Jackie Chan vs Benny Urquidez

Increíble pelea de Jackie Chan va Benny Urquidez

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This is how fight scenes in movies should be: wide shots, proper lighting and excellent choreography.
John Bradford
John Bradford:
Can we just take a moment to appreciate him snuffing out the candles with his kick?
The fact that the guy can look intimidating while wearing a bow-tie and suspenders says a lot about his fighting skills.
This is what i hoped UFC was going to look like when i first heard about it
richard escobar
richard escobar:
Jackie chan in his prime was too much to handle.
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas:
Who’s here from the Michael Jai White Vlad interview?
Oh adams
Oh adams:
This was rated the best fight sequence of all time by Karate and black belt magazine. Even over the Bruce lee vs. Norris fight.
Legendary fight scene. They don't make films like this anymore.
This fight scene beats EVERY movie's fight scene. The best in cinema history. Power intensity, Speed, Technique, Emotion, Rhythm, Choreography, Environment & props, Full contact, High realism, NO SHAKY CAM. Hollywood is a joke in making fight scenes btw.
Hackie Chan
Hackie Chan:
This is how a fight scene looks like when the two fighters are actually trained fighters, not like Hollywood camera crap
Murray Rothbeard
Murray Rothbeard:
Jackie Chan keeps it real. He get's the shit beat out of him in every movie. He has seriously hurt him self on the set.
Harald Haram
Harald Haram:
When the funky music starts, that's when Jackie gets Groovey.
3:17 Did he just tickle that man in the middle of a fight. 🤣
John Moffett
John Moffett:
One of the many great things about this fight scene is it doesn’t follow that tired formula of bad guy has the upper hand and then the good guy magically starts winning. Even during the turning point of the fight, it’s still competitive and exciting to watch. Much respect to both Jackie Chan and Benny Urquidez!
El Terrible
El Terrible:
God but what a great fight between these legends, epic, impressive, a great scene.

This fight is just as mythical as that of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris
1:12 When mom tells you to put the candles off but you're busy.
So much technique happens in the first 5 seconds it’s amazing
Mpampis Iliadis
Mpampis Iliadis:
2:47 kick 😳
Lester Walit
Lester Walit:
Life Pro Tip: never fight Jackie in a room full of furniture.

Actually, screw that, dont fight Jackie. Ever.
Lily Flower
Lily Flower:
I can't believe Benny didn't star in hollowood movies. He was 10 times better than Vandamme.
The Mixed Plate Frequency
The Mixed Plate Frequency:
This was probably one of the best choreographed fight scenes in all the jackie chan movies and I think they where going full speed, full power contact hits on each other lol.
daboyc_o _
daboyc_o _:
Who's here after the Michael jai white interview?🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️
Came here from the Vlad interview with Michael Jai White
2a2g Design
2a2g Design:
That fight music 👍🏼
Guy Inthavong
Guy Inthavong:
Great fight choreography scene!! My favorite of all time! Jackie was in his prime!
Vahagn Mkrtchyan
Vahagn Mkrtchyan:
This is the Mona Lisa of fight scenes...
1:12 wow...
Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez:
2:57 goku and vegeta training lol
Murray Rothbeard
Murray Rothbeard:
Benny was one of the first Americans to fight someone from Thailand. He did a judo throw in the ring and caused a riot that Chuck Norris had to get into . LOL
Ken Kennedy
Ken Kennedy:
2:55 reminds me of a fighting game, how the opponent gets back up and the cam zooms out then the announcer is like "round 2..FIGHT!"
paul wonderley
paul wonderley:
Everything about this is amazing jc in his prime vs another legend not many people in the world could recreate a scene like that amazing
Alexis Jaeger Ranolds
Alexis Jaeger Ranolds:
When jackie starts to smile or laugh. That means you are dead 🤣
can we just take a moment to appreciate Jackie Chan’s tickle
Hood Jigsaw
Hood Jigsaw:
00:19 the smoothest jacket removal to date
Alejandro Felix
Alejandro Felix:
Benny is very calm, collected. It’s scary. Barely breaks a sweat. In contrast, Jackie’s character tries to hide it, but really emotes and shows how much power Benny is packing after a few combos. Really cool; really sells the fight.
Der Eine Da Hinten
Der Eine Da Hinten:
0:08 damn, how Jackie dodged the kick from Benny with a super fast somersault
Lester Yupingkun
Lester Yupingkun:
One of the best fight scenes nobody ever talks about! Man they looked so young here!
3:17 The greatest ground escape ever!
Isaac Natan
Isaac Natan:
"another round!!!"
Greatest fight scene on film ever. Nothings come close
Jackie came out his shirt like
"what you wanna DO CUZ?!!!!"
Clarens Kévin
Clarens Kévin:
Wtf did i just watch ... It was .. AWESOME !!!!
3:18 Absolute legend.
Ari Wang
Ari Wang:
If I kicked through those candles I would've pulled a leg muscle and my foot would be on fire
Duncan Mbugua
Duncan Mbugua:
4:20 when you finally get your cat/exam results😂😂
3:26 What I think about this FIGHT.
When a conversation with your ex's divorce lawyer breaks into a fistfight
Unseen Phantom
Unseen Phantom:
2:02 Just Beat it! Lol
I’m the Dragon
I’m the Dragon:
Can anyone tell me where I can buy the sweater he has on at the beginning of the fight
I love how the camera pulls back until it shows both Jackie and Benny, sort of like it resets the fight. 2:55 and 3:43
Reminds me of a fighting video game.
2:47.....that was spectacular!!
4:20 looks like Benny lost his balance
I like how camera stays for the action instead of moving around with short shots of the fight, creating confusion and dizzyness
Albert Twangle
Albert Twangle:
Jackies fight scenes were on a different level man
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod:
Prefer this music score to original
The fact that I, being 41 yo, can remember this fight scene bit by bit without any martial arts background, says it all!
It's like watching a live-action Street Fighter fight
2:48 that kaokushin kick is soo technical and realistic. I mean all of his fight actually.
J Gill
J Gill:
When he got in the chair and the music started I thought he was going to do a routine from Flashdance. Glad I was wrong
One of the great fight scene ever !!!

