Jack Grealish's First Day at Man City | INSIDE CITY 382

Come take a look at Jack's first day at Manchester City in our behind-the-scenes Inside City Special. The new signing was followed by City TV throughout!

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Jack asking for Phil is the cutest thing. Like a little boy asking where his Bestfreind is on his first day in a new class.
Nige C
Nige C:
Comes across as quite humble, and the way he gave his boots to a fan at Wembley after the Euro final, classy
Will be so interesting to see how Jack fits into the City team. Such a humble and genuine lad...so looking forward to see him play.
Phi Huynh
Phi Huynh:
Jack has never skipped his calves’ day!
He seems so calm and collected. Hows he not nervous starting a whole new club in a whole new city 😭 its like being the new kid at school
CamAvfc 04
CamAvfc 04:
Treat him well City
Thanks for Everything Jack 🦁
James M.
James M.:
First time I've ever seen what a medical looks like, cool!
And congrats Jack, very well deserved!!!
Godwin Titus
Godwin Titus:
Judging by how happy he looks.He looks like he feels home already happy.Especially after visiting the changing room and seeing his jersey❤️
Jordon Irving
Jordon Irving:
As a United fan.. I'm definitely jealous, well done city and well done Jack 👏
Jack seeing the #10 Jersey waiting for him was BLOODY BRILLIANT! Always rooted for him at Villa. Wanted him at Liverpool, but fair play and him and KDB playing together is a scary sight! Best of luck mate, you deserve it Grealish! YNWA
Dayang N
Dayang N:
This is a step forward in his career, he deserves an European football in midweek. Also hes given so much to villa, his fee alone could bring a lot of talents and quality prospects into the team. Buzzing for the next season!
Dan Burgess
Dan Burgess:
“Is little Phil here” 😍mannnn they’re about to get 50+goals and assists this season together
Hol Up
Hol Up:
I'm a Villa fan and I have spent this entire day watching Man City videos about Grealish 😭

It's so surreal to see him not in VIlla shirt, it almost feels like a prank..

good luck Jack, I hope you will smash it and win at least one Ballon d'Or 😢
Samuel's Music N' Things
Samuel's Music N' Things:
The way he says that having No 10 shirt has made his year means so much to me and I'm sure all city fans. He will carry on the fame and glory of that historic number for our club. Once our top striker now our newest attacker. Some things are just meant to be
Such a humble & genuine guy , can’t wait to see him play 🥰
Neo Mntambo
Neo Mntambo:
The way he is talking to the medical staff...it's like his been here for years💙loving it!
All the best Jack. You did more than enough for us by sticking with us to get us promoted and then to help keep us in the premiership. Honestly city, you have got one hell of a player on your hands and I guarantee you he will be in contention for a ballon do'r before his contract is up. Just make sure you let him play football and express himself
I'm a villa fan, and while I'm gonna miss him, I can't help but be happy for him. Best of luck Jacko, I'm rooting for you.
This guy is gonna be mad at city, imagine him and kdb playing together, They are going to make jesus and sterling score 50 goals and miss 100 chances 😂😂
Just Oli
Just Oli:
All the best you deserve it. Thank you for everything and all the memories you gave me as a fan.
You have left us in a very strong position to break the top 8 perhaps top 6.
I wish you well and understand why you wanted to go to a club, in my opinion will dominate Europe for the next 5 years.
Shaquille Smith
Shaquille Smith:
That look on his face when he found out he was getting the number 10 was priceless. Welcome to city Soopa Jack
John B
John B:
First time I've seen Grealish look overawed. Big step up but I'm sure he'll learn and adapt. He'll become a complete player under Pep!
Jack being number 10 at City is going to be very interesting to watch. I’m assuming Pep wants him to play upfront or CAM for a year or two then he’s gonna send off sterling to Spain and have Jack on the left wing
Billy Shabir
Billy Shabir:
One of my favourite players in the league and as a united fan, respect to city for slapping down the 100mil! Totally worth it in my eyes!🙌🏽 wanted him for years but atleast he’ll win trophies with city 🙌🏽
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Him getting the number 10 as a surprise is one of the nicest gestures I've seen
Esteemed Kompany - A Man City Fan Channel
Esteemed Kompany - A Man City Fan Channel:
So so excited for this signing. Gwan Jack. Hes gonna become a superstar here 🔥
Jack & Villa have handled the transfer with class. Good luck at City fella.
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops:
Will be so interesting to see how Jack fits into the City team. Such a humble and genuine lad...so looking forward to see him play.
You can look back but don't stare - TT5
You can look back but don't stare - TT5:
Welcome to our club Jack 💙
I'm sure you'll love it here ⚽
It's a big thing you taking the number 10 but I can see how much this means to you 💪
Go for it Jack and let the season begin 🙏 x x
#mancity #jackgrealish
As a Chelsea fan, I just gotta say this inside access is really cool and gives a unique perspective of the whirlwind that Jack went through in what is obviously a huge life changing moment. I’m sure his stomach has been full of butterflies. Also, never realized how stressful and thorough those physicals are.
"Is little Phil in?" He seemed so excited to see if Phil was there
Oraloja Muqtaar
Oraloja Muqtaar:
Wow! What a great sign this season 🔥 the best play-maker👌 Grealish👑
Seventeen Seconds
Seventeen Seconds:
Socks and sliders what an absolute legend, he'll be on love island next season
Chase Fitness 4 Kids
Chase Fitness 4 Kids:
Haven't watched football since Henry and the Rooney days but Man City is the place to be for winning titles.

