James Rodríguez All 78 Goals & Assists For Real Madrid

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▶️ James Rodriguez All 78 Goals & Assists For Real Madrid
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100+ komentarze:

Such an incredible first season, but then came Zidane and his good times were over.
Wish him all the best for his future! 👊🏼
I'm really glad he left, he's too good to be rotting on the bench. Such a shame. Really looking forward to watching him in England
Dan Asiz
Dan Asiz:
Only real fans know how much of a legend James is
Different coach, different tactics, different player. Hope James will rise again with Don Carlo.
Manuel Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez:
What a shame he's leaving. I personally loved James, hes world class and deserves to be at Real but not like this. Hoping Ancelotti does well with him
Shaurya Kaushik
Shaurya Kaushik:
He is literally so underrated. I'm so excited to see him play under Ancelotti again. He will shut up a lot of mouths this season.
Now you see why Ronaldo and Benzema love James
Carlitos Brigante
Carlitos Brigante:
Siempre tuvo mejores numeros que los volantes del Mandril, aún siendo suplente.
Carlos Velasquez
Carlos Velasquez:
So here's a guy that played 4 seasons, only being a starter on the first one and averages a little less than 20 goals participations per season and people say he was not good enough for RM. The Zidane era has been amazing but left out players that were really good for no reason. I wonder how the team could have performed with Llorente, Kovacic, Reguilon, Achraf...
Ronaldo left 2 free kicks for James,he was exactly like how Messi was affectionate to Neymar
Sad to realize that Ronaldo and James will never play again together
Massiah San
Massiah San:
He will shine with Everton believe that
In 2014, James Rodriguez was shining.
Zidane is the biggest fool I've ever seen!
Dang more goals than Zidane from 2001 to 2006.
Ichigo Kurosaki 黒崎一護
Ichigo Kurosaki 黒崎一護:
James 2014 > De bruyne
asif mohammad
asif mohammad:
Man!! This player has always been a special one...he had everything. He can cross, play through pass, long ball, smooth dribbling like any other Latin elite player, take freekick and even he can score exceptions! He was just at the same level of Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar in terms of his skills! 13 goals and 13 assists with an UCL in his first season in Madrid. He played as attacking midfielder.Most importantly how wonderfully he used to connect with Cristiano! I wish Zidane gave him the opportunity he deserved. We could have a different story in UCL this year. I hope he starts every minute with Everton.
Unbelievable how Zidane treated him, check his stats per minute, he has done same or better than Modric, Isco and Asensio with fewer minutes per match...
Waleed Abu Osbeh
Waleed Abu Osbeh:
Thanks for the memories James, now that you’ll be managed by Ancelotti you’ll thrive again
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
This was depressing to watch, this man was the reason I started playing soccer in the first place after the World Cup. Wish he got good playing time cuz I love Real Madrid too but hopefully he does even better at Everton😣😣
Thank you lad for giving us such beauties and being a great madridista wish you only the best👍
Daniel Angel Ovono
Daniel Angel Ovono:
James era un jugador top 10 mundial, lastima que a Zidane solo le gusta los mismos.
James was never given a fair chance by Zidane. A fantastic player who was left to rot by Zidane, just like Bale.
Aleksandar Kalaijiev
Aleksandar Kalaijiev:
I dont know why zidane didnt used him that much. I mean James is way better than isco
Ayanle Yusuf
Ayanle Yusuf:
He was so good and creative you knew he’d either score or assist every time he played
Saud Al-zafiri
Saud Al-zafiri:
El mejor jugador James Rodríguez pasó por el Real Madrid
Daniel Leija
Daniel Leija:
I miss the real madrid of Ancelotti. Such an offensive style with James. If they hadnt have so many injured players in the 14/15 season he would not be fired
Jack Cheseldine
Jack Cheseldine:
So excited to have him at Everton
Welcome to Everton my dude :-D Can't believe it
Adz Adzof
Adz Adzof:
I really hate that Zidane treated him like he did. I always loved James. Always trying to make something happen on the pitch. But Zidane obviously don’t like creativity from players.
Anthony Aldous
Anthony Aldous:
When you see this, as an Evertonian you just have to pinch yourself when you realise he is now a blue. I really hope this move invigorates him to be the best he can be, and frankly if he achieves that I'm really looking forward to the season.
