Is the Object 274a Polar Challenge POSSIBLE in World of Tanks???

The World of Tanks Object 274a Polar Challenge requires huge amounts of play - is it even possible? I answer!

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100+ komentarze:

Playing 25 Hours a day as an average Player and you can get it for free
Infernal_King 8
Infernal_King 8:
QuickyBaby explains this better than my math teacher explains algebra
Edward Dillio
Edward Dillio:
I’m so glad I have a full time job and don’t have to worry about this nonsense.
I feel like Wargaming has calculated the precise amount of time required to allow most players to get a discount off the bundle so that it still ends up costing the same as a regular tier 8 premium.

I despise bundles, and I think it's disingenuous that Wargaming has found a way around promising never to sell new items as part of bundles. Then again, Wargaming never keeps their promises when money is on the line.

I also say this as a person who averages ~800-1000 base XP. While I understand that people thought the first marathon (the T-25 Pilot), was too easy, I feel as though it was the best designed marathon, because it gave players a reasonably difficult goal to play for in World of Tanks, without leaving them feeling like they resented the game after. People still wouldn't finish the Pilot marathon, meaning Wargaming would still have a source of revenue too.

These marathons are downright predatory, taking advantage of the sunken cost fallacy, and I think they hurt the long-term health and sentiments regarding World of Tanks.
My Wallet:

*No, Don’t*
Since I enjoy my sanity I am just going to skip this event altogether, but then again I have always hated these mission marathons.
Royal Tanky
Royal Tanky:
So every hour of every day for us normal players to get 50% off 😅
Howard Davies
Howard Davies:
QB, can you keep a record of how many games it takes you compared to your estimate of how long it would take?
Kim Jørgensen
Kim Jørgensen:
Jeez, would it kill them to throw a couple of credit boosters in the rewards?? Feel like those are almost impossible to get.
There is a reason I have played for years and haven’t done a single challenge. I’m too casual a player and it sucks but oh well.
Just checked my winrate... I think I'm gonna sit this one out.
That will be a big NO just as the previous missions marathons.
Nikolai Dotsenko
Nikolai Dotsenko:
I feel like Wargaming is going down a sort of "slippery slope" with this one (sort of). Every time they make the challenge a little bit more difficult, and I think this is to get the players who were *just* able to get the tank last time from a marathon want to continue getting free tanks. However, at some point the players will simply not be able to complete the challenge any longer. Already if you get 600 base XP you need to play for over four hours a day. That's insane for most people
Bob Jäger
Bob Jäger:
Player will buy this with 30% discount. But the price starts at 150%. So its clearly a good deal 🤫
Skipping. No way will I be able to complete it in time, and with the holidays arrival my money is too tight to piss any away lining WG's pockets.
Jonas Offermartins
Jonas Offermartins:
I felt like he was talking to me personnaly when he talked about being a student with assignements I need to finish
QB asking me to grind with him? It has been a while since i saw my gf...
Skandow 21
Skandow 21:
I liked what you said about real life. Especially the words:"think about investing the 50 h in your real life!" were very very true
Man you have to be a non-lifer to complete these, even 3-4 hours a day sounds way too much
Jonah Farkas
Jonah Farkas:
All subs on friday: "Hey grind-buddy..." xD
Matt Ohms
Matt Ohms:
I've averaged 200 battles per month for the 4 years I've had this game installed. Would probably take me 500-600 battles to complete... in 10 days. Ya nah, no thanks.
Mike Ambler
Mike Ambler:
New T-shirt..... "Quickybaby is your GRIND-BUDDY!"
The end of this video is the most important part.
J. Watermelon
J. Watermelon:
"Get a high caliber medal"