This guy is humble guy you can tell by his demeanor, and how he talks I wish him the best. Players like this guy will go far with this attitude and dedication.
拉斐尔 🥡🥢
拉斐尔 🥡🥢:
Absolute baller can’t wait to see you smash it most humble guy wish you nothing but the best Grealish ⚽️🔥
PT drzl
PT drzl:
So sad to watch him leave my club, but he looks genuinely joyful, so I’m excited to see what he’s going to do this season
Matt Habay
Matt Habay:
His reaction getting the 10 is awesome.
dean whom
dean whom:
jacks a top player and will take city to the next level perfect club for his skill set
Saint MTE
Saint MTE:

Well done City!!!
King T
King T:
Cant begin to describe how happy I am he has signed he'll do great things for us. Harry Kane next?👀
Derek Hopper
Derek Hopper:
The fact that he never brought up his shirt number before tells you he’s a really good lad. Lot of big players would have been demanding a number early in the transfer process.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy:
He seems so calm and collected. Hows he not nervous starting a whole new club in a whole new city 😭 its like being the new kid at school
Kanobi Football Shorts
Kanobi Football Shorts:
Watching his reaction to getting the number 10 is priceless 🥺
Fives-The Loyal Soldier
Fives-The Loyal Soldier:
I hope you enjoy your time at *Man City* best of luck Jack for the future!! 👍
David Zurutuza
David Zurutuza:
Jack looks so muscly. That speaks of a professional guy
All the best wishes Crack Grealish!! 💪🏻💪🏻
Andy O'tam
Andy O'tam:
I have been waiting for this for so long!
Give me all the Grealish Content I’ll take it through the vein #WelcomeJack
Best moment: The club surprised him by giving him the number 10 💙
Tsubasa Kishi
Tsubasa Kishi:
Anyone gonna talk about how Jack holds his pen to sign his contract?
Loved every bit of this video
For Grealish personality,for great work by City team
But my repeat buttons got stuck on moment Grealish saw his Jersey 👍💙
Dave Mac
Dave Mac:
You owe us nothing Jack...thanks for your service & thanks for the memories...Good luck at City
Jason Gaskell
Jason Gaskell:
Good luck city and jack keep on making awesome videos like this really enjoy them 💙 c’mon city
The Bomb
The Bomb:
I'm a Villa fan and I wish him all the luck in the world. He has been a superstar for Villa. I hope he becomes even greater under Pep.
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee:
Looks so happy especially when he got the iconic #10 should've been given to Foden but Jack will do😊💙
C J:
seems like such a down to earth guy, wish him all the best 👍
Katrina *
Katrina *:
Best of luck Jack, your full of talent, energy and charisma, you are a legend!
I've watched this like 5 times and just watching this he looks excited and joyful to join the blue good luck mate
Ravi Teja
Ravi Teja:
Jack's personality will elevate City and this guy is truly charming
The Great Beyond
The Great Beyond:
Jack really is looking in great shape. Great moment when he saw the number 10.
James Eyre
James Eyre:
Good luck, Jack & all the best. Time to crack on for you (personally/professionally) & UTV!
Welcome to Manchester jack one of the best talents in world football killing it at villa imagine what he can do for us
Welcome, Jackie! I hope you will have an awesome blue season with us 💙💙💙
Claudia Smith
Claudia Smith:
Love that he asked if Phil was there. Just shows how good friends they are
Knowledge For KH
Knowledge For KH:
It's a good signing for the club. Keep going on Harry man!
Damilare Oladipupo
Damilare Oladipupo:
You just got to love this guy 🔥🔥❤️
10:00 That smile. Made my year Grealish
17 years as villa all the best moving to a great club 😀
wesley reid
wesley reid:
Well done Jack, you have well and truly earned this move and I hope just like Raheem it brings you even more success, you have future icons of football all around you now every day which will help you push for greatness. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you and the rest of the lads lifting a shed load of silverware in the coming years
Grealish went from saying that’s made my day to that’s made my year actually😂😂😂
