Jake Paul is FIGHTING Tyron Woodley...

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Chael Sonnen talks Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley on this episode of Beyond the Fight.

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Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen:
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Fook You
Fook You:
As soon as Chael said yesterday that he didn't think the Jake/Woodley fight was going to happen....that's when I knew it was a DONE DEAL.
Well atleast this time Paul's fighting someone with striking skills.
3:58 - Did we just witness Uncle Chael have a stroke?
J Jaxon89
J Jaxon89:
He’ll get my respect when he fights a ufc fighter in mma, or an actual boxer in a boxing match….
Jason G
Jason G:
The ONLY reason Jake Paul brings in a crowd is because everybody wants to see him get knocked out. LITERALLY
Brandon Stakemann
Brandon Stakemann:
Chael says so many words but doesn’t say anything at the same time
israel borukhov
israel borukhov:
Whoever chael picks just bet against them you’ll win money
one two
one two:
God Chael talks a lot of BS... 😆

He's entertaining as hell tho
Kevin Zuniga
Kevin Zuniga:
Chael singing Jake's praise makes me want to blow my brains out
paul rowland
paul rowland:
Jake hasn’t even fought a boxer. I think he needs to fight a low ranked boxer so we can really figure out where he’s at.
I hope Woodley lands that overhand right he's been loading up since the Spring of 2019
Alan Verga
Alan Verga:
Freaking love listening to Chael, never thought I’d be listening to your podcasts when you were fighting, but here I am. And you’re awesome dude.
John DoeKobe
John DoeKobe:
I know people hate on Jake but I actually want to see him win just so he shocks everyone and ends up being really good at boxing. Would be so many interesting fights if Jake is really as good as he thinks and maybe is.... we'll see
Doug Diamond
Doug Diamond:
If he is boxing and wants a belt in boxing, then he has to start fighting actual boxers.
Johnny Bacon
Johnny Bacon:
"That belt was probablyyy worth 314 dollars.." lmao oddly specific.
David Thompson
David Thompson:
People are greatly underestimating Tyron. This man is strong, fast, and fully capable of landing devastating punches. I tip my hat to Paul for taking this fight. He’s putting far more risk on the table with this one.
Uncle Chael talking about Chael in the third person is a boss move. Respect. 🤣
I really want to see this one. Jake Paul throws hard and Tyron is a good stand up fighter, should be a fun fight. The Mayweather fight too.
How he lifts his one leg and yeets it over the other, I just can't😂.
Chael you need to address this: you patted Jake on the back for his stance on not taking multi-fight contracts when he said he would never do that and would only do one fight contracts , but now he’s turned around and signed a multi fight contract with showtime.
You owe us a video on this (because of how many times you mentioned it)
Guys, help me out and make sure he sees this
F'wutis Wurth
F'wutis Wurth:
The question has now become, 'Chael, who paid you to legitimize Jake Paul?'
Ronit Thakur
Ronit Thakur:
Uncle Chael, will tell you a one hour long about villages and land, and a minute about the fight.
Chael Sonnen is such a waffler I love it 😂😂
Its about money and memes .
sean ferguson
sean ferguson:
🤣 I love that Chael just leans into the fact that his fight prediction track record, has been the most talked about thing in the comment sections in basically every video he puts out
Senor Penguin
Senor Penguin:
Tyron sounded pretty pissed the last time I heard him talk and that is excellent motivation for a guy who needs fire in his gut to put in the reps. Tyron is going to try and take Jake's head off so, if I were in Jake's shoes, I would work on two aspects primarily: defense and counter-punching. Pretty simple.
Winfried Bauer
Winfried Bauer:
This is the beginning of Celebrity Deathmatch! I'm into that!
Reuben Schmecklestein
Reuben Schmecklestein:
"Not only does Chael have a track record for not knowing who is gonna win a fight" - Uncle Chael. So we know he's self aware.
Chael...repeat after me "Paul is a legit boxer and I pick him to win"
Leo Lovell
Leo Lovell:
Tyrone Woodley will probably make more money in this fight than he did in the UFC all those years
For YouTube
For YouTube:
I can’t explain it, but uncle Chael calling him Paul still gets me
Dan Crile
Dan Crile:
The amount of times Chael contradicts himself is great lol he hates the rankings even says they aren't real and where do you go to find em and then will turn around and call dudes by where they are ranked or telling Jake to talk about rankings. Oof
I almost watch these just to support Chael, but even he doesn't believe any of what he's saying at this point.
the chael coverage the next couple months on this is gonna be good
Coriente Williams
Coriente Williams:
Jake Paul isn’t in a place to be able to say where he wants to go yet in this sport for a number of reasons:

First: Out of respect to all the other real fighters who put their life on the line and are doing it in the trenches, step by step with amateur and pro fights

Second: He’s only fighting guys with big names who are retired and somewhat washed so it’s a very selective market.