I have the Emil 2, so a high caliber medal is Wednesday for me
me a 12 year-old grinding 50 hours in a day ,, hehe, i have messed up''
tldr: have a life? then no
"Grind Buddy" QuickyBaby 11-25-2020
Imagine spending this much time just to get yet another super generic hulldown monster-ish kinda tank for free and have it outshined in within the next few months again anyways because WG 👍
Irish Wristwatch
Irish Wristwatch:
Ah yes the return of the fan favorite ExcelBaby
Alexander Superapple
Alexander Superapple:
It's obvious that people are supposed to get a 70% discount. Ain't no money in it for wg if we get a tank for free.
Robert Pettigrew
Robert Pettigrew:
I used to love WOT (55k games) and loved completing all mission as well as grinding the tanks. Must admit Gold ammo was the biggest reason but these stupid missions sucked all the love I had for the game. Oddly still enjoy the videos :)
Well at least the secondary missions are available for tier 9s as well
Bald dude
Bald dude:
Few days ago i finally decided to uninstall, this game is just taking so much time from me its unreal
Short answer: yes.
Long answer: yeeeeeeees.
WG should really start thinking of their customers getting an addiction issue and should be sued for their actions... All their systems are progressional and almost never liniar... Therefore once you get started you have fast and easy progession and at one point you will not stop as too much has been invested already. This scheme is utterly unexaptable and immoral.

Please WG: Fix this system and offer more liniar systems, especially for ranked and marathons!
Ville Lepoaho
Ville Lepoaho:
I'll get to level 4 for the day of premium, that's enough for me.
Emil K.
Emil K.:
WG wants me to drop school just for this tank
As long as they allow me to use T9, i dont care. My T95 is my best tank bar none.
11:30 - twitch chat has migrated to youtube
Eric Muth
Eric Muth:
I miss the old marathons, for every nation 150 kills and 150k damage, that was easier
Alex BeVirt
Alex BeVirt:
Having a Patriot makes this a little bit possible, even so I doubt I'm doing this.
5h a day? Ight , imma head out.
I am happy with my AE phase and my patriot
Jepe Pelailee
Jepe Pelailee:
QuickyBaby and other pros: This challenge will be hard to complete.

Me who have only 6 tier or lower: EASY!
Andris Veszteg
Andris Veszteg:
great vid, love the last part when you warn ppl about burning out and importance of real life stuff (=
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis:
30% goal looks reasonable given my interest/time available for this. QB thanks for the math.
Just like wows Puerto Rico mission,
95% people will not finish on time, what a joke
Paul Espinal
Paul Espinal:
*Too hard for a tank that's nothing really special at all IMO.....*
As always. good work, thanks for the time to do this.
So it's going to take me an average work day, *every day* to get this tank... Thanks WG.
Giovanni Marcolini
Giovanni Marcolini:
ty QB for that philosophy, really thank you! One of the few that put some serious content!
Nejc Logar
Nejc Logar:
The best. Thank u QB. <3
Lackó Kóczy
Lackó Kóczy:
One of your best vids mate, thanks for it! ;)
Mudy Kösemeci
Mudy Kösemeci:
My reaction was like ooohhh nicee i got to get this tank for free, tho over 100k exp is just dumb
"Grind buddy"
Michael Harding
Michael Harding:
Best analysis in a long time...good an honest. I'll just see where I get too and decide if I want to part with my funds for this one, after I see the reviews. No super grind for me, have day job and a family which come first.
As usual for these events, I'll just play like normal, then decide if the discount I end up with at the end is worth it or not. I gave up trying to complete them a long time ago.
Thomas Salmon
Thomas Salmon:
Quickybaby - masterfull 'splaining - thank you, you are always the best oracle!
im feeling sorry for your wow-characters xD
thanks for estimating the input-time helps to check for mediocre-players like me if its taking to long to join and finish the whole thing ^^
and stay healthy :) !
Jan Ruud
Jan Ruud:
With WoW expansion out right now, Im gonna have to skip this tank.
Thank you again for breaking all of this down. I will be aiming for 5 or 6 stages
Yeah, I played more active every marathon when I had the time and then bought the tank for 60% or more discount... I do have the time for this, but I wont go for it, the tank is just too unintresting for me, the 293746 russian medium... whatever...
My E25 is ready, the MM in american servers will explode in high tier
Robert Müller
Robert Müller:
i reach the Obj as fast i can open my wallet.
Michal Švácha
Michal Švácha:
Man, you're the best, love the way you explain. Keep doing what you're doing, I thing your attitude can change lots of minds out there, like you did in my case. Thank you for that.
Clive Stinchcombe
Clive Stinchcombe:
Thank QB, I appreciate it.
Sassy Saddles
Sassy Saddles:
i already miss monthly tank rewards, i like long haul, these short marathons suck
Urmas K
Urmas K:
Thanks! I'll save my time :D 637 avg for my account. Ok, I'd get 700 if I'd play IS3-A all the time (almost) but still..
50-60 hours.. omg.. 4-5 hours every day. I guess Wargaming thinks that ppl have nothing to do because of COVID-19.
I hope the christmas event has new crew members, I want to get started on soviet HT's but don't have a good crew for them yet
Jonathan Downing
Jonathan Downing:
"I have two essays due at unive..."
QB: "If you're a student and you have stuff due, that's more important"
Me: ...can you reconsider your advice pls
Ovid Llorito
Ovid Llorito:
I've been in WoT for long enough to know what's gonna happen with this Marathon. Those with tons of free time will get this for free, and those players with money to throw at it will buy it on the first day.
Ah yes I needed this video ASAP
Maan if i had my tanks from console i would be able to complete it i play everyday and im a decent player. But on pc i have only one VIII stock lol sucks
Wow QB ! Amazing video thanks for this
A comunist Apple
A comunist Apple:
Nice its exactly when i have longer weekend bc holidays. Theres no chance im getting this but the rewards are decent for the stages.
luckily I just got a free week of prem time, and just had my finals
Kurtz Steiner
Kurtz Steiner:
A Soviet Premiun tank? Such a novel thing! WG is really introduced new things in WOT! Got me by surprise.
Me: This is doable
*soul has left the channel*
Rokas Sajetauskas
Rokas Sajetauskas:
"If you have asigntments to do, they are way more important!'

