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The name is Bond, James Rodriguez.
Ishtiaque Hossain Khan
Ishtiaque Hossain Khan:
This guy has been abused a lot at Madrid. Hope he can be a legend at Everton. All the best from a chelsea fan.
Congratulations to all Everton fans. I have been a Real Madrid fan all my life, and all I can say is that James was one of our VERY BEST. He had incredible stats, both with us and with Bayern. Real Madrid played its very best football under Ancelotti, when James was in the midfield. He will, no doubt, take Everton to a new level. Everyone, look at his goals and assists in RM and BM- around 1 per 90 minutes played. This was a STEAL for Everton. Happy for you and happy for James who will be able to prove all haters wrong. Go James!
Andy Boyer
Andy Boyer:
"I'm decent at passing the ball...." humble guy, he's an absolute wizard.....
Wow. Everton actually signing top quality players with a world class manager. You lot gonna do good this season
Lonaj Gamer
Lonaj Gamer:
I’m going to watch Everton now 😂
Juan Andrés llano
Juan Andrés llano:
Everton NOW HAS A NEW Colombian HINCHA
Hayato Takahashi
Hayato Takahashi:
Okay From today I’m an Everton fan
Gana Fácil TV
Gana Fácil TV:
I'm Everton boy now. I'm Colombia, I'm Everton. James is excelent signing 🇨🇴 💙 🇦🇶
Satwik Basu
Satwik Basu:
As a Bayern fan I am happy for him. Got a chance to revive his career. Best of luck to him
José H.R
José H.R:
Great signing
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel:
What a massive signing for our football club! Signing James is huge not just for the squad but for the club as well! All of Colombia will be on our side! Welcome to all the new Everton fans from Colombia! COYB!!!
cy aime
cy aime:
I'm officially an Everton fan. I so love this guy and Carlos
Team Forte
Team Forte:
He deserves #10!!
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez:
He rlly needs the 10... Sidgurdson give it to James
Willy Nilly
Willy Nilly:
I'm a Spurs fan but I gotta say Everton have made one hell of a signing in him, what a coup.
The most Colombian looking person ever.
Revoltista Guerrero
Revoltista Guerrero:
He is an excellent signing, I declare myself a fan of Everton
Ray Perry
Ray Perry:
As a Liverpool fan for over 46 years I've had the pleasure of seeing some of the best derby's and its nice to see Everton finally showing ambition for the first time in over 10 years. Keep it coming Everton.
David Gibb
David Gibb:
Unreal, we have actually got James and Carlo 😂
Huy Lê
Huy Lê:
Hope that Carlo Ancelotti can use him properly. He had an amazing 2014 World Cup and 2014-15 season. But too bad he was wasted for the past 5 years.
Him and Mina will link up great, Mina in my opinion is very underrated, welcome James
Jorge Julián Moreno Rubio
Jorge Julián Moreno Rubio:
His left leg is amazing! Enjoy him Everton! Congrats!
Santiago DeCali
Santiago DeCali:
You should post another video where you can hear his replys in spanish for all the Colombian and spanish only speaking fans 💙🏅 🇨🇴
Juan Acevedo
Juan Acevedo:
toda Colombia es hincha del Everton ahora! Suerte James
Connor Patrick Ryan
Connor Patrick Ryan:
Absolute superstar, welcome James! COYB!
The Blue
The Blue:
Surely European football now with Him Doucouré and Alan, instead of the crab the skateboarder and Delph.
light walker
light walker:
Probably the best translator I've ever heard
Fc Barcelona
Fc Barcelona:
He will do big thingz for Everton 😍
Chino's Corner
Chino's Corner:
I feel something glorious ahead with James at Everton!
