Italian ambassador to DR Congo dies in attack | Luca Attanasio | Envoy killed | World English News

The Italian ambassador to Congo and an Italian Carabinieri police officer were killed Monday while travelling in Congo in a UN convoy, the Foreign Ministry said.

Italian ambassador to DR Congo dies in attack | Luca Attanasio | Envoy killed | World English News

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46 komentarze:

Gary Loger
Gary Loger:
This is one of the saddest images I've ever seen. 2:37
I have heard that some Chinese peace keeping troops fled from their position in Africa after someone shouted Indians are coming. 😂😂😂😂
nupur boro
nupur boro:
Yes good people with the best vision are always killed. .it's a truth
Dangerously Cheesy
Dangerously Cheesy:
Damn! good thoughts for his family
gamer guy
gamer guy:
Sad day, he will be remembered!! 😭
Religion of piec_
Dimitri lazerus
Dimitri lazerus:
So sad.They must be punished.
No mercy for terrorism
HomeCarryLegalGun PursuitOfHappiness
HomeCarryLegalGun PursuitOfHappiness:
Be careful there. They’re highly trained with
AK rifles.
XITLER the Flu
XITLER the Flu:
I heard tales that some troops fled the outpost of a nation when insurgent forces attacked
UN is a joke
Laurine DRIVER
Laurine DRIVER:
Why didn’t these courageous U.N. Representatives have U.N. SECURITY DETAIL with them?! I can NOT imagine the reason for that. U.N. has GOT to DO BETTER than this!! UNBELIEVABLE and so sad for their families. I am so sorry for your losses. You are all in my thoughts & prayers 🙏🏻
Sam Nigam
Sam Nigam:
This is a sad shocking news. Cowardly attack on Italian Ambassador. RIP Ambassador. Italian Army n Air Force must avenge this attack.
bad campa
bad campa:
Rena Vincent
Rena Vincent:
I love her voice
Lovepreet Singh
Lovepreet Singh:
Must be the peace loving community spreading peace and love again .
bos space
bos space:
George Rambo
George Rambo:
What's wrong with these countries
imran the intergalactic beggar
imran the intergalactic beggar:
RIP sir
It's so troubling to see such a great man die like that
Ankit Saraswat
Ankit Saraswat:
Very sad
Naresh Kulkarni
Naresh Kulkarni:
We are having a suitable Italian youth back in India, Rahul Gandhi. Plz consider him for the Job onwards
U gota do it if u a soilder why should I have to lay low to buy a gun if I was a soilder I would of did it period
Alpha Crafts
Alpha Crafts:
RWANDAN Did that
No one has claimed responsibility so it's best not to assume anything just yet🤷‍♀️
Ayan Chowdhury
Ayan Chowdhury:
You can't play a war with words.
Excreta Thug berg
Excreta Thug berg:
Akshay More
Akshay More:
Olaa hu uber
naman vohra
naman vohra:
😔😔 💔✝️🥀 R.I.P 🥀✝️ Brother
very sorry for the ignorant who took the HOLY LIFE ..
Mayank Kachhwaha
Mayank Kachhwaha:
may be he was trying to convert them lol
The queen said u might be mad but u not a soilder why should u have to shoot a gun mad... when there’s soo many soilders in Africa
Nikhil Jedi
Nikhil Jedi:
Aden guros
atif sultan
atif sultan:
I was watching this video , i think you will blame china for that , hahahahahaha
Marina Viskovic
Marina Viskovic:
Africa can be dangerous.
Bhagwa Kafir
Bhagwa Kafir:
Bismillah suhanillah kafiirullah according to Qur'an verse 69 in our *muzhub* it says we are allowed to do so please respekt constitution 😠
purnima ghosh
purnima ghosh:
Really sad.. He deserves a treatment like a soldier
Fatwa Man
Fatwa Man:
The Apostate Murrah former disciple
The Apostate Murrah former disciple:
We all know who did it 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Guddu Ukraine
Guddu Ukraine:
🤣🤣🤣 These Europeans Think They Are At Home Everywhere In The World 🌍
And in the end only condolences which are left to wish.
Tentax X
Tentax X:
Pindus father is dead look how they are crying
Robert Garabonciás
Robert Garabonciás:
An armed Islamist group known as the Allied Democratic Forces or ADF has carried out at least two attacks on villages in the area of Béni in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo since December 28. One of the attacks was claimed by the branch of the Islamic State organization in Central Africa.
bos space
bos space:
Bet the West don't criticize these countries half as much as they do Asia
A. M.
A. M.:
He couldn't find the facts but facts found him. These Western Fact Finders are a menace.
Alp N
Alp N:
What are you doing in Congo, to steal Gold?
No good person should go and live in this garbage
Unfortunate ,but Europeans are one who are supplying weapons also ...
Srt t
Srt t:
NP ,just one of the murderers died that's all , no need of outrage anything ... They killed our fishermen