In this way he can train, get his skill-set up, and at the same time make a lot of money because he’s going against guys who people want to see the fight because it’s super interesting. Maybe when he’s been in the sport for 7-10 years and has fought some actual active fighters can he openly say he wants to be a world champ but not yet💯
Alex Dover
Alex Dover:
I love how Chael continues to refer to them as "Paul," despite the fact that there are two of them, _and_ both are currently in the headlines atm.
Roderick V Wenner
Roderick V Wenner:
I’m gonna bet all of my money in premier fight picks so I can spend more money on Ridge Wallets!
Leather Apron
Leather Apron:
Chael is such a silver tongued politician that he makes casuals think Jake Paul is like Bas Rutten or Cro Cop.
Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant
Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant:
Uncle Chael's neck starting to look like the back of Dana's head...
Chael is right Jake has earned my respect for signing the TWood fight
Raphael Mastromonaco
Raphael Mastromonaco:
Chael "over analyze everything" Sonnen
mango moon
mango moon:
towards the end of each sentence the damage caused by Anderson's leg triangle (amongst a lifetime of grappling interactions) becomes apparent. poor old chael
Food. Health. Fit.
Food. Health. Fit.:
Cmon Chael, you're giving Jake Paul too much credit. Every time he's fought he's had a distinct advantage in either weight or by boxing a non-boxer, or both... If a UFC fighter was out beating lighter guys or beating guys that aren't mixed martial artists you wouldn't give them the time of day.
T squirrel
T squirrel:
If Woodley knocks Jake out and keeps punching him after he is out I will buy his rap CD
Flash Energy
Flash Energy:
Chael P Sonnen knows exactly how to talk for 13 min and 28 seconds on a subject that everybody wants to hear and do not say a thing. Brillint. Real life gangsta.
I can't wait to watch uncle Chael live on fight night.
Nick Newport
Nick Newport:
Lol the way chael moves his hands while he’s talking
abner salguero
abner salguero:
Your content is so good man, seems you know a bit about fighting sports... 😁 keep up the good content Chael.
Title: Jake paul vs Tyron Woodley!
Chael: ok so let me tell you how villages were conquered....
Jacob's jungle
Jacob's jungle:
I'm pumped for this fight. There gonna build this up and its gonna be 🔥🔥🔥
Collin Gold
Collin Gold:
There is something so spiritual about listening to these sermons by Chael
I feel like Jake needs to beat Tyrone, an actual striker, before he needs to start looking farther towards this "contendership" future you're talking about. That's a true test that will show if Jake is really about it or not. For right now though, Jake's thing that brings the fans in is if he is legitimate or not and people will keep coming to see if he'll lose or if he can keep climbing this ladder of slightly more skilled contenders. Once he starts stepping in there with legitimate boxers, he'll start collecting some wins and loses and it will just be a normal boxing career.
“Future hall of famer” might not get that title if he loses a fight to a YouTuber.
"I beat you: you leave the division. You beat me: I will leave the UFC, forever."

