Italy vs. England Euro 2020 final: Tale of the tape | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Matteo Bonetti, Chris Coleman, Kasey Keller, Tim Howard and Alessandro Del Piero take a deep look at Italy ahead of the Euro 2020 final.
0:00 Coleman believes Italy has been the team of the tournament.
1:30 Del Piero outlines the job Roberto Mancini has done with the Italian national team.
3:00 Bonetti shares his thoughts on Ciro Immobile for Italy.

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Dear Italians, please remember that basically all of Europe supports and root for you against England. You deserve the trophy!
Forza Azzurri!! 🇮🇹🇩🇰
- Sincerily a Dane.

EDIT: Thank you so much for avenging us! - we are forever grateful.
Italians once again restored my faith in football through pure class, sportsmanship and talent! Allow me to say, on behalf of (most of) Europe: Grazie mille!!
Gabriel Garreta
Gabriel Garreta:
As an Italian this is as big as the 2006 win. Coming back from depression of 2018
This is gonna be one historic game.
Forza Italia 🇮🇹❤
Trumpet Music
Trumpet Music:
Not sure I would be watching these videos if Del Piero was not in them.
What a legend!
I’ll sleep tonight with calm confidence. Thanks for making it this far, Manchini. The ride has been fun no matter how it ends.

Forza Italia 🇮🇹🇮🇹
henry 63
henry 63:
One of the most hyped game ever...i think and hope for an 🇮🇹🏆
Seeing Tim Howard takes me back to the days when the USA 🇺🇸 could qualify for the World Cup
K H:
England doesn’t deserve it and I mean the fans. What they done the last games is unacceptable. They terrorized danish families, demolished the German girl in the web, always booing when the national anthem of „the enemy“ was played. The Laserpointer against schmeichel. And then the politics of the UEFA and british government, about stadion capacity in this special times. It is just a shame, would be a bigger one if this people could applaud to the title they wish. The brexit made me sad and I know that most people in the U.K. are the opposite of this fans. But I can’t give u credit for that. That is not the way of sportsmanship. That is not the way of the successor. Whish u all the best in future. What u could win is not only the title.
Martin Damiani
Martin Damiani:
Forza italia!!!! Desde Argentina !!!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
lolly Rodrigues
lolly Rodrigues:
Come on Italy 🇮🇹 ❤🇧🇷 come on, please ❤
This is the Italy we all familiar with..hope they win with good margin 👍
Rory Gee
Rory Gee:
Italy are clear favorites. Their record is undeniable. England with an undoubted impressive attacking force have failed to be an undoubted impressive attacking force whilst their defense have saved them in this tournament. Italy will score, Pickford and Stone will be put under immense pressure and one or both will make the game losing mistake. Italy will certainly control the midfield. Italy will score and then repeatedly score on the counter. 2 or 3 nil to Italy. I hope I’m wrong c’mon England
I have always respected the English a lot but this time, feeling the smell of victory, they indulged in antics. They had arbitrage in favor, they pointed lasers in the face, they laughed at the sweet German girl, they whistled a hymn (our Italian one) which is too offensive, football is not disrespect, they booed our players and above all as a clown they tried to politically exploit the European in favor of Brexit. If it's called EUROPEO there will be a reason. Eheh, they are out of Europe, from politics to football. Finally, a little while ago, at the award ceremony, they all tore the medal from their chest as a gesture of spite. Ridiculous.
Italy ❤ love from 🇭🇷
Renato Zheng
Renato Zheng:
Aaaaavanti Italia!!! 🇮🇹
Janus Kaminsky
Janus Kaminsky:
I really enjoyed watching Italian football up until the late 1990's early 2000s when their style became more defensive/boring. Mancini was part of that enjoyable period, still remember some of his outrageous goals, glad he managed to revive Italian football with that style again.
Caleb DeLorenzo
Caleb DeLorenzo:
Forza Italia!!! It’s coming Rome 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Felice Giraldi
Felice Giraldi:
I'm hoping for a great, worthy, fair final with exiting football.

I'd also say it's a 50:50 match and whoever scores first will win 2:1.

