Jacob Elordi Admits He Had To 'Wing' 'Kissing Booth 2'

Jacob Elordi chatted with Access Hollywood about filming the Netflix hit "Kissing Booth 2." He set the record straight regarding fans believing that he looked "miserable" in the trailer and joked that he was pretty upset he didn't kiss more in the sequel. Jacob also got candid about the tough time he faced while filming the teen romcom after leaving such a serious role on "Euphoria." Plus, he revealed what he knows about season 2 of the hit HBO show.

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Jacob Elordi Admits He Had To 'Wing' 'Kissing Booth 2'


100+ komentarze:

Him saying he didn’t get to kiss that much. Boy did you want to kiss Joey more ?!
Jade Dolor
Jade Dolor:
Lets take a moment to appreciate JACOB and Joey's acting in kissing booth like nothing happened between them. 👏👏👏
Ester Leng
Ester Leng:
Back when Elle said, “I miss you, JERK.”

*She really meant it.*
Malak Ghanem
Malak Ghanem:
Guys he’s not miserable. He’s just very chill
Nikole Marie
Nikole Marie:
I feel like Jacob and Joey are right people wrong time situation but I don’t know enough to be correct
Sienna .H
Sienna .H:
He's not miserable. He's Australian, we are just down to earth and super chill. It's his personality.
kirstie d
kirstie d:
I didn’t think he looked miserable
Giyeong Shin
Giyeong Shin:
I don't know why people saying he is miserable, i just think that his personality is chill and shy

Ps: don't judge the book by it's cover
I always forget that he is not American and everytime it is strange to hear his accent xD
Idk why people are hating on him that much
jacinta irons
jacinta irons:
I feel like everyone is forgetting that he’s in Australia right now and it’s a completely different time zone
Naomi 178
Naomi 178:
I didn’t like Rachel she was being extra to me but if she wanted to date lee she was going to have to take the full package lee and his best friend 😂
paige vang
paige vang:
In the bloopers Jacob and Joey looked like they were having fun and got along just fine. Y’all stop hating 😭
Abigail Perrin
Abigail Perrin:
honestly everyone is hating on him i just think he is pretty chill. obviously i don’t think he is ecstatic about the film as the other cast mates, but he is in a completely different time zone, and I am also guessing since him and joey used to date they thought it would be awkward with both of them in some of the press together so they got joey to do it over him because she’s the #1 star of the movie. i don’t know that’s just my guess
Brianna Valadez
Brianna Valadez:
I just can’t with Rachel
Jacob: looks at camera
People: he looks so miserable, oh it must be because he’s working with his ex Joey.

