“It's what you dream of growing up” | Patrick Bamford | AVFC 0-3 LUFC | Premier League

Bamford on fire after scoring all three goals in the win at Villa Park!

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Mike Lucas
Mike Lucas:
Notice how breathless he is ? When did you last watch a post match interview where a player looked that exhausted ? Thats a typical Bielsa player ie doesn't stop running .
I'm supporting Leeds from Chile, Bielsa change the mentality of players in here too, their teams are always fun to watch, I really enjoy watching Leeds :)
Genuine guy. Always gives a good interview. Hattrick Patrick
how exhausted he is, shows how much harder we work than any other team.
John Luxton
John Luxton:
Bielsa is a myth 😂😂😂😂 - The GOAT 🐐
"He won't be able to score in the Premier League" -Majority of people inlcuding some Leeds fans less than half a year ago.
David Edwards
David Edwards:
After all the banging about in the championship and league one for 16 years, we're 3rd in the premiership tonight ha LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS
This is a great example of when manager put his trust on the player and the player pay the dividend wit his witted performance
Zack Tim Stuart
Zack Tim Stuart:
Well done Bamford you did Leeds and fans happy
R and A Challenges
R and A Challenges:
We were all nervous after Aston villa beat liverpool 7-2 but bamford won it for us. Also rodrigo played really well.
I am watching Leeds games because it's classy Football. So impressive. Many greetings from Germany.
Thank you to those of us who stuck up for Paddy when he was being bombarded with abuse from our own fans. Hope they learnt from it.
"Leeds are here and we're here to compete" You damn right. Leeds is here to stay.
Fazil Ma
Fazil Ma:
A humble man ..first class attitude..Fan of Leeds from India...
Nabil Joker
Nabil Joker:
Im from algeria 🇩🇿 and i support this team i like how they play with culture of bielsa i hope see this club again in premier league next season 💙 all my best wishes
Mariano Laffitte nuñez
Mariano Laffitte nuñez:
Gareth Ferguson
Gareth Ferguson:
Lets hope he doesn't get called up by England and ends up being injured
Juan Iadanza
Juan Iadanza:
Mi corazón esta con el Leeds. Bandford tiene un optimismo persistente que me encanta y me inspira. Esta moldeado por Bielsa! 💓😁💪✨
oliver wenzel
oliver wenzel:
Leeds are sooooo freaking likable :D
mark stead
mark stead:
loving how Rodrigo and paddy are linking up, some awesome performances again tonight, MOT ALAW
Roberto Eduardo Castet
Roberto Eduardo Castet:
Simplemente ,una cátedra de buen fútbol y contundencia, felicitaciones al Leed s y su técnico maestro Bielsa,un hincha de RIVER PLATE 🇲🇨 los saluda.👏👏
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall:
Paddy Bamford For England 🇬🇧
Always gives his all
Has a lot of critics but for me an all round player. Bring on Leicester 👍
Jorge Yangua
Jorge Yangua:
He is literally breathless, Bielsa's style is hard to keep for 90 min...
Emmett Oliver
Emmett Oliver:
Gabby Agbonlahor 😱😂😂😂 The Myth destroyed you.. 👍
Ric koi
Ric koi:
Brilliant hatrick well done mate chuffed for you 👍😊
Jake Crow
Jake Crow:
Fair play! Was a great game and Bamford done the business. He's very humble. Well done. UTV.
Delighted for you Paddy! You're a credit to the club and team, always speaks so well 😀
roberto carletti
roberto carletti:
Grande Patrick, el mejor nueve de la Premier....Vamos Leeds Carajoooo
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell:
Well done Patrick and well done the whole team for a complete performance 👍
Arin Awan
Arin Awan:
We all love leeds
Bamford's great revenge💪
Sir Wilhelm Steinway
Sir Wilhelm Steinway:
Genuinely in tears , he deserved every one of those goals .
Vater Jacob
Vater Jacob:
the goalkeeper played same well today,without him,the result would be different!
Matty Fielding
Matty Fielding:
Great performance today paddy an well done Leeds for getting the title right this time 😂
Well done legend, Bielsa has faith in you and so do we MOT 💙🤍💛
Dilip Khednah
Dilip Khednah:
Great work Bamford.
If Bielsa believes in you, and you believe in yourself, you will continue to score and win.
Stephen Pearce
Stephen Pearce:
Very pleased for the win and so so pleased for Bam Bam good to see. Thought Shacks played well too, didn’t miss Kalvin. In Bielsa we trust. MOT
Adam Baker
Adam Baker:
After Patrick Jack was definitely the best player but everyone played well
Len VDL:
Pat has really been paying back the trust Bielsa has in him

