Is Xbox All Access Series X Worth It?

Is Xbox All Access Series X Worth It? Who should purchase it and is it a good deal?
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50 komentarze:

Will you be using the Xbox All Access Program?
The real loading screen test is how fast you can get into a gta online session
Tyler Wessling
Tyler Wessling:
With having a wedding next month in October all my money is going towards that so the 25/35 dollar a month price is a steal for me. I'm sure yoy can pay it off early if you choose as well.
ThePsychotic415 Kevin G.
ThePsychotic415 Kevin G.:
I believe that if you can save money, you should. Especially with an investment like the Series X. That being said, I am paying outright for the new console but if I needed to, I like having the payment plan option as a plan b. Does All Access guarantee a console day one of launch? That would be the big seller.
D World
D World:
It's interest fee, and cut the cost of the buying individually...sooo yeah. I plan on getting 2 X and 2 S to replace all my current gen, additionally, I have two boys with XBL Gold. So, I'll probably be signing up for All Acess for those 2 S, as I'm topped off for my GP Ultimate for 3 years and will switch them over to it.
US MS accounts can build up Microsoft Rewards points via Bing searches and other activities and then redeem those points on whatever version of Xbox Game Pass you want. I've been doing that since the beginning of Game Pass after converting my Xbox Live Gold account to Game Pass.
Jet Screamer
Jet Screamer:
AMAZON DROPPED ALL ACCESS! I'm 2 months away from upgrading!!
Armaan Gupta
Armaan Gupta:
Hey! I was wondering how the upgrade thing worked with All Access. I've seen people mention it before, but I don't understand it. They said something about every 18 months of you paying for All Access, you get an upgrade. If anyone _does_ understand it, please tell me.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith:
I just bought a new used car from out of state I put down 3k and registering it will cost 1.3k so it will be worth it for me.
It’s comes with EA access and project X cloud
ASMR Newbie
ASMR Newbie:
Ehh Iv already sold my Xbox one X for 300. I’ll be dropping a little over 200 with that for the Xbox X series the 499 one. This is awesome for people who just can’t upright drop that much cash though.
After the 24 months u keep the console but u have to keep paying for game pass ultimate right
If it’s 0% interest I will be part of the program because having the extra money is worth having in your pocket to invest in other things to make money. Financing 101
FTR Spitfire
FTR Spitfire:
Wait do you get the console day 1?
That Boy Stewie
That Boy Stewie:
Can I trade in my Xbox one X and get a discount on the Series X with the all access?
Dominick Viceral
Dominick Viceral:
Can you pay it off early with the monthly plan? Or do I have to pay 25 or 35 a month for 24 month? And what if you have Ultimate game pass already how would that work?
When can we preorder the Series X?
Luckylarry911 silverstein
Luckylarry911 silverstein:
If you have bad credit you can't even get the all acess.
Achilles Turner
Achilles Turner:
If I preorder with the monthly payment I still get it on day one right?
It is, but I would rather to buy console for a cash and get some gamepass ultimate codes on ebay. It's way cheaper this way. Also, they need to introduce All Access to more countries.
Rob James Blockley
Rob James Blockley:
Do you keep the console after the subscription ends?
Brayden B
Brayden B:
I cant find the Canadian costs but can find stuff saying we are getting it
Does all access include online multiplayer Or you have to pay separate for that?
REECE 313:
So you’re saying if I don’t have the 500$ up front to pre order but I have like 100$ in my account to do the Xbox all access will I be able to do the pre order ?
Imperial Guard #69
Imperial Guard #69:
My dad is getting my brother and sister a console for Christmas and I’m trying to get my sister on Xbox
Damn in my country $35 a month converted to my currency is $49

$49 x 24 = $1100

Ya nah i rather have a pc with gamepass
sushant dobhal
sushant dobhal:
So If the all access program ends after 24 months
Do I still have all the games I downloaded in all access?
Richard Greeter
Richard Greeter:
Thinking about it
Marvin Acevedo
Marvin Acevedo:
Can I use this option to build my credit????
do you wait two years to get
Aghiles L.
Aghiles L.:
all access seems to be more expensive than buying the console outright though and I heard you can potentially get game pass for $150 for 3 years by doing some kind of live conversion.
Jesus Trujillo
Jesus Trujillo:
Does all access include Game pass ultimate?
Your Mom's Tits
Your Mom's Tits:
I did the plan awhile ago. It was worth it because I got a free xbox one + a bunch of games to play. Mine came with a free star wars game.

So I got an xbox 1 + $60 star wars title + game pass for a good while. Then I get a free upgrade to the next console. Thats what this video didnt really talk about.

Its not just the new xbox + gamer pass. Its an xbox 1 + games to play and then an upgrade to the next console.
Shane Roberts
Shane Roberts:
If you have they money up front I don't get why you'd be worried about having to pay monthly subscriptions? You literally already have the money, your just paying it over time, how can it go wrong?! Plus it saves you money overall than paying for each separately?! Why pay upfront?
Just put it on a bestbuy credit card and only pay $27 for 18 months 0% interest with option to pay off early. Plus the perks they offer are way better.
Does the 24 months installment option include interest?

24.99x24 = 599.76 (600)
34.99x24 = 839.76 (840)

Buying outright would save you a good amount of money but I do like the idea of implementing a second option
I think it's a good idea on their part gamers will utilize this option just use it responsibly and happy gaming
It’Z Ya Boy Bug-Z
It’Z Ya Boy Bug-Z:
Is it based off of your credit?
Fabio Patti
Fabio Patti:
Scusate ma in italia no perché non inseriscono mai l' italia
You forgot EA Play
i took advantage of the all access when they released it for the One X and i will definitely be doing it again
Is there a discount for Xbox Game Pass if someone already has Xbox Live Gold? I recently bought 3 years of Xbox Live Gold.
Xonebros if u brought games on xbox one do they transfer over to xbox one s
Kevin Salinas
Kevin Salinas:
Do you still get 2 years of game pass if you buy it out right?
Nathaniel Hrenko
Nathaniel Hrenko:
How do I do the payment plan? Do I need a credit card!?
tony Marquez
tony Marquez:
Do you need all access to play online? Like is gold not gonna be a thing?
I didn’t really understand it,
If the console is like $500 upfront, if you do the all access program...
Do you have 24 months to pay the $500 or do you have to pay every month for the 24 months??
Brett Huff
Brett Huff:
You don't save money with this crap. For example if you go with the X you pay 839.76 after 24months. That's before taxes, it says that in the fine print on the bottom of the website.
34.99x24 months = 839.76 after taxes= 914.29
499.99 console= after taxes = 544.36
24 months of ultimate = 359.76
console price plus ultimate after 24 months= 904.12
Actually pay more over the 24months because you have to pay taxes on ultimate.
Felix Ström
Felix Ström:
This is not a good deal. Series S (299$) + 24 month Ultimate from retailer (240$) = 539$. Price in this video=600$
JM Two Eagle
JM Two Eagle:
So what’s stopping me from paying 35 a month get the Xbox than stop paying for said Xbox? Will they come to my house and repo the Xbox?
This is stupid,pay 800 plus dollar. Where I'm saving ? im going pay for subscriber service anyway or the console unplayable. All I like to play is call of duty.