"It felt pretty good!" Quentin Tarantino on ‘appearing’ in The Avengers, Team America and Shrek.

Watch Quentin Tarantino: Movies That Made Me in full on BBC iPlayer in the UK: https://bbc.in/2YKyiyB

Director Quentin Tarantino talks to BBC Radio 1's Film Critic Ali Plumb about his incredible career. He discusses the "casting coup of the century" with Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie in new movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. And he reveals his favourite soundtrack choices, where *that* wallet is right now, and the best suggestions he's heard for what's in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

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BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1:
Watch Quentin Tarantino: Movies That Made Me in full on BBC iPlayer in the UK: https://bbc.in/2YKyiyB
And check out Ali talking to Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie here: https://youtu.be/_sMsvCenN7s
Give the editor a raise. The interview with movie scenes and examples make this video excellent.
One Day I’ll be better
One Day I’ll be better:
This dude murdered this interview, asked great questions and vibed with QT.
I love how Quentin says "oh wow" after almost every question because they're genuinely interesting and good
Black Conservative Patriot
Black Conservative Patriot:
These are some of the best questions I have ever heard asked of QT. Even Q had to stop and think about them.
Dan Reader
Dan Reader:
Not a big fan of Radio 1 as a station, but I have to say mad respect to the interviewer here. Tarantino is legendarily difficult to interview because he straight up refuses to play ball with overdone/stupid questions, and right from the off you could see he was thrilled to hear the questions he was being asked. Well played the Beeb.
Yours Truly
Yours Truly:
Great to see that BBC got an interviewer who actually cares about his questions
Lenin Salazar Sanchez
Lenin Salazar Sanchez:
I' been watching Tarantino get mad at stupid interviewers for like an hour now, and I think this is the best interview I have ever seen, I hope Quentin watched it, cuz it's pure love and respect for his work
Bobby Ricigliano
Bobby Ricigliano:
If I ever met QT, I’d tell him that when I saw Pulp Fiction in the theater in 1994, the credits rolled at the end and everyone just sat there sort of stunned. No one got up, no one said anything. Everyone knew they had just seen something brilliant, even if they didn’t understand it. A quarter century later, the film still reveals little things with each replay. Sitting in a bar with pals and dissecting QT films over many beers is still just about my favorite social activity in the world.
Brandon Buccella
Brandon Buccella:
My favorite thing about QT as a director and a person, is that he is never quick to judge a movie simply because it was made the way he would. His excitement for things like Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and even the MCU is so refreshing to see in a director as revered as he is. Also, Inglorious Basterds is one of my all time favorite movies.
Seriously, this man made some of the coolest movies in history.
10:08 the best close out answer I've ever heard, filled with such emotion/understanding/down to earthness. Pure class.
Sainsbur McManus
Sainsbur McManus:
Outstanding interview, can see that Quentin really appreciates the depth of the questions, it certainly brings out his “real” side and shows how humble he is. Hats off to all involved from the BBC.
Tom H
Tom H:
This is the best interview I've seen with him - loads of people just seem to ask him generic things, but he actually seems happy and engaged here ! love how he also seemed indifferent about being parodied in Kung Fu Panda - like he's actually just happy that he's setting standards and culturally relative sign-posts :)
That editing of movies over Quentin's response is insanely good. I get goosebumps watching it and often rewatch this interview many times - it's just conducted so well. Bravo Ali Plumb and the BBC radio 1 team.
Free M8son
Free M8son:
What I love about Quentin is that he's not pretentious when it comes to his love of movies. He loves all movies. From art house movies to shitty B movies to even Shrek 3. His knowledge about such a wide range of films is awesome.
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
Quentin Terrintino doing a rated R marvel antihero movie would be amazing.
Nada Larouk
Nada Larouk:
I can't imagine Hollywood without Tarantino, he's the coolest filmmaker for real
This is one of the best interviews I've ever seen, extremely well thought out and unique questions. You could tell he was very excited by the questions, as opposed to most other interviews where he's just bored or even aggravated from being asked the same questions over and over again. Absolute legend of cinema.
Anti Social Media
Anti Social Media:
The movie industry will never be the same again when he's gone. There's just nothing like a Tarantino flick. He's my favorite director/producer of all time.
Joe Heller
Joe Heller:
So is it established that we love this interviewer?
Know Your Mortgage?!
Know Your Mortgage?!:
This dude is the most respectful journalist with the preparation of his interviews!
Imagine an existence without Tarantino’s films. I have always felt something after watching each of them, like I’ve almost been through a real experience myself, there isn’t one that hasn’t had an impact, even when rewatching them.
If you are really familiar with his work, every film, how hard it is to pick one you would say is his best or your favourite, or on the flip side of that question which one is his worst or you hate. The guy is arguably the most influential director of the 21st Century.
Washington Irwing
Washington Irwing:
Man i just love to rewatch this interview once in a while as an example of a splendid work filled with pure respect.
And this is personally the best interview with Quentin ever, i would love to see at least couple hour version of this.
Mellow D
Mellow D:
This is what happens when a genuine cinephile meets a legendary filmmaker. Great interview.
Muezzin Meier
Muezzin Meier:
This guy just genuinely loves cinema. From japanese movies nobody heard of to shrek 3..
Fullmetal Norik .
Fullmetal Norik .:
Kudos BBC. You did it. The single best Quentin Tarantino interview to exist.
Tarantino is WAY more likable than i thought, never seen an interview of him, he just seems very appreciative of people liking his work, and he just seems nerdy in the best way possible
What a gem of a film maker. Great interview.
Great interview, amazing ending. I think many of us feel greatly inspired by Tarantino not only because we like his films, but also because we share that unmeasurable love for films.
Everyone thinks that Tarantino is an asshole in interviews but this is proof that he's just not the type to put on an act for people who put in no effort. This interviewer had some A+ questions that seemed to genuinely floor him. Gotta love it
I would say, “Congratulations Quentin, you wrote your way into history by being one of the best to ever do it.”
Brett Marshall
Brett Marshall:
Quentin Tarantino is an enigma for me.

