Jacob Elordi on Intense 'Euphoria' Role Following Kissing Booth (Exclusive)

ET's Katie Krause talked to Jacob at the premiere of 'Eurphoria,' where he also gushed over working with Zendaya.  'Euphoria' premieres on HBO on June 16.

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Lorde Lover
Lorde Lover:
Kissing booth really did him dirty by making him look soo ugly in the movie and sex on legs in euphoria
Leroy Rodgers
Leroy Rodgers:
Australians must all be huge. Not sure what they are eating over there but it must he great.
Anya K
Anya K:
The dude has black nails..... that's HOT AF.
Mamine Hili
Mamine Hili:
Omg how his face lit up when she mentioned Zendaya’s name, he could not help but smile to the ears and he even started stuttering, he really is a massive fan of her.
Al Mansoori
Al Mansoori:
Omg .. is he soo tall that every one pass beside him didnt even come close to his shoulder
Master Superblaster
Master Superblaster:
When he says he's so grateful to be apart of a project so dark and subversive, You could tell he meant every word of it. Typically, newcomer/unknown/teen+20something actors are cast in cheesy lame projects they'll pretend never existed once/when/if they make it to the big leagues. He seems genuinely proud to be apart of this show and having it inked into his resume.
The way he talked about Zendaya was so sweet
Isabella Campos Matson
Isabella Campos Matson:
he is SO HUGE. like seriously, he is so insanely tall wtf
Vicki B
Vicki B:
He did an amazing job as Nate 👏🏽 after everyone kind of type casted Noah Centineo as the high school crush in a rom-com I was scared that the same would happen to Jacob . But he was smart and he waited for the right role to come around , something completely different from what we’d expect and he fucking killed it 🙌🏽
So fresh and so clean clean
So fresh and so clean clean:
He is so fine like damn
Bri Terry
Bri Terry:
Kinda sounded like he wasn't planning on doing a Kissing Booth 2 lol
Could anyone else see Jacob as Batman? He’s a very talented actor!!
I just came from the "Jacob Elordi Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ" video to find the comment and see if he actually commented on it lmao, someone else?
Who else is finding Jacob’s comment from his undercover video?
kaya 101
kaya 101:
Is it just me or do I kinda ship him with Z 🤔 they’d be a cute couple ♥️
Takashi San
Takashi San:
It's so funny how, agressively, he kept showing his black nails. We saw it, Jacob! It's cool! lol
oummou zuria
oummou zuria:
Him talking about Zendaya 😍
Arri Love
Arri Love:
This man is beautiful, and so genuine.
Mikiala Lopez
Mikiala Lopez:
Pov: your looking for the comment he replied to
Júlia Sofia
Júlia Sofia:
how can someone be this precious!! also the way he portrays a character like nate wow insanely good acting
Melissa Guerrero
Melissa Guerrero:
Omg he lit tf when she mentioned Zendaya ! ✨ 🥰 that’s so cute they would be so cute together 🤩
biatchi 345
biatchi 345:
Did you guys saw how jacob looked on the ground when he talked about zendaya he got nervous
he’s so different from his character its craaaazyyy
Antonella Premuzic
Antonella Premuzic:
He is so shy 🥺🥺🥺❤️
Aleya West
Aleya West:
now look... we know he’s more then just a massive fan of zendaya 😌 1:04
lola 30
lola 30:
Who's here after jacob kissed zendaya's lips😍
It's rare to see an actor this damn TALL. He seems taller than 6'4.
Allison Batdorf
Allison Batdorf:
He pulls off the black nail polish so well 😭😭😭
William Kaplan
William Kaplan:
He need jobs in marvel (mcu)
Ashley Taliwaku
Ashley Taliwaku:
Um... is it common knowledge that this man is Australian???😂😂😂
sky 1187
sky 1187:
He's so freaking gorgeous
Loraine Kat
Loraine Kat:
His character is like the younger version of Christian grey . If they ever do a ffog remake , he should be the first choice , his acting skills are so dope .
Dorothy Stevenson
Dorothy Stevenson:
Wasn’t he in the kissing booth or am I tripping.
gelila zeudu
gelila zeudu:
i just noticed his nails i’m in love
GoWarriors Go
GoWarriors Go:
He is so handsome omg 😍 & he plays tf out of Nate ! He’s great
I love how him and Zendaya are dating now, I ship so hard.
Duygu Ak
Duygu Ak:
His nails are life
Am I the only one who searches jacob reply after his gq interview
Raisa Faruk
Raisa Faruk:
how tall is he?!!!
Rosy Cavaliere
Rosy Cavaliere:
He can yell at me with his sexy voice anytime...
he's such an incredible actor. i'm so fucking glad that he chose to be a part of this project, the kissing booth didn't do him justice AT ALL. he's too talented to ever be in a movie as bad as that. he absolutely made the right choice to be in this show, i hope he takes on roles that showcase his talent the way euphoria did.
Andy UGoonie
Andy UGoonie:
He’s so big😏
He’s so hot I ship him and Alexa in real life
Carolina A.