Me: here we go lol
emma la battaglia
emma la battaglia:
hold up he has an accent... WHAT
Finally! He seemed pretty laid back here just like in the movie. I think he really had a blast as he said. He's just not into promoting, I guess.
Eleanor Swanson
Eleanor Swanson:
This explains why he looked to bummed out in the announcement video, he was still asleep
Roxan Padilla
Roxan Padilla:
"I have a resting miserable face" same
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez:
I feel like every movie has a Australian actor that’s not using there accent in the movie
This man is TIRED! And going from time zone to time zone yikes wouldn’t you be tired
He is actor so that his job to act with different characters but he just happy with the other film and not for the other one
Yahaira Parra
Yahaira Parra:
I honestly didn’t think he looked miserable, he was obviously exhausted from shooting Euphoria 2 days before starting the Kissing Booth which he filmed for 8 months so what do you expect him to be like when he’s taking 17+ hours of his time filming everyday for months.
Nikole Marie
Nikole Marie:
Joey king and Jacob should get back together😤
I wish everyone would just stop hating. Y‘all act like he‘s this bad person with the biggest ego but he seems super chill and nice. Y‘all act like kissing booth is this overly complicated movie even tho it’s a rom com. He literally did the sequels 2 + 3 and seems absolutely fine. You can‘t compare those movies to for example euphoria because nate is such a complex character. I wouldnt be this overly excited for a romcom compared to a really insanely well made show. Especially because his entire personality seems to be chill. Y’all love to make up your own stories lol
Karolay Escobar
Karolay Escobar:
So he wasn’t miserable in TKB2 he was just tired after shooting something else like any normal person
Florence Bandiano
Florence Bandiano:
I don't know if it's just me or the way he look at joey is like his contemplating his feelings. Haha kissing booth 2 feels like so real to me like a real thing between the two. Hahaha
everyone who's hating on Jacob must see this video
Varsha Dasari
Varsha Dasari:
the blooper at the end where jacob plays a slideshow to get in his emotions omg 😱
It’s ‘South Africa’ specifically the city of Cape Town. Africa is not one country! Stop it
Kayla Thomason
Kayla Thomason:
I didnt know he had a accent like omg what
sofia chapa
sofia chapa:
maybe if joey and jacob are meant to be together, but they were at the wrong time , maybe they can give each other an other chance..they really seemed happy :) 🥺 THE BLOOPERSSS I-🥺🥺❤️
noor ridaa
noor ridaa:
If you knew he had an Australian accent already and are an og 👇
Stxlla Edits
Stxlla Edits:
So.. what’s going on with his hair?😂
Candela Schuler
Candela Schuler:
He looked happier when he was with Joey
i didn’t think he looked miserable lmao
Hadley Gustin
Hadley Gustin:
he’s not miserable mate, Aussie’s are super chill
Abajjaakakk Koko
Abajjaakakk Koko:
Jacob and Joey have so much chemistry and they are just simply made for each other...maybe the timing’s not right but I hope they get back together...!
Mary Obafemi
Mary Obafemi:
50% of the comments: joey and Jacob.
Other 50% of the comments: he isn’t miserable
Me: did anyone pay attention?
Farah Šertović
Farah Šertović:
anyone else fricking fed up with people assuming how jacob is feeling about this movie? or is it just me?
honestly the guy’s just being himself and people can’t help but hate on him for not being as energetic as the others.
Kamryn G. Maddock
Kamryn G. Maddock:
Who else needs a boyfriend who gets treated how Flynn treated Elle?
Because I do....
Melinakii Papadopoulouu
Melinakii Papadopoulouu:
I think when he meant for the other interview that he doesn’t hear what the interviewer said it was when she asked him if he thinks noah and Elle are endgame
Why does it matter if he's miserable or not? Let him be how he wants without making assumptions
Edyleydy Noriega
Edyleydy Noriega:
I miss when joey and Jacob were together 🥺🥺🥺I wish they still were :(
Mya Daniels
Mya Daniels:
I want joey and Jacob to get back together. They were so cute.
holly olivia
holly olivia:
joey and jacob are the definition of right person wrong time
Idksometypeofusername G
Idksometypeofusername G:
I feel like some clips were very “emotional”, so to say. SPOILER: Like when Noah was in the airport and Chloe said do u love her, it looked more “meaningful” to him. I feel like they still have feelings for each other but it just wasn’t the right time. They looked so happy together, some scenes looked too real.
Isi Gallardo
Isi Gallardo:
When she asked to him "how was see the cast again? " i was like, bro just ask him how was see Joey again 😂😂
dolly l
dolly l:
Just an opinion, jacob and joey is one of those “right love at the wrong time” couple as with zac and vanessa, too young and too early to call it forever in real life...i can only wish for the both luck in their future shows, movies even in their love lives, and please fans don’t meddle with their private lives too much, they are people too that can make their choices, and whatever the real reason of their break up is between them only
Poor guy. Feel like he's getting a lot of shit bc he and Joey broke up.
Layla Davidson
Layla Davidson:
He’s bringing in the big bucks, went strait from euphoria to kissing booth 2 and apparently they filmed kissing booth 3 strait away as kissing booth 2 was released lol he’s getting richhhh
Maija Zvirbule
Maija Zvirbule:
I miss joey and Jacob :(
