Jacob Elordi Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ

Presented by Dell XPS | On this episode of Actually Me, 'Kissing Booth 2' star Jacob Elordi goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Quora and Wikipedia. Did the show 'Euphoria' make Nate too evil? How tall is he?

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Jacob Elordi Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ

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D. Guimalli
D. Guimalli:
The fact that he acknowledges that Noah's toxic and shouldn't be romanticized!!!!?????
why is no one talking about the fact that he doesn’t understand the crying emoji lmaooo
Audrey Yang
Audrey Yang:
I really like his personality. He is just naturally himself and doesn’t try to put on a persona when talking to an audience. Very cool.
Chloe Chalamet
Chloe Chalamet:
Is no one going to talk about all the weird close up shots of his forearms? 😂
ItsmeRach xx
ItsmeRach xx:
His real accent is way better than that pretend American one
mel k
mel k:
my brain can’t process that he’s not american
ji booty
ji booty:
okay but he literally is a giant baby, nobody can say otherwise.
Sksksks Sksksks
Sksksks Sksksks:
I have never in my 18 years of living heard of a guy that was insecure about how tall he was i-
Trinity Waldron
Trinity Waldron:
“I don’t like that you’re crying about me being husband material though... that seems toxic”
Chelsea S
Chelsea S:
Zendaya dating someone with a mullet is the best thing to happen. Ever.
ruth alem
ruth alem:
him saying his mum won’t let him ride a motorbike is the most adorable thing for some reason
doliio volay
doliio volay:
him saying his mum won’t let him ride a motorbike is the most adorable thing for some reason
Karen Lm
Karen Lm:
I look at Jacob Elordi and get the feeling the acting jobs he is landing and being recognized as a heart throb annoys him. He likely wants to make more meaningful movies that fulfill his artistic and creative ideas. He's a grounded man. He will get there. It's hard to break into the business when the business is so superficial. I hope he hangs in there just enough to make his connections that will eventually lead him to more unique independent projects that allow him to truly explore himself as an actor with depth. But he's a fortunate man to be so genetically blessed. My wish for him is to get to that place where he can be more choosy.
Priscilla p
Priscilla p:
imagine him going on tik tok😭 all he’ll see is everyone saying he can rail them LMFAO
butti fdft
butti fdft:
"I was spoiled and I'm planning to be spoiled for the rest of my life." He's 6'5 and likes to be a baby to his parents. Too cute. 😆
Anna Tom24
Anna Tom24:
Amna Khan
Amna Khan:
The way he talks about TKB and the way he talks about Euphoria YOU CAN TELLLLLLLLLL that he also holds Euphoria at a much much much higher standard
Reah Hakeem
Reah Hakeem:
Why does he look good in a mullet
6’5, that’s why he’s a fricking giant next to Zendaya
Angel Angles
Angel Angles:
“I wouldn’t ride them my mum won’t let me” protek this man
jacob letting people know that noah flynn _is_ a terrible person... we love to see it
"I was spoiled and I'm planning to be spoiled for the rest of my life."

