Jamie Lynn Spears breaks her silence

ABC’s Juju Chang sits down with Britney Spears' sister, Jamie Lynn, to discuss her unstable upbringing and her courage to discuss her mental health journey.

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Hollywood Raw
Hollywood Raw:
Who else is patiently waiting for Britney to share her side of the story??🙋‍♂️
The body never lies !!!!! look how she shakes her head when she talks about how much she ”loves” Britney
Amazing how people act when the free ride ends. Unfortunately, we don't get to choose our family when we are born into this world.
Krystina Rossi
Krystina Rossi:
Wait full stop. So let me get this right, both Jamie Lynn and Lynne Spears have now openly written books which detail how horrific and abusive Jamie Spears was as a father and husband. So why in the world would they NOT actively and vocally oppose Jamie Spears as Britney’s conservator? Even IF Britney needed a temporary conservatorship in 2008, it never should have been her father. You can’t heal emotional wounds in the same environment that gave you those wounds.
"Not only did my family not do a gd thing ... My whole family did nothing ... I would honestly like to sue my family" - Britney Spears
Violeta Skye
Violeta Skye:
If she’s holding back vocally, she’s holding back in her book. If you’re gonna speak the truth, SPEAK IT ALL.
123the prodigy
123the prodigy:
I can’t believe Britney Spears is 40 years old, and she was told she wasn’t able to take care of herself, Her finances, and her children.
jamie lynn is lying through her teeth in this interview. it's absolutely appalling. britney deserves so much more. she deserves an actual family.
Fake Account
Fake Account:
She was not asked about the controversy around the $1 million penthouse condo in Destin, Fla., that she publicly said was hers but was in fact owned by her sister.
Morven-Jade Archibald
Morven-Jade Archibald:
She sounds so uneducated. She is definitely not telling the whole truth just enough in an attempt to not incriminate herself.
When she talks about how she wanted Britney to get out of the conversationship, she shakes her head….LIAR !!!!!
Monster McBoo
Monster McBoo:
“Breaks her silence.”
She never once stopped squawking. She also had her hand out the whole time. 🐍
The paper trail doesn’t lie. Billed everything to her sisters estate, and knew her family was drugging her sister.
If ABC did their research, they should have asked Jamie Lynn “Who is Lou Taylor? And what is your relationship to Lou Taylor?” Shake on you ABC for this fluff piece
This is the most strategic piece of damage control I have seen by the Spears family in a long time.

After knowing that Britney called her conservatorship "abusive" and detailed the truly insane things done to her, such as feeding her lithium, Jamie Lynn admits Britney was like a mother to her when their father was causing her anxiety, but yet still chooses to define her sister in her brand new memoir as quote,


That's it. That is what was just brought up as the most important and main words to be referenced in defining her sister in this interview from her own book. What kind of a loving, loyal sister would do that? After 20 years of having the media constantly push that image of her, as well as her father... to now Jamie Lynn joining the rest of them. For what? For financial gain? To save her own reputation and career? There is a petition at the moment to get her taken off a TV show she's starring in, so she has a lot to lose. The book is simply a Plan B, but also a defense mechanism for Plan A. All of this is an attempt to further complicate the simplicity of the fact that every single one of them watched her be abused in a near 14 year conservatorship that stole her late 20s and 30s, as well as the freedom to vote, marry, have children and to just have basic human rights. Where was the support in helping her regain those basic rights and independence? In addition, she refuses to admit that there was ever a time where she didn't agree with the conservatorship when asked by the interviewer, but expresses that she rather just wanted her sister's voice to be heard instead. Why? That alone is extremely concerning. Why would you not disagree with a 14 year, forever tarnished and infamous conservatorship that your sister and her lawyer factually claim as abusive and completely unnecessary? Nothing is complicated about that, unless of course you've been complicit, won't choose a side (which is long overdue) or turned a blind eye and gave up on your sibling because of your own 'struggles' that not only have suddenly and conveniently come up, but also don't even compare to Britney's. Jamie Lynn literally grew up in enormous wealth because of her sister, got into show-business because of her sister. She has lived an extremely opulent, privileged life of nepotism, free of conservatorship... because of her sister. She spent more time speaking about herself and defending herself, rather than showing actual empathy and solidarity to her sister who was the one put into an abusive conservatorship. I would never do that to my sister. EVER. Not for a book. Not for for my reputation. Not for nothing. I would be very happy to focus on supporting my sister after 14 years of a complete and utter nightmare she faced, before ever being concerned about my own first class problems. Even if it meant giving her time, making amends and working towards it, I'd do it. I see right through her and I believe Britney 1000%. Her family need to stop releasing books and doing interviews about their own 'struggles' and leave Britney to do that for once.