Elle Riggs
Elle Riggs:
guys he doesn’t look miserable wtf
Mercy Fernando
Mercy Fernando:
These actors and actresses are humans, too with private life! They work and when they get home, they became normal people again.
arelis santillan
arelis santillan:
Ppl are being too much on him, he's just chill and relaxed doesn't mean he's uninterested and miserable.
There's gonna be kissing booth 3😰 im scared he's not gonna come back for it
Avvaa Bebalavita
Avvaa Bebalavita:
~So he slept through filming~
I love food
I love food:
Okay I low-key loved Joey and Jacob together and I still do but I also understand that they have moved on with different people.
*I just wish they are still good friends* :")
Eyz Naranjo
Eyz Naranjo:
I honestly think that Jacob doesn’t seem as happy with zendaya, than how he was with Joey. But don’t come at meee!!
Aileen Avina
Aileen Avina:
I didn’t like Rachel no hate
Erika Coulbourne
Erika Coulbourne:
I’ve never understand why ppl are so OBSESSED with whoever’s dating who like worry about yourself, this why y’all single, focusing on the wrong relationship 😭😭😭
Chiara Panfi
Chiara Panfi:
he's the chillest celebrity i know how do people not like him
Oshani Ratnayake
Oshani Ratnayake:
Miss You being with Joey man, you two are super cute together...simply adorable
Katie Kietzman
Katie Kietzman:
if u look at the bloopers at the end they are literally laughing together and having fun. def him and joey are the write people wrong time.
Reachny Phkay
Reachny Phkay:
Ariyanna Skyé
Ariyanna Skyé:
He’s tired y’all look at how many projects he does .
WR 96
WR 96:
Imagine returning to Kissing Booth after giving amazing performance in Euphoria and The Act 🤣🤣🤣
Kailey Maxwell
Kailey Maxwell:
Jacob is the only person who can actually pull off a mullet
Kelly Marin Rojano
Kelly Marin Rojano:
Necesito esta entrevista traducida 😣
rocky lala
rocky lala:
He just has anxiety. He seems introverted
Amelia Martin
Amelia Martin:
He’s just a chilled and reserved person. I think he learnt from last time that social media is crazy and he just wasn’t about that life. Constant paparazzi’s etc. He was only an extra in Pirates in the Caribbean. This movie is what got him known and just overnight bam. I don’t think he was ready for it.
Evelyn Lubiano
Evelyn Lubiano:
Him saying “I had a blast” is cathartic to me :)
Hannah Wolde
Hannah Wolde:
Watch them have a third one and he’s just in a bit where they break up (or don’t show him at all but they broke up) and she meets Marco again in college 😏
It’s none of my business obviously but I always loved Joey and Jacob’s relationship. Even after breaking up, you could tell in TKB2 that they had a lot of chemistry. I miss them a lot. No offense to Zendaya, I love her too, I just wish Joey and Jacob got back together again 😭
ali dimler
ali dimler:
wait he seems like he’s actually happy
Aida Ponce
Aida Ponce:
He used to be so much happier before he broke up with Joey
*I don't think he looked miserable or was miserable more or less awkward when he had to act with his ex girlfriend but this is show business.*
you know he's Australian with that mullet popping out 😂
Hannah Moneza
Hannah Moneza:
My heart hopes for Joey and Jacob to get back together. They are so cute and their chemistryyyy 🥺
Creepy swayla
Creepy swayla:
I love him no matter what 😭❤
Riya M
Riya M:
i feel like hes intimidating to talk to lmao
Emma Porter
Emma Porter:
it was great I haven't seen them since basically the first film...... some of them 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Luiza Dias ferraz
Luiza Dias ferraz:
He's even more attractive with that accent 🥵
Mary Gerard Ann Castro
Mary Gerard Ann Castro:
I love marco for elle, but dude i must admit that the chemistry between elle and jacob is really different ❤
Gemma Ackley
Gemma Ackley:
oml he got a mullet like joe exotic from tiger king
shelby holton
shelby holton:
y’all are just crazy, he’s just like a normal person, like how kids get tired after playing outside and want to be done for the day, he gets tired from shooting scenes and movies and shows everyday and is tired and wants to have a minute to himself, that’s all, he’s not miserable, hes probably just a nice and genuinely shy person.
Pam Kowaski
Pam Kowaski:
I feel it would be awkward for Jacob and Joey.
"yeah yeah i got outta there qUiCk sMaRt." 😂😂
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
"i was bloody tired but i wasn't miserable" everyone keeps saying that he was but he didn't look like he was having a miserable time especially not in the bloopers. he looked like he was having fun
Lanna Grace
Lanna Grace:
Him not promoting this movie at all on his social media is sending meeeee. 😂
I wouldn’t say he looked miserable but it seems like he doesn’t care at all lmaoooo 😂
this was everything i didn’t know I needed tbh
Bilquees M
Bilquees M:
Waaaay to overrated... Also too full of himself. Prefer Joel over this guy.

Hope he's not in the next one. Joey King and the rest of the cast is far too experienced and talented to work with him. Its painfully obvious in the movie.
Izzy Harvey
Izzy Harvey:
Tbh I rlly don’t think he’s with zendaya and still kinda likes joey
horsecc fails
horsecc fails:
Maya Galoustian
Maya Galoustian:
Am i the only one that doesn’t like Jacobs hair rn 😭😂
Blk Barbie
Blk Barbie:
The things I would let this man do to me...

Kyra NíFhaogáin
Kyra NíFhaogáin:
We need a kissing booth 3
Lei Lei
Lei Lei:
Joey and Jacob make the perfect couple I mean they r freaking cute , it's sad sad that they r no longer together