He's 6'5 and likes to be a baby to his parents. Too cute. 😆
I like how his personality is the opposite of the toxic guys he plays
Ashley Seider
Ashley Seider:
Him being confused about the eggs comment was adorable and then when he gets it and is flustered ahhhh my heart
Nahla _
Nahla _:
He seems like a very easy going, relaxed guy and not one of those young actors on the ride who have attitude. I feel he's kinda shy actually. The thing about his height is such a nonsense...like it's a flaw. Actors should be tall, being tall is not a bad thing, on the contrary. I am 6ft tall woman and I'd be more than happy to partner with him in a movie..or better, real life 😎🤗😉😉
hellolove 24
hellolove 24:
Why do I feel like his voice is deeper when he’s not using his American accent
Why are there just random angle shots of his arms? Lmao
Andreea Bianca
Andreea Bianca:
The fact that he has a mullet and still looks attractive tells a lot
sofía restaino
sofía restaino:
"I don't like my eggs cooked. I'll make my own breakfast."
"Ooooooohhh" cutie 😭
Alexandra Bonsall
Alexandra Bonsall:
"I look like such a nob" is literally one of the most Australian phrases ever. I'm an Aussie and it's one of my favourite things to say 😂
Dana Nafea
Dana Nafea:
him saying he was sensitive about his height and that he was told he was too tall is just unbelievable! like his height is one of the most attractive things about him!
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
"first of all don't be like noah flynn i wouldn't want to be like that" LMAOOOOOOO AAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA. Noah Flynn in the second movie is much better than noah flynn in the first movie. he's more mature and he's nice and sweet. meanwhile, noah flynn in the first movie is controlling, has anger issues, and is a player.
Nate isn’t evil?? his actions are definitely not justified. okayyyyy
Sarah A
Sarah A:
“I dont like that your crying about me being husband material.. that seems toxic” Jacob Elordi slams on the whole stan culture 😂 v well done heat check on this generation i think
I met him, I was freaking out on the inside and I honestly thought I was going to faint but he was so nice and caring ❤️
so who was gonna tell me he’s not american.
Dakota Plays
Dakota Plays:
So, is nobody gonna talk about his knees being above the table WHILE sitting down?!! And the forearm shots, why??
Also I get it he's tall, but stilllll
He actually seems like such a chill, down to earth person
Kim Chester Balano
Kim Chester Balano:
he doesn't even care what other people say about him. That's what i like about him. He's cool by the way
Bethany Lyrock
Bethany Lyrock:
“I’ve never not been spoiled. I plan to be spoiled for the rest of my life” Me too Jacob me too 😁
I feel like if he was actually American he would be a douche like Nate but since he’s Australian I like him so much more 😂
Emma Carmichael
Emma Carmichael:
Gotta say aussie actors have really heavy built ,like Hugh Jackman,Chris Hemsworth and Brenton Thwaites.
The way he didn’t understand when someone said how do you like ur eggs cooked in the morning???😭he is a BABY ....
Lexie Brown
Lexie Brown:
He does such a good American accent I didn’t even notice he wasn’t American
ipsita jana
ipsita jana:
imagine being THIS lucky to get a reply by the own actor i-
Desiree Van Coppenolle
Desiree Van Coppenolle:
Haha, I love the part about his grandfather being angry about people saying he’s Spanish instead of Basque. We have the biggest population here in Boise of those of Basque descent and it definitely is a tense situation if you get the distinction wrong. Btw have your grandfather come to Boise sometime! The Basque District is pretty cool. :)
Why's everyone in Australia doing a mullet 💀💀💀
ayu odagiri
ayu odagiri:
he's such unique person, i feel that zendaya is definitely more suitable for him ahah
i love how in euphoria he says he likes non hairy girls. me looking at his arms like 👁👄👁
Kelli Joy
Kelli Joy:
Jacob: him talking about how he went to nudgee
Me: *realises my friend goes to nudgee*
I try Mate
I try Mate:
I love how he says”my mum would kill me “like YOUR 23 LIKE WHAT
Me confused why they kept filming Jacob’s arm every other clip. 👁👄👁
Carmen-Georgia Martínez Campos
Carmen-Georgia Martínez Campos:
Tal cual, resulta que Elordi es un apellido vasco y significa algo así como ‘espinal’; lo que aprende una. Ahora bien, me gustaría saber si sabe vasco, porque me gustaría aprenderlo y creo que ya he escogido a mi profesor. Agur Elordi!
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
when he said “i like you” I WOULD HAVE DIED.
omni osborne
omni osborne:
The fact that he’s okay with how his character Nate reacts when he’s angry makes me happy
Keren Nptu
Keren Nptu:
“I don’t ride motorbikes, my mum won’t let me” hah haha 😂
Dija Gabrielle
Dija Gabrielle:
How he think Noah is toxic but think Nate's actions are justified 😭😭
woiour loin
woiour loin:
I have never in my 18 years of living heard of a guy that was insecure about how tall he was i-
Jagger Styles
Jagger Styles:
its a little detail, but looove the fact that he said that they wouldnt be able to partner him with PEOPLE, intead of girls. we love to see an inclusive king.
Mulan Ruben
Mulan Ruben:
Geek Freak
Geek Freak:
What makes me like him even more, is the fact that he belives Noah Flynn is not a good person... i hated Noah in the last movie.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
He does such a good American accent I didn’t even notice he wasn’t American
Yemi Jung
Yemi Jung:
the way he doesnt know abt that crying emoji and called it toxic....
A M:
I think he's immature and wrong. And has issues with confidence. So therapy is the answer.
Seemab Aqeel
Seemab Aqeel:
He seems like a really good person with a BEAUTIFUL SMILE .
Isabella Duran
Isabella Duran:
I'm really digging the little mullet he's growing! 😅 I've never really liked mullets all that much but he's giving me an 80's Rob Lowe vibe that I'm liking lol
sarah t.
sarah t.:
"I don't. Please don't cook my eggs. I'll make my own breakfast." LMAO but he's so cute and humble
Lorena Herrera Durango
Lorena Herrera Durango:
OMG thank you so much for filming this with him! He’s so cute and funny and seems so simple and humble.
I want him to tell me he likes me too! And I LOVE he’s 6’5, just wow! 😭💕
Maxine Trujillo
Maxine Trujillo:
he's so humble💞
Lulu Marino
Lulu Marino:
He’s so perfect
Vinodhini Charles
Vinodhini Charles:
"And I was involved in many many school dramas, on and off the stage" *drinks tea* OMG I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂
anna pérezfff
anna pérezfff:
i didn't think i could love him more
Carlamary S.
Carlamary S.:
I love how the camera pans to his forearm, someone in editing felt some type of way 😭😂
Evan Azevedo
Evan Azevedo:
he’s Australian?! wtf i thought he was american. his american accent is fantastic!
Nia Chin
Nia Chin:
No one:
J.E.: It was one of the best things I've ever done in my entire life. And you'll never find me.

