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Dancing Pallbearer
Dancing Pallbearer:
My brothers and I have a special coffin to present to Jake Paul and his career.
Aroused Banana
Aroused Banana:
Jake Paul: "gets arrested"

Everyone else: That's one big step for men
Ethan Simmons
Ethan Simmons:
The cop who arrested him deserves a massive raise
Samuel Callejo
Samuel Callejo:
*Jake Paul gets arrested*

2020: Maybe i don't wanna be the bad guy anymore
Your dad
Your dad:
Police: **arrested Jake Paul**

Police: We were bad but now we are good
“Jake Paul Arrested!”

Everyone liked that
Dude 2020 has been a bad year..

Jude Baudouin
Jude Baudouin:
The people that are looting don’t even care about what happened to George Floyd
Sometimes, I love cops. Not the racist ones.
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Super Fire 64 Gaming:
I know people are saying that Jake was stupid for doing this. But this is nothing compared to other things he has done
Jake Paul: *gets arrested*
The officer who arrested him: They love me.

Edit: What over 2K Likes?
Creative Username :3
Creative Username :3:
Reason why I don’t believe him:

He went to the “protest” after dark, protests happen in the day while riots happen at night since a lot of rioters are looters
I’m Italian and him sitting on our flag makes me want to be a different culture.
Sy Dorie
Sy Dorie:
Jake Paul: **gets arrested**

Everyone: *_We've done it boys._*
Roisin Hogan
Roisin Hogan:
He just avoided the whole topic of him getting arrested
Gwynn Thomas
Gwynn Thomas:
Everyone: Yay Jake Paul is getting arrested

Jake Paul: trys to make himself a victim
Pewdiepie:jake paul is arested ,,epic."
Monster _ Lock
Monster _ Lock:
*Jake Paul gets arrested*

2020: maybe… I don't want to be the bad guy anymore…
“I looked to the right and saw the mall window was shattered”

*looks to the left*
Derek Miller
Derek Miller:
“Over the weekend I became the number one trending on twitter” He doesn’t care about BLM he just wanted views
“I looked to my right”
Jake, that’s your left.
Lil Guppy
Lil Guppy:
I actually can’t describe the amount of hatred I have toward him
Mugiwara Kaizoku
Mugiwara Kaizoku:
Sounds like he wrote that story himself
cb sj
cb sj:
This was so good, not even the Simpsons could predict this..
Axtron X
Axtron X:
Jake Paul: ***Gets arrested***
Cops: *We were bad, but now we're good.*
Lian Hunia
Lian Hunia:
Jake Paul: Looting good stuff
Police officer: I'm about to end this man's whole career.


When jake paul goes from youtube to twitch to jail.

Jake Paul: PARKOUR!
Jake - “6 mil on YouTube been six months never done before”
Me - “6 months in jail ha”
Brown Crewmate
Brown Crewmate:
“Jake Paul got arrested”

I can hear laughter in the street
Jake Paul gets arrested

Haters: *My time has come*
Rick Sanchez C-137
Rick Sanchez C-137:
I can’t tell what’s longer, his intro or Jake Paul’s sentence
Rowan McCorquodale
Rowan McCorquodale:
He thinks looting is wrong but he scams kids. He steals their money. Like what the hell is going on in your mind.
I hope he doesn’t get bailed out
Do Do
Do Do:
" Jake Paul gets arrested "

People: yayyyy

2020: damn.....I fücked up my reputation is ruined
Danny 505
Danny 505:
Jake Paul: arrested
2020: *Maybe I don't want to be the bad guy anymore*
Logan Paul: Saw a dead body.
Jake Paul: Entered a looted mall
Why? Never experienced it before. Wanted to document it.
Lil Q-tip
Lil Q-tip:
3:28 yeah “breaking the door” the door next to her was broken why is she kicking the other one
Pewifpie NopeYT
Pewifpie NopeYT:
Jake Paul Is Arrested!

Everyone Like That
This is so Epic
"It was twisted and exploited by the media." Kinda like how you twist everything and exploit your fans?
It’s meh Dana
It’s meh Dana:
Jake paul gets arrested: ladies and gentleman we got ‘em
Axel of Astora
Axel of Astora:
"IM AN EASY TARGET" sounds like hes trying to play as the victim here HHHMMMMMM
Sadly if his brother can get away with filming a dead body... he will be fine in a month.
Peach and Stormy
Peach and Stormy:
I feel like every living being is glad he got arrested
YouMekMy HeartGoUwU
YouMekMy HeartGoUwU:
* Jake Paul gets arrested *

*we did it Mr.Stark,we won*
Bilal Ch.
Bilal Ch.:
The cop who arrested him showed that there aren't just bad cop.
Summer Pinguïn
Summer Pinguïn:
Looks like 2020 is improving
Spotted Scimittar
Spotted Scimittar:
Jake paul: arrested
The cop who arrested him: i'm not the Messiah!
ahmad tarek
ahmad tarek:
"I am the easy target" when the bully finally learns how much it sucks to be the target
Joe Slater
Joe Slater:
Jp is acting like nobody knows what’s going on in America 🤣
Jackson C
Jackson C:
"A battalion of cops"