He was always a really smart footballer. He runs really smart routes and opens up the field for himself and others, but he struggled with finishing on a consistent basis. This year, however, he has been really clinical, sure he had matches where he has been a bit quiet but he always makes an impact with his runs and passes.

If he keeps this up, he can become out "Jaimy vardy" as a late blooming striker who has a massive impact on our succes in the present and the future
Ces BarRu
Ces BarRu:
Un genio!! noche dorada para el recuerdo, felicitaciones Leeds!
Julie Bennett
Julie Bennett:
He gets a lot of stick does our Patrick ... I've always loved him he's a well mannered gentleman. He did us proud last night. As did the rest of the team ... MOT👊💙💛💙💛💙
Al Gray
Al Gray:
They took the piss out of villa, the passing was brilliant. Loved Patrick’s last 2 goals.
Matt Davies
Matt Davies:
I've been watching unsolved mysteries. A programme that shows things like the Loch Ness monster, big foot, the moth man, Bielsa and now Gobby Agbonlahors punditry career. Trouble is a few myths become legends. Gabby ask Marcelo how to achieve such status!
Bielsa, The man the myth the legend. Not that anyone should pay any attention to a washed up former Villa player who had one good season in his entire career. Abonglahor isn't fit to lace Bamford's boots.
Im glad Leeds came back to where they belong in the Premier League, well done Patrick on the hat trick from a Liverpool fan
Chris lad
Chris lad:
Leeds has always been our bogey team, they deserved it, managers game plan settled this game, fairplay to u leeds, you was just world class, youll win the league in 3 or 4 seasons with 2 great signings each season, your lucky to have bielsa
Bro I’ve had you in my fantasy team since day 1!!!! So happy for the hattrick!!! Thanks mate!
Ruud Ban Nistelford !! ⚽👏👏👏
L G:
Still breathless during the interview. Shame that Bielsa makes the team run back to Leeds after the game .............
flaspoint terry
flaspoint terry:
Good job, Pat. You deserved this. Hope we can see more of you in the future. MOT. ALAW.
LUFC Jxck:
Our bamford💛💙💛💙
Well chuffed for paddy 💛💙
No Name
No Name:
Well done Bamf! Great second half performance
Santiago Rojas
Santiago Rojas:
Kurt Lee
Kurt Lee:
if you would have told Leeds fans a couple of seasons ago paddy bamford would be scoring hat tricks in the prem against good teams and being one of the top scorers in the prem, you would have been labeled an idiot, not even the most die hard fan would believe you, bielsa really does see something the rest of us just don't, the legend is real
Seems like a really great character. Well done.
Charlie Wilkinson
Charlie Wilkinson:
You absolute beast Paddy, fully deserved mate
Pablo Rizzi Salto
Pablo Rizzi Salto:
Rodrigo jugó muy bien hoy, un verdadero enganche. La dupla Harrison-Aliosky también, Meislier es un arquerazo, Koch quitó y jugó (aún reponiéndose de pases errados)
suan tungnung
suan tungnung:
The looks and reactions says it all,He is really polite❤️
Im from Peru and really i love watching this team play, what a wonderful football, im pretty sure Leeds will be on Europa League places ❤️⚽️
like what he said about his previous appearances in the EPL when he only had 2 minutes here 5 mins there - if you look at the cold stats, a 2 mins cameo count as a game, but that doesn't do anything for a player's confidence and development - what he added is even better, I now have a manager that trusts me so long as I keep working hard - and what a hard worker he is!!!!!!
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
Anyone who thought Leeds would not fight for European spot knows nothing about football
Jota eMe