Ruby M
Ruby M:
Smart boy with a good head on his shoulders. Hope he gets to do meaningful movies.
Abby Rose
Abby Rose:
a basque king
Ana Sueiras
Ana Sueiras:
Perfect young man. He really is humble.
Zahra Bukhari
Zahra Bukhari:
“i don’t like though, that you’re crying about me being husband material, that seems toxic” IM SCREAMING
I love Jacob Elordi a looooy. He is amazing. Can’t wait for him to completely take over the film industry. He deserves it🥰
Beauty By Kylie Jordyn
Beauty By Kylie Jordyn:
His acting range is amazing and I hope he gets more roles in the future🥰
Krystal J
Krystal J:
He’s so freaking cuuuuuute🥺🥺🥺
Rachel Jones
Rachel Jones:
pause: he has an accent-
Emi Kitsuné
Emi Kitsuné:
Hello ! I'm a french fan, and I just wanted to say that Noah is a emotional character because despite his impulsiveness, finally he is quite sensitive. We have proof when he tells Ella that it made her ashamed of not being well at the beginning of her classes at Harvard. In fact if in the first film, he was a little bad boy it was mostly to hide his sensitivity a little.

He is a boy with a big heart. Congratulations to you Jacob because you played it very well ! Don't worry, there are fans who still know how to recognize a good acting when there is one rather than based on physics ;)
hes so far behind on the internet i love him more
Aly Dawson
Aly Dawson:
“i was involved in many many school dramas... on and off the stage” SKSKSKKS OOP
Sonnie Trees
Sonnie Trees:
This is the 1st time ,I've heard him speak,since the kissing booth,and I didn't know he was Australian,his accent shocked me.
Kyla Hearts
Kyla Hearts:
Jacob: *“I was involved in many many school dramas...on and off the stage.” sips tea* 😂
miko foin
miko foin:
when he said “i like you” I WOULD HAVE DIED.
G e r e o l l
G e r e o l l:
Gat Sharon
Gat Sharon:
awww he thought they wanted to know how he likes his eggs, how cute
Omg I live really close to Nudgee college, I could have see him, wtf
Aliana M
Aliana M:
Isabella Charlotte Prill
Isabella Charlotte Prill:
What seems strange to me ist that in the movies he’s playing the older brother to Joel (Lee), but is actually younger than him, not by a lot but it kinda feels weird knowing that being a younger person, playing an older person to someone who’s older than you. PS. maybe that makes no sense to you but he still is a really good actor just sayin’
Sonali Ijare
Sonali Ijare:
I found your twitter account thousand times...to follow you... Even though I couldn't find it...
Ivanna Valdez
Ivanna Valdez:
Jacob is literally the loml!!
Fer Guzman
Fer Guzman:
5:18 is the definition of CUTENESS 💗
Idk I just feel like he's misunderstood. Just look at him. He's just a big baby. How can people be so judgemental
Edit: woah I'm famous lol
Nunya Business
Nunya Business:
I was involved in many dramas in school, 'on and off the stage' lmao
Grace Ramires
Grace Ramires:
everything about him is super genuine and admirable,, u already know he'd be a gr8 guy to have coffee at 2am with and just chat.