Damn Benny Urquidez was so dope. And Jackie Chan is Jackie Chan...
Mitchell Fagan
Mitchell Fagan:
Definitely one of my favourite fight scenes ever made
Jackie and benny did a fantastic job
k l
k l:
Here after Michael Jai White vlad interview
brogo ram
brogo ram:
3 dislike? So which is the best? Patrick Swayze fight scenes in Roadhouse???
Is [N0T] 42
Is [N0T] 42:
"Pull me up, we'll have another round!"
Oisìn Dobbins
Oisìn Dobbins:
2:48 looks like a fighting game transitioning from a cut scene to actual fight lmao
Chrollo Lucifer
Chrollo Lucifer:
2:47 What a nice kick! This reminds me that Jim Kazama from Tekken series have this same move.
Mr. 33
Mr. 33:
legend vs legend
guilotine dream
guilotine dream:
Benny "the jet"
Joe T
Joe T:
Ahh, tickle the armpit move. I'll have to try that in a real fight someday!
Lustrous Metal
Lustrous Metal:
Both are brilliant martial artists.
Dávid Matejček
Dávid Matejček:
0:32 :DDDDDDlike a boss
I'd kill to see a fight scene between prime JC and Iko Uwais...
Kevin D. E
Kevin D. E:
2:45 is the best part. Love how confident he is after landing that beastly kick "1,2,3,4....1,2,3,4" *stretching*
I love how Jackie Chan's fights look like they take effort.
best fight ever
David Woodrow
David Woodrow:
Jackie Chan against Benny the jet Urquidez was the best fight ever.
Kel Kun
Kel Kun:
I really admire the style of Benny, hes so much well coordinated.
as i introspect
as i introspect:
My god i could rewatch this a million times. Amazing choreography. Urquidez's style is interesting to watch.
Bro I could watch this every day
Matthew Watkins
Matthew Watkins:
Sammo Hung: I'M OUT! Have fun Jackie!
0:20 Benny's signature spinning back kick. How did JC able to take this?
Love how he dodges that kick at 0:01
Mad respect to Benny. He actually took those punches and kicks without any protection, and Jackie didn't hold back.

This is one of, if not the best martial arts fights in cinema history.
Arak Drakoniz
Arak Drakoniz:
This has easily become my all time favorite fight scene in cinema. The choreography, the music, the setting...

The thing I love about Jackie Chan’s fight scenes...

He always starts off as the underdog or with some kind of handicap, then struggles his way to having the upper hand. He’s generally not some OP character but he still manages to come out on top. Also, did anyone else notice how Jackie fights very similarly to Bruce Lee here?
Victor Rodriguez Sr
Victor Rodriguez Sr:
Love how the candles blew out when Benny kicked passed them!
Terry Miles
Terry Miles:
I NEED Jackie’s outfit lol
One of the best fights in cinema history. Donnie Yen's Flashpoint fights are also up there. Jackie and Benny are absolute legends and should be allowed to live forever.
jordan canite
jordan canite:
Nowadays you don’t need to know martial arts to do these, just use CGI
J Cruz
J Cruz:
mike tyson also did that move @1:39 in Ip Man 3
Jonathan Salazar
Jonathan Salazar:
Ive never seen a fight scene this awesome! I wish they were still like this!
kevin u
kevin u:
One of the greatest fight scenes ever!
Daryl Fields
Daryl Fields:
One the greatest fight scene ever
Not Your Mother
Not Your Mother:
4:00 how mondays hit you like
Still love this! Two Legends and GOATS in one place! This fight was BEAUTIFUL!
Glenn Knauer
Glenn Knauer:
He tickled him to get out of the choke hold.😊
ThatDap TV
ThatDap TV:
I freaking love this fight scene. Jackie Chan is so wild, but he is so precise.
Look at the power in this fight !
Charlie Osy
Charlie Osy:
"JC is just an actor in real life anybody can beat him"...
JC almost died jump from fifth floor and did it again and again would any real fighter risk their life like jc did?
Dimitri Papadopoulos
Dimitri Papadopoulos:
It'S Battles like this that influenced so many martial arts videos games