'It's barbaric': Archie Battersbee's family give heartbreaking statement after his death

The mother of 12-year-old Archie Battersbee has confirmed Archie has died following a long-running legal battle to prevent his life support treatment from being removed. Archie's family have an emotional statement outside Royal London hospital. In recent days, they made applications to the high court, court of appeal and European court of human rights to have him transferred to a hospice, but they were denied

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There is nothing more horrifying then the death of a child, it is just something that you don't even consider when you have a child. Understandably it is very very hard for a family to let go even when there is no chance for survival or anything approximating life. However, it is also a fact of life that there are limited resources of drs, nurses & beds in medical centers and to use though resources to help a family come to grips with the inevitable at the expense of a patients who actually have a chance of survival is just not possible. You would have wards filled with people attached to life support because their families are unwilling to let go . I hope this family is able to find peace.
The reality is Archie passed long ago. Rest in peace little man.
Adriana Martins
Adriana Martins:
My heart goes out to the family. My condolences to the family and friends ❤️
lamont coleman
lamont coleman:
It's not barbaric. That's how you die when a machine is keeping you alive. My brother was taken off life support after a massive brain bleed because he was brian stem dead. He was heavily sedated in case of a small risk of suffering but this young lad passed a long time ago. This is what death is like, it horrific to witness and you never feel like it's going to happen you. So when you're sitting there seeing someone change colour and slip away it's horrendous but that's the cruel reality of death. There was never any mistreatment in this case of human rights violation. Just a very sick boy and a mother who was in denial of the situation - and I totally sympathise with it. People be kind to her, and the staff who was looking after him. RIP Archie.
Saint Cedd
Saint Cedd:
The one thing many people appear to have missed ........ is that this end was inevitable . Archie , having been starved of oxygen would already have been brain dead . The only way he was ' breathing ' was through the machine and expertise of doctors and staff at the hospital. I hope he can find the peace he deserves at last ! It must have been a very difficult decision for the staff to make ......but I'm sure they acted in the best interests of Archie .They deserve a big , " Thank you " , not harsh words ! Next , the staff and hospitalwill be being sued for their kindness ......just wait !
I Mhr.
I Mhr.:
Peace to his soul and to his family 🙏
This is the situation they were trying to avoid. Accepting that Archie is 100% gone, but sadly was no coming back. This situation was inevitable. The kid was on a life support machine for 4 months. That is no way to live. You could say having him living like that is barbaric. He is in a better place now. R.I.P kid🙏
Durdana Matin
Durdana Matin:
My heart goes out to you and your family. RIP little Archie!
Eleanor Taulbut
Eleanor Taulbut:
This is terrible poor family. My thoughts and prayers goes to these people 💕
Ro MMi
Ro MMi:
May he rest in peace! Condolences for the grieving family! May they overcome this terrible tragedy!
Rhythm Is A Dancer
Rhythm Is A Dancer:
Rest in peace, Archie. I have a feeling that he tried to take his own life. Maybe this is too difficult for the family to comprehend right now. But he was severely brain damaged, and keeping him alive seems barbaric to me. All they have done is prolong their pain. Im sorry this happened to you, Archie 🙏🌠💖
Deep Meditation Music
Deep Meditation Music:
I am so sorry for your loss. This is very hearbreaking. My thoughts are with Archie's family, friends and loved ones at this very difficult time.
Tina Halpin
Tina Halpin:
Why are they blaming the hospital ? Poor boy was on life support ..without that we all knew he would pass .
Poor poor family, may he Rest In Peace, prayers to his family 😣❤️
Jacqueline Clare
Jacqueline Clare:
My heart goes out to you all. Bless you sweet, dear Archie x
Nichelle Binion
Nichelle Binion:
This is so heart breaking,My heart goes out to Archie family..
Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance.
Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance.:
We’re so sorry for the loss of your little angel x
River Donoghue
River Donoghue:
Such a tragic situation. Rest in peace little man.