Nina J
Nina J:
She needs to stop riding on the coattails of her sister. She SHOULD'VE said "Free Britney" instead of trying to deflect and take advantage.
ScaTTERbrAined Lv
ScaTTERbrAined Lv:
I can’t wait to see Britney’s interview! And book! I know it’s coming…I hope it is!
Caroline Gallegos
Caroline Gallegos:
How dare YouTube take away the dislike option before this interview. The dislike ratio on this video would’ve been legendary.
K N:
Can not WAIT to hear Britneys take on this
Angela Dare
Angela Dare:
No! She does not need a platform. I’m sure Britney does not appreciate you giving her a platform.
Katy Strawberry
Katy Strawberry:
If she would have came out and said that she knew what was going in but was too afraid of losing her free ride than I would have had more respect for her than her trying to act like she was a victim too.
Not to down play what she is doing or has done but writing a book, in the last 20 years at least, is just a cash grab. If you have something to say, there are soo many ways to get your voice out there and heard to nearly everyone ... For free.
This is dumb on her part. Instead of writing a tell all book and doing this interview she should've been by her sister's side the whole time and even now when her father was extorting money from her. Her taking these actions to "defend" her character is selfish. Her silence and sticking near Britney during her troubled times would've said a lot more about her as a sister. This is just a profitable moment for her and for her to be in the limelight. Girl bye.
I love how she just casually calls the family dysfunctional and messy 😂
Sussy-🔞T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
Sussy-🔞T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞:
Amazing how people act when the free ride ends. Unfortunately, we don't get to choose our family when we are born into this world.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter:
You mean Britney’s sister. That’s all I know this woman for. That’s all she is.
Brittney Babeee
Brittney Babeee:
Idk. I feel like this video was more about "saving my reputation" than "protecting and standing up for my sister." There's soooo much proof of Jamie Lynn living off of the conservatorship and the "tribute" seemed more like her trying to take over Britney's life. She's only coming out now because she's under fire.
I would end my life if it meant protecting my sister & Jamie Lynn is more concerned with her own public image than her sister's horrible life.
Antoine Swans
Antoine Swans:
This is what happens when the purse strings get pulled and taken away then you'll have something to say. Life has a whole new meaning because you're scared, unsettled and trying to figure things out in the shortest amount of time because now you have to figure out how to take care of you without the help.
That's what this whole interview is about, she's trying to figure out how to make her own money now and not live off her sisters that's no longer available. This is what you call fishing in unseen Waters. It's like throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing if it will stick.
Vicki Rupp
Vicki Rupp:
I know exactly what she’s saying. My dad was an angry alcoholic. I lived in fear daily until I rose up against him. I live with anxiety now, autoimmune disorder, hashimotos thyroid disease. Lack of nurturing fucks people up.
Claire Conover
Claire Conover:
she’s written a book because she wants money.

it’s also funny how she ‘loves her sister’ now and is (suddenly) trashing her dad as an abusive alcoholic even from her childhood years… having never said anything publicly until her dad was found abusing her older sister for decades later into her adult life.
Visualking 420
Visualking 420:
Save the tears she knew exactly what was going on if we the fans can put two and two together with the little information we have I know for a fact she knew/understood what was going on behind closed doors hopefully in the near future they can repair their relationship bc unfortunately life is to short
She's not a good person, Britney deserves a better family and a sister as a whole. Your crocodile tears don't work sweetie
No ones cares. She betrayed Britney.
Peri Walmsley
Peri Walmsley:
“Why write this book now?”
Well that’s obvious, Jamie Lynn is no longer making from Britney’s conservatorship, she needs to make money other ways from her sister DUH!
Nurafizah Mohamed
Nurafizah Mohamed:
how fucking dare she says her feelings "mattered" bc she was in pain?! when Britney was the one who went through all of the pain beyond her comprehension that all of her family put her thru.
BAKKEY 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
BAKKEY 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞:
If she’s holding back vocally, she’s holding back in her book. If you’re gonna speak the truth, SPEAK IT ALL.
Pohaku Mana
Pohaku Mana:
Why write this book now? "I need a new house." OH PLEASE!