Forza Italia!! Bring this trophie to Rome!! 🇮🇹
Michele Ferrucci
Michele Ferrucci:
Honestly I’m so happy and proud of my national team and even if we lose, we have showed to the world how good and resilient we have been for the entire tournament.
I wish all the best to the English team cos they are a great team as well, very humble players (journalists made them look like arrogants but they’re definitely not like that) and they bravely managed to arrive to the final!
Good luck to both of them and forza Italia 🇮🇹
Ehab Motwadie
Ehab Motwadie:
Let us enjoy the moment it's very very special . all chances for both Italy and UK are the same...Italy was absent since the final 2012 but they are completely different with Mancini ..England is incredible this copy
Let us wait for an amazing final
Jo Black
Jo Black:
“Bonucci and Chiellini old style defenders”. Have you ever seen a Bonucci s match?
Gunners Karen
Gunners Karen:
Forza Azzurri! In Mancini we trust!
Pecorone Speranzoso
Pecorone Speranzoso:
I feel like it has passed a month since the match vs. Spain!!! Forza Ragazzi!!!
Pizza connection gaming
Pizza connection gaming:
Forza Italia!!!😍😍
Hendra Septian
Hendra Septian:
Forza Italia 🇮🇹 per sempre
Luna Plata
Luna Plata:
It's not coming home, it's coming Rome 😂😁😂😁! Parabéns à Itália!
Make us proud italy🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
I would have liked to see the comments of the English fans if Italy were going to play the final with England at home, in Rome, the sixth game out of seven played at home not being the only host nation, after the referee gave them an unnecessary penalty in the previous game.
Just curious.
fie lopéz
fie lopéz:
Drunk Penguin
Drunk Penguin:
Good luck Italy 🇮🇹 from Denmark 🇩🇰
Enriquez Herrera Agustín Alejandro
Enriquez Herrera Agustín Alejandro:
Congratulazioni Italia 🇮🇹
Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷
Dav Id
Dav Id:
What people don’t realize about Immobile is that he pushes the backs. He spreads them out with his movement off the ball and finishes if he gets the chance. When he doesn’t he still opens up a lot of space in front of the backs for Chiesa and Insigne
Mohammad Said
Mohammad Said:
Italy will win for sure. Italy will teach how to play football
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser:
I hope all them people that doubted Southgate before the tournament began then changed their mind when we reached the final don’t all of a sudden go back to what they said at the beginning if were lose. I doubted him and some of the players coming into the tournament but whatever happens, it has been a successful tournament.
ava alice
ava alice:
Io amo l'Italia🇮🇹
Forza Italia 🇮🇹🇪🇺
S R:
Europe supports Italy, hope that England with his disrespectful supporters crying Niagara falls . 50 years they won nothing, tonight it will be the same, Big up italy.
Jeremy Van Briesies
Jeremy Van Briesies:
A pack of sheep led by 1 lion will always defeat a pack of lion led by 1 sheep ....well done Mancinni
Siva Joseph
Siva Joseph:
Can anyone about crowd supporters reaction
In matches GER and DEN
Hope Italy wins the title 👍
Happy 2021
Happy 2021:
Italy have been the best team hands down. But England have gone support. Let's hope it's a nice game, the ref is good and no Italian fans get hurt.
Whenever a final is overhyped, the game turns out to be tight and boring.
mala le
mala le:
for Denmark, Italy 🇩🇰🇮🇹
You spitted on our flag, you threatened our supporters, you booed our anthem...but still you always lose... the worst supporters in Europe.
Antonn B.x
Antonn B.x:
It should be Denmark in the final.

England cheated her way to the final!
They dominated the game. England started like a house on fire and then retreated. Mancini then made strong subs in the second half and extra time whilst England were passive.
Vittorio Luchi
Vittorio Luchi:
Great final 🇮🇹🤝🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
petra pan
petra pan:
FORZA ITALIA all Croats cheer for you
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea:
I am honest that I've always supported Germany but since they're out everytime has been my favourite EXCEPT France and im glad they're out now. Although I support Italy a bit more I love England's attack as its terrific and so beautiful to watch 😍. For me England has the best attacking in the whole tournament and it reminds me of Spain in 2012. I hope England shows fierce attacking and Italy same type of game as well. May the best win and may Germany get their sht together for the next tournament.
Ryan Boyle
Ryan Boyle:
FORZA AZZURRI!!! Andiamo Italia!!
Thomas Knight
Thomas Knight:
Donnarumma can go win a game for you. He did it for Milan many times.
Eat More Music
Eat More Music:
I feel like England is already validated making it to the finals (even if they played 6 out of 7 games at home) I feel like Italy will take it tho
Asgaard Norse
Asgaard Norse:
Football has been revenged tonight !