Xavier Garcia larraondo
Xavier Garcia larraondo:
James papa suerte parcero 🇨🇴🇨🇴
Santiago DeCali
Santiago DeCali:
🔥🔥🔥.. Everton is gonna gain mad Colombian fans from all around the world 🇨🇴 🇨🇦 Excited to see him get to play again 💙🏅🏆
Philip Mason
Philip Mason:
Welcome to Everton, we love you James!!
Work Class
Work Class:
James Nice todos los partidos del Everton me los voy a ver.
MaxianiInfinity Ani
MaxianiInfinity Ani:
watch out for James this season, am sure his gonna be amongst the best in assist!
James Rodríguez
James Rodríguez:
I followed this guy 💎 for years
So I guess I am a Everton Fan now 🤷🏾‍♂️
Jeans Claro
Jeans Claro:
James mi hermano te va a ir bien, eres un crack y se muy bien del talento que tienes, eres una mente ganadora saludos desde panamá.
Juan David Puerto
Juan David Puerto:
cable guy
cable guy:
"haven't won anything for a "few" years now, a few eh, is that what we told him .
efc 4ever
efc 4ever:
Boom . Two down one to go. Welcome James . You made the right choice
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez:
4:30 he rlly liked that kit hahahahahahahahahahaha
Juan Pérez
Juan Pérez:
JAMMMMEEEEESS🇨🇴❤️ Puro talento Colombiano!
Muaz Baharin
Muaz Baharin:
Everton is changing. We just need to wait for the magic to happen. One day Everton will be on the top
Thomas Dunn
Thomas Dunn:
what a sining for everton well in marcel brands and misherie
Aswin Santhosh
Aswin Santhosh:
I officially become an Everton fan
felicidades EVERTON gran jugador
Happy James Rodriguez day, Evertonians 🔵🤝💪
MS Games Arena
MS Games Arena:
The person asking the question and the person dubbing James sound like Stephen Tries and True Geordie
Really excited for Everton hopefully Ancelotti can lead the squad to a top 6 so that next transfer window he can sign more good players - Tottenham fan
Archie Douet
Archie Douet:
I wasn’t expecting james to sound like that
محمود الشربيني
محمود الشربيني:
Welcome to everton
The best footballer colmbi
Elias Uribe
Elias Uribe:
Excelente James Rodríguez
Iots of foreign jealous lfc fans in the comments "and if you know ya history"
chidera ejike
chidera ejike:
A minute silence for those inbreds who thinks he will flop at everton
alejandro toro gaces
alejandro toro gaces:
ya soy hincha del everton, gracias por recibir a james, a por toda, un gran saludo desde colombia.
Cristhian Ortiz
Cristhian Ortiz:
Vamos James , a marcar historia con Everton en la Premier League , a dejar todo en la cancha y ratificar esa confianza de Ancelotti en el campo de juego , que sea una Excelente temporada !
César Villareal
César Villareal:
James esta tan feliz que ni tartamudea! felicitaciones James
Omar 15
Omar 15:
Welcome to Everton james
Kevin Rolando Cortes Hernandez
Kevin Rolando Cortes Hernandez:
Vamos james suerte en ele everton
Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat:
Massive signing for a bargain price. He starts the Carlo evolution with Allan and Doucouré
As a Liverpool fan, I just have to say, what a signing. Hats off to you lot
meme landar
meme landar:
Everton finally bringing the big guns out
Ollie Tramine
Ollie Tramine:
Up the toffees!! What a signing 🤩🔵
Andrés Barragán
Andrés Barragán:
Lets Go!!! Everton Will get Europa league at least
Solid signing for the toffees from an Arsenal fan - glad he's finally come to the Premier League. He has the opportunity to revive his career under Ancelotti and compete for European football.
Ever ton
Ever ton:
Welcome to the everton!
Good choose😁
Mr Beast
Mr Beast:
Welcome James Rodriguez
Kevin Anillo Alvarez
Kevin Anillo Alvarez:
Ahora sí, let's make history again! 🇨🇴👏
Oscar Santos
Oscar Santos:
Ahora somos🇨🇴 hinchas del everton
Nelson Pelaez
Nelson Pelaez:
Everton all eyes on you! James vamos Colombiano!