Exactly what Chael is talking about. Such a marketing genius!
Todd Shields
Todd Shields:
Still feeling kinda trippy to hear Uncle Chael spending so much time on the one of the Paul boys.
Can't handle an Opinion?
Can't handle an Opinion?:
"The baddest free agents out there!"
Ben Askren has left the chat...
Now if he wins , I'll consider him legit through and through
Dakota Dahler
Dakota Dahler:
Chael, Jake posted T-woods phone number on line before his last fight. That’s why it’s personal to him.
David Smith
David Smith:
Uncle, don’t jinx this!!! We NEED this win!
Albino Levin
Albino Levin:
Chael "its just one of those things" Sonnen
Ran Ro
Ran Ro:
I’m betting on Logan in the mayweather right now. Thanks Chael!
Chael is being outrageously kind in speaking about the Paul brothers lmfao
hal warner
hal warner:
"The Belt was probably worth 314 dollars"
John Doe
John Doe:
I can't imagine the salt mine of dudebro MMA fans if Woodley gets KO'd lol
austin murray
austin murray:
Paul is gonna get DROPPED. I honestly feel like a VICIOUS ko is coming
George Myers
George Myers:
This guy cracks me up, Good ole Uncle chael!
Anthony Medrano
Anthony Medrano:
Hold up Chael, Oscar wasn't in his prime when he fought Mayweather. That was towards the end of Oscar's boxing career
Rob D
Rob D:
Chael, life and land are still on the line... Happy memorial day
Corey Mcevilly
Corey Mcevilly:
CJ32 pull2
CJ32 pull2:
We all know Woodley does great interviews 😂 💀
TE Duren
TE Duren:
Excited for this fight. I see Woodley winning.
If Woodley wins and you didn't buy the PPV, then buy his album🤣 let the karma come full circle
Ryan Frost
Ryan Frost:
This is great watching Paul knock out Legends. Twood will loose no doubt!
Twood earned my respect for defending ben
Justa Guy
Justa Guy:
Damn, I’ll always think about the Chael V Tyson fight that could have been 😞
Mike Faro
Mike Faro:
Chael you could absolutely be a great fight promoter! Why haven't these Organization's offered you this position? 💯😃
so much testosterone emitted from chaels neck i tested positive for trt
Clever move by Paul, fighting someone like Woodley who's way past his prime & on a losing streak. Saying that, I would still expect Woodley to KO Paul, but don't be shocked if Paul pulls this off & beats Woodley.
10:42 Mayorga couldn’t beat him..... because he never fought him Chael 😂
Chael, you know the combat sports community needs you to predict Jake Paul to win via KO.
First Name
First Name:
Given the Strenght of the Chael Curse, what happens if Undefeated Chael Sonnen fights Anderson Silva, and Chael picks himself to win???
David Burke
David Burke:
The reason why we're here, is the same as every Floyd fight, they have painted themselves as the heel and people want to see them lose. No belt needed, only to watch them lose.
Christian Westling
Christian Westling:
2:30 So glad that West Linn, Oregon has the GOAT that is Uncle Chael as its village fighter!
Kris Trottier
Kris Trottier:
Chael I absolutely agree with you and your thought inn the issue, thank you once again for another great take eh....
Charlotte Goodwin
Charlotte Goodwin:
T wood cant let him get out of the 3rd round
Okorie Ogba
Okorie Ogba:
Spot on with Logan, sadly 😥
Logan fight against Woodley is amazingly intriguing tho!!
Marty Olson
Marty Olson:
uh oh. Chael is going to predict jake paul wins. Then his love for Paul will fade with the ending of the journey.
Zachary Spurlin
Zachary Spurlin:
I actually think this will be a very competitive and entertaining fight
Woodley, if you beat Jake we promise we will make your next rap album go diamond.
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat:
I thought Chael had a sudden moment of existential questioning mid-recording when he asked "Why are we here?"
Colin K
Colin K:
Whoever Chael chooses to win will usually be the other guy that ends up winning lol
If Jake puts away Woodley the same way he did Ben, then I think we have to start giving him his due. But, I still think a near 40-year-old Woodley that hasn't won a fight in three years beats Jake.
Lu Xypher
Lu Xypher:
I hope Chael picks Jake just so I feel a little less anxious on who to bet on.
Iron Fist Boxing Channel
Iron Fist Boxing Channel:
Oscar wasn’t in his Prime when he fought Oscar bro lol you sounded like a complete novice there lol
Glad to see Jake actually sprouted a pair and agreed to step into the ring with a guy who can actually throw hands. It's really about time, especially considering all of the shit talking the kid has done.
Chael on a video: implies Ben Askren took a dive.

Chael on another video: you guys should respect JP more.
Paul beating Woodley opens the McGregor conversation and that’s the money fight
Chael never lost a round in his whole career
B H:
This time I actually really believe woodley wins he has an understanding of stand up is natruelly bigger then 170 has stupid power good speed I think jakes get knocked out but if jake wins will have to give him respect