Chloe ASMR
Chloe ASMR:
Rest in Peace little man you will be sadly missed 😢
Edna Gaskin
Edna Gaskin:
Liam Cleary
Liam Cleary:
Thoughts and prayers are with the family, sleep now young man its time to rest bless you forever....
Captain Hindsight
Captain Hindsight:
This happens often, yet most families don’t make a fuss, they trust their team of doctors and understand that if all brain activity has ceased then there is no coming back.

All these latest Alfie’s army, Archie’s army type movements will be painful for those families who quietly listened to their doctors and did what was they were advised was the best for their children to avoid any unnecessary prolonged suffering.
Absolutely heartbreaking 💔 Rest In Love Archie.
I wish strength and healing now moving forward for this family.
I will always keep you all in my prayers. So heartbroken for her.
Ennedie ND
Ennedie ND:
Toutes mes condoléances à la famille...
Popi Zitha
Popi Zitha:
Rest in peace Archie. My condolences to his family
Air Bourne
Air Bourne:
Heart felt condolences
Justin Moir
Justin Moir:
My condolences to the family and all their friends. Loss of a close relative is one of the hardest thing to bear, especially a son or daughter.
Laura Bedford
Laura Bedford:
Rest in peace archie , condolences to the family . Thanks to the medical staff.
john Baldock
john Baldock:
Terrance Tibbs
Terrance Tibbs:
I feel terrible for this family who lost a dear son. However the way the have villainized hard work health professionals who have made the right desicions is wrong. Their son was brain dead and oxygen from a machine was merely keeping his body alive. Their fight took away from the real issue that a young boy was influenced by social media to take part in a dangerous trend called the black out challenge that led to his death.
Kim Godwin
Kim Godwin:
Heartbreaking im so sorry for your loss . Rip archie fly high
Orbán Pál
Orbán Pál:
I am sorry for their los but the statement that he was fighting till the end was not true, the machines where… I do understand that it’s a horrible for your children to die but as a realist I have to say this.
Hussein Al Zubaidy
Hussein Al Zubaidy:
My condolences for the family and relatives of Archie🌹
The Rub
The Rub:
My heart goes out to you all
So so sorry to hear of your loss :(
Lily Richards
Lily Richards:
My heart goes to the family he is always going to be proud of you
Pershore Foodbank Trussell Trust
Pershore Foodbank Trussell Trust:
I know they are in pain and anger, but the way they have portrayed the hospital and the medical professionals has been appalling and I can’t help thinking with the support of some of the media who are just facilitating their anger.
My prayers and thoughts are with this family 💕
Nyang Sallah
Nyang Sallah:
May his soul rest in perfect peace
Detonation Pyrotechnics
Detonation Pyrotechnics:
From a complete stranger to another im so sorry. He can finally get the peace he needed. He spent far too long suffering in that hospital. I know your family is hurting but it's time to start healing.
Barbaric seems a strong word for what happened to the poor lad. Of course he 'turned completely blue' when the machines were turned off, he was unable to breathe on his own. Surely the family would have been prepared for that. I feel very sorry for their loss, but it's the best for poor Archie. They could have kept him on machines for decades and it would not have made any difference.....
Trinigirl 71
Trinigirl 71:
Rest in Peace Archie ----. fly high sweet Angel boy -- you are in a better place now. Prayers and condolences to the entire family.
Louise Sawyer
Louise Sawyer:
Hugs and kisses ♥ 🦋 I have been in the same situation my thoughts are with the family 👪 ♥ at this difficult time ♥ 🦋
Andrew Costen
Andrew Costen:
My condolences to the family...RIP Archie
Planetary Citizen
Planetary Citizen:
He's free now, bless him 🙏
Black Lion
Black Lion:
Rest in peace 🙏
Scouse Mummy
Scouse Mummy:
It’s heartbreaking 💔 fly high Archie 😇
Zed Carr
Zed Carr:
Why is very little being said about how he ended up in the condition he was in, in the first place?
Surely, preventing this happening to another child should be the most talked about issue?
