations but overall it seems melee champions shouldn't take this rune anymore.
Noah Mclean
Noah Mclean:
Would it be a decent idea to tie in Hullbreaker with Triforce synergy? They're both meant for a split push, and I feel it could be a decent idea to have them synergize kind of like old Steraks and Triforce. Obvs there is issues with this but
Alejandro Lobato Cantos
Alejandro Lobato Cantos:
Amumus w dmg at lvl 1 is actually higher and the lvl 2 is only worse against target with more than 4k HP, so a buff al around
some rando
some rando:
its interesting that he mentioned about senna soraka. i totally agree. my friend and i always duo bot with these two and we just never die in lane. some matchups are definitely harder than others but our sustain is just insane. the csing as soraka is a pain in the ass tho. you really have to get used to it to make it work. but i’ll definitely say give it a try. ur early is quite terrible but level 3 and 6 are ur spikes and u scale really hard into the late game.
"He kinda looks like- I forgot what his name is, from one of the games" love the specificity lol. Seriously though, he does look like sigma from megaman.
Too Crowded at the Bottom
Too Crowded at the Bottom:
“Updated system requirements- are updated! Thank you LS! this is why I tune in to your channel every week, honestly this guy, he’s just built different. Differently built. 10/10
wai tsang
wai tsang:
Hope all is well with onions would be great to see him come back
Brent Albert
Brent Albert:
As an ekko player, I was sad when he got hit with the -%50 but they finally have given it back
Burrito God
Burrito God:
I played Amumu this morning before seeing this and the two charges made me think I was losing it.
I love the Graves nerf. Yes the champ was too good, but no the champ was not op
Patch rundowns make so much sense for some reason when they come from LS.
Benjamin Kamp
Benjamin Kamp:
I like that they nerfed blue Kayn. Now the Kayns in my soloQ teams will finally start choosing red Kayn when enemy team has 7 tanks, instead insisting on being assassin.
hong zhen
hong zhen:
i personally miss onion and hope he's doing well
Lucas Krome
Lucas Krome:
thanks for the upload while on vacation, best lol content as always!!!
Would PD not be good as a 5th 6th item on GP? since you get AD AS movespeed and crit, plus the passive could help offset the trial by fire movespeed nerf depending on when you buy it.
"I am on vacation while filming this" you're too good to us 🤧🤧
I love how GP got 5 barrels and LS kept talking about crit build. GP will be so op with 5 barrels.
The Summoner
The Summoner:
You know I agreed that the Kayn nerf was overkill, but then Mickey Mouse came out and I changed my mind real quick.
Anis Hacini
Anis Hacini:
LS , akshan can't revive himself when he dies and kills someone with ignite or redbuff

They did that so that he doesn't revive with assissts while dead
I got to play Senna with a Seraphine once when Sera was still at her strongest. It felt very free.
Saumya Deshmukh
Saumya Deshmukh:
Thanks for Timestamps LS
you saved my time.
Emil Robert Portilla
Emil Robert Portilla:
Amumu w/ Sunfire into Demonic Embrace is gonna be huge... Again
Natsu Helljoka
Natsu Helljoka:
Thank you for the patch update mid break. Have a good time
Jonathan Zanders
Jonathan Zanders:
Lucian is amazing now!!!!!!!! He’s An amazing ADC BOT LANE again!!! Where he was designed to be not MID
Dante Spekken
Dante Spekken:
Could it work to have a support Senna, but letting her farm the maximum amount of minions without getting reduced gold from them (I think 20 per 5 minutes), letting her only take cannons and melees. This would result in her having about the same amount of gold as on ADC, but the other person in lane would have more gold than a regular support would, and Senna would have more souls than on ADC.
amumus old Q wasnt even on that high of a cooldown rank 5. you could probably get it down to 5 seconds pretty easily so lategame you get more stun but it seems like its the same total dps. but youre also losing stun on the ult, idk its hard for me to call this a buff at all lategame, early having 2 bandages for a gank is probably nice though
16:57 ayo we already hit chally, why the shade lmaoo
I'm really sad they massacred Juggerlucian this patch
Никола Миклић
Никола Миклић:
New Lucian is Broken, or I'm just too good at him, or the enemy has no idea how to play against him, the fact that he doesn't fall off in the late game because of ult buffs is making sure you win game if you get ahead
20:25 did LS even read the changes :( How is kassadin gonna be buffed if he usually takes this rune in ranged matchups... this just means that he loses healing since its -80% against minions and the base heal / scaling buff cant make up for it O_O
Bachelor Sensei
Bachelor Sensei:
Congrats LS! T1 is going to worlds this year!
I feel like lucian is going to be giga strong with nami
Kyle Rutledge
Kyle Rutledge:
I love the amumu and lucain changes, amumus ganking i think will be better since you can now q a minion to gap close and then hopefully hit them with another q or you can q onto minion and ult then q again for a pretty easy kill. GP changes are cool too.
George G
George G:
Imo, best patch of the season, almost every change was on point.
Honestly, I feel like the Crime City skin line is disappointing because they could have chose better champions for the line. JINX WOULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING FOR THIS SKIN LINE! Twisted Fate and Shaco really goes well with the line, but the others just doesnt make sense, the whole reason I voted for the line was because I thought that Riot would use their brain and put Jinx in the skin line but I forgot how Rito doesnt use their brain for most of all their decisions.
Local hobo
Local hobo:
ppl used to build serpents fang because it was cheap, not because it was such a good item. Even against a team without any shields it was worth rushing 2nd so you can get stats faster and not sit on components.