Congrats Italy for the 2nd European title won after that one from 1968 !
Patrick Varano
Patrick Varano:
going to be a very fluid game... just like Del piero's english
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev:
Forza Italia! Andiamo Azzurri!
ava alice
ava alice:
Forza Italia🇮🇹
Sebastian Wilson
Sebastian Wilson:
Quoting Maximus in Gladiator: "ROMA VICTOR!!" 🇮🇹
Jan Peter
Jan Peter:
I think Italy will win because they will win,
God Save Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jake Gargiulo
Jake Gargiulo:
Come on Italia
Riziero B
Riziero B:
Italia 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
mala le
mala le:
k tom
k tom:
"If they can play like that, without any type of conscience, straight to the point..." CONSCIENCE? Does the former US goalkeeper understand the word conscience?
Chiesa looks good and will score against England and go on to win it. England has a poor record playing against Italy, losing either 9 out of 10 matches or all of them.
Игорь Херсонский
Игорь Херсонский:
VIVA ITALIA 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 England 👎🏻
Z. D.
Z. D.:
Come on England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. Keep fighting till the end. 🍀🍀
abdenbi CHIKOUN
abdenbi CHIKOUN:
Argentina beat Brazil 1-0 in Saturday’s Copa America final to secure the national team’s first title since 1993 when they defeated Mexico 2-1 in Ecuador. Angel Di Maria scored the only goal of the match in the 22nd minute.
Arsenal Subliminal
Arsenal Subliminal:
thank you karma for delivering this painful loss to a country with zero propriety and decency. to boo so overtly and blatantly during the opposing side's national anthem is morally criminal and should NEVER be tolerated in ANY sport, especially on perhaps THE most viewed and scrutinized sporting platform in the world. i hope this loss stings, pricks.
El Pichichi
El Pichichi:
Come on Italy !
As long as the diving T-Rex 🦖 doesn’t get a fake PK, you’ll take this !
Remember being a kid seeing Keller in Bundesliga chewing a gum great keeper
Marius Stamate
Marius Stamate:
Wow Alex del piero for an italian his english it’s perfect grammatically speaking it’s perfect
Blabber Blah
Blabber Blah:
I hope you Brits prepared a decent and lavish victory ceremony for Italy.
Sameer Khan
Sameer Khan:
Well if Raheem Sterling keeps diving near the penalty spot then i dont think Italy have a chance to win this ! 😅😅
lololol randoms
lololol randoms:
Who here when Italy won 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Piero Ribechini
Piero Ribechini:
immobile creates a lot of space for insigne and chiesa, every single action
Bravo italia a victori complimenti meritatissimi campione della coppa europea italia
May the best team win. I just hope the British don't whistle the anthem, don't use laser beams, and are as friendly as ever. For the rest, it will be a great match. The ancient Greeks also stopped the wars for the Olympics. Sportsmanship and fair play above all.
fie lopéz
fie lopéz:
Estoy feliz de que Italia ganó, Argentina e Italia por la Copa Maradona en Napoli en diciembre.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nik Gakes
Nik Gakes:
England Homecoming
England Home Alone
England No-Way Home 😂
I believe in Pickford.
Penalties. Tap ins. Ghosting. Diving.

Long ago, the four elements lived together in harmony. Then Pristianio Penaldo attacked and stole all four elements unleashing chaos onto the beautiful game.

Shame on you Penaldo. Shame!
il Condottiero
il Condottiero:
gli Azzurri will bring it Rome!! 🇮🇹
I love you del piero!!!!
Italy 2 England 0
SPQR 🐺💪! Londinium provincia romana est!
Tymko C
Tymko C:
You're forgetting another factor: Where the game's being played and the fans. Hopefully they do not set off fire works or boo during the Italian national anthem like they did in the Denmark pre-game. Didn't know English football fans are so classless.
Enzo Navona
Enzo Navona:
2000 beat holland in holland
2006 beat germany in germany
2021 beat england in england
Ryval Music1
Ryval Music1:
Fire 🔥🔥🔥 pan Rome literally
Desi Warrior aow3
Desi Warrior aow3:
Vamos Argentina
England are going to have too much for Italy, they've built on the 2018 world cup. England at home in competition is next to impossible to beat.
Vittorio Luchi
Vittorio Luchi:
Well played.

Forrza Azzurri sempre

Vedi, Vini, Vinci

Horatio Huskisson
Horatio Huskisson:
England could’ve had Spain in the quarters (if they won their group and beat Ukraine) and Netherlands in the Semis (if they beat Czech Republic and Denmark). It’s not England’s fault that the other big teams fucked themselves.
Parth Jasani
Parth Jasani:
DIEGO MARADONA's hand and blessing on ARGENTINA 🇦🇷 and ITALY 🇮🇹.

So, it's coming to ROME
Charles Baijahe
Charles Baijahe:
My prediction is Italy 1- 2 England with Kalvin Phillips on the score sheet.