Jake Paul & Tyron Woodley Talk Rematch During Post-Fight Interview | SHOWTIME PPV

After Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley via split decision, Paul and Woodley got into it during their post-fight interviews in the ring. The two talked about a possible rematch.

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100+ komentarze:

Bruh everyone's hugging when they declared the rematch. they know the money bouta come in
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich:
Tyron had this planned to go the distance to get that second bag 😂
Woodley is a class act
Ball is Life
Ball is Life:
Tyron: damn I hits his ass hard he's wobbling
Jake:OH shit I'm about to go down
Tyron:don't worry bro I'll let u recover and just watch from a distance
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews:
Jake's dad and Tyron's mom hugging each other was the highlight of this whole fight.
Kade ___
Kade ___:
Tyron's mother and Jake's dad hugging at the end all ecstatic tells you a lot 😅😅
Armwrestling Strongman fan
Armwrestling Strongman fan:
"Stop bullying words hurt"
A lil later: "get humiliation words tattooed right now!"
Tyler Giovanetti
Tyler Giovanetti:
Gotta love the stutter after Woodley says “So you don’t wanna fight me again?”
The shit Jake be saying be some real shit , but it’s just something about the way it comes out 😭😭
Happy 295
Happy 295:
There was so much on the line for Woodley and he gave this underwhelming performance.
Jumbo Macaroni
Jumbo Macaroni:
He fumbled that bag lol asking for a rematch, I felt bad when they said he’s old news.
Funny how when logan is alone he's mature but when he's near jake he just stoops down to his level 😂😂
Gowtham Kanagaraj
Gowtham Kanagaraj:
No one:
Jake with a fresh fade: I haven’t had a haircut in 2 years
Even Jake's own city booed him
YouTube Connolly family
YouTube Connolly family:
One thing I know for sure I am very happy I streamed this fight for free. The heavy weight Daniel should have been the main event
Before the fight.. "I can't wait to finally see Jake get knocked tf out, he's fighting a real striker. Tyrone is in his head. He's gonna get hurt"
After the fight.. "Man that shit was rigged af."
Phil Ly
Phil Ly:
“I used to be a bully until the internet found out and it affected my career. Now I lie and act like I’m a changed person, even though I bully smaller fighters”
Big Javi
Big Javi:
Pay per View of Tyron getting
a "l Love Jake TATTOO."
Motovation Speed
Motovation Speed:
The real winner of this fight was all the people smart enough to not pay to watch it!
Tyron has that hesitation that was his downfall in the UFC. He was always an explosive guy and now that he is older he can't rely on his reflexes as much and he is too aware of what could happen if he fails to land the big one. Only smart fighters can fight in their 40s and 50s, because when you get slower, you need to switch the focus to strategy.
I love that Jake and Logan seem to back down when Tyron tells them to quieten down. It's almost like they know they better not get this man riled up.
Look how winded Jake is and how Tyron is breathing fine. There are so many things wrong with this fight that there is no way possible anyone couldnt point put one...if not 5.
Vincent Sierra
Vincent Sierra:
No need to rematch, tyron should’ve finished him when he had the chance but he fell short of an easy win 🤷🏾‍♂️
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta:
Jake: Gassing out, Letting his guard down, almost down once...
Tyron: Imma let him recover
WTF?! :(
I couldn’t stop laughing when jake paul kept saying “boolly”
I loved how their corners high fived during the bet/deal going down hahahah
100summers x
100summers x:
Tyron’s mind: Damn lemme get this bread first then get rematch so I can really throw some hands.
They were waiting for that viral moment to make an immediate rematch.
Gursant Singh
Gursant Singh:
Tyron is smart, the pay day he gonna get for the rematch will be massive. The tattoo can be lasered off no problem 😂😂
Mhx 238
Mhx 238:
even though tyron ALMOST beat jake so jake got lucky at the end, but if there’s a rematch or in the rematch tyron gonna have to 100% beat jake no matter what he just gotta land more punches and be more aggressive and he’ll obviously 100% knock jake out and obviously win the rematch and finally HUMBLE jake for good 💯🔥👍😉🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥
El Freed
El Freed:
That was a good as fight. They fought like apollo creed and the Russian and we all know how that fight turned out 💯😁
Work Email
Work Email:
Who would’ve thought Tyron Woodley’s career ends on a loss to Jake Paul and him begging for a rematch. 😂
Church of Messianic Gentiles
Church of Messianic Gentiles:
Jake Paul: "Bullying is bad"