I LOVE his dialogue writing! LOVE it. I love his creative fiction work.

But his alternative take on history I find weird.

And Killing Bill shouldn’t have been so easy, it’s should have been a more epic fight like the rest of the two parts of the movie that was almost perfect up till then.
QT is one of a kind. I honestly enjoyed the ever-loving shit out of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It was such a fun time, as expected from a Tarantino movie. It's always so much fun getting to see Leo and Pitt directed by Tarantino - I feel like they have a ton of fun and that comes out in the final product.
But for real - the ending montage of Tarantino's movies was a phenomenally edited tribute. Hands down to the editor.
Vic Coni
Vic Coni:
Love Quentin's vision. An true artist working in film.
What a great interview! Just the level of questions, combined with respect and admiration (also great editing) just elevated this to a whole other level.
Rasmus Tagu
Rasmus Tagu:
Such a great interview, that ending really hit the soft spot. Tarantino is a one of a kind.
A Bobble
A Bobble:
Pulp Fiction soundtrack is a masterpiece in itself. The whole movie is Quentinsentially a masterpiece (see what I did there?)
Rich Tha Menace
Rich Tha Menace:
Possibly the best Tarantino interview I've ever seen. Not too many surface questions, just enough deep questions. Thank you!
Kellie LeJeune
Kellie LeJeune:
I was 21 when Quentin came on the scene with Reservoir Dogs. My entire adult life, I have followed every movie. I essentially grew up with Quentin and his films. Thank you Quentin.! LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.
I love absolutely love and adore Tarantino's enthusiasm for just movies/film/cinema/books in general.
That felt not like an interview, but like a doku. Loved it.
QT's films are something else, I love them all, they're so unique and there's always *that* plot twist that is like the opposite of what you tought would have been the plot twist, that's it, they are unpredictable and that's what makes you say *wow* at the end of the movie
yordy garcia
yordy garcia:
The fact that Tarantino shows appreciation towards shrek is beautiful
Ashok Varadharajan Kumar
Ashok Varadharajan Kumar:
The soundtrack they chose to end the video, just epic. Kill Bill's soundtracks were just brilliant
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal:
He's one of the greatest directors of all time. He takes pulpy action to the highest level.

