"I've missed the Premier League!" | Coutinho & Ramsey on Aston Villa's comeback vs Man Utd

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Philippe Coutinho scored on his Aston Villa debut as his new club came roaring back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 with Manchester United.

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100+ komentarze:

Coutinho still has that magic in him, what a player.
Ragner Louthbrok
Ragner Louthbrok:
I was literally smiling the moment he came on to the pitch. Absolutely fabulous player, a goal and assist playing less than 30minute, he is back!!
Numaan Yousaf
Numaan Yousaf:
Buzzing for Phil, you can see on his face he’s been through a lot over the past few years and tonight he deserved his big break. I’m sure a few Liverpool fans like myself celebrated that goal like we used to when he was ours! Magnificent player.
Generic villa fan
Generic villa fan:
ramseys improvement in the last 12 months has been great he looks like he could be a top player in the next 5 years
Julian Tsenkov
Julian Tsenkov:
So happy for Couthinho. He is a fantastic player and this fact will never change.
Ctrl Alt De Ligt
Ctrl Alt De Ligt:
This is a great example of ‘Form is temporary, Class is permanent’ lovely to see Coutinho back 🔥
Vatsal Gaur
Vatsal Gaur:
Nothing but smiles seeing him again. Was a legend for us imo.
𝕤𝕒𝕞 🏳️‍🌈
𝕤𝕒𝕞 🏳️‍🌈:
He is a player that belongs in the premier league
Was ace at Liverpool
Lost his magic at Barca
First game for Villa he rediscovers it
Sean Evans
Sean Evans:
“I don’t speak English very well”
So happy the interviewer told him he does, you could see him smile after that, can tell he’s one of the good guys in football.
Ctrl Alt De Ligt
Ctrl Alt De Ligt:
Chelsea fan here, Ramsey looks like a class player and definitely one for the future, his natural elegance and movement around the box is getting better, good luck to Villa for the rest of the season
Udit Vashist
Udit Vashist:
Top lad Coutinho. Hope he has a successful time at Villa. And Ramsey is a rising star.
branners _s
branners _s:
Absolutely masterclass from Ramsey and Coutinho in the last 15mins
Dancing _Reaper
Dancing _Reaper:
People thought Coutinho lost his magic. They're wrong. Sometimes things just don't fit... Stevie G knows how to bring the best out of him ... hasn't even started and he's already got an assist and a goal... as a Liverpool fan I can't help but smile twice cause he did it against ManU bahahahahahahahahaha ;)
S. O
S. O:
Coutinho was born in Brazil, started playing in Italy, made a record transfer to Spain but at the end of the day it seems like where he always belongs is England!
Put a smile on my face when he scored and assisted. We miss you Phil but best of luck ☝🏼❤️
The whole country is loving what’s happening at Aston Villa at the minute, one of English footballs sleeping giants is wide awake.
One Rovers Vlogs
One Rovers Vlogs:
I’ve missed Coutinho so much, what a player 🔥🔥
Yanni Slav
Yanni Slav:
Gerard just made the best signing and hit the jackpot with getting him in, good luck to Philippe and may he stay clear of injuries!
I'm a Liverpool fan but happy to see Coutinho back in the Premier League with a decent club. I hope he does well for the rest of the season at Villa.
J7 9land
J7 9land:
As a Liverpool fan, I love this man. One of my favourite players ever. Hope he does really well at Aston Villa and it’s lovely to see him back with confidence
Roz Sa
Roz Sa:
I'm from Italy and Ramsey is now my second favourite English player after Harvey Barnes. I've seen this kid now play a few times, and at such young age, he really has tremendous ability, maturity and composure. He was the best player on the pitch in that FA cup game a few days ago, and today at home he was rightly rewarded. I hope he continues to work hard and progress.
Class performance from the two of them , Cant wait to see more of Coutinho this season!
Eoin G
Eoin G:
Absolutely delighted for him, a special player that didn’t click away at Spain but the prem is where he belongs !!
Great Igiekhumhe
Great Igiekhumhe:
As a Liverpool fan, I was buzzing to see him come on. I'm pleased the Little Magician is back in the PL and he made good contributions today. I'm hopeful he does well at Villa.
Matty Lewis
Matty Lewis:
Seeing him come on from the bench and the performance he had today, genuinely made me emotional. Like as a Liverpool fan, he's still to this day one of my favourite all time players. He was one of the reasons why I love the club to the level I do. It's just truly amazing to see him back in the Prem and what he did today was nothing but outstanding. The little Brazillian magician is back.
I know I’m not the only Liverpool fan that celebrated Coutinho’s goal as if he was still at Anfield. What a player, what a man. Really hope he has a fantastic time at Villa, and hope Stevie propels Villa into Europe over the coming seasons!
Bhabesh Kanhar
Bhabesh Kanhar:
Such a nice humble guy, Coutinho!
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
Thankyou Coutinho! The whole world is happy because of you 🙂🔥
Corentin F
Corentin F:
Coutinho : "I don't speak English very well"