Suwi Sinyangwe
Suwi Sinyangwe:
Very charming young man. I wish him great success.👍
4:57 Jack not knowing what incline means 😅 you gotta love him
As a Lifelong United fan it’s hard seeing such a talent go to the blue side of Manchester, but on the other hand, you can’t hate the guy either! The way he treats everyone he’s just a great guy, he deserves success purely on the way he is.
Ssentongo Raven
Ssentongo Raven:
Beautiful he's now one of our own
Tyrone Douglas
Tyrone Douglas:
the smile on his face when he saw the 10☺
welcome Jack Grealish.
Uh oH Gaming
Uh oH Gaming:
I'm a utd fan. Jack is such a quality player I'm filled with Envy for City right now. Really happy for Jack though. Nice job on your transfer and good luck to you mate
Ellis Deakin
Ellis Deakin:
Who else just keeps watching this back just to see the chill vibe of jack 😂
I'm a villa fan, gutted to see him go, but you've got a great player there. Wishing him all the best, it's the best thing for him. Fair play, hope he does well l.
Thomas Harter
Thomas Harter:
What a difference with the warm welcome from new PSG players. It feels like a morgue!
Samson Kabeleka
Samson Kabeleka:
As a Manchester United fan I have to admit that missing the chance to sign him was a blunder and this guy playing in midfield along side de bruyne how do we defend against that ?
Atleast74 Something
Atleast74 Something:
One of my fav players...once he has the ball in the box, he is untouchable...sad to see him go to City...but good luck to him...
Ntlakanipho Thelumusa Mqhamzana
Ntlakanipho Thelumusa Mqhamzana:
Such a humble individual. What a player!!
Chrishane Samaratunga
Chrishane Samaratunga:
Jack Grealish is so funny.🤣🤣He's going to be a total success, the 100 million we payed is definitely worth it.
ML Guy
ML Guy:
Growing up watching my villa players go to Man Utd! Good move jack hope you stay in the starting team.
Paul Weston
Paul Weston:
Forest fan and lover of all things football for 45 years and that moment when he met Pep got me tbh..... He's a special player make no bones about that and Mr Guardiola knows it.
Eton Strawn
Eton Strawn:
Him getting the #10 shows how much they rate him
Roman Koďousek
Roman Koďousek:
Not a fan of City. But it is nice to see player's respect to all staff members. Goodluck to him.
Jonathan De La Peña
Jonathan De La Peña:
What a player 🔥🤩
Kyle Wray
Kyle Wray:
Hope he does well and doesn’t fluff it up massive step for the lad. Best of luck jack
Nathan Boulton
Nathan Boulton:
Happy for this geezer. He's earnt it. From a chelsea fan :)
waka baka
waka baka:
hope he does well, and the cameramen need to give him some space!
Martha Solomon
Martha Solomon:
Started love island because of him yesterday, can't complain, he is a marketing goldmine in my opinion LOL
P.S him saying "fingers crossed this year as well" to winning the PL! that's what WE want!
Gcobani Nojozi
Gcobani Nojozi:
He has to work harder now, definitely can go all the way and be one of the bests
Kwezi Xuba
Kwezi Xuba:
When he saw the nr 10... a beautiful moment!
Lord Savage
Lord Savage:
Fantastic guy! Wish him the best! - From an Arsenal fan!
Mbusi Lukhele
Mbusi Lukhele:
I believe we are still yet to see the best of JG, it's been long over due
Seems like such a down to earth guy. Looks buzzing to get started. Come on city!!
Chloe C
Chloe C:
Thank you to the camera man for getting all that footage of Jack’s medical 😍🥵
Aaish zaidi
Aaish zaidi:
how happy he was when he found out that he was the no. 10 just goes on to show his passion for football
Unsilenced Chaos
Unsilenced Chaos:
im a Chelsea fan and jack is probably in my top 3 non Chelsea players so I was a bit sad to see him go to direct competition but as long as city dont do as well as Chelsea, I hope he succeeds at city
Jack deserves to be playing at the highest level, hope he can get the Champions League and Premier League within 2 years 🙏 🙏 🙏
He is a really stylish player. Can’t wait to see him on the pitch.
Marshall Gouts
Marshall Gouts:
Man is like a kid when he steps into Pep's office. All of the best Jack! #WhatAPlayer