Eren Akyüz
Eren Akyüz:
this guy could be the worlds greatest after Ronaldo and Messi but thanks to Zidane and his non-sense outcasting of James, he is far away from his potential.
Kermit DaFrog
Kermit DaFrog:
I DO NOT understand ZZ at all... James. Reguilon, Ceballos, letting go of Llorente, Hakimi, Mariano 0 chances. Vinicius benched at man city. Only thing is Benzema has upped his game. But let's be honest, LaLiga was won with luck too not exactly "good football"
Branson Liimo
Branson Liimo:
Oh my God! That first season.

Still struggling to understand how Zidane couldn't utilise him.
Roy Frank
Roy Frank:
such a great player, it was a shame who Zidane treated him, he's so much better than Isco and others.
he should have got more credit.
wish him good luck, vamos madridista!
Ace Cream
Ace Cream:
I hate the way how Zidane treats some players
Gosh! This guy scores nothing but masterpieces. Never seen a player with more sheer talent, such a joy to watch him playing..incredible
Hendrik Pradana
Hendrik Pradana:
i'm a real madrid fans, i feel so happy james finally join everton, it was the best decision for him, i wish he become shines once again under carlos tactic.
Meliodas -Mi
Meliodas -Mi:
James has some extraordinary touches in some fateful matches, the ones i never forget are his tip to cris vs liverpool, his cross vs Las palmas to meet cris head in the 90’th min was nerve racking
Thank you James, and good luck <3
babouche sam
babouche sam:
He was amazing under the ancelotti area such incredible talent R10👑
Danny Toribio
Danny Toribio:
So sad how his career felt apart in recent years, he is one of those players you enjoy watching. Such a class in that left foot
Welcome to Everton
Kiko 19
Kiko 19:
3:39 such an amazing goal
I really like him from Japan!!!
Thank you James,you were really amazing and Good luck with your new team!
The Raffler
The Raffler:
When you see a player of this quality wasted on bench.
mam sheikh
mam sheikh:
He's a world class player when he's in form... it's a big shame that real Madrid and zidane couldn't see that. Appreciate the talent and I really want him to do good in PL even though I'm not an everton fan! Good luck James Rodriguez
the boy is playing for carlo ancelotti again
Akshay Prabhakaran
Akshay Prabhakaran:
Worldclass !✨️
Dario Mecaj
Dario Mecaj:
i'm sure he will perform better under ancelotti
Felix Ehrenberg
Felix Ehrenberg:
James 2014/15 was something else. Loved watching him play back then
Alejandro Velaz
Alejandro Velaz:
Thank You James
Peter O'Sullivan
Peter O'Sullivan:
Welcome to Everton 💙💙💙💙💙
Mul Yanto
Mul Yanto:
Like the comentator said "world class player".. wish u all the best james
Priye Rai
Priye Rai:
I feel like crying watching this. :/
Be Careful -Yt
Be Careful -Yt:
J Rodriguez
J Rodriguez:
I’ll have to watch this video 78 times to take a very good at the goals,at least put the goals in different angles to appreciate the magic.
MD Wusqa Hussain
MD Wusqa Hussain:
Well James is synonymous to Brilliance...
What can I say about him. He's simply unbelievable. Personally I love him a lot. Its sad that he doesn't fit into Zidane's tactics but boi this player is just amazing.
I hope he has an amazing career ahead.
Thank you James.
FIFA Farm:
He was so good but the thing is he is an olden type of a player,He thrives under coaches with old philosophy thrivved under CARLO and Jupp So this move is a great one
ikhsannul amal
ikhsannul amal:
Welcome to Everton
Mr fuppyplufy
Mr fuppyplufy:
james is debruyne in laliga🔥🔥
Many will say we wasted him or he did not get enough chanches, the second part is probably true. With that being sad I will miss the Golden Boy and i'm grateful we had him and he had many, many, many great moments with us. Especially the 2017 La Liga championship is all James Rodriguez. What a class player!