Still speaks better English than Harry Kane though 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jordon A
Jordon A:
JJ has come along so much since last season he’s really been our stand out player this season absolutely buzzing for him💜💙
Hannah Alone
Hannah Alone:
It's great to Coutinho back and firing in goals already.
Coutinho is gonna be a crucial part of villas succes now
Lewis Bailey
Lewis Bailey:
The little magician is back again, love to see him smiling once more
As a Man UTD fan I don't like what he did to us but nonetheless he's class
Ken Griffin
Ken Griffin:
Coutinho is really built for the premier league
Seeing coutinho happy makes me smile automatically he didn't fit in our playstyle hope he regains his form and reach highest levels
Rob W
Rob W:
As a Liverpool fan, I'm very pleased to see him score. Hopefully Gerrard can get the best out of him.
Kim Bob
Kim Bob:
So happy for Coutinho, so proud of Ramsey!
Browner Gaming HD
Browner Gaming HD:
Couldn’t be happier for coutinho so happy to see the magician back in the premier league, always have been a massive villa fan 😉
Lord Vader The Leftie
Lord Vader The Leftie:
I really respect this Courinho interview. He's bringing the big game atmosphere to the Villa
Food Reacts
Food Reacts:
very happy to have him back true legend
He’s never lost the magic.

I would have loved to see him stay at Bayern after 2019/20 season.
Hadoken L
Hadoken L:
Buzzing as a Liverpool fan for coutinho, can’t wait to see him smack one in from 30 yards out next week
Tutor Zone
Tutor Zone:
That ball from JJ was just so perfect and spectacular. One foot closer to the keeper and he gets it, one foot closer to the defender and he gets it. Fantastic!!
i am a shoe
i am a shoe:
Loved him at Bayern, he‘ll always have a place in my heart surely. Glad he’s doing well, I think Gerrard is the perfect manager for him. Let’s go Phillippe!
v reg
v reg:
Happy for the dude. Such a talented player, wasted for so many years. Hoping he can crack on and show people what he can do.
Brazilians and Portuguese often have issues learning English, Coutinho has a good grasp on the language and will be nothing but an asset for Villa.
James Robert Ryan
James Robert Ryan:
He's a lovely seeming guy, hope he becomes a new hero for us..
Although I'm very very impressed with the couple of young lads like, Ramsey, and Chukwuemeka. He looks like he could be a Yaya type of player big and strong in the middle of the park, but mobile too
Shani Ace
Shani Ace:
I'm so happy for Coutinho, he deserves it! Such an outstanding player, his treatment at Barcelona was absolutely disgusting. Also congrats to Jacob Ramsey!
I screamed in pure excitement for both Villa goals like I was a fan - or maybe I'm becoming one? With Gerrard at the helm and Coutinho in the team (hopefully he stays!) that's a possibility, they're already exciting to watch!
Gavin Burns
Gavin Burns:
So happy for him I really think we could see the best of him again.
MPtoxic OG
MPtoxic OG:
Being a liverpool fan I really do hope Aston villa do well in the prem they deserve it Gerrard is doing an amazing job as the new manager and can't wait to see his career grow and bringing in experienced players in is exactly what they need
As a Barca fan he was really going through it the past few years, so as long as Coutinho's happy to play again it's all good for me.
Zain Qureshi
Zain Qureshi:
I actually had a smile when Coutinho Scored, and im a Utd fan. So great to see him back in the prem
James Revell
James Revell:
Ramsey’s massively improved this season with more goal contributions as well. He looks like he could be a top player.
Mindaugas Mazrimas
Mindaugas Mazrimas:
This is make or break time for Coutinho. We know what his peak ability is, we seen in when he was at Liverpool and now, under Gerrard, who seems to think he knows whats needs to be done to get results out of this guy because he went out to get him so soon after his appointment, he can show the world that his decline can be attributed to Barcelona being an absolute turd of a club. He's going to, I imagine at least, get a good amount of game time for Villa, so he has a chance to show the world that he's still capable of good things and he's not just a loan worthy player. Of course, i think he's going to have to agree to a massive wage cut but thats another story. If he fails here, I think its curtains for him
Aubrian Kgafane
Aubrian Kgafane:
Happy to see Coutinho smiling again 👌
Easily one of the best signings of the season
Buzzing for Phil, you can see on his face he’s been through a lot over the past few years and tonight he deserved his big break. I’m sure a few Liverpool fans like myself celebrated that goal like we used to when he was ours! Magnificent player.
Aayush Rai
Aayush Rai:
Absolutely buzzing that the little magician has got his smile back. Even though we got Van Dijk and Alisson from his sale, I was gutted when he left. Hoping for a few Coutinho specials, just not against Liverpool
The Objective Truth
The Objective Truth:
Honestly I think the premier league is best suited for Coutinho. Liverpool built him for the Prem. I think Gerard has a plan to get him to stay in the Prem.