Jota eMe:
Grande Patricio!!!!
Flipindistical Pictures
Flipindistical Pictures:
Got to love Bamford, the lad turned down Harvard and Cambridge to be a footballer. He's played his cards right, and a lovely lad. Don't see why he shouldn't be considered for the England national team. Never know????
Kjell Esperås
Kjell Esperås:
Bamford is my hero. Love the way you work for the team, and those goals.....OMG MOT
Flavio Haggis
Flavio Haggis:
leeds, wolves, leiceter, villa and everton are mighty exciting outfits this season
Karl FoxYT
Karl FoxYT:
Classy lad 👏
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson:
Played really well but its been a long time coming,, 3rd goal was composed. Keep it up pb.
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody:
It's coming home it's coming home it's coming, football's coming home.
Siempre termina fusilado los partidos, lo deja todo!
Its Abusion
Its Abusion:
I wanna see this man atleast in the Europa league love watching Leeds play man
I'm happy to say that I was wrong about Bamford in the Prem. Guess it's why Bielsa is managing Leeds and I'm commenting on YouTube 🤔
Karen Angella Brown
Karen Angella Brown:
He's lovely. Leeds are lucky to have such an amazing person in the team.
Mohd Hadzali Harun
Mohd Hadzali Harun:
Bamford the new "golden boot" in making.
Super Whites LS11
Super Whites LS11:
Patrick it was a hattrick. We love you. MOT
So glad he mentioned the myth line from Agbonlahor. MOT
Eoin Oriordan
Eoin Oriordan:
He reminds me of sniffer Clarke
Gabriel Larrotta
Gabriel Larrotta:
What a nice guy, humble in his answers and measured. Good for him, I hope he can consolidate his work efforts.
Roger Allan
Roger Allan:
Patrick you only got 3 should have been 5. Shocking 6 in 6 in the Premier League. We love you Paddy MOT
ash unknown
ash unknown:
Legendary interview bamford told to Aston villa you in good form oh you Beat LFC 7+2 oh yea Leeds we are here .. Classic
Parmar Chiarg Rajeshkumar
Parmar Chiarg Rajeshkumar:
The good news is we're on third position 😭😭😭😭 so proud to be Leeds fan
Michael Mc Carthy
Michael Mc Carthy:
Well done lad 👍
I just want to see how his reaction goes to and its lika dream to me seeing Bamford my favourite players in Leeds United
Made up! Well done lads
Pete S
Pete S:
What a nice lad, really humble, bloody well done!!!
B C:
Honest lad.....well done Patrick 👏
El mejor!!!! Un crackkkkkk
J & J
J & J:
He's great player ..I always believed in him hard working ... He deserves it
Andy Martin
Andy Martin:
Well done, well done indeed 💙🤍💛
ananya bhardwaj
ananya bhardwaj:
Loved that from Bamford. Especially after that asshole mings manhandled him, he should've been sent off. But Bamford is such a nice guy, didn't even react to that. Just banged in two more goals to put Mings in his place though. Very good player and a great person as well. Good luck leeds.
He's knackered 😂 love it
Meiki Kurniawan
Meiki Kurniawan:
Luckily i got 3

Woww.. Cool!
The Englishman
The Englishman:
A footballer with a brain - wow! Good luck to the lad, some nice finishes against the Villa - keep to up Patrick
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a:
Love leed united. 😊😍😍😍
Raphael Ayunga
Raphael Ayunga:
Goodwork Bamford nice of you to grab the 3 points for leeds
Espen Liebak
Espen Liebak:
BAM BAM BAM💪💪💪 what a player, and what a team effort❤️
Bamford ....England call up for sure
maverick triple
maverick triple:
I'm happy for them to be in top flight football again after so many years away. I hope they finish in a good position come the end of the season.
Hernan Andres
Hernan Andres:
Aguante Patrick!! Más conocido como Pato en el barrio .
King Swaz
King Swaz:
Paddy Bam a hat trick Ford !!!🔥🔥