Jay Dub
Jay Dub:
There was no other choice. They did the right thing. Rip young man
Tabassum.Tahmina.Shagufta. Hussein
Tabassum.Tahmina.Shagufta. Hussein:
My heart goes out to the family. May he rests in peace. Amen/Ameen
Parichehr Manuchehr
Parichehr Manuchehr:
RIP Deepest condolence
Volentez Zetnelov
Volentez Zetnelov:
This is the narrative of a dignified private passing, so graphically and publicly described by the family.
H B:
May his soul rest in peace ✌️ .
Faisal Shahzad
Faisal Shahzad:
Very tragic Rest in Peace dear and May give strength to your family
I got the notification on my phone and my heart just shattered...my thoughts and prayers go to this family. Rest in peace, Archie❤️🙏🕯️
Mick Purcell
Mick Purcell:
Rip little one🙏🙏
I fully understand how they feel and the anger……Yes we know it was inevitable but…..So what! Sometimes truth doesn’t matter…Only feelings of love. RIP Archie 🕊🕊🕊
Roy D'Oliveiro
Roy D'Oliveiro:
Archie is a Saint in Heaven now and smiling at his family. Our deepest condolence to the family
Relieved that this boy has been "set free" as it were, and is now at peace. I have never seen a parent or family act like this. It has been grotesque.
Angela Murfitt
Angela Murfitt:
Thinking of all Archie’s family it was only going to have one ending it was just a matter of time heartbreaking for any parent to go through
peter smith
peter smith:
Feel sorry for the family.But he was only alive by machines.That is not a life at all.
Finally the child is relieved from that terrible state
He was never going to recover, if they had kept him on life support indefinitely he was was just going to be a vegetable and his heart would have stopped eventually for sure. No quality of life. From what I’ve read/heard about this poor kid, honestly I think it was a suicide attempt that caused his brain death but it’s really speculation. I think his medical team did everything there was to be done for him. Condolences to the family.
He died 4 months ago people, having a machine keep you alive is not living
I feel sorry for his family but truthfully I'm thankful he's finally passed on so he can find his peace and so I don't have to keep hearing about it on the radio every single day
People have become too used to seeing people in movies and TV shows that have been in comas for decades and think they will also get that treatment, news flash, unless you're famous that micheal schumacher this is the result
It’s barbaric that they tried to keep him in that state for so long!
So sorry. RIP 🙏 x
Tracks reMastered
Tracks reMastered:
Heartbreaking. I hope his family can find solice and peace.
Tim B
Tim B:
Heartbreaking..... She said "It's barbaric" to describe what they (not Archie) have had to suffer. As for saying "no family should ever have to go what we've been through" as if thousands of families across the world don't go through similar situations every year. The difference between the other families is that the other families first thoughts are for the poor child who just lost their life, not for the emotional trauma they have suffered personally.
Mika Ninja
Mika Ninja:
This is so heartbreaking, R.I.P Archie ❣ Condolences to his family
Hopefully the mother and family will now let him rest in peace and grieve in private. I somehow doubt it.
Akash Rana
Akash Rana:
RIP Archie..I was following the story from India...The kid is in the heavens for sure..too hard for his parents...RIP Archie..May your soul rest in peace....My condolences to parents and family..!!
P T:
I genuinely don’t know if there was some hope (as the family were saying leading upto this) or if there was no hope hence the life support being turned off.
I feel so sorry for their loss. But I don’t know if you can either take a side… a loss is still a loss - awful news
Keeping him on life support endlessly, knowing that there's no chance for his recovery is barbaric & selfish.
I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool
I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool:
Rest in peace Archie, I hope you are in Heaven little angel where you belong!
Andy Smith
Andy Smith:
Inwardly deep down she is blaming herself. When people feel guilty they often react this way,though obviously this is an extreme manifestation,she believes she neglected him in his hour of need and should have prevented it.she also believes most others will think that way,whether they actually do or not.
The legal bill will be pushing 8 figures.
scoobywatch z
scoobywatch z:
I feel for the family now they can finaly grieve and archie can rest the hospital did a great job but it was clear the kid wasnt gone make it sadly these things happen in life some times ppl are taken too soon
Jay R
Jay R:
I get you love your child. By why leave him like that. What’s the point to live a life you’ll never be able to enjoy. I’d rather die then to live like that and hopefully he is in a better place.
