Jane Fonda diagnosed with cancer

Longtime actress and activist Jane Fonda announced Friday that she has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in a post on Instagram.

This video aired on the KTLA 5 News at 3 on Sept. 2, 2022.

Details: https://ktla.com/news/jane-fonda-says-she-has-cancer-is-undergoing-chemo/

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39 komentarze:

Grand dad is a Vietnam Vet, he's looking forward to giving a well-deserved golden shower someday.
Saint Rittenhouse Medal of Heroism
Saint Rittenhouse Medal of Heroism:
The dead American soldiers who never left Vietnam are weeping and saddened by this horrific news.
That's terrible, the cancer must be devastated...
Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee:
my friend had non Hodgkins and hodkins lymphoma 20 year ago and had chemo and radiation clear since then good luck prayers to u
Average Joe Mre
Average Joe Mre:
inter modus
inter modus:
Finally.😎am I right? Am I right?
Finally some good news !!
Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale:
Couldn’t have happened to a better person. So considering she said Covid was a gift from God does she think her cancer was a gift from God? In this case I’d say she’s right.
miyamoto musashi
miyamoto musashi:
Queen of woke
Hope she gets agent Orange as therapy
miyamoto musashi
miyamoto musashi:
Millions will learn they have cancer today and hers makes headlines .
B Ruiz
B Ruiz:
Dante Pearl
Dante Pearl:
Send her to the VA
Best news I heard all day.
Jim Scofield
Jim Scofield:
Everyone's day of accounting comes sooner or later! Nasty lady, you better get your bad deeds in order,.....just sayin'.
June Deike
June Deike:
Seems like alot of people getting cancer and heart attacks these days?
Yamama Bum
Yamama Bum:
This story came out months ago
Xulius Caesar
Xulius Caesar:
Hanoi Jane deserves nothing better.
WORDS Just words
WORDS Just words:
Ok thanks for letting me know
Kenny Doggins
Kenny Doggins:
👏😆🗯Protest that Cain Jane
miyamoto musashi
miyamoto musashi:
The devil is comming to collect the soul he bought
Shows what an icon and decent person she is ,even with her own diagnosis she is thinking of those in America saying its not right those can't afford treatment that struggle with cancer she is privaledge to have insurance afford treatment. .we are so lucky in the uk ,we have the NHS. it's not perfect but we do have medical access . Its what taxes should be used for .my own sister is still here because of her chemo and meds for breast cancer.some in my family were treated and cared for in hospices with dignity when it was terminal
matt howard
matt howard:
Tim Daugherty
Tim Daugherty:
She said covid was a gift from god. Karma...
miyamoto musashi
miyamoto musashi:
Didn't know cancer could get cancer
imj tapcir
imj tapcir:
Vietnam vets are rejoicing
sunny beach
sunny beach:
hey its that women grandma used to watch in the old zenith tv she had in her room
R Whitely
R Whitely:
😂😂 good.
Clearly nobody knows the history of the Vietnam War. You guys simply support your government no matter what it chooses to do. That explains the march on the capital. You guys were just visiting, right? I am surprised so many of you are being charged with a crime over that incident. Jane Fonda was protesting our government's involvement in the Vietnam War, as many other people were at the time. I suggest you guys revisit the facts surrounding that war. Go ahead and explain why the US ever should have gotten involved. I will wait...
Prayers Jane!
miyamoto musashi
miyamoto musashi:
No one gives a [email protected] about celebrities ... we're all Famous now
Bob Faget
Bob Faget:
Hanoi Jane.
Bloodycheese insidemyass
Bloodycheese insidemyass:
miyamoto musashi
miyamoto musashi:
No one cares...
Daryoush Sameyah
Daryoush Sameyah:
Speedy recovery 💜
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl:
No one cares
tai cronck
tai cronck:
oh no Jane. we love you. god please find a cure for this horrible disease