Carolina A.:
I’m in love with his sweet personality 😍🙈
C A12
C A12:
Tkb definitely gave me a wrong impression of this dude, I only watched one interview for that movie I think, but was really put off him as an actor. In this he really seems invested, more well spoken and obviously has a better understanding of the project. I reckon I will watch some of his stuff now, just not tbk2. sorry.
Khaira A.
Khaira A.:
His nails are painted... that’s BDE
K Murty
K Murty:
I didn't think there could be a more evil character than Joffrey. It takes a good actor to make someone really hate a character. Props to Jacob, amazing actor.
nathalia silveira
nathalia silveira:
omg and now hes dating zendaya god bless
Poor guy. He hates the kissing booth too and has to be part of it 💀 he needs better roles like Nate’s
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
A A:
His height, his voice, his face. Damn he's hot.
robsten robsten
robsten robsten:
Hes like a brother of robert pattinson👍👌💯
gelila zeudu
gelila zeudu:
he’s an amazinggg actor wow
so show me, i'll show you
so show me, i'll show you:
He's such a chill dude, like his character in Euphoria is exactly the person I would fear in life and he scared me in the show so I'm reassured by his very chill but excited demeanor in real life. His scene with his freakout on his bedroom floor really scared the shit outta me.
Ktip Bomb
Ktip Bomb:
I'm moving to Australia
Joelle Ginger
Joelle Ginger:
He is so hot beautiful talented !! Now I know why zendaya dating him ! Good luck to them and hope they will be happy
Salmina ZAZAI
Salmina ZAZAI:
Am I the only one that ships him with Alexa demie in real life.
ugly bastard
ugly bastard:
He is such a great actor. Really, a great actor
iFeel zzzZz
iFeel zzzZz:
I swear this guy is gorgeous. Hes giving me Pietro Boselli vibrd
he reminds of me Grayson Dolan 😍😭❤️ so cute
Sophia Hernandez
Sophia Hernandez:
he has a whole accent I didn’t even know that
Valeria Zuniga
Valeria Zuniga:
Haha I love how his nails are painted
Azula Eating Mochi
Azula Eating Mochi:
Tomdaya ended lol
Shadi Madani
Shadi Madani:
He needs to keep this hairstyle forever
Fari Saeed
Fari Saeed:
He always have to bend to talk to anyone god all these Australian men are pretty tall
coming back to this 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌
William Johnson
William Johnson:
Media training.
It's okay to let them know that the roles affected you.
The best of actors have admitted, without shame, after certain dark roles they have gone to their l therapy.
When he gets to the point where he doesn't seem insecure talking about this kind of role, he'll have gone to the next level.
He could be Nightwing- good height and physique
I wanna watch it nowwwwwwwwww
Ros Ulep
Ros Ulep:
He is PERFECT.😍😍😍😍
Constanza Monsalve
Constanza Monsalve:
i had to watch this video all over again cause the first time i was too focused on his gorgeous face. not complaining tho.
I have a huge crush on him,WOW
dhatkhrazy khat
dhatkhrazy khat:
Lol. The lists of men I want to kidnap goes on and on. Now Jacob is on my number one list. LMAO 😂
man has black polish on.... Sign Me Up
Rizka Phonna
Rizka Phonna:
Dang, his voice
Melisirijilla uwu
Melisirijilla uwu:
I thought that Kissing booth was a really cringey movie I’m so glad that he was on Euphoria, he’s really good!
Faya de Boer
Faya de Boer:
I ship Joey and Jacob😍❤️
Bertha Garcia
Bertha Garcia:
Azaliah Regner
Azaliah Regner:
He could step on me and i’d thank him
can he birth his children in me !?!
Actor< sse
Marre veil, cant do thngs
loreyne massie
loreyne massie:
i didn’t even know he was australian 😳
Beth Stafford
Beth Stafford:
*i could listen to this boys voice all day long*
Laininha Tenório
Laininha Tenório:
Delícia de homem...
Khalid Nawaf
Khalid Nawaf:
He should play Batman tv series
Bronco Eleckto
Bronco Eleckto:
Chelsea Mason
Chelsea Mason:
He’s very tall holy
hazza mysmile
hazza mysmile:
Sri Wahyuni
Sri Wahyuni:
his nails are painted eeee!!!
knock knock
knock knock:
Liliana Kemaldean
Liliana Kemaldean:
hes just...wow
I hope that he and joey make up 😭😭😭
Sara Valencia
Sara Valencia:
I hope euphoria will be on Netflix!!!!!!!!
살빠지니까 개씹존잘이네ㄷㄷ
no life
no life:
He is so hot😍
Gina Brockway
Gina Brockway:
Ugh why does Drake have to be involved in Euphoria >_<
Yolanda Marlen Hurtado Oseguera
Yolanda Marlen Hurtado Oseguera:
Esta jodidamente atractivo 😍
Andrea Cadena
Andrea Cadena:
He killed that role for toxic monster
Andrés Loaiza
Andrés Loaiza:
He is so tall