Jake Paul & Nate Robinson Weigh-In & Face-Off Ahead Of Fight

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Pluto V2
Pluto V2:
Nate got clapped lol
Vai lutar agora kkkk
Kush Shetty
Kush Shetty:
Hearing Mike Tyson talking is so fascinating
Christian Ballerzz
Christian Ballerzz:
*Video: Says 3 hours*

*Me: watches 5 minutes*
Alex Nelson
Alex Nelson:
crazy to see how humble Mike Tyson has become, I used to love his crazy and mean persona, but now he is just more calm and likeable.
*If Nate loses he’s gonna bring up his age and how it’s his first fight*
Stop Trying U Bum
Stop Trying U Bum:
James Kuich
James Kuich:
"Whooo the fook, is this guy!?" -conner McGregor
Thicc Stinky Pencil
Thicc Stinky Pencil:
It’s funny how this all started with jokes from KSI and Joe Weller
Who’s here after jake Paul won by knockout
David Garza
David Garza:
The only thing I got to say its prayers to Nate his going to get knocked Tufuc out
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
Imagine jake Paul just gets knocked out that would be hella funny
mike tyson said “i’m on my own time ...”
Josiah Richardson
Josiah Richardson:
For “Jake’s interview “ it literally could be titled “after the fight interview” and I wouldn’t even know. Jake practically predicted everything
Everyone: B O R E D

Jake Paul: Let me fix that real quick
Juan Kitshoff
Juan Kitshoff:
No one:
Jake Paul: Comes out with wig
Me: Omf, here we go again🤦‍♂️
This is stupid standing between glass when tomorrow they will be punching each other
Qt Zah
Qt Zah:
Roy is my dads best friend for 23 years I just talked to Roy yesterday when he was in his hotel room befor the fight Ik toys whole fam
I want Nate to win but I know there is a low chance he will. This was also one of the most cringe face offs
Duck Donald
Duck Donald:
who here after jake knocks him out
Jake paul trying to go pro mans gonna get his ass whooped 😂🤣
Kaden GTM
Kaden GTM:
Jake def has this win in the bag
Gianni Risi
Gianni Risi:
Damn Jake Paul Put Nate To 😴...
Yonny Alfaro
Yonny Alfaro:
“Best version of myself”....Such bullshit
Mani Zapien
Mani Zapien:
Roy Jones JR looks like he holding his breath in the faceoff
Stop expecting Jake to act professional it ain’t who he is he’s literally called the problem child tf you expect from him
BingBoy_ Revolution
BingBoy_ Revolution:
Mike Tyson is so inspiring now a days. I love hearing his interviews and his history.
love this guy nate, he seems like an amazing human beeing
Matthew Chavez
Matthew Chavez:
There's something hilarious about these staredowns through plexiglass.
Resse True
Resse True:
Hey him with a two-Two piece McNugget
Jake seems more prepared for this fight. Nate looks nervous.
Jose's Toy Garage
Jose's Toy Garage:
Jake Paul you just got my subscription. You’re a beast! You got a new follower great knockout!
Fishy Cool
Fishy Cool:
Comment: Nate Robinson
Like: Jake Paul
Who do you think will win for the fight?
Mad Animal
Mad Animal:
"Imma run at him"
- Mike Tyson
TheMuted Gato
TheMuted Gato:
I just saw jake knockout Nate I’m a fan now
"im gonna go to plan b and punch em back" OMFGOUHIIH*YFIU
Marcela F
Marcela F:
Jake im watching the live fight rn and your about to go on. Im watching it thru T.V.
Me on the game watching waiting for Mike Tyson:😃

Me waiting for Jake Paul(I didn’t know he was boxing):😐
Numbzy•_• -
Numbzy•_• -:
Simple, these Paul bros need to fight dudes their size
Second round knockout! Well done Jake, you threw some powerful punches.
ItzBehzq -
ItzBehzq -:
Congrats I knew it keep it up my friend
What a legend!
I feel bad for Nate he's getting meme-d cuz he's fighting Jake Paul
Shy Moody
Shy Moody:
U ain’t had to do him like dat 😂😂😂 congrats
alexander audenaert
alexander audenaert:
The face off of tyson and Jones was the cutest things ive ever seen
Marcela F
Marcela F:
DAYUM JAKE! I saw your wrestle and just in the first 2 rounds he got knocked out!! DAM BOI!!!
Lianthang Puii
Lianthang Puii:
Jake Paul challenge MC Gregor 🤣 let them fight..🤣🤣🤣
Hey Jake, made a bet for you against my brother. Saying this before the fight because I know you’ll win. Looking forward for the free $5 tommorow 🤣👍
Moncho gaming
Moncho gaming:
I’m watching this right after your fight YOU KNOCK HIS ASS OUT 6 times omg ur the best
Jahir is swavy Stackz
Jahir is swavy Stackz:
Jake you won the fight let”go I am so happy I love you can you follow me back on tiktok please
Key Epic
Key Epic:
Jake: "everybody thinks I'm this rapper pretty boy but I want to show them wrong."