Some bodies been watching too much Clone Wars
Kara May
Kara May:
There were no ‘protests’ in Scottsdale. It was a planned riot and looting event. So don’t say your focus was on George Floyd and the cause. You were laughing, drinking stolen vodka, instigated damage. He was not there for the cause. He’s trying to sound like he was there to make a difference. So wrong. I’ve seen video of him throwing things - he deserves worse charges. He’s a joke.
Ramen Soap
Ramen Soap:
he's saying "documenting" but what he really means is "I'm recording this for content." Which is exactly the reason we're mad.
I love how he said we can make a difference by voting in the proper leaders when his dad is a trump supporter..............
Lps Dandelion
Lps Dandelion:
Jake: I will continue to do what I love most
Me: Yeah you love clickbating
He got accused of looting stuff and the first thing he says is “I was #1 twitter trending” smh
SnoWolfDraws 041
SnoWolfDraws 041:
Jake paul took all of the credit for a fundraiser that ThatMidgetAsian started
Elon Musk
Elon Musk:
Future: Jake Paul dies
Jake paul fans: "I'm not ready without you"
The whole damn internet: "out of all 100 people, 100 are impressed".
Lorenzo Silva
Lorenzo Silva:
Jake Paul: talking serious about this issue
Me ignoring him because his couch looks like the Italian flag: *M A R I O N O I S E S I N T E S I F Y*
Crimson ScyFry
Crimson ScyFry:
When Jake got arrested I was like "finally after all this time."
Jake paul: arrested

Logan Paul: lOoKs lIkE kSI wOn
Denyh Aguilar
Denyh Aguilar:
Jake Paul:
"Gets some years of jail'
M O R E ! !
People are rioting and saying we should get rid of police, but the police are the good guys in this situation
Too Legit To Quit
Too Legit To Quit:
"I wanted to document" = I was part of it and thought it was cool
Megan Rae :-D
Megan Rae :-D:
Why when Jake Paul said ‘Apple Store’ I actually thought he was talking about a store that sells apples smh
Crystal Shot
Crystal Shot:
Jake Paul: I want to document the experiences
Translation: I want the views
Angus McKean
Angus McKean:
This is epic hope he gets a lifetime scentence
Shazzy A
Shazzy A:
Imagine making a 10 minute video and 7 minutes of it being someone else's content... These news channels are a mega scam
Noah Talton
Noah Talton:
The police are doing what they have to do to keep these "protesters" from destroying everything, not because they care about George floyd but because they just want to cause chaos and steal.
David B.
David B.:
I'm a honest boi:
I am too lazy to watch a full 10 minute video. Someone explain me what just happened to him, that's all.
I never thought the day would come that I would hear the sweetest words I would hear in my life, Jake Paul Arrested. 😌
Thijs Hendriksen
Thijs Hendriksen:
He got what he freaking deserved
He shouldn't have gone there
Andrew Purcell
Andrew Purcell:
Well it’s about time 2020 brought us something positive!
Terra Pro
Terra Pro:
Me: Finnally a good thing in 2020

Jake Paul in July: *escapes prison*

Me: Nevermind
Team Gallagher
Team Gallagher:
The Cop: I finally rest and watch the sun rise on a grateful universe
He would make the vid exactly 10 min💀💀💀💀💀
Alexandra Javor
Alexandra Javor:
Keep him in jail, he needs to learn some lessons.
Miguel Bueno
Miguel Bueno:
2020: virus, riots and almost another world war
2020: Jake Paul arrested
Me: don't do this, don't give me hope
I’m kinda scared that the protest will lead to a second outbreak, while I understand that this is something that needs to be done, I’ve seen more people die in the past few month then ever before, (used to work at a nursing home) and I don’t want it to get worse. I just hope the protest avoid hospitals, prisons and nursing homes. That way the message can be protested but those high at risk are kept safer.
Be Like Mike
Be Like Mike:
He broke the law
And entered the mall
But most importantly
Hes gonna take some Ball
This lightens the mood a bit with all that’s going on.
His career is gonna drop harder than his soap in prison
Team Villains
Team Villains:
The prisoner who shares the cell with jake paul be like:let me out LET ME OOOUUUTTT
Mateo FC
Mateo FC:
😂😂😂 This is the best thing that has happened in 2020, finally something to shut him up for once.
Ling khoo
Ling khoo:
i wanna know how does stealing things from stores helps anything? they're just taking advantage of this whole situation.
Mika Hood
Mika Hood:
"i didn't even realised that the vodka just was like in my hand!"
yeah right
Me: sees Jake Paul getting arrested
Also me: should I be polite or should I be mean
Wtf I didn't even know he still had enough supporters to be on YouTube 😂
Isabelle O'Brien
Isabelle O'Brien:
Jake Paul: Arrested for 6 months

Everyone: That is an insultingly low amount.
Jens de Fries
Jens de Fries:
Finally something good happened this 2020😂
I hope he gets charged a billion dollars for scamming children and all else
Kit Kat
Kit Kat:
I wish Jake could stay behind bars. His voice is just so annoying like damn.
I love the officer who arrested him 👌👌❤️❤️
People in 2020: *SUFFERING*
2020 june: hmmm let me make it for ya guys:

topaz s.
topaz s.:
Hope they give him the tucker telephone

Look it up
Hehehe ..its what he deserves
Fahem Kenshin
Fahem Kenshin:
*Jake Paul gets arrested*

Their neighbors: Finally inner peace

Edit:Me:*got 400+ likes*
Also me:thank you so much
The officer who arrested him: Listen im not mesiah!

Everyone:He is mesiah!
You literally just uploaded his video with like 1 minute of talking and 2 minutes of asking people to subscribe and telling people about what’s happening next
Irene Thomsen
Irene Thomsen:
*Jake Paul is arrested*
So guys we did it-
unknown shadow
unknown shadow:
Hip-hip-hooray JACK PAUL IS ARRESTED. Got bless who ARRESTED him. Cause we are ill from his videos.
This Is Our Life
This Is Our Life:
So the video of him smashing a car inside the mall wasn’t him right? 😂
Me : *laughs in european*