It's always a joy to watch his work.
Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan Cooper:
so great to see Tarantino actually care abt the questions what a great interview
Seen several of this guy's interviews, he's so good! Always feels like he knows everyone he interviews really well as they are always so open and comfortable with him. Great stuff
juan luis Urbano
juan luis Urbano:
Seeing Tarantino get so riled up talking about shrek made me smile a bit.
Murray Ball
Murray Ball:
I am so much a massive QT fan. I don't know what I would say to him, probably that I really love his films - all of them, and to paraphrase Brad Pitt, that Hollywood would be a worse place without him, since he puts so much love, care and attention in his films, oh and he adds spice. It is always an event when QT makes a film, and massive big name actors would play any part that he asked them to play, but He knows who is best for which role to get the best out of them, and add the most to a production. The actors have said that they are just happy to be a part. Cheers.
Bow River RC
Bow River RC:
Four Rooms is never mentioned among his greatest works... I know he shares credit, but it is still something that is very much a stand-out of brilliance. My most memorable scene in any of his movies was the Bar shootout in Inglorious bastards
jamesirwingofobogmail jamesirwingofobogmail
jamesirwingofobogmail jamesirwingofobogmail:
Quentin Tarantino is one of the coolest geniuses that has ever lived we are lucky to have been alive when he was.
Citizen X
Citizen X:
Kudos to the editor as well. Exceptional work with the soundtracks especially.
Probably the first and only interviewer Tarantino liked.
this was a great interview, good questions and the interviewer is really good at what he does.
Josh Wayne
Josh Wayne:
This is actually the interview to Tarantino that I have enjoyed the most. You can tell Quentin was comfortable there, and the questions were not just the typical BS questions.
Good questions and editing is awesome. If he really is doing 10 movies I hope he jumps to seasonal shows or another platform. The man is still sharp and writing all the time. What he said about how people may discover him at different time and how that changes reactions is pretty deep thought. Just awesome.
George Trichkov
George Trichkov:
Awesome interview and a true legend.
The thing I love about this interview is the fact that you get to see how Quentin really is a fan of films and pop culture. Like whatever genre it is, he enjoys watching. He's not the "I don't like this genre, this isn't cinema" type.
Bret Hitman Shart
Bret Hitman Shart:
These have to be some of the best questions ever posed to Tarantino, you can tell that he has never heard these before in the hundreds of interviews he's given and it's a joy for him to ponder and answer, great work!
great interview. great editing. great quality from BBC. You can definitely see this was put together by someone who loves him.
David S
David S:
This guy knew the assignment, great questions made for a great interview!🙌🏽
Matthew Stent
Matthew Stent:
This guy smashed it with the questions! great interview, and Quentin is just a down to earth legend
Gabriel S
Gabriel S:
Great interview, excellent questions. Good editing too. Wish more entertainment media was this good!
kent neumann
kent neumann:
Words are not enough to describe how much I love his movies.
I think, I feel, if I had the opportunity to meet him before he became famous, we would have been fantastic friends.

He is a fan of movies first. Which is what makes his work so excellent. Passionate. Exuberant. Perfection. He honors the art.

He is down to earth. Genuine. Honest.

Words are inadequate.

I don't feel that way about any other celebrity.
No, I'm not a stalker.