Everyone's parent drank, and smoked. So what? Mine did too but I don't whine about it. You don't have to do what they do. Why would anyone care about your celebrity life? pop!
Heirloom Cottage Designs
Heirloom Cottage Designs:
Trying to distance herself now that Daddy’s not controlling the money and they might all get sued for living off Britney…
What she should have said was sorry for not standing up for her sister
Kultra Vultra
Kultra Vultra:
I wonder what Britney thinks about this interview.
I don’t get it. If she’s so concerned with telling her story and having a voice, put the book out for free. Maaaan ppl are just so shady
Harvard Chickie
Harvard Chickie:
Given this family we are so lucky Britney didn’t kill herself with what all they put her through. She has to be one of the strongest women on earth. I hope JL effs off. Miss Brit will always have our support unlike her family. Britney may not have this family but she has her boys, her fiancée, and basically the entire world so she’ll never be alone.
Yeah your crying cause you ate out of your own sister ! That’s disturbing
She is such a liar she did nothing
peter dee
peter dee:
She’s a joke and how do you defend trafficking your sister “allegedly”
Amanda Gard
Amanda Gard:
I doubt they spoke, you can tell from that answer alone. I hope they all find peace whether that means they eventually forgive and forget or all move on with their own lives. I just can't believe what that family in general put Britney through
Madison Deming
Madison Deming:
“End it all for our family” not for Britney. And couldn’t even say she agreed it needed to end clearly
Mendy Coker
Mendy Coker:
The white suit alone portrays innocence. Why have to portray innocence?
"Went out of my way.for her" out of the way for the person who paved her way.
Paula Mc
Paula Mc:
Erratic, paranoid and spiraling!?? And you wrote that but now you can’t speak on that? Also even if it was true - is NO REASON FOR A CONSERVATORSHIP! Britney couldn’t SPEAK OUT! Her voice was taken from her. Disgusting! Shame on you!
Saman Siddiquie
Saman Siddiquie:
It’s funny how she’s still trying to make money off of Britney lol. Why not just not talk about it at all.
Amazing how people act when the free ride ends. Unfortunately, we don't get to choose our family when we are born into this world.
Michelle Grimm
Michelle Grimm:
I never even knew Britney had a sister.
Her sister is just after
More money or she would be quite.
Mohamad El Samad
Mohamad El Samad:
Fake I hope Britney sues all of their evil asses. 13 years in an abusive cycle, and she didn’t say one word. A book to promote, does a whole ass interview. Britney doesn’t deserve this or them.
Robin Hood
Robin Hood:
I hope Britney says something about this on her IG
What’s wrong with her face?
Melly G
Melly G:
Britney unfollowed you and thinks you should be in jail attention seeking much? We don't feel bad for you
Miss Verino
Miss Verino:
With everything we know now, it was more convenient for the whole family to have britney under a conservatorship. They'll never say it but we can tell.
Spooky Tones
Spooky Tones:
Keep telling us how paranoid and erratic Britney was. We’d all be with a family like yours!
Heather Sutcliffe
Heather Sutcliffe:
Funny how jamie notices britneys behaviour but doesnt notice that its her familys abuse thats causing that behaviour . Typical . Of course someone will be paranoid and angry etc if there being abused
Now she’s writing a book. No one cares
Good for her, keep working young lady
Caroline Gallegos
Caroline Gallegos:
Every time I see Jamie Lynn she's botched her face even more. It's insane to remember I'm the same age as her.
smartest within Kentucky
smartest within Kentucky:
she looks like they injected too much botox in the wrong location and they just rolled it out the best they could
Lynnie Shaw
Lynnie Shaw:
Not trying to hear anything she’s saying unless it’s an apology to Britney. Of course Britney was out of it. She was incredibly famous, and that will make anyone insane.
How dare this interview! No thanks ABC!
Mr. Listener
Mr. Listener:
The gal seems addicted to hair extensions. My goodness. The damage done to them is permanent. (The Spears girls, not the extensions.) My heart goes out to people who have been abused by their parents. Very sad because now they’re divided, a common outcome of bad parenting.
Gina G
Gina G:
"My family has lived off of my conservatorship for 13 years" - Britney Spears
Kendall Brooke
Kendall Brooke:
Nobody believes her. This is just staged. This is ridiculous. It’s all fake and ridiculous. Brittney deserved a better family.