Also Jake: "Tyron is a 40 year old has been rapper! I wanna grab his booty. I'm the greatest out here! "
0:12 that crowd cheer was way less than the time he got jabbed by tyron
Jake sounds like he's got early CTE from that massive shot he ate from Tyron, lmao
Bald Rabbit
Bald Rabbit:
“I want to fight canelo” Bro Canelo will jab Jake once and fights over lmao
Joel Ortiz
Joel Ortiz:
For T-Wood first bxing match he almost had that ASS outta there should’ve followed up,
But at the same time he’s not a boxer
J T:
"I'd like to thank the ropes for being so supportive and always having my back." -Jake
Lol tyron mom is jokes😂😂😂
I love how she just laughs when they bet for a second run
this dude got more youtube views for a post-fight-interview than a showtime professional boxer. Times are changing and people are bored. People just like to spend money.
jordan Long
jordan Long:
I’m surprised tyron didn’t let his hands go smh, but judging by his post fight comments he may have been looking to run it back the whole time to make a bigger fight lol, I’m glad he didn’t go out like the others tho.
4:20 Jake doesn’t let Tyron speak. I’m dead 🤣🤣
jake and tyron: heating up for a rematch

greg paul and mama woodley: hugs
Mental Imagery
Mental Imagery:
Highlight was definitely Dave Chappelle jumping for joy in the background while Tyron was landing those clean shots
Ransom D'Orazio
Ransom D'Orazio:
The moment the corresponding teams high five after they agree to the second bout shows the realism of this
Saints Tales
Saints Tales:
I gave Tyron 3 rounds 4,5 and 8 and thats it. Jake secured round 1,2,3,6,7
Kenneth Bates
Kenneth Bates:
I hope tyron knocks him out the first round in the rematch. But you know it’s smart you know how much money it would bring both of them for a rematch thou shits crazy
Junda Mane
Junda Mane:
Congrats to Jake on the win, but Woodley straight fumbled the bag when he had him rocked in the 4th round and decided to apply no pressure at all & let him fully recover. Either Woodley has terrible fight perception or he genuinely threw the fight 🤷‍♂️ Ain't no way in hell I wanna see a rematch if Woodley is going to do the same bullshit again...
JP: 'to all the kids out there, if you're ever getting bullied, keep your head up.'
Bro, YOU'RE the bully... Smh
BIG Z420
BIG Z420:
Jake was scared ASF when Woodley said I'll get the tattoo because he new that Woodley will go the Length to Beat him we all know that Woodley would off dropped Jake if it wasn't for the ropes like Woodley brushed every hit off Jake was Stumbled all around the ring walking back the whole Match wouldn't stand a fight
Cleveland doesn't have your back. We were all on Tyrons side
rio d
rio d:
These fights are fixed, he threw the first fight, so they could set up a 2nd(Woodley win)and 3rd fight. 3 fights, 3 payoffs.
Carlos De Pablo
Carlos De Pablo:
“I want to fight Canelo!“ Canelo would literally slaughter Jake. Boxing is no joke! He should stop calling out those killers
Alexander Kowalski
Alexander Kowalski:
"If I can change, you can change, everybody can change."
-Rocky Balboa
Mhx 238
Mhx 238:
a real boxer or even tommy fury can easily beat jake it’s too obvious watching this fight 💀
You know Woodley can just cover it up after. Lol no biggie! Double paycheck was his end game, checkmate!
Dylan b
Dylan b:
2 rounds for wood was insane tbh
Waiting for BT Sport Boxing to upload the full fight.
H S:
This is what wrestling used to be like :D
Ted Allen
Ted Allen:
This is best manipulative marketing I’ve ever seen. It’s like the most controlled - out of control shit I’ve ever seen in boxing.
Alexandre Deplaix
Alexandre Deplaix:
Paul's parents and momma Woodley hugging were cool tho
Jakes coach in the backround had me dead💀 lmao
6:44 Logan Paul is literally me in this moment....
Carl’s World of wise words
Carl’s World of wise words:
Tyron took two rounds, one of which was the 4th, which should have been a 10-8 round due to knockdown. Scoring should have been 77-74 to Paul!
That was the first time I heard him say tyrons name right! After he got paid to lose..
YSX Music
YSX Music:
the dude in the background repeating everything jake says is hillaroius
Travis M
Travis M:
I really appreciate Jake facing adversities like this...especially at 24! Crazy...got guts...two times now no knockout..with Mayweather tooo..savage.
Jay Dubb
Jay Dubb:
Dana White about Tyron: “ if u had a remote control for that guy .. he’d be insane “
Batt Hatter
Batt Hatter:
If those ropes didn't literally catch and hold Jake when Woodley rocked him, he would've went to the ground. That would have made points as a knock down and there wouldn't have been a split decision then.
Carl Jeffery
Carl Jeffery:
Logan’s reaction 😂
U P:
Jake's like: c'mon man i just wanted a break from this, why did you have to bring up a rematch😂
"especially in my hometown" he just expecting the judge to be biased cuz its his hometown smh...
Ricky Jackson
Ricky Jackson:
Jake Paul now understands how hard boxing is and what getting rocked feels like
Right on Jake. Congratulations bro can't wait to see both of you brothers fight again 👍🙏
Rick Marshall
Rick Marshall:
I love Woodley my hero but man Jake got skills so my predictions in the future he’s gonna get inked
Sonny Flett
Sonny Flett:
they needed jake to win or the betting system would have been in a deep hole with payouts.
Daily Dose Of Cringe
Daily Dose Of Cringe:
Jake Paul’s trainer thinks he’s the one being interviewed
Demarcus Coggins
Demarcus Coggins:
If this guy would just let his hands go throughout his career he would be the best welterweight of all time 🤦🏾‍♂️
I’m not sure who needs to hear this but if you’re reading this I hope things get better for you and your family. I know things might be hard for now but I encourage you to keep going. God bless 💜
E W:
Jake got rocked once and now saying he needs time for himself😂
I’d agree with tyron saying that he walked him down and the only real effective shot was thrown by him but boxing is an art form. Jake scored the points. Jake won the fight.
Evan Hastings
Evan Hastings:
Rematch would be fire
Stephan Fragiskos
Stephan Fragiskos:
His coach thinks he's the one being interviewed lmao
i told all my friends no matter what if it went to decision tyron wasnt winning…i wanted tyron to win!! both did pretty good, no excuse but jake lets go for a pro boxer dude!!!
Logan is dyam adorable 🤣
kizito CEO
kizito CEO:
Sign the contract! Get the tattoo! Go for a rematch
Barri Love
Barri Love:
They shook on it and said REMATCH!! TYRON STILL WAITING TO GET THE TAT!! THIS SHOULD BE GOOD!!🤣🤣😳😳💪🏿💪🏿😂😂🥊🥊
Ayyy LMAO:
Ngl if i trained for 3 years i wouldnt even consider fighting woodley,got to give the kid credit
Ricky Martinez
Ricky Martinez:
Nobody wants to see the rematch, Woodley could've finished the fight when he hurt him early on.
YouTube Connolly family
YouTube Connolly family:
I still think it’s hilarious Jake calls himself a professional when he has not filed a professional boxer yet. So what is he a professional at? I know a handful of amateur boxers who could beat him with one hand. If that was Tyron Woodley from 10 years ago the fight would not have lasted five seconds. I guess Jake is smart picking these opponents. But whatever it’s probably making him a bunch of money
Is it just me or did Tyron take no damage?
Gabby Nichols
Gabby Nichols:
This guy is living the dream
Joshua Payne
Joshua Payne:
He can’t be classed as a boxer until he fights a boxer… 😂
Gold jewelry Designs
Gold jewelry Designs :
Seeing this I think every YouTuber has a chance now
Guys we need to remember that it and boxing are entirely different, I feel like he should have gone in but if It was UFC he would have done the right thing, staying back and not going in as much. Jake is a better boxer, tyron is a better MMA fighter.
Tyler Turrubiate
Tyler Turrubiate:
I like how Logan’s spitting game on the ring girl😂
Robo Lockhart
Robo Lockhart:
Logan back there trying to get in the arena girls pants 🔥🔥😂😂
This proves Jake knows how to pick the right fights. Though if Tyron would’ve followed up on the knockdown I think it could’ve ended there. I think he’ll go for Fury next after his unimpressive performance, Jake will see it as an easy win
Isabella Groden
Isabella Groden:
Jake was as hesitant to accept the re-match as Tyron was to accept the tattoo.
Tyrone could of soo easily won this fight u could tell Jake was tired at some point and the hook dazed him which made it worst but instead he let Jake recover he should of put more pressure