Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia reconversion to a mosque causes ‘deep pain to the Russian people’

Turkey’s top court allowed Istanbul’s 6th-century Hagia Sophia museum’s conversion back to a mosque, a victory for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who called for the change and signed a decree immediately after, opening it as a place of worship. The 1,500-year-old World Heritage site was originally a cathedral, then a mosque, and a museum. Russian Orthodox church has reacted vehemently: it “has always been at the heart of Eastern Christianity”, FRANCE 24’s Russia correspondent reports

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100+ komentarze:

Danijela Mali
Danijela Mali:
Now, Israel should convert Al Aqsa into synagogue
Nick says: Cathderal turned museum turned mosque..that’s a wrong characterization. it was a cathedra then mosque then museum then mosque (again)
Ο άλλος Καλός
Ο άλλος Καλός:
The most famous mosque in turkey is originally a Greek orthodox church, built by Greeks and it has a Greek name
Anth Graves
Anth Graves:
Edogan destroied Kemals vision in one day
Steven Chandra
Steven Chandra:
*Crusade intensifies*
Colin X
Colin X:
Don't poke the Eyes of the Bear.
J F:
I will never understand why Putin and Russia forms alliances with countries that hate its religion. (China, Iran, Turkey)
Stef Stef
Stef Stef:
first church, then mosque, THEN museum and mosque again
BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Greek Goverment in talks to convert Kemal's birthhouse in thessaloniki into a brothel
For years they told everyone that they are atheists.
Ya ZnAm
Ya ZnAm:
So much for "Religion of peace"

Builds Mosques on Jewish Temples
Builds Mosques on Hindu temples
Builds Mosques on Churches

Is this the peaceful religion they have been trying to lie about to us?
I guess so
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger:
The reporter "why such a Strong reaction from the Russian Orthodox world" LOL! Can I be a reporter please!
1000 subs before the end of quarantine
1000 subs before the end of quarantine:
“this Cathedral turned museum now turned mosque”