Ais Satria
Ais Satria:
Imagine a player that easily lost the ball & low pass accuracy like Lucas Vazquez & forwards with low goal conversion rate like Benzema & Vinicius being choosen as starters ovet him
Golden boy
Golden boy:
The golden boy 🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤
César Gta
César Gta:
Brilliant talent... Brilliant player... He's just astonishing. Is sad for him because he's sooo good (for me) but the football is hard... And the Real Madrid' life is still more hard. His first season was brilliant too... But Zidane don't like him. Thank you James!! You're a brilliant player but also sooo unlucky
Gonzalo Lozano
Gonzalo Lozano:
once again, how was that James didn't fit on zidane's real madrid? his left foot is magic.
El Gato Volador
El Gato Volador:
Evertooooooon, yeaaaah James!!!
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha:
One of my favorite players, good luck with your new team 👋👍
Steven 47
Steven 47:
His first season was fantastic but then he got "stuck" thanks to his injuries and since then, he wasn't able to earn a stable place in starting eleven - that must mean something. His position (offensive CAM) is losing on the importance and he wasn't able to adapt to quick modern football. He reminds me of Ozil. To be honest, I am glad that he left Madrid but I still wish him luck in England, hope Carlo will help him to restart his career.
the crusher
the crusher:
I'm glad he left Madrid,
One thing I always thought that why zizu put thi remarkable talent on bench
Lee Kagami
Lee Kagami:
Thank you so much for everything James.
Looking forward to see you playing with Everton with Carlo again❤❤❤
Jamie Luby
Jamie Luby:
Welcome to everton fc james Rodriguez
mp T
mp T:
Thanks, Everton and Carlo.
Rossonero 1899
Rossonero 1899:
Amazing freekick 3:58.
Alex G
Alex G:
Zidane should have Played James and Bale that last game vs City! Cant believe his ego didnt let him see past himself it could have been a different story...
Cristian Burgess
Cristian Burgess:
Watching these videos just break my heart. A truly world class player. He's gonna surprise a lot of people in the Premier League.
Gábor Csapó
Gábor Csapó:
Thanks James👑👏👑👏
barlow Denis
barlow Denis:
I miss he play with marcelo & ronaldo.awesome combination madrid have
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez:
Such a shame Zidane didn’t use his talent :( best of wishes to him
mohammad ahmadkhan
mohammad ahmadkhan:
madrid gonna miss you... james
Chetan Anand
Chetan Anand:
3:42 that guy's reaction says it all 😁🔥
A Random Person
A Random Person:
First time I've ever been this early, great video as always!
Semicolon Simo
Semicolon Simo:
Zidane destroyed James's career
Man, it hurts to see him leave but it's for his own good.
El crack de James ya hizo historia aunque el mala leche de zidan no lo quería
Ahmed Farooq
Ahmed Farooq:
Gracias Golden Boy 🖤💝
Novair Ahmed
Novair Ahmed:
His first season was breath taking 😭❤️ hope he rules the premier league this season.
James is Everton
Ameer Abbas
Ameer Abbas:
Genius player, i wish the better for him, big love for James ❤️
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas:
Seemed to do really well in his first season, good enough in the second, then after that it all just went downhill really quick.
Enrico Scerri
Enrico Scerri:
4:36 Damn I love bicycle kicks!
Paul Tir
Paul Tir:
abd el aziz
abd el aziz:
Everton 💔
Danilo Tricarichi
Danilo Tricarichi:
Mazen Hatwik
Mazen Hatwik:
In 2015 he was a monster
To bad that zidane bench hem 💔
Linus Dellby
Linus Dellby:
I was there live to see 3:12
when bale and modric went off injured early I was not happy but that was really cool to see
Abdirahman Tajir
Abdirahman Tajir:
He was good but not finished.
Pedro Fuentes
Pedro Fuentes:
So sad Real let that jewel go away. Wishing him the best in his new stage at Everton.
Fikri Ali
Fikri Ali:
He is good bro
Məhəmmədəli Rüstəmov
Məhəmmədəli Rüstəmov:
Odegaard, Modric, Kroos, Casemiro, Valverde... 💎
Thank u but i dont wanna say goodbye to you handsome man, every match you play i always watched mostly because of you, i wanna see you Hala Madrid again, please sooner or later come back James(💙💙💙)