Me: what nobody thinks that lmaoo 😂
Emma Soph
Emma Soph:
“Sup yo” 😂😂😂 hahaah he’s so funny
Omar Rosales
Omar Rosales:
Where can we see the fight Let's go jake Paul❤
Kyle Christensen
Kyle Christensen:
Old man wisdom from Jones and Tyson gotta love it
Big_ Shareef412
Big_ Shareef412:
Damn you just beat Nate I just witnessed it man you knocked him out 3 times my money was already put on you dawg 👍good job brother ❤️
Jake's confi!
Beqa Kacheishvili
Beqa Kacheishvili:
Nate Robinson: "Gonna shock the world bro."

Stephen Curry: "I see no lies"
I'm 2 hours late and some people are still watching
Katie Jagodzinski
Katie Jagodzinski:
Bro This gotta be so embarrassing for Nate 😂😭
Inhale Divine
Inhale Divine:
Mike is an amazing soul. Inspiration for so many. This event is going to be crazy.
Sam Gallagher
Sam Gallagher:
Man I can't lie you just decapitated him 😂😂😂
Ivan Romero
Ivan Romero:
Hey congrats on the win second round knockout we make our own reality my boy good shot congrats
David Kinzler
David Kinzler:
Jake is excited to fight. And Nate is scared lol
Matthew Burris
Matthew Burris:
Is he gonna stream the fight on here
Any one here after the knockout 😬
Lililetus C
Lililetus C:
Enjoyed Nate's comments about his kids and the anecdote about meeting Roy Jones when he was 21. Both Roy and Mike are amazing, cannot believe this is going on!
Just so yall that arent watching jake paul knocked nate out second round
Isaiah Franco
Isaiah Franco:
That knock out tho keep going hard Jake🙂
So proud of you Jake! And I genuinely mean that with all my heart man.. you’ve come so far since the 2017 Jake and If I’m being honest I haven’t always liked you all the time, there’s been some cringy moments, but so sick to see you older and blossoming, I like Jake Paul.
Leticia Garrido
Leticia Garrido:
Yo Jake are you going to post The fight on YouTube
Jennifer Soto
Jennifer Soto:
Ya jake you knock him out who I was watching you on my TV live
Mauricio Catalán
Mauricio Catalán:
0:00 Nate’s interview
8:00 Jake’s interview
23:40 Roy Jones interview
59:20 Mike’s interview
2:42:40 Weight ins start
2:59:40 Nate Robinson’s Weight In
3:00:30 Jake Paul’s Weight In
3:01:30 Jake v Nate Face Off
3:06:00Roy Jones Jr Weight In
3:07:00 Mike Tyson’s Weight In
3:08:00 Mike v Roy Jones Face Off
Why is he flexing he beat someone who isnt a boxer
Conor McGregor would literally destroy you
I like how nate is a calm person
Yo Jake Paul is obviously inspired by teen gohan from dragon ball z, he changed his profile picture to him and got a whole super saiyan wig 😂
Abbigail Hegge
Abbigail Hegge:
we watched you play and my dad didnt know that i knew you lol
KD Plays
KD Plays:
Jake embarrassed him
Just watched the fight you made Nate Robinson sit down 😂😂
HelloKitty_toesucker gon
HelloKitty_toesucker gon:
I didnt know these was 3 hours 💀✋🏻
Director Paris Holmes
Director Paris Holmes:
I wanna fight, let's go!
Anna Kollins
Anna Kollins:
What’s the song mike Tyson came out to?
I like how one of the sponsors is weedmaps
El Lokito
El Lokito:
Letsss go Jake 🔥🔥
jordan Barry
jordan Barry:
So basically they only agreed to those silly California commission rules to get the green light and Tyson is going to knock Roy out cold Ps Jake Paul is going to destroy Nate in the first round remember this comment 🤟🏻

(I told yall!)
rory hayes
rory hayes:
No Knock-outs is a joke.. 2 of the greatest of all time doing a exhibition fight... Tyson would destroy him if it was actually a fight
Tommy Munoz
Tommy Munoz:
Mike Tyson: Ima Go To Plan B Punch Him Back
Also Mike Tyson : jejeje
Clarence Evans
Clarence Evans:
This man Nate was sleep for like30 seconds 😂😂
Amjed Zarei
Amjed Zarei:
Okay so it’s a boxer v boxer (mike Tyson vs Roy Jones jr.) and YouTuber vs nba player 😂
Miguel Amaro
Miguel Amaro:
We gonna just mention there sponsoring Weedmaps
Jimilah Coleman
Jimilah Coleman:
Good job on winning jakepual I know u would do it 🥳
Dasani Walker
Dasani Walker:
Congratulations on you’re KO and win against that one guy
Clutch God tv
Clutch God tv:
That’s crazy, jake got them hands😂😂😂
Jeremiah Garvey
Jeremiah Garvey:
Jake Paul: soon to be called electrifying
iris kelly
iris kelly:
Fight Josh Bruckner from Jatie vlogs!
Kiera The Weeb
Kiera The Weeb:
Yo I just watched the fight, good job
mateo eder
mateo eder:
Who’s here after Jake Paul won
Princess Money
Princess Money:
Jake was getting in on dis dudes head y'all I'm telling yall the way he fell was jus sad 😂
bruh nate look nervous as hell in the face off, mans had his hands behind his back and a awkward ass smile. And jake is just jake, gl to both fighters tho
Who’s here after Jake won?