Thanks for this interview.
I love how down to earth and extremely passionate Tarantino is about all of this
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez:
This was seriously an amazing interview
D. M.
D. M.:
The only director who hasn't lost his touch after all these years.
Jesse Sabio
Jesse Sabio:
wow this was such a refreshing interview! supreme quality and very much appreciate how intrigued and well thought out these questions were. THIS is how an interview should go. take notes click-bait journalists!!!
I freaking worshipped QT in my teens and young adult life I went into film partly because of him. Pulp Fiction is still in my top ten films of all time. It has to be the most quoted film I know.
J P:
One of the top five best directors/writers of all times! Love every single one of his movies!!
love music love hip hop
love music love hip hop:
The man hasn't one bad movie, love all his work
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober:
you can see Quentin face at the beginning he was just like ohh here we go another interviewer who's gonna ask me the same goddam shit but during the interview you can see the excitement and how happy he was. great interview
Mr. Serr
Mr. Serr:
I’ve watch a lot of interviews with this interviewer and he is by far one of the best out right now. All his guest are comfortable he ask fun questions and he gets answers from them. Really fun watching this guy interview people.
jose Santos
jose Santos:
Amazing interview. Relevant clips, great questions, awesome job.
WhichWay -
WhichWay -:
Amazing interview guys well done. The smile on Quintons face as he shakes hands, shows his respect for the professionalism of the interview. Well done
Prachuryya Baruah
Prachuryya Baruah:
There is a time Quentin uses marvel comics references in his movies and now marvel uses Easter eggs from his movies...that's show how influencial he is❤️
OSW Review HD
OSW Review HD:
I loved hearing the enthusiasm, knowledge and reverence of the presenter, mixed with the high quality editing (no extraneous conversation, interspersed with movie, tv & music video clips) ...just EXCELLENT work all round! 💚
What an amazing interview with such a cinema icon! Loved it!
J Martinez
J Martinez:
100% amazing interview!!!

Edward Lamadrid
Edward Lamadrid:
Someday, Ali Plumb will have his own talk show. The man deserves it.
Hussein ali
Hussein ali:
I love this interview, truly brilliant
ROHAN BOSE রোহন বোস
ROHAN BOSE রোহন বোস:
I would love to watch an R rated MCU movie directed by Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino appearing in those three movies, and a song from one of his movies being in those three movies, are two completely different things
Dad in a reasonably priced car
Dad in a reasonably priced car:
I keep coming back to this every now and then and its a breath of fresh air to have an interviewer who knows his stuff and makes the celebrity actually enjoy the 50th or whatever interview of the day. Tarantino thoroughly enjoyed the questions and to see someone who gets what hes about and how he makes his movies, it will be a sad day when he finishes the Tarantino series but what a thing to do. Im sure in many years Quentin will be talked about as one of THE biggest directors in history if not the biggest of all time for his work and love for the industry which is passed on through so many films across the unlikeliest of places.
Ron M
Ron M:
Quinton is a great director and producer. I love his movies, I just wish he had more peers.
I love how happy he is and how much he is enjoying himself in this interview. Best interviewer
Adrian Vaduva
Adrian Vaduva:
Watching two intelligent people talk is always worth it
This is one of the best interviews that I’ve ever seen, QT is truly enjoying the conversation
What an amazing interview. This guy knows how to do his job.
When talking about people telling him that his work had an impact on their lives and he says: "They could really mean that."
You can tell how humble he is deep down - doubting the icon of a filmmaker he has become.
The fact that Tarantino referenced his favourite films in his own and now references his own films is awesome
Junayed Alam
Junayed Alam:
This Guy deserve a huge raise.
His questions are priceless, I always get to know something new.
Fantastic interview. Loving Quentin Tarantino, getting to know Ali Plumb.
Lou Reed
Lou Reed:
Brilliant interview, great pacing, competent interviewer, talented editor, & a happy qt. What more can can we ask for? Thanks for the content radio1, can’t wait to see what else you’ve got!
Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez:
I love when interviewers ask great questions, and I love when interviewees appreciate great questions.
Living on the Tyne
Living on the Tyne:
I might even go watch Kill Bill again after this the score and cinematography is just amazing.
Juan Perez
Juan Perez:
Bruh this dude is like us!! He loves the MCU, Shrek and loves the memes from his movies!!!!
This might be the best conducted AND the best edited interview I've ever seen. Well done.