Quana Short
Quana Short:
Rest in peace archie🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Fiona Brett
Fiona Brett:
I am so glad the poor child has been released. I went to Oxford Oratory specifically to pray for his soul and peace of mind and grace for his unwell Mother.Also for sensible investigation in to how a child can access something as wicked as the internet challenges.

I lit a candle in the Sacred Heart Chapel.

If perfect I would not mention this but
I have terminal cancer so this was a huge effort on my part but feels right. RIP and hope and healing for the future xx
Danielle Isabella Banyard
Danielle Isabella Banyard:
Death is always Barbaric for those left behind Honey. 💔 I hope you all find peace. R.I.P. Child. 🙏 🤲
Cellini Medusa
Cellini Medusa:
No thanks or appreciation for the staff who cared for Archie, made doubly difficult by the family’s unreasonable and hostile attitude. I would like to extend thanks to the staff who did such a difficult job for Archie. At last, may he rest in peace
Lynn scotland
Lynn scotland:
I’m so sorry xx
Maureen Ahearn
Maureen Ahearn:
To archies family your in my prayers and I will always be thinking of you sweet dreams to a beautiful little angel.x
My heart goes out to the family for their painful loss. The court made the right decision because their boy, as they knew him, was gone because of the oxygen deprived to his brain. Now, they can hopefully begin their grieving process. This poor baby....devastating that this happened! TikTok should be shut down permanently. It's platform allows for the most vulnerable young kids to be influenced to do such dangerous things. :(
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:
Just because you hate someone's speech doesnt resonate it to be a hate speech
RIP sweet Archie💔 I hope your family find some kind of peace after their heroic fight to keep you with us.💔 You rest now and take care to watch over your family as they have watched over you sweet boy... 💔 My condolences and love goes to everyone affected by the loss of Archie especially his 💔mummy daddy and siblings💔 who must be absolutely inconsolable right now!! Heartbreaking situation. As one mum to another I will be thinking of you the most Hollie 💔
Muzzammil Hussain
Muzzammil Hussain:
Rip archie my deep condolence to his family specially mother
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan:
Be patient, we all have to leave this world.. the kid left sinless he is the purest of souls. You will meet him again. Remember something sent him here and if he created love and compassion he knows it better. may the young pure soul (young man) rest in peace. Amen
Sara C
Sara C:
Firstly my condolences.
However i am relieved that finally, thanks to the hospital and the courts this poor boy has been allowed to now be at peace. The arrogance of the family not to listen to the constant consistent medical evidence and to continually slate the staff who have cared for him is terrible. He will not have 'suffocated' like they say, he will have died a natural death without all the machines, tubes and wires. The fact he passed away so quickly shows just how utterly dependent he was on the technology. The fact they were willing to risk it and go against medical advice to move him to a hospice which would potentially lead him to die in the back of an ambulance makes me question their devotion to his best interests Thank goodness the courts said no, enough is enough.
Condolances for family.
We are praying for you.
Lyon France.
Nabeel Hussain
Nabeel Hussain:
So tragic
magic Magic
magic Magic:
He’s in heaven now and in peace ❤️
Ben B
Ben B:
Finnaly rest in peace lad
Barbaric is abit strong! The Hospital gave you and your family alot more then they would of done for any other patients family.
facts  TRUMP feelings!
facts TRUMP feelings!:
At last the poor lad has been put to rest.. he had just become a circus act..
Keira Pye
Keira Pye:
Rip Archie 💙💙💙💙
Christopher.T.R Pratt
Christopher.T.R Pratt:
i do feel for the family but that young ladd was never going to make it. if he went blue almost straight away after removing ventilation was never going to make it. he is at piece now at least
Le Ténia
Le Ténia:
It's not "barbaric" this woman is despicable for the way she has denigrated the hospital staff. They did not "execute" her son, he was already dead.