Edinson Chaverra sanchez
Edinson Chaverra sanchez:
Vamos james con toda
Yesyt Osvaldo Buitrago Espitia
Yesyt Osvaldo Buitrago Espitia:
Felicitaciones James y al Club, gracias por fichar a nuestro Gladiador. Esperamos que se hable mucho español de hoy en adelante.
Eddie Kirui
Eddie Kirui:
better start working on his english he will take some time to settle outside the field bit i think he'll hit the ground running
H Martinez
H Martinez:
Bueno por lo menos aquí va a jugar siempre y va a ser el eje del equipo, espero que pueda recuperar su clase y que después se lo lleve un equipo como Tottenham, Chelsea o United, o si recupera el 100% de su fútbol podríamos pensar en Liverpool o City, todo es posible y aún está joven
I’m glad Rodriguez joined Everton

He’d get no game time at Madrid

(I’m an arsenal fan btw lol 😭)

Congrats to Everton on this great signing
Hector Parra
Hector Parra:
Ya estoy que me compro la camisa del everton 19 a romper récord de ventas y a jugar bien James 007
BlueGoon 420
BlueGoon 420:
the jealousy in here hahahaha all coz we sign a player that walks into any midfield in the league including furlough fc's
Matthew Simons
Matthew Simons:
One of the best midfields in the league
Lewis EFC
Lewis EFC:
COYB 💙💙💙💙💙!! Get in Allan and Rodriguez up the toffees!! 🔵
Arthur Brian
Arthur Brian:
This is a class buy for Everton he is class. He'll get first team football, so we all get to see his real talent. This is a steal buy.
Matthew Cunliffe
Matthew Cunliffe:
Welcome to Everton James! I hope you enjoy your time in England and achieve great things with the 'toffees'. God bless.
Stewart Lowe
Stewart Lowe:
We now have our own Maradona in the prime of his career. 😃 can this get any better lol
Welcome to Everton Football Club James. I hope you enjoy your stay and bring us some trophies!
Mr Unknown
Mr Unknown:
This is an incredible signing! He’s giving me the Payet vibes when he joined West Ham. He’s gonna tear it up!
Danny Farley
Danny Farley:
Top draw i over the moon with what happened i been through a lot with my club i feeling with got the best manager since kendal first stunt we need to get the stadium done as well alan a warrior type of player we lacked
Grande James ❤🇨🇴 Orgullo Colombiano, Vas a aportar mucho talento al Equipo.
Santiago Carvajal
Santiago Carvajal:
Muy buena parce que te vaya bien
veronica suarez bonet
veronica suarez bonet:
Desde hoy me considero hincha del Everton, gracias por recibir nuestro jugador Colombia es lo mejor que han podido contratar y el tiempo me dará la razón.
Usman Khan
Usman Khan:
What an amazing signing! Wow a few years ago I wouldnt expect a signing like this but wow!
Ezinne Ebele Adinnu
Ezinne Ebele Adinnu:
How HOW well good luck I guess to Everton and James
D C:
Great signing for everton tbf
Thank you Moshiri and Carlo. Could be the new Tim Cahill with even more magic, looks a bit like him!
Frank Carrillo
Frank Carrillo:
Give to him the #10...extra motivation for him. He has a big passion for the #10.
Liverpool Sucks
Liverpool Sucks:
Fifa 21 starter team will be expensive af 😂😂
Great signing I’m a Colombian
Servicioalcliente doctorcard
Servicioalcliente doctorcard:
Colombia Love Everton
Wow his English is so good. Sounds like a native speaker.
Jalal Dekhoder
Jalal Dekhoder:
As a Fenerbahce fan i just want to say im loving the away kit.
James the 🇨🇴 Toffee!!
Milana R.
Milana R.: