"It felt pretty good!" Quentin Tarantino on ‘appearing’ in The Avengers, Team America and Shrek.

Watch Quentin Tarantino: Movies That Made Me in full on BBC iPlayer in the UK: https://bbc.in/2YKyiyB

Director Quentin Tarantino talks to BBC Radio 1's Film Critic Ali Plumb about his incredible career. He discusses the "casting coup of the century" with Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie in new movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. And he reveals his favourite soundtrack choices, where *that* wallet is right now, and the best suggestions he's heard for what's in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

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BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1:
Watch Quentin Tarantino: Movies That Made Me in full on BBC iPlayer in the UK: https://bbc.in/2YKyiyB
And check out Ali talking to Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie here: https://youtu.be/_sMsvCenN7s
Great to see that BBC got an interviewer who actually cares about his questions
Tarantino's "N word" pass was in the suit case 🚫🧢
yordy garcia
yordy garcia:
The fact that Tarantino shows appreciation towards shrek is beautiful
Hodor, Hodoring Hodor of Hodors
Hodor, Hodoring Hodor of Hodors:
Clicked for the fake clickbait title. Stayed for the actually good interview
Probably the first and only interviewer Tarantino liked.
Beebo the mighty little bear
Beebo the mighty little bear:
This dude comes across as a legit fan. He asks the questions that I didn’t know I wanted to ask- or be answered. See, interviewers- you don’t need “gotcha” BS to be great at your job.
Oscar Touzé
Oscar Touzé:
The interviewer is great, which has been established. However, can we show some love to the editor? (especially at 10:17 on)
Andrew Lai
Andrew Lai:
10:18 Somebody give a fat raise to the editor for these videos... AMAZING editing right there. Got me all fired up!
Delight Loves Movies
Delight Loves Movies:
It seemed like Quentin genuinely liked talking with Ali.
Should be titled:
“best Tarantino interview ever”
Doruk Sesli
Doruk Sesli:
Petition for this interviewer (Ali) to get his own show
Olivia Bailes
Olivia Bailes:
This interviewer is actually good at his job. He’s asking questions Tarantino actually has to think about
Lil Drew
Lil Drew:
I can't imagine a wrld without a Quentin Tarantino Movie.
You Know you're a good interviewer when you get Tarantino saying, *"Oh, Wow?..."*
What’s in The Briefcase? An “Oscar” he so richly deserves, dammit!
It's obvious that it was the Half Life 3 that was in the case...
Pulp Fiction theory: The case contains Quintin Tarantino’s sanity.
Pulp Reservoir
Pulp Reservoir:
Aight everybody talking about the interviewer but why aren't we mentioning the amazing editing?
Give the editor a raise. The interview with movie scenes and examples make this video excellent.
yung dash
yung dash:
wow a interviewer who actually asked interesting questions that matter. Such a rare thing to see.

its a brick of gold but in the shape of a foot
Garl The Inventor
Garl The Inventor:
Quentin looks like Filthyfrank when ever he did his troll face
SeRgEaNt RaNdOm
SeRgEaNt RaNdOm:
I usually don't watch these types of interviews but you can tell that the interviewer was just as big of a fan as the rest of us. It really made me enjoy the interview, it also made me want to binge watch every Quentin Tarantino movie so it definitely did its job
Muezzin Meier
Muezzin Meier:
This guy just genuinely loves cinema. From japanese movies nobody heard of to shrek 3..
Citizen Mike
Citizen Mike:
The title moment is at 8:45, youre welcome
The knowledge of Tarantino on films is mind blowing, I could listen to him for ages.
Ken Danieli
Ken Danieli:
7:53 "If I sent them a script to read...." QT doesn't send anyone scripts to read. He makes them come to his house and read them.
Charles O’connor
Charles O’connor:
A Hollywood without Tarantino is a Hollywood I don’t want
Cool to know that Quentin Tarantino doesn't think superhero movies are a plague and actually likes them. He's pretty cool.
The Quentin Tarantino movie montage at the end was legendary 🙌
Mendsaikhan Unurbat
Mendsaikhan Unurbat:
Does this interview feel like it’s an intro of documentary movie of Quintin Tarantino?
I will always remember the first time I saw a movie of his, Kill Bill. My parents sat me down when I became 15 and told me that I had to watch a movie with them which my little sister was not yet allowed to see. My father did this with lord of the rings when I became 12 so I was pretty hyped about the prospect of getting a new experience like that, and boy was it awesome.
Boti Szusza
Boti Szusza:
"The world has always had a guy like me"
Joe Heller
Joe Heller:
So is it established that we love this interviewer?
Amazing interview. Here’s to another 27 years of Tarantino films in the future
If you like this interviewer, watch the one where he interviews Jeff Goldblum and Taika Watiti simultaneously, it's terrific. (Promo tour for Thor Ragnarok if I'm not mistaken)
This was genuinely one of the best interviews ever.
I got a question, why do we need a warning for Strong Language? The warning is in his name "Quentin Tarantino". XD
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober:
you can see Quentin face at the beginning he was just like ohh here we go another interviewer who's gonna ask me the same goddam shit but during the interview you can see the excitement and how happy he was. great interview
Sans from Earthbound
Sans from Earthbound:
Shrek 5 is in the suitcase! Of course!
DJ Deckard Cain
DJ Deckard Cain:
This man is, by far, one of the best interviewers I've ever witnessed.
The thing I love about this interview is the fact that you get to see how Quentin really is a fan of films and pop culture. Like whatever genre it is, he enjoys watching. He's not the "I don't like this genre, this isn't cinema" type.
MJ Stowers
MJ Stowers:
I never realized how great an actor he is until now. Now that I see how he really is
chicken Adobo1
chicken Adobo1:
Would love to see Quentin Tarantino take on an MCU project it would propably win an oscar
Siedler Joe
Siedler Joe:
Best interview I've ever seen with Tarantino
Everaldo Santos
Everaldo Santos:
Man, i love this guy's movies, westerns even better. He's one of those directors that i can say that every movie he made is a piece of art, on his own style, his career is total insane, funny and well made, his whole vision is perfect for action movies, not one of his movies is bad to me, not a single one.
And that's rare.
Herb Coswell
Herb Coswell:
I always thought either the Holy Grail or a Golden map to the Fountain of Youth was in the suitcase.
Rich M
Rich M:
Possibly the best Tarantino interview I've ever seen. Not too many surface questions, just enough deep questions. Thank you!
when I was a kid, everyone danced like travolta, that thing with two fingers
Rowdee Munkee
Rowdee Munkee:
Quinten: Its up to you think about whats in the suit
People: elvis's good suit?
Quinten: not like that
Wow fantastic interview, that ending at 10:10 gave me goosebumps. Quite the impressive editing, I must say.

QT is one of the most relevant filmmakers of my lifetime. The most interesting filmmaker among those who do big hollywood movies.
Rico Alexander
Rico Alexander:
This interview just made me realize the expanse of Samuel L Jackson's career. From the art house with Tarantino and Spike Lee to blockbusters like Star Wars and Marvel.
But for real - the ending montage of Tarantino's movies was a phenomenally edited tribute. Hands down to the editor.
*questions exist*
This Interviewer: It’s free real estate.
Sean William
Sean William:
i noticed after every question he does a variation of "oh wow" or says it literslly but it shows how good these questions are. very creative and original props to a great interview
Colin L
Colin L:
This was one of the best interviews you can ever see...it is so relaxed, friendly and actually about cinema.
I love Quentin but he’s a little full of himself... Kung Fu Panda isn’t a parody of Kill Bill
Adrian Vaduva
Adrian Vaduva:
Watching two intelligent people talk is always worth it
Spooky Stevens
Spooky Stevens:
I love that he’s into shrek 3
Deeplays Gaming
Deeplays Gaming:
when anyone opens the case theres a gold glow, as if light where hittin a gold brick and reflecting, but a suitcase full of gold would be too heavy to carry so im still stumped lol.
Shaman Lore
Shaman Lore:
By watching him talk you can tell he’s a guy that constantly bursting with ideas
This man is such an inspiration

He is one of the Greatest humans alive
Free M8son
Free M8son:
What I love about Quentin is that he's not pretentious when it comes to his love of movies. He loves all movies. From art house movies to shitty B movies to even Shrek 3. His knowledge about such a wide range of films is awesome.
Who the f is this C. C. guy in the comments?
Tyler Olson Films
Tyler Olson Films:
This interviewer is an angel sent from heaven
Enes Hocaoglu
Enes Hocaoglu:
An interviewer with well thought out questions and an amazing attitude; not a blonde, irrelevant model. Fantastic editing as well, especially with the scores... Very well done BBC; this is the kind of content we want to see.
Watched Reservoir Dogs when I was 10. My brother didn't want me to watch it because he said it was too violent. I did anyway. I've seen all his movies five times over since then.
Karasu Shinigami
Karasu Shinigami:
This guy's questions are the reasons i'm here. They're good, on point and fresh
That ending montage was amazing with Quentin's humble voice over.
My first Tarantino film was Kill Bill when I was about 4 or 5 years old. My mom loves movies, specifically horror, comedy, and action. Boy was that movie a combination of all 3 for me at that age lol. It was a oddly satisfying but horrifying to watch at the same time, I'm talking about the main scenes. Like the one where she is killing all of crazy 88s. The movie was like a spectrum of everything I ever needed to see in a movie it was real, and authentic. I'm 19 now just appreciating the fact I grew up seeing all of his legendary films.
I allways thought it was just lamps in the suitcase, glowing to make it look like theres gold or something shiny. But sadly my logic remind me about it just being lamps in the end allways :P
It must’ve been refreshing for Quentin not to be asked “do you think the violence in your movies influences people” or any other question about violence and all that. That interviewer was great and I could see Quentin involved and happy to talk. Doesn’t happen often
The Latest And The Greatest
The Latest And The Greatest:
“Kung fu panda is just a straight up parody of Kill Bill”

Good God he’s right how have I never realized
Mr. mitten
Mr. mitten:
Quentin Tarantino: Just doing my thing.
What Tarantino really means: Just being a cinematic genius.
I was introduced to Pulp Fiction & RD at the age of 9 - thought they were the coolest films around. I never appreciated how funny PF is until later in life though. Tarantino is the man.
Jeremy Gonzal
Jeremy Gonzal:
Great interviewer. Makes me wonder who came first; this guy or the one that does the hot wings interviews.
Victor Makris
Victor Makris:
Quentin looks like one of those Tiki's on his shirt.
You know it's a good interview when the person being interviewed pauses for a second and says "Oh wow..." and thinks about the answer.
Emily Peters
Emily Peters:
i like how below this video youtube put an advertisement to buy/rent kung fu panda.
Just watched a video about Interviewers being morons and Q.T. was in one of them.

Glad to see this interview where he enjoyed it. At least in my perspective
"...so we took that and put it in there..." is QT's whole methodology
"Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)" came on shuffle on spotify for me a couple weeks ago and i immediately recognized it from Jackie Brown and it made me fall in love w that movie again
Can this guy interview quentin for like an hour or something like you can see how enthusiastic quentin is to talk about movies with someone who asks the right questions and it’s a delight to watch
Divine Goku Black
Divine Goku Black:
10:18 just a timestamp for the montage
Jack Oxendine
Jack Oxendine:
The first question and answer alone ave me chills I love getting little insights like that about favorite movies of mine. Now I'll always think of this when I watch Kill Bill
Peter Unwin
Peter Unwin:
I really hope ali interviews joaquin phoenix for joker on october
Interviewer: shut the front door actually!
Ali is an amazing interviewer as always but props to the editor of this video as well 10:17 onward is just fantastic
David Hager
David Hager:
He's so happy the kill bill theme is being used lol meme
Always bought into the theory of the suitcase having Maurice's soul in it, hence the 666 combo on the case and the band aid on the back of his neck (which is where it was "removed")
Juan Perez
Juan Perez:
Bruh this dude is like us!! He loves the MCU, Shrek and loves the memes from his movies!!!!
mayank mittal
mayank mittal:
The concluding minutes of the interview are as cool as the man himself
ZabbO 'wakeej
ZabbO 'wakeej:
Was it Betty gilpin!???

By the way the ending montage was to much sax!!!
It’s gold, to me it’s always gold. Gold is just one of those things that, once you’ve seen real gold, it stays with you. Once you have witnessed the luster, it’s unmistakable
Maria Cortez
Maria Cortez:
I love how ecstatic he gets when he talks about adding certain music to his movies.
ROHAN BOSE রোহন বোস
ROHAN BOSE রোহন বোস:
I would love to watch an R rated MCU movie directed by Quentin Tarantino
C. C.
C. C.:
wood,22 c4 100 for myself,and 23 c6 100 for each of us with a 1 piece each-smoke,and 666 is with,no repeats I see the line a straight one,Gothic Bible.
saki train
saki train:
I really like how he got really giddy like a kid when mentioning the MCU and himself. Like a kid whose hero recognized him.
Dudes asking good questions. I know this because Quentin is impressed and he's more than willing to let an interviewer know if they're doing a bad job