Rose Lee
Rose Lee:
Even Alexa Nikolas, who Britney and Jamie tormented as a child, spoke up hastagging “free Britney.”
This whole thing with Britney Spears is just getting out of hand.
Everyone just respect Britney Spears by leaving her and her 👪 alone to solve these issues.
We only see less than 1% and 99% will never be known to outsiders and the media.
We know NOTHING! Britney was mad at her for the tribute… Britney just seems mad at her whole family. I don’t think Jamie is a bad person or was bad to her… I just think Britney is going through things right now. Jamie comes across as sincere here. NOBODY deserves hate or death threats like she is getting.
Michael Jenard Ligan
Michael Jenard Ligan:
"Of course, she's an actress."
To be honest with you I always knew that news networks were there to get a good story but to the simplest fact that Jamie didn't even care how much her sister was in pain and that she was scared of Lou Taylor and you can hear it in those phone calls like you can't deny it and now that she's finally free and able to make her own decisions it makes me question the whole dynamic of the family yeah your dad had a drinking problem but it didn't give anybody the right to take your sister's Freedom away and that includes you Jamie Brittany gave you the career that you have so you should be giving her the most upright respect to her for everything she's ever done for you
S Collins
S Collins:
I thought Brittany went and bought the book's publishing company, to shut her down.😂😂
—* CptReloads Excursion *—
—* CptReloads Excursion *—:
They do it all for the money …. That’s all that matters .
I wrote a book 🤦🏼‍♀️ - so did everyone in 2020 .
Miss Severi
Miss Severi:
She is constantly shaking her head and looking from side to side when she is answering questions. Very clear body language signals of a liar. I wonder if she practised her fake crying? 🤣 ... She needs to practice some more!! Haha
Idk why people are going crazy over her saying britney was “erratic and spiraling”... I would call anyone that smashes a car with an umbrella that... it is what it is, but I think she really does love her sister.
Why is she wipeing her ”tears” - there is none!!!!!!
Andrés Felipe Acuria Bravo
Andrés Felipe Acuria Bravo:
Breaks her silence and rewriting history in her favor to promote her book
Victor Cornidez
Victor Cornidez:
Her face!!!😱😱😱
William D
William D:
She absolutely wasn't freaking happy when it was over because her f...... Free ride was over. Let's go Brandon
You would think with all the money she's stolen from britney that she could afford some better plastic surgery 😬
K's Voiceover Acting And More Channel
K's Voiceover Acting And More Channel:
1:09 this is happening to me now
Funny how she is doing this interview in Lou M. Taylors house, but trying to claim how much she cares and loves her sister.
She had so many years to publicly speak up for her sister, but never did. She's never even muttered FreeBritney or congratulated her sister. Fake fake fake. Cash grab at its finest.
Justin Burkhart
Justin Burkhart:
JL constantly looks away with all of the hard hitting questions SMH
She is The queen
She is The queen:
she's holding back so much, she's even scared to tell the real truth.
Denesh Bhaskar
Denesh Bhaskar:
She got paid 2.4 million lol. Shes crying cuz she wants more cash.
Squeakyclean Adams
Squeakyclean Adams:
She just wants attention.. Jamie is full of it!
Meryl 🔞 T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE
Meryl 🔞 T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE:
The body never lies !!!!! look how she shakes her head when she talks about how much she ”loves” Britney
For An Angel
For An Angel:
Wow, Jamie Lynn is older now than Britney was the last time I cared about either of them.
Ariel Jo Social
Ariel Jo Social:
She's the definition of a pick me girl
Aaron Saiz
Aaron Saiz:
Wow she looks different I remember watching zoey 101 as a kid she definitely had work done she was so pretty
Mr. Gemini
Mr. Gemini:
Wait time out...isn't she being managed by the same company britney is now investigating for potential embezzlement? Tristar? Girl bye..
Jane Beatty
Jane Beatty:
In summary…
She loves her sister, glad she’s out of conservatorship, and doesn’t understand the riff. Basically…nothing new.
Charon Stormborn
Charon Stormborn:
The interviewer didn’t ask any hard questions…
K Feez
K Feez:
This girl needs to have several seats and not utter her sister’s name. It makes her look bad.
Pura NRG
Pura NRG:
Her facial features have become so sad and tired , it shows how her family left her behind to be after Britney's service.
J Gonz
J Gonz:
It’s absolutely strange That SHE DOESN’T KNOW what happened She knows and she didn’t grow up with Britney Now is the time for her to be silent