macandme foley
macandme foley:
Don't hold any grudge he got his move and we got Van Dijk and Ali.. glad to see him back
You can see it in his eyes,he is REALLY happy to be back at the PL as a Liverpool fan I'm glad that Stevie G is the one who manage him it gives him a not much but at least a bit sense of belonging coming to England back!
Anto Erickson
Anto Erickson:
I'm so happy for Philippe Coutinho for his debut goal for Aston villa as a Liverpool fan. I hope that he will find his form back and help Aston villa to move forward and achieve many things.
sx bear
sx bear:
I know Continuo is a world class player, and very happy to see him rejoin premier League. What surprised me most is not his excellent debut, but almost all the positive comments from Liverpool fans, which mostly on the opposite in this scenario. This reminds me this player should be good both on and off pitch. Good luck dude.
G Matthews
G Matthews:
Two such different goals, one close control fast feet, second run from deep to back post. Ramsey looks great, too.
Class player, great to see him valued
Football Insights
Football Insights:
What are player and nice person ❤🇧🇷. Congrats to Jacob for his first Villa goal 👏
Him and ramsey must be good mates already 🤣 loved seeing couthinho laugh and smile again.
fish n chips
fish n chips:
so nice to see a player like coutinho back in the premier league 👏 can't wait to see more of him
He's still a magician and will always be
Dinal Cutinho
Dinal Cutinho:
I would take him back at liverpool in a heartbeat. The only player who when left made me cry.
Jeffery Smith
Jeffery Smith:
Am I the only one who felt it in my soul when Ramsey said he grew up watching phil? You could see how honored Phil felt and even said thank you
I'm happy to see ramsay score even though I'm not a villa fan good to see some young talent
Andy Lim
Andy Lim:
Still is an incredible player, make important changes to Aston Villa play. Hope he signed on permanent contract with Villa. Great to see him back in premier league all the best to him.
Blessen Varghese
Blessen Varghese:
Was genuinely happy for him when he scored! Hoping The Kop will give him a classy welcome back at Anfield when he plays against us.
Incredible video. Ramsey is a generational talent and coutinho… do I even need to explain his brilliance
just back from the game, can’t stop smiling. Up the Villa!!!!!
Mohamed Inshaar
Mohamed Inshaar:
Welcome back Coutinho from Chelsea fan's 🥰💙💯
Daniel Andrade
Daniel Andrade:
Coutinho!!!!! The best!!!!
You are great Coutinho 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Hashim Mohammed
Hashim Mohammed:
Coutinho Magnifico!
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence:
Brilliant player he's always been special
Ajjel Bilel
Ajjel Bilel:
I missed him a lot. Was great when he came on. Glad that he's back. And his good English always impresses me.
Great guy. Hope he enjoys his time @ villa and keeps his form as long as he can..
Food Reacts
Food Reacts:
Coutinho is 29 and still amazing
Vincent de Oliveira
Vincent de Oliveira:
Looks to me the way Villa played, allowed Coutinho to trust his own instincts, enjoy the football and have that freedom. Can imagine that it helps that in Stevie G, he's got a manager who trusts him. Hope and expect a great half season at Villa. Perhaps they'll consider making him permanent?
loyd riddik
loyd riddik:
It's just good to see him smile and Happy again.😀 You can see the Joy on his face
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson:
As a united fan when we were 2 up I was actually glad to see him come on just to see if he still had it or not, that didn't last long 😂
I’m so happy for Philip. I hope he does well
Srd 1994
Srd 1994:
It’s good to see Coutinho back in the prem
Daluvuyo James
Daluvuyo James:
Man I'm happy for Coutinho
micky finn
micky finn:
Looks as sharp as ive ever seen him! Best debut I've seen in many a year! Wait till Suarez reunites with Gerrard ✌
As a Liverpool fan I will always support Coutinho, he's a fantastic player but that Ramsey looks fantastic. Villa have two good players there.
As a Barca fan, i'm happy to see Coutinho happy.
That’s so good for coutinho how he plays his first match for Villa and scores what a dream
Mick Lycett
Mick Lycett:
Great signing .Great player. From a Manchester City fan 👍
Danny Fellany
Danny Fellany:
There is a reason why he is called the magician.. I actually would love him return to playing for Liverpool but I must say thanx to the villa fans and especially Stevie g for supporting and believing in him upon his return to the epl.. he needs all your love and support to be at his best again and hopefully his loan move will be a permanent one. Well done sir and welcome home
Phil is made for EPL no doubt!! Happy to see his smile good luck Phil 👍 😊
In his prime at Liverpool he was as good as De bruyne in a weaker team. Obviously didn't work out for Barca like most players. Still showed he had it at Bayern. Hopefully keeps this up. The magician
Correia Nassik
Correia Nassik:
No matter what club u support seeing players get their career back feels good to see