Actually buddy, It was a Cathedral, turned mosque, then turned into a museum and now back into a mosque, get it right
I love how he skipped that it was a Mosque for over 400 years b4 it was ordered a museum
Mimi MK2010
Mimi MK2010:
Maybe they ll turn it back into a cathedral in few years ?
Stefan Getsoff
Stefan Getsoff:
Hopefully they don't destroy the frescos...
Sagest K
Sagest K:
Great!! the US and Russia
agreeing on something
youtube bot
youtube bot:
0:12 let me correct you there
cathedral then mosque later museum and now again a mosque
Vinil Jose
Vinil Jose:
Turkey may have to fend for itself's made enemies with all its European neighborhood in one day........ turkey economy will collapse.... slowly.
Dxn Sewari
Dxn Sewari:
Religion War Begins in this section, prepare your popcorn
Febri Wijaya 888
Febri Wijaya 888:
All christians must put aside differences and rebuild unity in the Christian faith. Make aya Sophia a history study that they will easily conquer us if we are divided 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Hagia Sophia Turks do not forget this
Indria Happy
Indria Happy:
Turkey already collapse
Dark Soul
Dark Soul:
turkey challenged christians and this is the time to know who is strong in this world because both have a strong population and economic well beings.
Kay Scott
Kay Scott:
They are still standing hand and hand with Erdogan anyway. Shame on Russia! I expected better of Putin.
0:05 What a stupid question "Why such a strong reaction". You already know why, don't be naïve.
When would Russia send cruise missiles to the bridges across Bosporus?
Say goodbye to your S-400s.
The day Turkey joined the Muslim third world...
Vicky Malhotra
Vicky Malhotra:
Love Jesus
Yusuf patel
Yusuf patel:
Bet th reporter hasn't been too Sunday service to confess all his sins in a long time.
Aren't th Russian's Red?
Dark Shield
Dark Shield:
What a peaceful religion.
Blowing up buddha statues.
Removing churches.
So peaceful, so much love and happiness in this religion.
Milan Mitić
Milan Mitić:
This is literally translated as if it is someone else’s then it is sweeter
M.inglis .81
M.inglis .81:
I knew this was going to happen was taking about it 3 years ago
rauno thomas moss
rauno thomas moss:
I am worried about the frecoes on the walls... as much they have been opened!
A K:
When the world free's palestine maybe then we can turn it back into a museum..
Lagu anak
Lagu anak:
You know it turns out that indomie is delicious mixed with eggs
Jesus is King
Jesus is King:
For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son to die for our sins that who so ever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life
Road is paved for Israel to move into west bank, Erdogon got his bone.
By : JS
islamic behaviour
There is such a thing called painkillers take it
Give back the church to the Christians oops that would be going against the teachings of Islam and like in the past the Muslims today still don't want to give back Saint Sophia's to the Christians
Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan:
Allah hoakber
Never before in the history of modern civilization had so many lunatic selfish hardliners as world leader. The peace of the world is just one miscalculation away from either one of these and laws of average are catching up..
taha Keskin
taha Keskin:
Shadab Khan
Shadab Khan:
Qusutuntunia repeated it's history and now such determination would vision for new era ( congratulations turkey)
John Doe
John Doe:
"Cathedral turned Mosque, then museum turned Mosque"... and NOT Cathedral to museum...
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem!
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem!:
Let's turn Al Aqsa Mosque into a Glory Hallelujah church. I'm sure we'll get away with it.
Macxon Rodrigues
Macxon Rodrigues:
Shocking news 😭
Muhammad The Goat Fucker
Muhammad The Goat Fucker:
India did the right thing by Converting Mosque into Hindu temple
efraim kevin
efraim kevin:
Prepared your cola guys, the great war has begun
Lauren Sung
Lauren Sung:
Respect and proud all of you my Russia brothers and sisters in Christ 🤗💓🤗
Don't worry about anything but PRAY about everything.
God bless! 💓
Леонид М
Леонид М:
Four minarets do not cause "deep pain Russian people"?
ryan Angel
ryan Angel:
Deep pain for Christians that building even got build before their prophet born
Since 1948
Since 1948:
Yeah, not cool!
It is also a disgrace to use God's house for the sake of vote.
USS Spirit
USS Spirit:
Yeah. Russia will give more weapons to turkey...
Why were the voices of these universal valuers never sounding when the works that were stolen and looted from the EU Iraq, which insulted the moon and Sofia, appeared in England?
Noice 🤗👌
B C Patil
B C Patil:
Love Russia from india👍
A S:
Burnnnn russia 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ardi Pahlawan
Ardi Pahlawan:
only remember turkey? how about spain 1492?
International media the great lier of history
Therealhotspot Gaming
Therealhotspot Gaming:
Ada kami kesah?
Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt:
Hagia Sophia is the place where Olga of KIEV converted to Christianity, Also.Hagia Sophia is where Saint Vladimir became Orthodox Christian and where all o Russia converted to Christianity. in 988 AD .
Russia: We're a Christian nation...
Also Russia: If you read and talk about the Bible we'll pit you in jail.
büsra arslan
büsra arslan:
Erdoğan is a very strong leader. And Hagia sophia is a mosque since 1453 in our looking. It was given by Sultan Fatih for Turkish people
hendrik wor
hendrik wor:
We are at the End of Times guys.
Hagia Sophia
Soon Al-Aqsa to be temple mount
5,000 subs with 2 Video's Challenge
5,000 subs with 2 Video's Challenge:
Everybody go brrrr LMAO XDDDD
Use the like button as an ointment to the burned area
Abdirahman Solar
Abdirahman Solar:
Mohamed al fatih proud of u mr Erdogan..
Tuğba Küçük
Tuğba Küçük:
😂😂😂😂😂 ELHAMDÜLLİLAH 💪💪💪💪💪💜💜💜💜💜
B Hilmi
B Hilmi:
Hey hey look at the bright side at least you dont have to get in line for Museum Card
Omer Mowaffaque Jaigirder
Omer Mowaffaque Jaigirder:
Why is the most coward nation of world so worried about it? Let them fight over it.
Alhumdulilallah after almost 90 years, Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofia become mosque again. Turkey reviving again info about Islam. The first step for Al-Aqsa Mosque to again we conquered just
Shahzad Ahmad
Shahzad Ahmad:
Love ordogan
Novi Andria
Novi Andria:
Mind your own business!
Sami Wonders
Sami Wonders:
That's a sneaky move from erdogan to help turkish economy recover
Lysander S
Lysander S:
Not so long ago, the russians would have gone to war for something like this. People should know that Russian civilization was literally born in that Church. The first Russian convert to Orthodoxy, princess Helga, the grand mother of Vladimir the Great was baptized there, while a visit of Vladimir's envoys to Aghia Sofia convinced them to convert en masse into Orthodoxy. And look at them now. They stand aside sucking up to erdogan just to spite the West. Cutting my nose to spite my face kind of thing. Arent they ashamed of their ancestors who are spinning in their graves since last night?
Wira Agung
Wira Agung:
Oh yes
Ben C. Hode
Ben C. Hode:
Hagia Sophia turns into a mosque: no one bats an eye