Me with 4 asigtments tomorow:If I said Ill grind the tank, Ill grind the tank...
Pavel Vlasák
Pavel Vlasák:
At least someone honest :D thank you for your work.
Chris Cres
Chris Cres:
Thanks, no thanks^^
Амартүвшин Б.
Амартүвшин Б.:
I still remember doing the T25 Pilot marathon. First time I got PTSD from a video game.
MephistoK 06
MephistoK 06:
First I guess. Keep up the good work QB!
Jon Nash
Jon Nash:
Great breakdown and analysis as always. Many thanks QB.
I died long ago
I died long ago:
💪🙂 thanks for the extra effort man ♥️
Thanks for this grindbuddy!
Oliver Crookshank
Oliver Crookshank:
ima pass on this one as i have trials at end of term
I'm doing what I usually do for these challenges, do what I can and aim for a 50% discount.
That's easy, man. You go in, spam gold, get out, nice result.
William Evdonov
William Evdonov:
Always appreciated!
Em1s Lord
Em1s Lord:
I've tried the LIS challenge as a ~700 average base exp player and it made me quit the game for 2 months, and since my recent return to the game, I barely play it as much as before (had about 20 rounds per day).

When LIS challenge begun, I started becoming a try hard. But, in fact, playing for fun had better results for me, as i dropped significantly in average wn8 per day. I'm not trying to be a douchebag, but the teams were kind of stupid too, as most people who weren't playing before came back to WOT so that they can try to get this tank for cheaper. Most of these people camped in 1 position during the whole match no matter what would've had happened.

If you're looking into this challenge, listen to what QB said at the end of the video, and don't forget that you have to place top 10 on exp. That is what makes this event harder.
Ifti's Playback
Ifti's Playback:
I'll be your grind buddy <3
william paine
william paine:
Looking forward to QB's usually marathon rage stream. It always helps me through these marathons. Looking forward to earning another tier 8 premium.
Spanky Hunter
Spanky Hunter:
I'll be doing a few days but I'm going away for a week as travel restrictions are lifted here in Australia. Yay for a week of trail walks & offline
Kamil Szymczak
Kamil Szymczak:
"Diminishing returns to playing" - QuackyBaby's Theory the Economist 2020
I'd love to know the uptake by regular free to play players, like myself, on these reward tank challenges. I never play them.
Having a real job pays for this tank in a day
Thanks, nice video. I have played all marathons thru on this game freely from T-44-100 onwards. Gonna try to pull this one too :) Happy games for you all.
I'll stick with my T-54 mod one
QB your hard work worth more than the marathon itself, thx for keeping our life easier, i won't take it just gonna watch you doing it while i can
Thank you for reminding me that I am a student and I don't have time for this XD. I was doubting it untill you mentioned assignments haha...