Luiz Eduardo Araujo da Silva
Luiz Eduardo Araujo da Silva:
Riot is obviously afraid of buffing hullbreaker, thats why they dont do something more substantial to the item
The GP nerf is also huge in regards to divine sunderer no? I believe the melee proc is way way stronger that the ranged proc, might kill the item on GP so new itemisation is also needed
Stefan Rabenstein
Stefan Rabenstein:
Text is a bit hard to read in 720p, but still much better than no patch notes run down, thank you for taking the time LS. I guess this is due to some setup issue in the hotel?
Anivia needs a full rework including visual to get her into current standard :)🤔🤔🤔
Its funny how riot is trying to make LoL easer for newer players to pick up and in the same time make, a champion like Viego.
its time to bring back kalista... the champs are getting op enough.
Akshan not being able to revive others while he is dead aims him being able to revive teammates also with assists i think but i dont know if that is possible
i guess this time the editor wants us to feel like LS so the video is blurry XD
15:25 I mean yeah, but when's the last time you saw a Viego actually use the champs he possesses instead of just an ult reset?
I just want to thank you for the words on the Kayn nerf. Shit's fucking insane.
Heee Lail
Heee Lail:
21:37 looks like Loki to me i love it
I think Senna dissapeared cause Varus and Ziggs became meta.
Chano Qlo
Chano Qlo:
i think pro players stoped playing senna because of tahm changes
Horror Monster
Horror Monster:
The purple Anivia chroma is Galarian Articuno
Senna's buff mentions an increase in attack speed but it isn't recorded on the changes. Did they really went through or this wasn't edited on time?
Troels Haastrup
Troels Haastrup:
Thought pro players stopped playing Senna because of Tahm K rework?
Niklas Werner
Niklas Werner:
I Played graves adc in eu West D1/Master but i have to admit there was some collectors as third item 🤭
14:50 not mentioning senna nasus smh my head especially with how often kalista is being picked rn
I havent played lucian since the last patch. They murdered him.
Tae Quinn Do
Tae Quinn Do:
they should've given viktor a crime city skin and made him a pimp with a sick ass pimp cane
Auramaster 13
Auramaster 13:
No cap Lucian feels broken AF in bot lane RN.
Arian comment
Arian comment:
Hey ls, enjoy your vacation!
check out my soundcloud
check out my soundcloud:
b-b-but we got a legendary coven skin 🥺
Nathan Hines
Nathan Hines:
Fleet is a straight nerf on kassadin not buff.
He can’t heal off minions now.
Btw i think the kayn nerf was about to male people build assassin items to deals famate i steam of boing blu kayn goredrinker that one shots you and heal himself 50%hp
Sasam Collects
Sasam Collects:
Riot is directly targeting my abuse of Leona top as a Teemo counter with this patch
Alexandros Megas
Alexandros Megas:
They should just bring sanguin blade back
Blank Username
Blank Username:
So happy GP's q counts as a range attack. So annoying in lane also why did it count as a melee attack when it cleary is from range
raekwon chambers
raekwon chambers:
I wanted a crime city fiddlesticks 😭
Where is the Rengar "Rework"?
Cloud S
Cloud S:
Making a passive for a champion that requires other champion to make it work is bs
Brendan Coen
Brendan Coen:
Rip Lucian doublehit passive
11:00 Mickey mouse LS
The lucians are added on. nothing has changed with his kit except for r crit scaling. Lucian will still be play mid top, just has buffs
Theo Leon
Theo Leon:
Evelynn still bad. Using W on opponent makes your surprise attack to failed, making her W useless in battle. They should change evelynn W instead to buff her own next attack to charm the first opponent he deals.
Blox Nader
Blox Nader:
@imls u cant go blunderer cuz now it counts as ranged basic attack
Jason Cleary
Jason Cleary:
As the best viego mid in north america, im glad i get to stop going this pssy build wits end sunderer etc I go shield bow bork chad
Felipe Mota
Felipe Mota:
in brazil blue kayn is actually relevant in soloq
Eduard Calota
Eduard Calota:
What? Fleet is a nerf early on
Thank you LS. :)
William McManis
William McManis:
WAIT! I’m one of the 10 Anivia mains on the rift! The skin is perfect!
Jaysan q
Jaysan q:
GP can go shieldbow ER IE LDR quickblades
hob goblin
hob goblin:
look at ls man, he look so inspirational
LS you should watch phreaks video when it comes to kayn. It's not as much as it looks
Manuel Huertas
Manuel Huertas:
What does Evelyn need to go back to competitive
Conrado Scalassara
Conrado Scalassara:
People in brasil pick Blue Kayn with Red build alot in high elo...dont think kayn is the problem...but yeah.
단 우리
단 우리:
"한국 팬 일동은 LS의 계약해지를 강력히 요구함"
How can you be so fucking disconnected from the game to actually not get the shadow kayn nerf and how insanely oblivious he is in soloQ high elo? One of the worst champions you can face for several patches now?
Mateusz Bartnicki
Mateusz Bartnicki:
The eyes from Crime City Nightmare skins remind of Pride from Fullmetal Alchemist
mike wallace
mike wallace:
Yo ls I'm sorry but that anivia chroma on the top left is ho-oh not a shiny moltres
did he miss rengar changes? or is it a other patch?
Anyone know if onion is okay havent seen him stream in a bit
hullbreaker +100hp thebaus rank1 next week xD
Lukáš Wojtyla
Lukáš Wojtyla:
everyone pised off? i love the lucian changes hes playable botlane now
youmoos changes look huge for Jayce and Varus
This is a nerf for Kassadin
Steven M
Steven M:
Senna buffed. Time to switch to DotA.
their skins have always sucked, looks good in the profile background, looks like ass in the game
i wish you could disable them so you dont have to see them
no one plays kayn in europe? theres legit so many kayn otps in high elo and its honestly disgusting to play against