Dome of the Rock turns to a Synogogue: Jihad Time!
Anijin Uk
Anijin Uk:
The Hagia Sophia had been a church for 916 years, purchased and became a mosque for 481 years and since 1934, it is playing the character of a museum. (Throughout this period there have been many who have presented justified reason why it should not have been changed into a museum)

Recently the courts have found that changing it to a museum was not legal and hence have now overruled that decision. And the president of Turkey Tayyip Erdoğan has signed to changed it back to a mosque.

So the world have no right or any business with the fact that it is going back to a mosque.

And anyone who thinks they have a opinion should do there research before giving there own opinion.
Ramesh Balakrishnan
Ramesh Balakrishnan:
This decision by Turkey will just give Israel a free hand to go ahead with the third Jewish Temple at Temple Mount.
Saurabh Katarey
Saurabh Katarey:
So many conversations of the monument to pray 🙏 someone who doesn't even care and don't bother to solve disputes with his so called almighty power. Human still don't understand.
Shumus Ali Raja
Shumus Ali Raja:
1000s of Mosques in Eastern Europe and Spain converted into Churches, bars, nightclubs

No reaction from the Christians or the West.

1 Museum which was formerly a mosque...and the west/Christians loose their shit

(P.s. it was previously a church purchased by sultan fatih, which was originally built on a greek pagan temple - something Christian/western propagandists fail to mention)
Saima Sherani
Saima Sherani:
ALLAH o AKBAR, well done Tayyab Erdogan
Veli Demir -Putin
Veli Demir -Putin:
Kraso Mieso
Kraso Mieso:
"take a look at cordoba mosque" is the only argument people have to give for this conversion. Wow. Cordoba was built after conquering spain, destroying its main cathedral and using the foundation of the old cathedral. By the way, it was in 1236 (wikipedia) when Cordoba was converted. You compare it to the conversion in 2020 against the will of the majority of people for who Hagia Sophia was built for. And then you go inside praying as good muslims? Please help me understand.
So if an Italian steals a car from a Portugese, another Portugese can steal a car from another Italian and it will be fine? Is this the high-end argument? And NOBODY speaks here of the RIGHT to convert Hagia Sophia to a mosque. NOBODY. It is the question of moral.
Muhannad X
Muhannad X:
France closed many mosques recently for no reason
fayaz ahmad janwari baloch
fayaz ahmad janwari baloch:
Get it right first? Church then mosque and museum now back to mosque.
Love ayasofia
zunaira ahsen
zunaira ahsen:
ig muslim can do anything thy feel pain but when they do wrong heart muslim would not feel any pain
Charles O
Charles O:
Putin fell for Erdogan's Taqqiya in Syria conflict, many people warned him
Thoufiq 4236
Thoufiq 4236:
A S:
Salih Kuloglu
Salih Kuloglu:
Oh, deep pain in stomach? Then, I can advice Uludağ Mineral water. It is very good for pain. Russia has to focus his own issues no Turkey's.
Persephoniqua 9000
Persephoniqua 9000:
someone needs to make an edit of the Great Sept Of Baelor exploding
but with Erdogan instead of the High Sparrow and  make the outside
explotion be the Hagia Sophia
draxler fans official
draxler fans official:
Allahu Akbar......!
siddiqullah siddiq
siddiqullah siddiq:
Hi dear sir madam well what about Putin setting that was a Mosque before
LIT Interior Indonesia
LIT Interior Indonesia:
I saw the news when Immigrant Lotted in Stutgard for nothing, but now world see lotting is not monopoly of Imigrant..